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  1. admin

    I’m going to watch a werewolf movie!

  2. Santiago Vasquez

    I dont know about vampires or werewolves much.. im a jellyduck fish… its way cooler and easier.. xoxoxo

  3. ambrossdelino

    for all u on here my name is ambrossdelino ive been around sence 1300s an im one of the oldest liveing dogs of war or wat humans like to call werewolfs an all of u on here no or well should never trust anyone if the goverment was to find u they would kill u an put u at area 51 so watch your backs an stay in the shadows

  4. Axle Sargos

    Have any of you ever heard of therianthropy?

  5. wild eyes

    Im not one to give my age but i retain it very well the only reason I am on here is to warn young ones that are trying to become werewolves through stupid things I tried that when I was young and the scary thing is it worked and it is q horrible feeling but I still have some animosity in me so if one you pups try to tell me I don’t know what im talkin about u will have serious percussions any one who has age knows what im talking about

  6. kiowa

    Im a young were- and i do not beny your wise voice

  7. kiowa

    is anyone on?

  8. abhishek

    ummm i dont know how to go about this so please forgive me but i mean no disrespect. for years ive had premonitions and dreams about being a werewolf. I dont think i am one but would like to become one. ive tried many incantations and rituals but none have worked. Its frustrating.

  9. wild eyes

    Do not get frustrated I would personally not want to be what I am

  10. wild eyes

    Kiowa thank you for your gratitude not many pups respect their elders

  11. alphabeast

    To all the elders and young ones as well I request an audience regarding the growth of a new pack called the council I am the alpha whoever is interested please let me know

  12. Sylpha

    You guys are hilarious :D

  13. Whitewolf moon?

    wild eyes i was just wondering it wasn’t buy a spell was it.

  14. kiowa

    I am proud to have respect for elders,Wild Eyes:)

  15. kiowa

    Anyone online?

  16. Diamond

    i love being a sexy werewolf almost all the males want me but i say i am all ready taken by the leader

  17. Kiowa

    Thats nice to know….?lol.

  18. hey all brothers and sisters unite in nortth carolina yahhh!

  19. Kiowa

    How about text?LOL!

  20. Brittany

    Is there anyone online im hyper and cant sleep…*sigh*

  21. Brittany

    I live in sc and want to be in a clan so bad… I would do anything… Oh and dnt talk to me if your a fake!!!

  22. Kiowa

    I’m NOT a fake so you can talk to me if your still online…

  23. Brittany

    R u still online?

  24. Brittany

    Sorry I didnt get to talk I fell asleep

  25. Brittany

    anyone on

  26. is the wolf man real?

  27. r werewolfs even real

  28. Brittany

    Yes they r!

  29. Yeah Warewolves aree real!!!

  30. timberwolf

    i am just asking the werewolves: was going from a human life to being this amazing creature worth it???

  31. brooke

    WolFroked hi what is your facebook i cant get on my computer right now but what is it

  32. hiddenclan

    hi, im the alpha of a pack in south east missouri and i am looking for a mate to help me lead my pack. my pack is all pure physical shifters who can control themselves, we work as a pack and survive as a pack but there are no females around. we live near a local group of vampires but they are peaceful with us and we dont have any real problems over territory this is my last option to find a pure female wolf, idc if the change is only mental or is physical as well as long as you are a wolf, tho a mental shifter may feel left out when we go hunting as a pack idk, i have never met a mental shifter. also any packs that are looking to make allies in the southwest area get in contact with me.. our territory is decent sized and we are the only pack we have found in the area.. also anyone who is without a pack in this area contact me we always welcome more to our family we even allow humans to be in the family but we will NOT bite you.

  33. Brittany

    Hiddenclan hi im brittany. I have a lycan friend u should call. He is very interested in bein in a clan. Call him at 517-214-8818. Also he is going 2 turn me soon.

  34. Novax

    First off as a warning, please do not be so eager to be turned. Many elders have said this and I will say it again. Second those of you so eager to allow people to join your pack and advertise where you are, for the safety of who and what we are please use caution when doing this. As for the young pups, a little education. Our kind and others like us have learned to survive by living among normal people. This has resulted in our bloodlines to become dilluted and therefore none of our kind can currently physically shift 100 percent. Partial shifts are common as are mental shifts. As another note, we have never been at war with vampires. Yes there are disputes, but they are always caused by personal matters or territory. Which also means Packs have fought one another and so have the vampire broods. So to bring up the relation among us and them is actually pointless. As for feeling alone and thinking we are not around a certain area…well as I know for a fact we are around and in every part of the world. We are just not as eager as others to walk in the light and show who we really are, but if you know what signs to look for and prove you can be trusted others will start to show themselves. Another thing for all packs a common rule in modern packs is all official members should be over 18. There is no problem being a mentor for the pups but they are not ready for a pack and it can get the Alpha’s and Beta’s into trouble. Obviously that won’t apply to genetic blood packs.

  35. Stephanie

    I am hoping to meet some new people and make new friends and I am 20 years old. If you are werewolf or a vampire I would like to talk and learn more about you. Thanks :)

  36. Brittany

    Please if anyone will turn me im begging anybody. This is what i want! Ive thought bout it 4 a lng time now. Juz reply 2 this if ur willing 2 help!

  37. hiddenclan

    novax i agree with what u are saying 100% and i feel that more pups need mentors like you and i believe humans should use caution and extreme judgement before they decide to be turned.. also i am willing to allow people to join my pack as we are in need and i only disclose my true location after i have made 100% sure i can trust the person..and yes myself and my pack have found you to be right on the topic of living among normal people it makes hiding what we are and surviving much easier on the topic of the no full 100% physical shifting, my whole pack all 13 of us can shift 100% physically as we are all from pure bloodlines, there are not many out there that can 100% shift but to say that there are none out there is the same as humans saying we dont exist.. as for the vampire wars.. there have been wars with them but not full scale race vs. race unless its over territory or a personal reason.. but i know that the wolf i claimed this pack from was at war with the vampires in this region for years before i took the pack and ended it which took alot of effort lol…as for the packs thing yes we are everywhere but idk how it is in the other areas but the area i am in we are the only pack as we defend our territory and we hunt actively for other wolfs in our territory.. idk if this is common for other packs but my pack has found this is the best way to keep ourselves hidden away lol.. i would love to chat with you in private sometime as u seem very knowledgeable and we can share what we know as we are both from different areas and packs and you have never met a full shifter before so maybe i can clear some of that confusion up for you :)

  38. astute newt


  39. Brittany

    … Hi

  40. William

    Hey guys I’m looking for any werewolves that can physically shift or actual werewolf blood I live in atl georgia I dont want no fakes so if your 100% sure email me at

  41. Brittany

    I hope you all find what your looking for. Never give up. Continue the search and one special day i promise you will find it.<3 Before you go searching make sure its the right thing. Make sure its what you really want. And if it is… Go for it.<3

  42. kalaomega

    hello everyone, my name is kala. im from mississippi. i have been hiding most of my life, but now i have decided that i need to join a pack. i have a daughter and she needs to learn what it is like to be one of us. it is hard when it is just me to teach her pack behavior. if any real person knows what im talking about please say something? thanks!

  43. kalaomega

    Is anyone on here? I respect my elders very well, and I follow loyalty to the letter, Im no alpha by any means, my ma was a alpha however.over time I became her beta, and my sister who was older was the omega, but my sister left pack life when i was 17. we were not a big pack, but my pa passed 4 1/2 years ago, i miss the pack structure. Of knowing a job and doin it well. seems odd but i do

  44. I am a human wanting to be turned. I am very loyal and trustworthy. I will listen to the alpha and the elders. I will also listen to the instructions to contprol myshifting

  45. spiritwolf

    I am creating a pack here in smyrna, marietta, and other georgia areas and if your out there and wishing to join; email me or visiting this site here So we can chat about meeting up as a pack. Thanks.

  46. Wolfgang

    hello. my name is wolfgang lupas. i live in rhode island. its a very small state and very hard to find others like me. If anyone here lives in rhode island and is intrested in joining a pack please messege me on my facebook because it seems that i cant share my email address!/profile.php?id=1600895471

  47. kiowa

    hiddenclan i am interested in joining ur pack:) would u let a loner female like me join?Please

  48. Kiacha

    My name is Kiacha. I am an older wolf with cubs. I can sense other supernaturals when they pass by (and can usually tell what sort that person is), but most shy away from us. I have been told that my eyes change colors from my normal green to bright yellow when I am angry. My cubs and I heal very quickly when injured. I want to know what it is like to be around other wolves, besides the mundane ones. If you’re in Idaho and interested in talking, look me up.

  49. Wolfgang

    interview with Hybrido. hopefully this interview will put sterotypical comments to rest

    Me:when did you figure out about what you
    Hybrido: when i was 14 years old…i’m 24 now
    Me: how do others feel about it·
    Hybrido:it’s not about figuring it out but when it came to your senses that you’re different and we called it awakenin Me:i see. now with vampires in reality there are also werewolves. what is your personal opinon on them?
    ·Hybrido are you a lycan?
    Me:indeed ·
    Hybrido:my personal opinion is they really exist but is not able to shape shift in person it’s like they’re having wolf traits in themselves
    Me:now sterotypical people would say all vampires hate werewolves. would you agree
    Hybrido:nope not at alli met a few lycans and what i say is that they make good friends

  50. Kiacha

    I agree with the above Wolfgang/Hybrido comment. One of my very good friends is a vampire.I guess it depends on the type of vampire and lycan as to if they can get along amicably. Very few lycans nowdays can physically shift, but have other heightened senses, such as taste, hearing or smell. Eyesight is generally poor in detail, but sharpened in detecting motion. More subtle physical shifts can manifest in eye color, body stance, mindset, etc. At least, this is what I have come across personally.

  51. Jebaris "K.J." BlackNose

    If anyone wants to talk with a Bear Therian about Lycanthropy, feel free. Email is, or KrazeeJack on DeviantART. Ask for Maddy if you call 612-721-0962.

  52. Darkone

    The elders are correct pups need to learn and kaicha if you are telling the truth then tell me this what is the first thing that changes when a human first transforms 100% all of our kind should know if you are really one of us then you should be able to answer

  53. kiowa

    i can answer that! and i am the only anthro wolf with pure bloodlines. im also a very rare color. white. pure white. with weird black markings. strange isnt it? they say in an old anthro/werewolf book that says a pure white wolf with special black markings a some sort of key to peace or something like that…. whatever:)

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  55. astute newt

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  56. Breanna

    I am waiting to have a pack of my own.. I am very loyal and I am an excellent hunter. I will do what evr the alpha’s say. PLEASE comment back so that I can finally have a pack of my own. I really would like to have a pack, I’ve been a loner for too long. Please accept me.

  57. Zeke

    So random question….I’ve been doing a lot of research online and something that keeps coming up as a sign you could possibly have were/lycan bloodlines is that in my dreams, I change into a wolf, there are drums playing in the background when I change, and it feels too real. I know I’m sleeping most the time when I have these dreams, but sometimes when I have daydreams, it happens again. Is it safe to assume I could potentially have were/lycan bloodlines? I have more questions as well so if anyone has the time to answer them hit me up at

  58. breanna calm down your pack will come soon

  59. l.

    Just wondering if anyone is on…

  60. The Broken

    are you woried about hunters?

  61. i dont think anyone is ever on here anymore. at least not many at one time

  62. Kenji1801

    hello everyone! i’m ken, werewolf in training.

  63. Dreadhead

    Can Some One Help Me, I Wanna Becone A Werewolf, I Found A Spell 2 Use.. Just Waiting On A Full Moon… Do Someone Really Knows If It Works .? I Live In Ohio Im Also Looking For A Pack 2 Join… .! Can Someone Please Help

  64. Fang Silverstorm

    hii.. im new to this site.. and.. well.. i dont beleive that im a werewolf, but i am close with wolves, ever since i was young ive felt a passion for them and sometimes would call out to them in the night,.. sometimes with answers back, ive filled my head with knowledge of them and have been cursed with dreams of them always filling my mind.. wanting to run with them and escape from the true beast called man.. as for the werewolf part of it.. i search for you.. if any of this site is real.. or you people.. werewolves.. or whatever you wnat to be called.. i search.. not so i can write a book or show it off to the world.. but to learn whats the TRUTH, for my own mind.. and to learn your ways.. i wish to be among you.. as i wish to be among the wolves.. so if any of

  65. Fang Silverstorm

    im not saying i want to be turned, for i know that in my spirit i have more wolf than man already :) also.. just so there isno confusion i am a female haha

  66. Bane Bloodfang

    Good morning anyone and everyone about! I’m a British Werewolf and I’m looking for any other British wolves to meet up with! I have been in online packs but now I want a real family. I’d like to get to know some more elders, I’ve spoken to a lot of pups recently and someone more mature would nice too~ don’t be shy! email me at:

  67. Fang Silverstorm

    if anyone here is real, and would like to talk please email me at i have a ton of questions and would love some answers :)

  68. anon

    i find it so funny as to how many people actually think that they are real and that there are packs all around the world and so openly exposed on the internet… wise up people. your dreaming of a world you will never get into .. not because its not real .. but rather because they are so rare to come across. please live your lives and not fill it with lies that you, yourself supplies. thank you. oh and by the way .. we are not called lycans -_- big hint there that nobody on this site is real.

  69. Ryan

    Going through transformation tomorrow night. With this transformation i will become the Alpha of a pack that resides in the Ripon area of Wisconsin.

  70. Vincent

    Fools. to all of you fakes that defile our names and honor. Werewolves arent fun. we kill you. we hunt you. leave this website and never come back. its a discrase to not only my pack but the other tribes as well.

  71. Emily Featherstone

    I’m new to this and I don’t really know how this goes. As stupid as this sounds I have actually been having dreams of like a forest and things like that for a while. When I’m in the dreams I’m running fast and I feel my breath. I don’t know how to explain it but its not like when I run every other day. And I know this is really really stupid sounding but about a week ago I woke up in the woods about a mile from my house. I really need some guidance my eyes are changing . They have always changed ever scenic I was born I have 5 color they normally change but now they are developing a gold ring around my pupil. I’m in pain alot I have constant head aches and I’m getting nose problems. It feels like I’m burning half the time. Please I need help that’s all I want

  72. myself

    looking for the one named Anon whos last messaged was on october 26th please email me

  73. GodPiece

    well todays my birthday but thats not the point im looking for a werewolf that p shift or turn me with a bite if your real and willing email me

  74. KaoruLovesYou

    Hello everyone! I’m new to this site :P Here’s the thing, I’m not sure what exactly I am. I don’t want to be just a normal human because as my mum says, normal is bouring. Sometimes i wonder if I am a werewolf, other times I seem like a normal naive human. I don’t want to be like that. I’m not going to whine and complain to you all, but if anyone knows either how to validate that I am a were or can change me, it would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks again =^-^=

  75. Jersey

    I need to be part of a pack

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  90. Allibaba

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  112. Trace of Crimson

    hey guys

  113. james

    a question to all i must know where packs are in florida but dont bother me if its not real i must know for i would like to be changed i am 15 and i dont know if you are real i feel like tht where i would belong

  114. Trace of Crimson

    im in a pack but im no good to you im in al

  115. Trace of Crimson


  116. caitye rawls

    Anyone here lol.

  117. Trace of Crimson

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  118. Keka

    Hey everybody…im an newly formed werewolf…my dad is wolf and i just now started to go through a really weird change…i need someone to tlk 2 who is like me.

  119. Arctalia

    i am a werewolf lover and i was wondering how do u become a werewolf ? i would love to be turned and a part of a pack, can anyone help me please?!!!!

  120. Jace Saint

    OK so going out on a huge limb here I am in no way shape or form of an elder will never claim to be one because even though I’m still getting use to the 12 years I have lived with what i am I am searching for a pack near stratham new Hampshire because I need help

  121. Jace Saint

    Mainly is normally I do physical shifts {can not 100 shift so more or less athro} but here recently I have mental shift that I cannot control or time I am afraid. Not of hurting myself but hurting someone else or risk having questions stired up that I can’t anwser. I won’t lie if I was to say it wouldn’t be easier to just allow it to run its course but it feels unnatural to me and for most of my life i have survived on my own ( by the way not 12 am over 18} and have nly personal experiences to go on. I need help and will be will to talk to show that I am telling the truth

  122. wolfieselm

    whoa…..angry um i was waundering if you turn into a vampire or a werewolf will u go to hell jw i prob know the answer but still and by the way is anybody going to the vampire ball in germany? XD

  123. Truth47

    I would think twice if I were you trinity. If anyone starts a war I will end it and them. Also you might be older than most on here but your not older than me.

  124. Trace of Crimson