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1,846 Responses to Meet Werewolves and Vampires

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  2. isabella woods

    im dying to meet a vampire or werewolf that is 14 years old

  3. werepyre kingknight

    hi ,im 14,but u cant see me

  4. night-fang

    i’m a lycan in alaska if u want to talk my e-mail is

  5. ace

    i have wanted to be a werewolf all my life. Just seeing werewolves on movies and youtube is not enough. I have so many questions for you werewolves. I am so anxiuos to meet you.

  6. ace

    i have wanted to be a werewolf all my life. Just seeing werewolves on movies and youtube is not enough. I have so many questions for you werewolves. I am so anxiuos to meet you.

  7. Sancto Domini

    i am a werewolf really powerfull one tho i cant become in lycan form plz help me!!!

  8. alpha valanrath jones

    Im a wolf in alaska and I would like to meet more of my own kind and im not a bite in

  9. awesome blog man, I really love your writing style that you are using for your posts and stuff, really hollywood…

  10. Ryan Napier

    this entire website and community is a bludgeon to the tribes and the covens. people proclaiming that they carry the gift of the wolf. meet werewolves and vampires. how can you even put them together. fuck those soulless leeches and to anyone that claims they are truly werewolves they wouldnt be caught dead on this site yet alone going to these circus shows. WE dont co-mingle with the vampires. WE dont fake about what we have just to get accepted. WE dont need this site.

  11. WolfTear

    Okay Ryan that makes perfect sense. But what about me? I’m a very new pup, I was turned last night! After I was turned, guess what, no pack! No anything! I went straight to the internet today for help and this popped up…I also read I was most likely turned by an Alpha?? None of this makes sense! I’m really confused and I don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore! I really wish this hadn’t even happened! When I was turned, I looked for any other wolf and I heard them so I followed their howls to the woods and after about 15 mins of walking in the woods, they went silent and I almost got lost!! I really don’t know what to do and maybe they’re messing with me or using me or just jerks, but I FEEL them watching me. How am I supposed to know wht to do??!!! If I can’t go here then where do I go or what do I do?! I don’t want to hurt anyone!!

  12. nik

    I beg you Wolf,
    let me be a part of your world,
    I ask as a humble human.
    Ive never wanted anything more.

  13. Schiyanne Marie

    I am in high hopes that I don’t sound ignorant. But I have been told many things about that I could be. I’ve experienced situations that can be painful and/or slightly abnormal. Although how does a person know if they are gifted by the wolf? I’m asking this in full sincerity. I hope for a sincere response. Thank you

  14. madelyn

    i am a werewolf and i would love to anwser some of your questions :)

  15. Silver

    I live in collierville somebody please come bite me. Please. In Tennessee.

  16. Wolfgang

    greetings isabella. i am a alfa wolf age 16. not so higher than 14.

  17. Colleene

    First of all, No one gets turned into a Werewolf. Either you are or you’re not. Some people claim to shift mentally. Some physically. Phisically is probably that hardest of the two but, not impossible. Look for Were Magazine. There are good blogs there for those seeking help to shift. Good Luck to all of you.

  18. Silver

    R U talkin to me?

  19. Silver

    What about vampires u can get turned from them.

  20. Melissa mackey

    I search for my brothers, sisters & cousins. Once we lived on the modern day Rhine river. I was Rhea-ael. Vampire. My husband Garred, werewolf. Together our people were a mighty Kingdom. Before the War between the two. Those who remember “The Obsidian Tower” please contact me.

  21. Silver

    When was the war? Melissa

  22. I’m a lycan in north carolina and my friend is a vampire

  23. grace

    ryan napier, i laughed when i read ur comment saying a real werewolf wouldnt be caught dead on here. cuz ur on here.

  24. Brittany

    Hehe thats funny

  25. Omq Y Guysz are soo stupidd fo realszz ever since – Teen Wolf <3:D started everyone thinkszz they are warewolfszz when u can provee well beilive itt!! And Ryan ur DUmbb cuzz u know u wouldd DIEE to be a warewolf so dont trip and start dissinqq Warewolfs and Vampires Alriqhtt!!!

  26. Yeah I Aqree with Ninja Mann!! :D

  27. Yeah agreed u guys are dumbb cuz u guys need a life better than pretending to be someone ur not and never will beehh!!!! >:(

  28. I Aqree withh Nonnaa Hoeszz LOL!! Yeahh u quysz dont have somethinqq better to doo thann be tALKINN shitt on warewolfszz nd vampiirreszzz !! Cuzz They Are The BOmbb Andd UR NNOTT!! word !!

  29. Yeah Ryan i hate u and i dont even knoww u buhtt u piss mehh thee fuuckk off yo ‘!! Andd STOP TALKINNGG SHITT ONN WAREWOLLFSZZ AND VAMMPPIIREESZZ hhAA!! dUMMBB bOIISZZZ ANDD HOESZZZ .!!!!!!

  30. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE aLL OF IT ISZZ FAKEE!!!! i aqree with i hate ryan napier nona hoesz meli bitchesz ninja mann and i hate fakeszz!!

  31. Brittany

    K I think u guys should find somthn better to do besides tellin pple u hate them and there full of crap. U guys r haters and I dnt like u!!!

  32. Brittany

    Not u silver the pple talkn bout us

  33. Silver

    I forgot who that was meant for.

  34. Brittany


  35. Silver

    I saw Ur post szayel just responded to my posts. And 17 is a pretty awesome age.

  36. Brittany


  37. i wish i was a warewolf they r awesome


  39. yHEW nOEE Whatt !!! Brittanyy We Ainntt Hatterszz yall are hatinqq on warewolfszz so fuckk off dummb biitthh !!

  40. Brittany

    I love werewolves so fuck u bitch! Dont mess with me I will put ur eyes into ur head!!! Mother fucker

  41. Brittany

    U piss me off!!! fuckk uuuuu!!!

  42. UUHUHH!! Suree DUmbb bitchh all of yall aree fakkeszzz andd Goodd all u do that to mehh too so dont tripp liddo peice of shhiittt!!! >:(

  43. Brittany

    u fuckn piece of pig shit! U have no right to talk shit bout us! I hate pple like u! U mother fucking slut!


  45. Yeah What Nonna Saiidd U Biqq Sluutyy asszz Dumbb wannabee Bitchhh !!! andd Goodd We Hatee U too andd yeahh we do ITSZ A FREE COUNTRY!!!

  46. Yeah i Aqree with mELI and Nonna CUzz BRittany Iszz A HOOEE!!

  47. Brittany

    Just leave this site and dnt come back!

  48. HOWW BOUUTTT ………………………………. NNOOO!!!! :D Hhaaa!! Dumbb Biitcchh!!

  49. is it Brittany Wanless ?:D

  50. Brittany

    u guys r the sluts! u CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck off!!!

  51. Brittany

    The reason I started calling u things wuz cuz u cslled me a bitch smelly meli! U started it

  52. Brittany

    I love lycanBOY!!!!

  53. Bitchh Shuutt thee fuckk dumbbaszz piiecee off shit andd dontt start callinq meh nameszz dumbasszz piieccee offff Whhoorree Baqq Urr the CUNTT!! U Dumbbaszz Lidooo Gurlll soo stfu and Fuuckk offf LOSERRR!!! Hhaa .

  54. Brittany

    Leave me the hell alone!!!! Im juzt standin up for the pple on this site who want to b or r werewolves!!!

  55. No cuz no onee wasz talkin to you cuz i would wanna be a warewolf too and i wasz tellin Ryan to not talk trashh cuz he wasz sayin that a warewolf wouldnt be cauqhhtt deadd andd stuff like that and then u qhot inn!!

  56. Brittany

    I thought u were callin us stupid!?

  57. No why would i i wasz callin Ryann cuzz he waszz all talkiinn trashh onn warewolfsz!!

  58. Brittany

    Oh my god!!! Im so sorry!!! Ive said mean things. Can I take them back!? this wuz a huge misunderstanding!

  59. Brittany

    Oh and love.u lycanboy!!!

  60. Brittany

    Thank u for forgiving me!!! : D

  61. Melissa mackey

    To Silver, As near as I can gather, The war began in the mid to late 1300’s. I see such venom between the 2. It breaks my heart. We were a family once. We (our people) traded with a dying Rome. Mostly amber, some horses, heavy velvet, and lots of wine. The french too, though we didn’t trust them.

  62. Silver

    Is it true about vamps and the sun
    Do ya’ll have day lives.

  63. Melissa mackey

    I don’t know any more. I’m human this lifetime. In the past, it varied from person to person. I would burn and get terrible blisters. One of my half sisters wouldn’t. It just depended. In that lifetime, I had a day life as did all my family. I’m just looking for people who were family members or even towns people in that life, who might remember something of that life. Specifically, the werewolf part of our clan.

  64. lycans and werewolves for life!!!

  65. Brittany

    Yeah!!! :D

  66. timberwolf

    werewolves are the absolutely the coolest thing ever!!!!

  67. Brittany

    Yeah!!! :)

  68. brooke

    I want to meet a real werewolf i live in Illinois and i love werewolvs and i will probably crap rainbows if i meet one so if u want to see that email me at

  69. hiddenclan

    this is probably a long shot, but i am the alpha of a small pack of 13 wolves in south east missouri and the pack is made up of all males and i am looking for a mother for my pack.. we cant find any females in the area and so the pack will die out and we are a pure pack we dont breed with humans or vampires, tho there is a local vampire group..idk what they call it coven maybe… but they stick to themselves as do we and we all hunt in the same area its peaceful not alot of fighting unless a young pup comes into the area feeling frisky.. we defend our area as a pack should from outsiders and passers through who have unpure intentions… i am greatly interested in meeting outside wolves as allies or as possible mates.. my pack is all physical shifters we can all shift at will and control ourselves after the change. we are a pack and we stick together and take care of each other.. please i need help with our problem.. it pains me as the alpha to have to seek help from the outside but a wise leader knows when to swallow his pride for the sake of those who follow him..

  70. hiddenclan

    if any one has any questions ill try my best to answer them, and i have no problems with humans, or vampires, but i will not bite you or change you.. im not a young pup but im not old either ;)

  71. Brittany

    Hi hiddenclan im brittany. I have a lycan friend who wants 2 b in a clan call him at 517-214-8818. Also he is going 2 turn me soon and i might b interested in ur clan.

  72. hiddenclan

    hey brittany, ok i will call ur friend one night this week. also are u and ur friend in south east missouri? or are u willing to relocate for the pack>?

  73. Brittany

    Willing 2 relocate :-) i live in sc he lives in nc do u have email.

  74. hiddenclan

    yes, email me if you are truely interested and we can discuss from there

  75. hiddenclan

    also this is just a note to some of the younger wolves out there, never be ashamed of what you truly are, but don’t mistake secrecy and protection with shame.

  76. hiddenclan

    also brittany my pack welcomes humans we dont tell humans about us or what we truly are but if a human knows we dont hide it, so if you want to join us before you are changed you are always welcome in the family, on a side note is your friend a full physical change or just mental? and does he have control over himself when he changes or will we have to work on his control?

  77. Brittany

    I emailed u and he can p-shift. He controls it pretty well.

  78. brooke

    hey hiddenclan i live in il and i can come down there if u or some one turns me ad if not i can still come down there

  79. hiddenclan

    brooke, like i told brittany are u of legal age for humans, cuz even tho we are wolves we still have to obey human laws.. jail is never a good place to be for long periods of time for anything…. also u can email me at above email address or you can call me 417-three five three 8seven8zero…. only call if u are interested and are of legal age ok… we have no young pups and we dont harbor human runaways.. also we will not turn you, but you can join us as a human if you want.. we will talk more when u email or call… also is the other email you can reach me at.. yes i was in the human military and fought alongside humans no i didnt get caught or anything like that it was a nice change and i made email when i first joined lol i didnt get out a private lol..

  80. brooke

    ok hiddenclan i was just asking if u would turn me because i am a m shifter and its hard to become a p shifter mentaly but i guess i will try

  81. hiddenclan

    if u are a mental shifter then we can talk about helping you we just dont turn humans… :)

  82. brooke

    ok cool :)

  83. Mary

    I am a human interested in becoming a werewolf. If there is a werewolf out there interested in coming to Monroe, Ohio to change me please email me at with the subject as ‘Werewolf’. Even if you don’t want to change me, I would at least like to learn more about the supernatural world. Thank you.

  84. Brittany

    If anybody out there is willing 2 turn me plz reply 2 this message! This is wut i want!

  85. astute newt

    is there anyone out there in that dark dank and sometimes lonely place called the Internet?

  86. astute newt

    well I see you’re on… Brittany, I have read some of your previous comments, and sorry to disapoint, but I’m afraid lycanthropy is almost exclusively a heretical “gift” (or curse as some may label it)

  87. William

    Hey guys I’m looking for any werewolves that can physically shift or actual werewolf blood I live in atl georgia I dont want no fakes so if your 100% sure email me at

  88. Nigel

    I’ve read all these postings ,There are no wolfs here, you all think its good to be a wolf but if you were a lycan you would know its not good at all , you have to stay away from the ones you care about !! or you feast on them ! .
    You have to become a loner, if you change you have no controll ! trust me i know.

  89. Brittany

    I hope you guys find what your looking for. Never give up. Continue the search amd one special day i promise you will find it. <3 Before you go searching make sure its the right thing. Make sure its what you really want. And if it is go for it.<3

  90. I am a female wolf and have a small pack in pennsylivainia. Is there anyone else like me out there? I have some questons :]

  91. llyon

    sooooo…. who on here is real?

  92. astute newt

    it’s likely no one on here is real, except for a select few…

  93. Silver

    I live in Memphis hidden can u help and/or teach me how to p-shift? I would like to join Ur pack soon is 17 now.

  94. Hey can anyone help me become a werewolf?? Please i kno everything there is to know and i want to be one badly

  95. Hidden clan i live close to you i live in springfield. I wanna be a werewolf but i need your help. I need to be changed

  96. llyon

    well. the comments on this page was interesting to read. from what i experianced over the last 5 years of leadership pups like yourselves are always lost, and confused with their own ablitys. im offering to help you out. if you have a question or need advice on how to handle a situation please come to me. ill do my best to help you as i can. but let this be known, i will NOT organise someone to turn you into one of us. its a time consuming and costly for both parties. i was born with a wolven spirit and progressed untill i figured out how to physcialy shift.

    my only wish is to help other through the tough first few shifts and months alone… vunrable and scared as i was. i have been without someone to guide me, so what i know is personal experiance, and what my pack has taught me over the last few years.

  97. 3dsFan1801

    For the werewolves: Are you really a werewolf?, How does it feel to be a werewolf?, how do you become a werewolf?

  98. 3dsFan1801

    How does a werewolf life feels like?

  99. 3dsFan1801

    no people, i’m seriously asking questions here! i’m not trying to tease ya!

    P.S: by people i mean guys that says they are werewolves

  100. Noah

    I agree with collene….

    you’re either born with therianthropic blood or you’re not.

    Either that or you’re cursed…if you’re cursed then a change is involuntary and usually painful, brings on bouts of horrible anger, agression, usually followed by a depression.

    Therianthropes(lycanthropes included) haven’t been recorded physically being able to shift in a VERY long time. slight physical variations…sure, mental variations..definitely, but the physical shifting has not been recorded by any real therianthrope in a veeery long time.

    All you people inviting to “turn” someone….It isn’t vampirism, you can’t just put your blood in them and re-animate them. It’s not viral, it’s in the bloodline or induced by witchcraft, soooooo yeah.

    Also also, the guy that said a vampire and werewolf wouldn’t be caught together….They descend from the same source so i don’t see how that makes sense. :P oi

  101. astute newt

    well I’ve returned after being off this site for a month, and I have to say I’m disappointed in all the people wanting to be “changed” you people disappoint me because your not happy with yourself right now, and I also bet that 97% of the people wanting to be “changed” are fangirls/fanboys (fanBOYS god forbid) of twilight. I have a suggestion to you all; forget the dream of being changed, there’s a 99.9999% chance it will not happen, instead go out and be like a boss with your own deal, like paintballing maybe.

  102. 3dsFan1801

    why isn’t anyone here replying me?

  103. omg woow this is really stupid noone is where i live

  104. Ariel

    Okay, all I’m reading here are people fighting and calling eachother names. I’m a wiccan i believe there are things that can’t be explained, I’m very into nature and its surroundings. Have question would like answers, please email me at to answer please

  105. yote

    This is ridiculous.
    No sane wolf would openly admit to being a lycan.
    Children, is it not past your bedtime? :)

  106. Kara Hunsdon

    I am presently, a were(but I’m only 14 -_-) and people who say they are weres, I have a question, how do you know? you shape-shift(personally I do, but it requires a lot of energy and focus) and yes, werewolves would not spend their time of such sites, but I think it’s interesting to see what humans have to say about us, and if you really do think you’re a were, give me details, and I’ll be the judge of that, honestly, I’ve met so many people who think that because they have odd teeth, or maybe have a craving for meat, but that’s not what being a werewolf means, my god people. We CAN go on the internet, we can use phones, we can drive(although it’s a pain because of the loud horns) were not aliens, we have to learn these things, to fit in, if we were cruising around in a 1940 car, that would stand out way to much to werewolf hunters, and besides we almost never give out our address(being hunted sucks). Werewolves also barely talk about themselves on the internet, the only reason I am, is because I’m sick of those stupid posers. That, and I’m looking for others near me, and no, I’m not going to shout of my location like it’s jeopardy. Sorry for being a troll, but my god people, you can tell if a person is a werewolf or not(shouting out locations, bragging about being a were, arguing with random people that werewolves are real-because it’s better if they don’t, it causes wide-spread panic -_- – ) m-shifting doesn’t really count all that much, that’s mostly a therian thing, because if you were a werewolf, you would of been born doing that naturally. Again, sorry for flaming/trolling, but I HATE it when people talk like they know us as friends, when we all stay away from humans.

  107. 3dsFan1801

    To Kara Hunsdon:
    You’re really a werewolf ?

  108. Ash

    I’m a human …..I feel and have been feeling like this for years…but as of late it’s getting worse….I can’t control what I’ve denied anymore….it’s dark…very dark uncontrollable fits of hate and anger…sometimes it’s close to kill….I need guidance but u are too far…I’m from the u.k..anybody with answers?

  109. Ashino

    I need some werewolf guidance right now anyone werewolves living down south email me

  110. jeff

    wolfgane where do u live cause i have been trying to find a werewolf that can make me a werewolf my number is 901-359-5060 call me or text me if u live near tennessee or know a werewolf near tennessee

  111. Mrs.Hale aka dareks wife

    Itz hard to belive the stuff people make up the stuff people post on this like forreal why would a warewolf or vampire be on this website honestly i dont think they have anytime for this websitte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Brim89

    I would love to talk to Werewolves in Oklahoma City.

  113. Is there any werewolves in california I really want to get bitten if your willing to bite me thanks

  114. Scruffy

    Why would you want to be bitten, Alex? Have you really considered the consequences which come with this life?

  115. looking for werewolves in missouri and in their 20s email me at

  116. Scruffy

    Re’Quan is right. It’s especially challenging for those of us with loved ones who are not our own kind. Even when they have been educated in the hazards we are, it can be difficult. They can be outcast among their own. My mate is not welcome with her kind because of me…

  117. Devan

    that stinks people. to some humans (inclueding me) it seems like it would be awsome to be a lycan but i do understand that it would be hard. most everyone (if not everyone) i know wouldnt believe me if i said im a lycan (which im not). Mostly because of my religion. im on the boarder between believing or not. Is it true? -.- confusion. i have a friend that seems like she might be one.

  118. I am attaching a website for any of you Infidels that are wanting to meet others like you or get help with questions or new found abilities.
    look me up and ill be happy to help!!!

  119. Jayy

    Ummm I want to meet a werewolf in real life so if u live in lago vista meet me behind the academe on Friday plz my number is 512 228 1587

  120. The15thSun

    If anyone has any information regarding the “COURT” please contact me. My cellphone number is 502-428-1960

  121. anon

    lol silly people .. the name is not Lycan .. but close :)

  122. anon

    if you have any questions you want answered i know a little bit .. but you have to prove your real first. if your real it is likely you have come to a site like this for answers for reasons i cannot tell. email me at haters welcome

  123. Kenji1801

    @anon it’s therian right? =)

  124. anon

    sorry but that is also incorrect. at least from what my sources say. like i said it is very close to lycan. though i will not post it on this site. thanks for trying though :)

  125. Kenji1801

    @anon yeah, thanks! i’m sort of a werewolf in training and yes: i can keep a secret and keep my cool if i know the truth.

  126. Nanook

    Hey i need someone to turn me please. Long story but if you have the ability please email me. , I am 19 so im not a little kid. Please email me asap. Thanks so much.

  127. johnathon

    hey im only14 but im not like a unmature kid im muture and i see how there is werewolfs i baliven that i realy do i mean i wanna become one and its because i dont like my life my parents and things i just to be me as a werewolf i wouldnt have to strees or take crap from no one i would wanna be one and if there is werewolfs out there that can help me be one i would a prishyate it just write me back at

  128. wolfguide

    hey im interested to meet a werewolves in human form of course and though about asking to be changed in to one but dont think im ready for that after looking into it lol…. SO if it is possible to meet one if so…email @ i have questions…

  129. wolfguide

    @Kara Hunsdon: Is it possible for me to meet a someone one day. i love to run alot but i interested in a running parnter..but no one i know enjoys running like i do. email: p.s. i see u r very neat maybe i should learn to do the same.

  130. Kenji1801

    anyone who can help me become a werewolf email me at

  131. Free Roamer

    Im looking for other wolves or weres in UT. I am a true wolf and am in search of others that seek to roam free- is my emal, hit me up if any seek to.

  132. Gypsy

    I am looking for were, walkers, and shifters in the SW– if you’re interested in talking, chatting and no BS hit me up. I have a small pack and I’m not from around here so it’s a little hard to make the right connections for friends.

  133. Beta

    Add me on messenger. please I need a talk =S

  134. Emily

    I am 13 and i am a werewolf fanatic…not the crazed kind, i have always wanted to become a werewolf….

  135. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    Hey… Any Vampires here? My Bff/Sister of the heart is new and she is confused and lonely. I told her i would get info and try to arrange a meeting…

  136. angel

    i would like for someone to turn me into a werewolf/lycan,
    not because of the movies or anything that has to do with hollywood, because i use to be one.

  137. Free Roamer

    angel if you use to be a lycan then wy are you looking for someone to bite you?… it doesnt make sense. If you are a true Lycan or werewolf then you wouldnt have to have someone bite you.

  138. meowmeowmeow

    TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!! <3

  139. Trace of Crimson

    MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl hello i am a werewolf but i have a friend who is a vampire

  140. Trace of Crimson

    and Free Roamer you are right she sould all ready be one

  141. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    @Trace Thank you… My friend is really lost right now… Is it ok if I have your friends email?
    @meowmeowmeow… This isn’t some movie… Please dont do that again. Im just speaking for myself but that kinda offends me. Thank you

  142. Trace of Crimson

    and i know i am for real

  143. Wolf Lee

    Full moon tomorrow pups….. make sure you steer clear of humans

  144. Trace of Crimson

    tomorrows going to be fun

  145. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    Hell yeah! Tommorow is gunna kickass!!!! Good hunting :3 and Crimson thanks! My friend will be sooo happy :3

  146. Trace of Crimson

    your wellcome :)

  147. Free Roamer

    The last full moon of fall…its such a majestic time

  148. Trace of Crimson

    yeah i cant wait for it

  149. claritza

    Hey im 13 im wondering if there any werewolves in orlando FL I was a wiccan but quit ill love to be able to meet a weIrewolf I always wanted to be one

  150. Trace of Crimson

    if you guys dont get on your emails often you can text me at 1256-459-2692

  151. FireStar

    i want to be a werewold i so hate my human life so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. FireStar

    i ment werewolf

  153. wolverine

    somebody respond

  154. Trace of Crimson


  155. Angelica

    Is there any wolves or vampires that would happen to live in Orlando Florida????

  156. Trace of Crimson

    whats every one up too

  157. Scruffy

    Wondering again if anyone real is here…

  158. Angelica

    Grrr I’m grounded again…. My mama took my phone :/

  159. Angelica

    And quick question.. Is there any witches on this site??

  160. Trace of Crimson

    yeah one posted a wile back but i cant remember who and Scruffy im a real werewolf why do you want to know

  161. Angelica

    Dang it :p

  162. Scruffy

    Just been trying to connect with others for a while, now… i have never met another like me, in 30 years, and i have been unaccepted in pagan communities even though i teach. So i have been trying to reach out.
    Several times, i’ve looked for genuine werekin on this site, and found nothing but immaturity and the uninformed here. Been debating whether or not to even try reaching out again, as I’ve been harassed by wannabes here before.
    So, that’s pretty much why i still inquire on these message boards. Hoping that i am not the only one still isolated, and functional without begging to be in a pack.

  163. Trace of Crimson

    yeah no your not it takes a wile to get into a clan or pack most just do the wole lonewolf the but idk what you sould do it kinda up to you

  164. Angelica

    Lonewolf sounds so sexy :p lol

  165. First and foremost I must interject my own opinion into a slightly over the top arguement. Name calling and vulgar language is not needed to handle and tense situation. None of you are better than the other. All in this world are rightfully equal, from the lowest of scum to royalest of kings. Aside from that and my voice most hopefully heard I now speak to those of my kind. Sister and Brothers, Call me Wolfie. I am of Crimson Blood Wolf Pack and Blood Pack. Within my two families I play role of Subordinate and Beta. I am one of the most intellectually inclined wolves you may ever come into contact with, despite my poor spelling and grammar skills. I know of Vampires, Wolf Kind, Demons, Spirit Gaurdians, Familiars, Spell Casting, Scrying, Astral Projection, Charms, Potions and Healing, and oh so much more. The darker aspects of everything to the teachings of the good. I happily teach to simply say and I welcome all to my website!

  166. nate the wolf

    ineed to be changed

  167. nate the wolf

    plzz some one is trying to kill me

  168. nate the wolf

    hey is some one there

  169. Angelica

    Wolfimarie: everything u said intrests me, i would like to contact u, my number is( 352)459-9388
    I’m a witch and I’m very interested in everything supernatural

  170. nate the wolf

    can some one change me

  171. Angelica

    Sorry Nate I’m a witch not a wolf

  172. christina

    my name is christina and i wish to meet a were wolf i live in illinois and i love wolfs but never got to ever see one i always wish 2 thing one to meet a werewolf and 2 become a were wolf i bet their is a rule ounce your a werewolf you have to stick with the pack and start a new life but that dont bother me all i need to know, i want to be a werewolf to pertect my life now contact me

  173. christina

    angelica if your a witch can you do money spells and cast them over others

  174. Phasmatis Incendia

    Hello, I am a Practicing Pagan Arcanist, and I have tried numerous rituals and spells to Physicaly shift but none of them seem to work. I am a Werewolf in West Michigan and haven’t had any contact with other werewolves (that I know of). If you are willing to try and help me E-mail me at P.S. Arcanist is a word I have chosen to differentiate myself from other mystic practices.

  175. hey,everybody,Scruffy ur not alone ,I’m 50 & still don’t fit in,i had 2 age my skin, stop dying my hair,cause i looked 20yrs younger than what i am,& when ur out in public move slower, last year i got in trouble for running in walmart. i as so happy when we got Blacks,& Mexicans here,i was so tired of not fitting in because i wasn’t white enough, & Wolfie ur rite. There’s enough stress in our world, we don’t have 2 add more. Hey, any good news out there?

  176. Trace of Crimson

    okay well wow lots of people that i havent met well let me introduce myself i am dakota leader of the clan trace of crimson im 15 and im a werewolf so how is every one

  177. Hey TOC,I just love that name, whats everybody up 2? Anybody know a N.A. shaman?I have a question, what the heck is a breeder & why do they have 2 be protected & why r they rare?Brittany have u heard from Hidden Clan lately? Wondering how his clan was doing?He’s down in my dad’s family area,he might be family,got 2 big a family,can’t keep up with them.Hi Wolfie,mind if i visit ur web site & rack ur brain 4 some answers? Scruffy u still hang in there? I have the night off & all the kids have deserted me,help i’m bored

  178. Angelica

    Hey Christina do u know any other spells

  179. Unknown

    I am currently only a human but i wish to he more there is this girl that i think i love but she hardly notices me most of the time but thats not why i have always wanted to be a wolf and a magic user but now i find out that she also wants this can anyone help me?

  180. Trace of Crimson

    Thanks Moon and nope im sorry

  181. Angelica

    Hey, unknown I am practicing magic and I am still learning but I still might be able to help.

  182. Someone

    I am the leader of a group of people who protect and keep peace, for example if werewolfs,vampires,humans, etc. Brock out in war we would be sent to stop it. We are born a while before it happens, and by the time we mature it starts and if it gets out of hand we end it and bring peace. If anyone has information on this please comment.

  183. Angelica

    Hey someone is it possible to join Ur group

  184. Scruffy

    You’re the leader of this supposed group, but you want others to give you information about it? Uh, huh…

  185. Someone

    We are in different places all the time, and I would like to know if we’ve been here before and if so I would have placed things here that I would need to retrieve.

  186. Now Scruffy, be nice 2 the youngun,he’s new 2 this, r he’s a government man. Which is it, sugar? If ur looking 2 retreve something from southeast mo.-ark. line go talk 2 the Boogey Creek Creature,he’s been around there for a 100 yrs. r so. I’m not kidding, I grew up hearing tales about them, then they came out with a movie-doctorate on him. Hey,I’m about 20 miles out side St.Louis whats up with the stinky, wet fur & anise? Y’all made the skunks run & hide! Lmao TOC, thank u, I wish more younguns was as polite & respectful as u r. P.S. Someone, if bored go play with Legion,they’re running up & down the Mississippi up threw here, they’d love 2 play!

  187. Scruffy

    Sorry, Moon Storm… i get a little cranky for a few days after the moon passes into waning. And I’ve run out of my normal patience after some of the harassment I’ve come across here. Not really like me.

  188. Trace of Crimson

    moon’ your wellcome, and someone’ there is a lot more than just weres and vamps you sould know that. so what has every one been up too

  189. TOC,ur right about that. Lilith,Adam’s first wife-first daemon r vampyr, she’s mentioned in Issiah ch.20s r 40s with daemons,satyrs,& other creatures.So things that go bump n the night has been around along time. Hey, lite reading at nite, didn’t have computers, we were lucky 2 have TVs & bathrooms, back then. LOL. Scruffy, I understand, dad’s eyes would go from hazel 2 yellow for 5 days, he was on the warpath during that time,plus daemon ridin,fun time for all,NOT. Dad had 20-30 feral cats running around here,3-5 horses, up to 20-30,1-2 at a time ponies,& 1 dog with pups every yr. Point is I’m use 2 animal behavior. It was Legion & his that scared me,as a kid, now he makes me mad. Sorry Y’all did mean 2 lecture, wont happen again. LOL Just working, I’m happy that I have U’all 2 talk 2, brings me great comfort,thank u, got 2 go back 2 work. TOC,Scruffy, hang in there, xoxo

  190. Trace of Crimson

    yep and okay so dose any one have any questions for me???

  191. Someone

    What’s legion?

  192. Trace of Crimson

    it is demons

  193. Trace of Crimson

    legion is in the bible

  194. Someone

    What type of demons?

  195. Scruffy

    Always hanging in there. Thankfully i have a partner who understands. She just gives me things to do around her parents’ home to calm down after the phases…

  196. Trace of Crimson

    someone. the word legion or many demons means well many demons lol

  197. Scruffy

    i hate to make this reference, Someone, but if you’re familiar with the Biblical armies of angels you can do the research and find that for each and every angel there is an equal and opposing demon.

  198. Redtail Canis

    Ha… The weak spelling I see here.. Even if you are a wolf or therian, at least know your grammar. But I can gaurentee most of you are just humans with the craving of being a wolf due to mainstream culture. It’s not easy. I’ve been a werewolf from birth. The gene was brought down from my native side; I’m Mohawk Indian. The war tribe. It’s easier to hide my nature in Canada. More trees, less hunters. It’s little known around here. I live with two caretakers who are aware of my “curse”, and know the responsibilities and precautions. Yes I am young. But I know that I’m not the only wolf living where I do.. My best friend is a werewolf; though not as fully developed. I can honestly say, if you think you’re a werewolf just because you have enchanced hearing or smell, love raw meat or love the moon, you are clearly not a wolf.. Ha. But if you are telling the truth… I would love to talk to you. I would ask of your email if you want to talk but I won’t give mine out. I’m guessing most of you live in the states. I don’t want hunters coming to Canada. But nevertheless, I’m a female wolf in British Columbia. I have not yet been blessed with a pack.. Though I’m looking.

  199. Trace of Crimson

    okay well its nice to meet you my names dakota im the leader of the clan trace of crimson in alabama i lead the werewolf part of the clan my good friend jake leads the vampire side but anyways i would give you my email but all of my stuff is on my ipod witch i have no clue were its at right now but i think you are the first werewolf that i have talked to that dosent live in the states

  200. Trace of Crimson

    and Scruffy. yes thats ture but gods more powerful than all of them

  201. Redtail Canis

    Well, nice to be aquainted, Dakoda. And that’s quite alright. I think you’re the first wolf outside of Canada that I’ve spoken to.

  202. Redtail Canis

    My apologies, *Dakota

  203. jeff

    redtail canis my names jeff and im not a werewolf or a hunter but i want to know more about werewolfs my emails if u dont want to talk bout it on this website

  204. Trace of Crimson

    but yeah so how are thangs up there?, and jeff im sorry that i havent replyed to you or anyone lately iv been talking to you guys and girls on my ipod but i kinda lost it but ill text you guys and girls as soon as i get it.

  205. Redtail Canis

    Alright Jeff.
    If you are serious about this, I’ll contact you later this week. I’m not around a proper device to send emails.

  206. Redtail Canis

    And Dakota, it’s pretty quiet up here around the winter and spring. Not very much activity. What about you? How are things over there?

  207. Trace of Crimson

    ha nice well in the winter people are allways hunting for deer and in the summer lots of people hunt turkey but other than that lol its realy nice in alabama and quiet were i live

  208. jeff

    redtail if u got a phone u can just call or text me my #s 901-359-5060 if u want

  209. Redtail Canis

    Mhm.. Well, tell me about your clan? I’m interested in how it’s doing.

  210. Trace of Crimson

    its doing good as of right now we have 5 members but we are getting more people to join and its nice becuz we are all ways connected and talking to each other

  211. Redtail Canis

    That’s nice. I wish I had that; there aren’t many connections up here, and it’s very solitary.

  212. Hey y’all,TOC, Scruffy,thank u for answering someone for me.I’m glad u have a understanding partner Scruffy. I’m so proud of U & TOC for keeping ur other half under control. If Native Americans r shifters, & aren’t suppose 2 be able 2 get the were virus, how y’all get it? EW, what if a were bit skin walker, very bad mojo! Hey RC, welcome 2 the group,nice 2 meet u.I for one,am here, because, every body is unique here. Isn’t that great? If I don’t seem my age its because, I have girls,only of course, ages 27-16, so i talk like them. LOL YES! Another female warrior, Comanche-blackfoot/white here. Which way r u taking ur training? If, it’s not 2 personal,2 ask. Since i dont know ur age, its harder 2 guess where ur at on training. TOC,training should be almost completed due 2 age & being alpha. Scruffy & I being older,still need to stay in shape. Scruffy u r over 30, yes? I feel sorry 4 vamps,their training never ends,rite? They’re perfectionist aren’t they & they’re considered younguns, till 50-100yrs old? Hey, why don’t the vamps talk here? Aren’t y’all glad,u don’t have 2 live with someone like me? Lmao! Y’all take care, xoxo

  213. Hey TOC, my daughter wants 2 know how old u r & if u have someone already? I bragged about U & Scruffy 2 much, u think? Don’t worry she’s not a 6ft. amazon,like her mom, she about 5’8″. LMAO

  214. Trace of Crimson

    haha well its okay im 6 foot at least im 15 be 16 in a litle bit and yeah i get what your saying lol my friend is a vampire but he dosent comment much but he looks at the comments his names jake i let him have the vampire side of the clan lol

  215. Trace of Crimson

    oh lol for got the other part of that msg im single right now lol

  216. Trace of Crimson

    and redtail, yeah

  217. Redtail Canis

    Haha nice to meet you Moon Storm. I’m 15 years young.

  218. Redtail Canis

    Haha nice to meet you Moon Storm. And I’m 15 years young.

  219. Redtail Canis

    Double post, my mistake, lol.

  220. Trace of Crimson


  221. Trace of Crimson

    hello my dads family is from Germaney and my moms family came from Ireland so i think i had a good chance of getting the virus lol

  222. Trace of Crimson

    lol idk why i put hello in there sorry moon

  223. Truth47

    There’s a lot of new names here, lol.

  224. Trace of Crimson

    yeah i know its nice iv been talking to them

  225. Redtail Canis

    it’s nice talking to people on here.

  226. Trace of Crimson

    yeah it is

  227. Trace of Crimson

    i wonder when moons going to get back on here lol

  228. Scruffy

    Well, Moon you’re right. i’m 34. Was raised equally between the Blackfoot and Irish halves of my family. And my partner is amazingly forgiving of my temperament three nights out of the month. i am blessed for that. And she leads my students when i’m unable to. Off in the local forest and all.

  229. Trace of Crimson

    thats nice

  230. Free Roamer

    Thats tight that you teach students Scruffy and that also cool that you guys have the knowledge from yourselves as well as your families. Its refreshing to see some know who they are and not feel they need to be something they are not, for there are many things that which many do not see for they choose not to see it. The real ones will always stand out from the rest no matter what the situation is, though as the moment of the present is current I roam a free roamer but soon I shall be with my closest friends whom I consider to be more of family then of friendship. The road we face will be quite a journey but being who I am, I am more than ready for a roam. Only a select few truly know the real me and who I am and where I come from, I do not tell many for it tends to spark different things but perhaps there are those who already know of me truly. Currently I am in Utah, Ill be movin to Montana soon and from there where ever I choose, to be free is to breathe peacefully within that of which you seek no matter what current condition your stage of life may be, and to know that no matter what happens, everything will be alright for it all happens for a reason which you shall gain that answer when the time comes.

  231. Hey y’all, this is why I’m here! Y’all r going through a lot of stuff, I’m still going through. I’ve been called,(Witch of Endor), 4 those who don’t know she’s in the bible. It’s been proven, I’m not crazy,& meds. don’t help. So the shrinks cut me loose, said, do more mediation. Indian nation,wont do anything unless I have DNA test, then I have 2 be 50%. A lot of time I feel like we live in the dark ages. That’s why i like, Godsmack-I stand alone. Oh, I like,Disturbed-Animal, see i told y’all I wasn’t normal. lol. It’s like every gift that runs through my family got dumped in me. Top it off, with being a breeder. Hienz 57, in one body.LOL I bought a tee said” It’s not fun being me, but someone got 2 do it.” Oh! i sound whinny! eeww! If ur normal,be happy, be cause when u wish 4 something, u just might get it,& it might not be what u expect,& just make life harder! These younguns here have to work a lot harder then normals, that’s why I’m so proud of them,they go through more,& stays sane & in control. I’m sorry,I’m whining& lecturing 2! eewwww!!! See sups. can b drama queens 2! LMAO!! oohh! Late 2 work. I miss y’all when i can’t get on, i have a internet family now! B good & take care. xoxo

  232. Trace of Crimson

    yeah thos bands are nice and she got a point i dont know what i would do if i couldnt talk to you guys and my clan

  233. Scruffy

    Even i have to admit, I come here for communication with others. Outside of my partner and her parents, i have no one, because my students are just that: students. They only slightly grasp what i am outside of what i teach…

  234. Trace of Crimson


  235. Truth47

    Let’s not get all lovy dovy here. Lol

  236. Hey y’all!!! I wish 1 of u younguns lived near me. My cousin don,t believe in anything, she may lust after the characters in her paranormal books,but believe, not! Nobody would believe her anyway,if she said she saw something,but just 2 see her face,priceless! lmao. Ok, info time on myths , true r false, i know anybody gets shot with a bullet,whether lead r silver is going 2 die,I don’t know anybody that going 2 volunteer for that myth & don’t want them 2! The same with a stake in the heart,r cutting somebody’s head off.eeeww! How old is the oldest were & vamp? Ha! I’ll get 2 talk 2 Jake! Was i right about the other info on vamps? Which is it, Lilith, 200 angels that married mortal women, r in were’s case, curse of Artemis , that created sups?Hey, all i got is research 2 go by. haha! Y’all get 2 lecture me.

  237. Hey I’m a MOM & MAMMA, I’ll get as lovey dovey as I want! ;-p

  238. Hey, where my warrior princess? I don’t what 2 b the only female here! Now, if i was 32 years younger,that would b a different story. lol Hey,T47, if u don’t mind me asking,ur age & state? See ,I started my day with y’all & i,m in a great mood! XOXO

  239. Trace of Crimson

    well i think you ment TOC but im about to be 16 and alabama

  240. Trace of Crimson

    ooh my bad lol i see that you ment truth47 lol X)

  241. Trace of Crimson

    and are you talking about my friend jake or someone els lol

  242. TOC, u aught 2 know,I’m talking 2 u r Scruffy & the only Jake i know on here is ur’s. lol Is there any other vamps on here? I’ve seen the other pack sites, 2 much drama. When is ur birthday? Mines June 23, I’ll be the big 50! Don’t what I’m going 2 do 2 that day.Hey,wheres my lecture on the true stories about weres & vamps.Hey, is Jake bashful, that’s is so cute. I know I’m the only person that would say that. I’m also the only one u know that would try 2 pinch cheeks 2? lol Hey, I’ve tried 2 pet skunks & never got sprayed. lol I thought when i was kid I saw something really big & hairy & went chasing after it. It wasn’t big foot after all just a big buck standing his hind legs. lol

  243. Trace of Crimson

    good point LOL and my birthday is march 4

  244. TOC, I’m going 2 b serious this time.Why didn’t u answer my questions? R Jacob Cooks? Did u really think I’d b.s. u? Why would I have a need 2? Purpose? I still like u, even if u don’t trust me. Trust is 2 be earned, not give freely. I understand ;-p I’m still proud of y’all. Now i got 2 go put a stop 2 a player. lol xoxo

  245. Trace of Crimson

    i just didnt know who you was talking about and okay lol X)

  246. Gave Brittney the heads up, about being played. If it wasn’t so funny i’d b peed at u guys,where is her brains?

  247. Trace of Crimson

    well im not playing her

  248. Trace of Crimson

    and yeah lol

  249. Sorry ,should have said, them guys. I set her up 2 fail u know, there’s no way she can do it,unless she’s really determined.

  250. How well do u know T47? U know he’s right about somethings coming? HEY! what r u still up for, u have school, u should b in bed! UR parents gonna think I’m some pervert talking 2 there son this late. lmao

  251. Nite TOC ,I’m up at 4, work at 5, yup still proud of u,xoxo ;-p

  252. Trace of Crimson

    yeah, and not that well i know he knows stuff i dont and lol im homeschooled

  253. Truth47

    Do you feel that?

  254. Truth47

    Toc. When you walk out side what do you see, What’s the first thing you look at?

  255. Trace of Crimson

    i see is the woods

  256. Trace of Crimson

    sorry lol i see the woods

  257. Trace of Crimson

    and sorry i mean i know a litle about you its just i havent talked to you that much

  258. Angelica

    Hey guys, what goes on

  259. Truth47

    You have much to learn then.

  260. Truth47

    If all you see is the woods. Sorry left that out.

  261. Trace of Crimson


  262. Trace of Crimson

    so anyways how is every one, and moon what have you been up too.

  263. Redtail Canis

    I’ve been absent from here for a while! Haha, how is eveyone. And hey Scruffy, Moon Storm, TOC, and T47.

  264. Trace of Crimson

    hey how have you been

  265. Redtail Canis

    Pretty fine, you?

  266. Trace of Crimson


  267. Hey Y’all! Give me some good news,PLEASE? TOC,this is what T47 wants. I see shadows watching, & shifting through the trees,portals that shouldn’t be,celestial beings, prey& predator hiding together, want more? We fight not with flesh n blood, but with spiritual beings & principalities n high places! Uri’el is mia since Dec.Lost another person the 10th. Now, report back 2 ur high ups & let me know if i passed ur little test! OH! T47, past 2yrs. I’ve come across 6 like me, they’re running scared, 16-20 yrs old, why aren’t they being protected & why r there so many, guess who’s rounding them up? demons,power play? Lmao I’m sorry Younguns, let me know if u still want me 2 talk 2 Y’all? If not, cover ur ass,I’m still proud of Y’all!!!

  268. Trace of Crimson

    yeah i mean i got what he was asking me and i see that stuff its just i think he is the first person to ask me that question i didnt know how to awser it but thanks.

  269. Trace of Crimson

    and to tell you the truth the last person i told the truth about what i see thought i was crazy and stoped talking to me, but thank god she didnt tell any one lol

  270. I know, the ones, that told me,what i was, died before i took them serious, i thought i was going crazy, Went 2 shrinks, last one push my file aside, said i wasn’t crazy, but they couldn’t help me, told me he wished me luck finding someone that could.He was of German descent, he smelt different then other people. He’s the only one that knows the whole story. I said Bye 2 the people on other site, u’ll get a laugh out of what i said. i’ll talk 2 u later, read what i wrote u’ll understand more,c u soon, RC, Scruffy & angelic’ sorry I missed Y’all, take care Y’all, cya! lol

  271. Trace of Crimson

    yeah so how is everyone doing?

  272. Scruffy

    Been busy with my partner and students. Preparing rites for this new moon. Been alright besides that…

  273. Trace of Crimson

    sweet and iv been keeping all of my clan members out of trouble

  274. Scruffy

    That’s good. If you have members from the nightside, they’re probably preparing their own rites, as well.

  275. Trace of Crimson

    yeah my and jake made a ton of rules that they have to follow

  276. Scruffy

    Rules? You mean you’re imposing tenets on them, that they haven’t learned at a sanguinarium? Have any of them been formally trained? Do they even know there are rituals they should be observing every new moon?

  277. Trace of Crimson

    i was talking about vampires lol my clan has vampires in it too

  278. Scruffy, ur using terms, I think I’ve heard of as a kid, but haven’t heard of since. I don’t think the younguns have anybody 2 train them,I think most r just getting by using commonsense. I think ur dealing with DNA throwbacks, u know where a anomaly comes out a couple generations down the line. The parents can’t help because nobody had 2 deal with it in so long. An elder taught u, right? There is no elders, in these younguns conversations. I just notice that, in all of the conversations, even on the other websites, nobody mentions elders, sanguinarium , thats holy ground,where pack meets,for every thing from disputes to even burial rites, right? Tenets is pack dues, like paying tithes in a church,rite? Scruffy u my freind have ur hands full,good luck. lol

  279. Scruffy

    Yes. And true vampires have their own rituals for the dark of the moon. Haven’t they been trained?

  280. Scruffy

    A sanguinarium is like a cloister for vampires. At sanguinarium, vampires are trained in their arts and rituals. Tenets are like commandments, passed from the elder vampires to those about to pass each path in their growth. i have been encouraging my partner to complete her own training at a sanguinarium i know nearby.

  281. why is the moon phases harder on males than females?

  282. Scruffy can u answer me something, do me & my girls need 2 find some place to hide soon, is a battle going 2 wipe out most of the sup.Thats why theres so many of my kind?

  283. Scruffy

    The moon phases tend to more adversely afflict males, because of the testosterone flowing through the fluid humours of their brains. This triggers the adrenal glands to respond with a much more aggressive reaction.
    As for battles, Moon… Even though i keep track of the central council’s decisions, i’ve heard nothing to indicate any such battles coming to pass. The only places i hear such rumors is here. i watch quite a few sites that cater to weres, and this seems to be the rumormill of all of them. If there were a battle coming, i would know, my students would know, and the local sanguinarium would know. No one in my circle of contacts would have missed the signs.

  284. Redtail Canis

    Terms, rituals, and the way of things I realize now are so much different from Canada to the states. Little information is brought here, and pack and clan population is very uncommon to find. It’s almost strange watching you three talk.

  285. Scruffy

    Strange, how? i know why i don’t understand half the things young pups here say. But, if any of ye had even the most basic research done, this would all be common knowledge.

  286. Redtail Canis

    Yes, I know that and I understand what you’re talking about, but different names are used here (but interperated the same) of the things you’re mentioning.

  287. Greed

    You all should be more careful of the information you share on the internet; especially where anyone can see. Especially where any species can see. It’s like an easy source to information I otherwise have a hard time aquiring, heh. How simple.

  288. Scruffy

    Interesting. i’ve never been told that. These are universal terms, and no companion i’ve talked to in Canada has ever said they had other references.

  289. Scruffy

    Yes, Greed… How simple. Now run along and watch another episode of FMA. Then come back with a more convincingly scary screen name.

  290. Redtail Canis

    Hm. It could possibly vary from different parts. The area I live isn’t the most populated, nor biggest part of Canada, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  291. Scruffy

    That’s interesting. Thank you for enlightening me on that. If at any point you notice me making a reference, i wouldn’t mind if you let me know how you refer to it.

  292. Redtail Canis

    Yeah, alright. And sure I will, it’s both interesting for me too.
    Actually, the terms I use could be even tribal, considering how I was raised. It might not have anything to do with my area, and just because it’s closed off I adapted to them as ‘normal’ for me.

  293. Truth47

    I don’t think a war is going to break out between our kind. But I feel something else building.

  294. Truth47

    I’m not saying a war, just to be clear lol, But am I the only one feeling it.

  295. Trace of Crimson

    okay well everyone been up to alot how is every one and what have you been up to moon

  296. Trace of Crimson

    okay well what do you think it is?

  297. Trace of Crimson

    oh sorry and yes they are myself and jake trained them

  298. Trace of Crimson


  299. Scruffy

    So, has Jake beem formally traimee?

  300. Scruffy

    Sorry… Trained?

  301. Trace of Crimson

    yes he has

  302. Scruffy

    What sanguinarium does he attend?

  303. Trace of Crimson

    i have never asked him that before lol

  304. Scruffy

    It might be good to know. Especially if it’s only the two of you being the leaders of your group. Both of you need to know, so neither of you can proliferate misinformation among your group. Information is key, and needs to correct. If you cannot verify the validity of your teaching, it can become detrimental to yoir cooperative function.

  305. Truth47

    How many vamps and were’s are in your group?

  306. Scruffy

    Just myself, and my partner. But, we are on peaceful terms with the local sanguinarium, despite their disapproval of her relationship with me. True weres are rare here. Just fakes and wannabes. But, i have taught our coven about both weres and vampires. Even put my students in touch with the cabal at the sanguinarium, so they have another learning outlet. i do communicate with companions of the central council, so i know when all the howls are happening. But, i have never been face to face with another true were outside of my family. And I refuse all who ask me to turn them.

  307. Truth47

    What about you, TOC?

  308. Redtail Canis

    I have a short but curious question: Is it strange that I have not been in contact with any vampires here? The way you’re all talking, you all have close relations with some.

  309. Trace of Crimson

    me and jake and 3 vampires

  310. Scruffy

    it’s actually much more common to encounter vampires and wannabes than true weres. You may have met a member of the nightside and not even realize it.

  311. Trace of Crimson

    i know what you mean, myself and jake make sure that the people are for real befor we let them in

  312. Hey Y’all,Scruffy tell me what this means if u can. I was 10,down in Ark., 2 hrs. before dark, on this one lane gravel road,out of nowhere we come across a gravel lot with a fire pit,logs surrounding it, 10-12 men sitting there, cousins, Dad talks to them, then calls me out of truck, introduces me,this big guy gets up,walks over 2 me, kneels,looks me in the eye,says her eyes r brown,not like urs,that’s good, turns my side 2 side,smiles,nods,Dad sends me back 2 truck,he told my Dad 2 bring me back when I was older. Dad tried 2 take my back before he died,my husband got into a argument over it. Dad made a remark that stuck in my head. What are u afraid of? She might want 2 stay among her own kind?

  313. U think it’s 2 late 2 go back? I’d like 2 know what I am. Where i belong. See this is why I like talking 2 Y’all, I don’t get treated like I’m crazy here. lol

  314. Scruffy

    Well, you brought up an interesting point, Moon… And the explanation is easiest to point out in wild wolves. Brown irises are the least commonly affected by ocular diseases. Wolves with brown eyes can hunt more effectively even with advancing age (provided there are no other health issues that come with aging). This makes a more effective hunter, providing well for the entire pack.

  315. Scruffy

    Well, if you mean going back to your cousins, i would strongly encourage it. They would be the most likely to embrace you into a pack.
    And it could be a great opportunity for learning. If you have no other community that functions as an outlet, it may be helpful to you to reconnect with them.

  316. U think my Dad took me before a pack? My 2 oldest daughters have his eyes. I just did a call out in the south web site. I hope it works. Scruffy, what smells like wet dog that’s rolled in something dead,& maybe sprayed by a skunk,so bad my eyes burned & i had 2 cover my mouth. Tried 2 get my daughter 2 go out & see what it smelled like 2 her,not, no way. So I went back out,that smell was almost gone, but then i was smelling Anise, like black licrose, I know spelled that What do u know about daemons? I know I call them by the old word. lol

  317. Scruffy,last time I was around any, I didn’t receive a nice welcome at all.Went 2 a lake last year. Friday set up camper & unload truck,go swimming, take younguns 2 playground,fix dinner,sit outside till midnight. Saturday-does same,afternoon run down 2 marina 2 get ice.Open door let all the kids in, walk in ask for ice,three young men jump up from table in back make run for kitchen,one comes out 2 gets ice,just about falling over his feet. This is the bad part, he kept looking over at marine security guy. This guy is like 6’6″ 275, soon as i walk in his nose went up in the air sniffed,he zoomed in on me,I leaned against wall linked my fingers together & smiled. He put his hand on his gun but & kept it there the whole time. I looked down at my hands, looked at his gun,cocked my eyebrow at him.We walked out, i turned around at door shook my head at him,grinned & waved bye. Then proceed 2 lmao. drop off ice, went swimming ,he watched for about 2hrs. I didn’t go back. What did he think i was going 2 do ?

  318. Trace of Crimson

    sulfur ?

  319. Hey Y’all,Thanks for all ur help & being here for me. T47 U didn’t answer my question,was my answer right? I live on a hill where the number 1 killer is death by cancer. Only 4 men have died of heart attacks, my sister moved back on the hill for 2yrs,3monthes after moving here,her husband had a heart attack, they moved off the hill, year later, cancer, he just died. My mom,beat cancer in 1966, about 1980 it started,worked its way down the hill. A death every 3-5 yrs.1990,a death every 2 yrs., 2000, a death every year,past 3yrs ,6 victims, 2 deaths. Here’s the weird part,the ones that survived is on the edge of my territory. Explain that,please. Soil & water fine. TOC,nope I know what daemons smell like it isn’t them.

  320. Hey y’all. Hope u all r doing good. Scruffy, sorry,I understand u have ur own pack & problems.Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. So, whats everybody been up 2? TOC, a new website, awesome. T47, see ur not the only one paranoid, my son-n-law’s grandma is a demon,her power was bond 2 her house by a Hey! wheres r little RC? I”m really sorry i’ve been such a downer. OK, tell me all the latest news. Let the good times roll! Oh, showing my age. lol

  321. nm talking to people mostly and talking to my clan members

  322. TOC, Tag ur it! Back 2 work. LOL

  323. Gabby:)

    I wish I meet a werewolf. I don’t know why but I’ve always been interested in them. If you are one, email me. I would like to know that werewolves do exist.

  324. Redtail Canis

    I’m right here Moon! I’ve been busy.
    I have a question for all of you. Do you commonly see any wolves that have body modifications? This is so off topic, but I imagine it would be quite exotic to look at lol.

  325. tag your it, yes we are real, and idk

  326. OMG! LMAO! RC! Gutter dive here! Silicone implants! Extinctions! How would a were run,with those modifications? ow, ow, ow,LMAO! I guess u didn’t mean it that way, but that’s where my mind went! Sorry, warped sense of humor. Its a foreign item, wouldn’t the body reject it? Scruffy’s been around the council, so he’s seen more stuff, maybe he’d know. Scruffy the council,is it made up of only weres & vamps, r does it have others? OK, I’m asking a goofy question, what else exist, besides what the bible mentions? Sidhe (elves- seelie, unseelie, selkies), were-kin, animals that can transform into people. I was raised behind every myth, is a truth, so whats real whats not? (Jaws theme song here.) I also know, that were is not what they were original called.

  327. OH, I forgot 2 say, Hey Y’all, how’s everybody doing? RC, thanks 4 the laugh,whether u meant it, r not.TOC,tag ur it. Scruffy ur r mentor, u have a natural ability 2 teach & lead. I’m proud of Y’all, makes my day better, just knowing ur here. XOXO

  328. Scruffy

    Sorry i have been busy… The council i communicate with is all weres. But, i also track two separate elder vampire councils of vampires. The Eastern council looks on all werekin, otherkin, and companions as lesser creatures. The Western council of vampires is only slightly more tolerant and accept my presence. But, that’s because i have a history with helping them clean up messes when they’ve had to cull wannabes who would expose them.
    As for what is out there, there are many types of otherkin. And fae-kin are out there as well. The smell you described a few posts back, Moon, is something i recognize. What you described is older than the Christian idea of demons. It was most likely an Elemental. They’re rare, and always have been. But, they do still walk the earth. However, since so many of you here seem to have come from initially Christian backgrounds, a helpful research reference would be the “Dictionary of Demons” by Michelle Belanger. She has been a respected demonlogical researcher for some time, and she is also the author of the Black Veil, which if any of you are true vampires would already know… It is your code of conduct.
    And on a side note, it’s note so foreign to see body modification accepted in were-culture at all. Myself, i have only a few piercings and marked my coat with tattoos of rituals marks from my Blackfoot heritage as well as from my Irish half.

  329. Scruffy,thanks, I know who Michelle is. She has helped out on paranormal state. That where I got the name legion from. The Possession-return of six, but i don’t know why they didn’t see the demon that was there. My daughters & I was peed they had proof rite in front of them. Have u known of demons claiming r trying 2 take a kid? research time ,Thanks again, Scruffy, U don’t know how much that explains things to me. xoxo 2 u all.

  330. Scruffy

    Unfortunately, yes she has worked with Paranormal State. You have to look past the fraud scandals that are commonly attached to them. Belanger however is quite trustworthy.

  331. Hey, we watch that stuff for laughs. They don’t realize how many times they have something around them & we’re yelling at them to turn around, r my personal favorite. Don’t go in there u idiots, get out, get out. About that time my kids r rolling on the floor, mom they can’t hear u.Shame Michelle isn’t there then, she smack’em in the head for me. lol Thanks again

  332. lol moon nm been talking on other sites and to my clan in a year or two we are thinking about takeing people in and teaching them other than that been hunting and tracking

  333. Hey Y’all! I am on my last 2 weeks! I just gotta write my resignation letter an date it 4 Friday. March 9 will be my last day on the job! I’ve worked this job for 7yrs, 2 raises equaling .63cents. YEAH! hope 2 find a work at home job, so i can still babysit my grand daughter,at least till she hits 3,then send her to preschool, get my GED, maybe do a online collage class.I then can spend more time with my family & go places. Gottta have dreams! LOL. Well what have u”all been up to? Having any fun? Spring is almost here, camping trips! Got one March 10. Hey I might show up in Y’alls back yards! That scary enough to make u get up & move to another city? lmao. Well i hope everybody is having a great day! XOXO

  334. Redtail Canis

    Haha no problem Moon! I was generalizing, to piercing and tatoos as scruffy said. But also, I’ve seen people who split their tongue. Imagine a wolf with a forked tongue? Haha
    And nothing has really been going on with me. I’ve been a bit more jumpy than usual.

  335. Truth47

    Describe jumpy.

  336. angelica

    toc, sorry i havent been able to talk to you, but i had my phone taken away. =(

  337. Hey y’all! hope y’all having a good day! catch ya later! xoxo

  338. yeah its okay how have you been, moon yeah my day was okay till they isued a tornado warning lol

  339. Truth47

    It’s started.

  340. Scruffy

    And what, pray tell, do you think has started?

  341. Truth47

    Several things.

  342. Elena

    Hey this is elena. I have a small pack. I need more wolves. Give me your number if intersted. Im in south cali. Thx

  343. okay well if anyone wants to know anythang email me at

  344. Elena

    Hey trace of crimson. How are you?

  345. Hey Y’all. Scruffy, how old r u? Honey, u sounded like my DAD there. lol U know something, u just can’t say it. Can we play 20 questions,& the ones u don’t answer, r the ones,that right? R how about hot & cold? I noticed u only answered certain questions & avoided others. Ur giving out just enough info. 2 send us in certain direction. U’ve been awful busy lately,with the counsel, running back in forth between weres & vamps, training recruits, & ur a enforcer. Ur rite nothing going on! I think I told U’all Dad was on front lines during WW2. I may be dunce sometime but, I sure ain’t stupid. LMAO!

  346. Hey TOC, worried about Brittany. Please get her 2 answer my questions. I think she’s just trying 2 get attention,i hope so. I saw ur address, do i have 2 go there 2 talk 2 u from on. lol

  347. Elena

    Im good. Toc, can I contact you?

  348. Scruffy

    Keeping peace time peaceful doesn’t import that anything is happening. What i enforce is simply the necessaries of keeping twi-tards from gathering fake packs and cabals. We’re currently examining putting down some undesirables. It preserves all those who have genuine true intent. i do what is required of me.

  349. Elena

    Hey scruffy. Contact me. cro. 8891@ Its important.

  350. Concetta

    hey! are some werewolves online?

  351. Concetta


  352. HEY Y’all! What, we all disappear at the same time? lol Whats up with everybody? Life treating y’all good? TOC, how ur studies going? Scruffy,T47, how’s things going 4 u’all, staying out of trouble? Its almost spring! Yeah!! Tag y’all it! lol xoxo

  353. in going good how bout you

  354. Hey, missed u’all. Wish i could gather u’all up & we could live in one place. Then I wouldn’t have 2 be typing, i could just step outside & give a yell out. lol I’m on my last week of work, no more working with the mentally ill, its a depressing job. Next week self-employment again. yeah. lol

  355. Scruffy

    Sorry. Been busy with life and students. Anticipating teaching two more. And been trying to communicate with someone who claims to need help. Her E-mails have been sporadic though. Not sure i can help someone not actually being communicative. Noticed how dead this site was though.

  356. elena

    hey everyone, anyone want to be a teacher?

  357. what do you need teaching in?

  358. Elena

    I emailed you toc.. Hopefully you got it

  359. Courtney

    Hi! I know you guys are real me and my friend have been thorough alot! I can’t tell everything but anyway, is it possible to be choosing to become a Lycan by another Lycan? Me and my friend have all the same symptoms and everything, also this has happend a couple times, I was on the phone with her and then I felt weird than had a pain in my side and she did too at the same time! I’ll be waiting for your answer….

  360. Courtney

    Is it Possable to become a Lycan by being choosing by another Lycan? And how can I start to p-shift?

  361. Courtney

    Oops!! I didn’t think it sent then it did sorry lol

  362. well you cant pshift if your not one so do you know if you or your friend have ever been bitten??

  363. Elena

    Hey courtney wanna talk. my emai is already posted

  364. Hey Y’all. hope everybody doing good, i miss y’all, take care. xoxo

  365. Courtney

    No we havnt been bitten yet

  366. Courtney

    There is a full moon tonight will that help with the p- shifting at all?

  367. Courtney

    Thanks elelna but I dint have a email but my friend does I’ll try to get to u soon

  368. Courtney

    And do u know of any Packs that are somewhere in Kalamazoo MI? Cause that’s where we live at and if we are Lycans then I’m sure well want to be in a pack

  369. Courtney

    And how do u join?

  370. Courtney

    Oh and what’s your appearance? Is it like a wolf only bigger and more muscley? Or like a hairy guy on two legs and has a wolf face? ( I hope it’s like a more wolf then woman lol!)

  371. Elena

    Hey courtney. If you can m shift than thats your answer to p shift. Trust me

  372. okay well do you know if your a werewolf

  373. and i dont know any packs or clans in that area

  374. Courtney

    Well I’ve been closing my eyes at night and imagining that I’m a Lycan and running in the woods and hunting, is that an M-shift? And how do you do that exactly?? Oh, and the answer to the other question, we don’t know exactly and for sure that we are. Can you ask some question to tell if I am?

  375. Courtney

    tonight at the full moon me and my friend heard footsteps (lycans) very close by and we want them 2 completely trust us how can we do that?

  376. Courtney

    are vampires bad?

  377. Courtney

    We have a pretty good idea that we are Lycans.

  378. Courtney

    – we just have not changed yet that we know of.

  379. Courtney

    Also,my friend has braces and she is worried that if she p-shifts she may break or they’ll come off then not know what to say to her parents or her teeth may get hurt what should we do?? She has to wear them for another 6 months.

  380. Courtney

    the braces

  381. Courtney

    the braces :)

  382. Hey Y’all!How my family doing out there? K, girls how old r u? How long have u been having these problems?

  383. on top of her question no vampires are not bad

  384. Elena

    Hey moon storm. Ccould you be my teacher? You seem very knowlegable?

  385. Courtney

    we are 12 and we have had these problems for about 3 months

  386. Courtney

    hello world! anna here courtneys with me 2:)

  387. Courtney

    Oh, and back to appearances, what is it in wolf form?? Also, can you be choose-in to become a Lycan?

  388. Courtney

    Oh, and back to appearances, what is it in wolf form?? Also, can you be choose-in to become a Lycan? :)

  389. Courtney

    OK important question can house dogs join lycan packs? me and Courtney just saw a pit bull howl! a very wolfish howl… as if they had teachers and and her companion shadow treated us just like dogs!!

  390. courtney

    so r vampires kind of like werewolves in the sense of werewolves being like wolves and vampires being like bats?

  391. Actually, Vampires ARE werewolves. A while back a couple of rogue lycans kinda… Revolted I suppose? They didn’t like being a mangy dog and so they started taking on new tactics. The whole seduction thing with vampires? It WAS true. They began seduction methods, but all they used where their fangs and carefully placed bites. It took a while, but after not shifting for most of their life, they lost the ability all except for their fangs and occasionally claws. Get the right vampire and you could probably make it shift. Well, actually, slim chance, but anyway. That is why the whole thing about Vampires and Werewolves against one another exists. Personally even I have issues getting along with them…

  392. And to add onto that, I don’t see why not, as for a dog joining a pack. Several genes aside they are somewhat kin.

  393. Courtney

    Thx WolfieMarie can you tell me your appearence in wolf form??

  394. Courtney

    Ok, my head hurts and my stomic feels weird, also I feel dizy whats happening!?

  395. Hey Y’all! Wolfie where u been girl? Courtney, I get most of my answers here r doing research. Scruffy & Trace of Crimson,r the ones I get most of my answers from. I don’t shift, never was taught & where I live, I’d have gotten shot. I wouldn’t been able 2 help & treat animals, if they were prey. LOL Weres change with full moon, shifters don’t have 2 change, also no problems with pregnancies. Hey,Scruffy, can a were & vamp, have kids, & which is the dominant gene? Don’t want 2 invade ur privacy. Y’all have a nice day! xoxo

  396. Courtney

    But what is ur appearance I’ve been asking this for a while, I’m not trying to be rude but still can you tell me??

  397. Courtney

    And I know that we aren’t Therians. If we are something, it’s going to be a Lycan I’m sure……

  398. Scruffy

    Well Moon, to be quite honest, the two species can’t successfully interbreed. Anyone that tells you they can, is lying directly to your face. The two species are in reality completely unrelated. i know all the little kids that come on this site and make their own propaganda sites will argue otherwise. But, that’s the truth. We share no genes other than the ones that make bite victims bipedal. Anyone that has ever studied genetics will tell you that.

  399. Courtney

    thank for your help everyone we still have a lot of questions but you have been very helpful:)

  400. Courtney

    Ok thx, can you anwer about the appearences??

  401. Courtney

    yes, very helpful indeed

  402. Courtney , if u would go back to the beginning ,the top of page & read through what was written, u would know the answer, they look just like wolves, u know those cute, sweet, adorable, oh so snuggle-able wolves that run in the woods, that’s what they look like. Oh, now u got me wanting 2 go do a puppy pile with them! Scuffy, can u send some of ur Youngens here, all I got is coyotes 2 snuggle with. Bummer!

  403. Courtney at 12-13, I could lift about 150 lbs, at 16 about 200-250lbs, leg pressed 600lb,that’s was the weight limit for that press,in school. At that time I was only 5’10” 155, measurements,shoulder- 20″across,ribcage- 34″, waist -26″ hips-32, wrist-5″. I was slender built. Now if I could do that what could a full were do. If u cant do what i did, u may not be a were. Sorry.

  404. Scruffy, ur young yet, how much can u lift dead weight? About 500-800lbs.? TOC, what about u? 200-300lbs? Without straining urselfs. Just one arm, rite? People come on, they ain’t called SUPERnatuals for nothing. Got love a guy that pick u up with 1 hand. lol xoxo

  405. Courtney

    thanks:) our other top question is what is the transformation like?

  406. Courtney

    THank you very much im we just have SO many question and im going to read all of them for other info, and im selnder built and my height is around 5’5 maby 5’7 and my weight is around 100 to 115

  407. Courtney

    but i dont know how much excally how much i can lift but im very strong and fast, but my friend is a bit faster and im much stronger but she is NOT weak let me tell you that!

  408. Courtney

    and how do get what color? Like, say my hair is dark brown is that my fur color or could it be black?

  409. Courtney

    im very thankful for you guys you truly are very sweet and kind!

  410. Alright, I read through everything since I was on last and i’m going to answer and right a few false information statements. Personally, i’ve yet to shift, but I know several werewolves. Wolves that HAVE. They don’t just shift on the full moon. The reason that whole legend existed is because the moon holds a special power to us; Say your still in sickness when the new cycle rolls around. When you get to fullmoon, enough power may be put upon you to make it into a transformation. The moon doesn’t force. Afterwards, when you’ve learned what shifting feels like and how to do it, there is no need to have the moon except for spirituality purposes and battle. The moon is like everyones newbie pack(:
    I myself? I suspect i’m silver(: They say, and i’m not sure of it is completely true so don’t hang on this rope dual handed, that fur color depends on your soul/aura. The purer you are, the purer the pelt, the darker you are, the darker the pelt, get it?
    You know how I mentioned sickness? Before you first shift, normally, You drop into a bad illness. Your body will become weaker, making you seceptible to illness, but your shift, when it comes, bounces you back of kills you. You’d think you’d need to be at your strongest for a shift, so it is best to do anthing to keep yourself strong and sickness under control.

    Sorry this is so long… Lol

    And I have to agree with Scruffy. The only time they can intermingle is in bite method, and occasionally blood share. If you have an artificial hybrid and they try to have kids, it probably won’t work, that, or you’ll get mutants.
    Now what does a Were look like? They are around nine to eleven feet, at least eight, at most fifteen, three hundered to six hundered pounds. They have a slight mane and their teeth are similar to a crocidile’s. Google their fangs. They overlap to bottom and upper lip, so do wolves. Our eyes REALLY vary and we can change them. My mate’s is naturally bright yellow, mine will be a sort of green. A claw is half the size of a human head. Despite there massive build, they are very silent I suppose. You’d never hear them approaching. At least not a feral. Yea. If you want more description I can give it.
    Strength, you guys, is NOT a factor. Werewolves are NOT IN ANY RELATION WITH HUMAN GENETICS. The human pelt is simply an overused hunting disguise that over decades we have nearly forgotten how to get out of. When we fall into our disguise, ost if not all of our feral strength fades. We live in human skins. Now, upon shifting, much more strength begins to show through, but the most epic quality aqquired is the pain tollerance. Honestly, if you can lift that, you wolf is either showing through an unnatural lot, or your a hell of a gifted individual.
    Lastly, The transformationn! Joy. Transformaing is VERY painful. It is agonizing, and worse than birth. You can only hope you shift correctly. If you muscles form faster than flesh, you flesh rips and has to remake. This doesn’t really risk your life, but it’s the pain factor, do you really want your flesh ripping? Even if it won’t kill you? You have to shift quick, so for the most part, your bones don’t have to the mold. They snap and break and go into place and heal at a speed of which you cannot understand. You’d think you heart would be racing during all of this right? Nope. Your heart stops. In technical terms you are dead. At least, thats what i’ve seen. All of my packamates lose pulse at some point. Either they are dead or their heart is racing so fast that you cannot feel nor hear it. Youi can put your head to their chest and feel no heartbeat. And I think i’ve gone into enoguh detail, but if more is need, once again, i’ll give it.

    And guys, is still open and mine, Lol. Trying to make a larger community(:

  411. I really wanna be a mentor, I know enough(: Anyway guys, haven’t been in a while, So I just wanna ask how is everything going? Things good at home and such? <3 <3

  412. Courtney

    umm, i a little scared now!!! i dont want my bones to rip!

  413. Courtney

    I really dont feel good! :(

  414. Courtney

    IM SO SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  415. It’s part of what happens. It’s not pretty. I tell everyone who aks to be changed that you really need to think about it. It comes at a price, i used to get sick and cry thinking about it. There comes a point when you have to realize if the benefits are worth the rest and accpet what must happen.

  416. Courtney

    I just dont know if i can take that risk! I mean is that what REALLY happens i mean its inpossanile for someones heart to stop beating them there flesh rips and bones crack you’d DIE!!! Right?

  417. Courtney

    Well, does the pain get better after the first time??

  418. Courtney

    and what does it feel like, like a broken arm or leg? I’ve never broken anything in my life :( I’m just scared! and is it like that everytime?!?!

  419. Scruffy

    Well, quite frankly… That is how it feels every time, Courtney, for a true were. If you can’t deal with it, don’t pursue it. And instead of simpering like a wounded dog about appearances and pain, pick up some books and do your own research. If all you care about is looks contact the Vampiric Order of the Dragon. They’ll teach you Glamours and you can continue to be shallow until the end of time. Come back when you and your friend have some sincere and honest questions. This isn’t a light life choice, so think wisely on it. And learn to compose your thoughts into one message. When you’re incoherently rambling in between three and eight separate posts about silly and inconsequential nothingness, you really make it difficult to sort out if you’re genuine or not. And from the vast majority of your posts, i suspect that you are not.

  420. Courtney

    What! I dont care about looks i do kinda care about some of the pain i not a wimp :(

  421. Courtney

    I guess it sorta looked like i was whining but i wans’t im sorry for the display

  422. Courtney

    Im very sorry for posting a million posts ill stop doing that

  423. Actually Scruffy, after the first three or four times the pain does ease up tremendously. But courtney, it is painful and dangerous. Most humans who get shifted die. I had one human friend do it. She is dead.

  424. Courtney

    oh really? thats what ment by “Risk”

  425. Courtney

    Do some packs have meetings sometimes before awhole pack shifts together?

  426. Courtney

    we are not WIMPS! and certainly we are not just mortals! say what you will but me and courtney are not taking this choice lightly and what you said was just plain mean and the reason we keep asking about appearances is because we want to know whats going on with us and what to expect! who are you to judge our motives? and i will not simply give up because one person tells me that i am a wimp!

  427. Scruffy

    Actually, Wolfie, it has never stopped in the last twenty-five years since my first shift. but, i wouldn’t expect you to know any better. i’ve seen what you call an informational site, and find it actually quite laughable. Unless, you acquire the curse by occult means, there will always be pain. i was born and bred to this state. All of my elders who’ve carried the gene have always had the pain. It is a genetic trait. Transitioning from one physical body to the next is excruciating. And if you’re trying to convince children, literally children, that it is otherwise, i find that not only negligent but outright stupidity.
    Take offense if you wish, but don’t assume you know anything compared to elders. It’s insulting. i don’t come here for battles and insults. But, i will not tolerate deliberate misinformation. This Courtney is a child, and not even a child of the blood. If any of you had any standard of ethics, none of you would be even discussing any of this with her until she was matured.

  428. Dear, do not be close-minded as you seem. There are many types of Wolven and all that i’ve seen and met have had eased pain after the first few times. I tell honestly as I see it. Numerous times throughout fifteen years here I have proved an “adult” completely false with less than ease, so don’t you dare to use age as an excuse. Fact of the matter being I AM and elder in soul. I’ve had past lives. I in fact recall them. Chances be I have out lived the time you spent here aplenty. I am in no way supporting her to be changed due to the fact I’ve lost many of my friends to this. Do not speak down to be in any way because of my little website. It has barely a HINT of information, why? I’ve not been asked. I answer questions and mentor those who’d like to learn, not put out online lessons. Read back over and tell me how I much I have actually written and taught, alright? My teaching is private. I’ve posted in forum six times to seven. Enough defending myself.

    Courtney, shifting does get better. It truly does. But the shift can kill you at first. It never stops being painful.

    Scruffy, do not be completely stupid. I never said to her that it stops hurting. In honesty, I scared her out of her wits did I not?

    Prove to me Elders are respectable and then I’ll begin to respect. You deny the easing of agony? My mate has done so before my eyes! It is not so agonizing for all. It gets better. Still hurts like fire but it gets better. Hear my words before you speak.

  429. On top of my previously said. I know several years worth but I m currently weak and I need help so I do not die upon first shift. My body is beginning to weaken as my first shift approaches. I need assistance or I do not know that I can honestly survive. Now I ask for assistance.

  430. Scruffy

    Wolfie, i’m not even going to argue with someone who claims ties to the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack. i know who they are. Several of my students live near them. They’ve been observing for me. And i know they regularly harass students at my sister-in-law’s school. That’s all i need to know.
    Regardless, you obviously missed the part where i said i don’t come here for battles. You just ignored that i was making an explanation, a concession, and an apology. If you can’t recognize that, you will never earn genuine respect.
    So, since all anyone affiliated with your ‘pack’ do nothing but take offense without understanding, i’ll just say it to you plainly. i apologize.

  431. Cindy

    To all those people who saw Elenas comments, i regret to inform you that she died 3 days ago. As well as to tell all that she used my email with my permission but i didnt know what she was using it for till 5 days ago. Thanks

  432. Cindy

    Oh btw, if i can please talk to scruffy. I would like to know more about you as a possible mentor. Thank you

  433. Courtney

    Ok thank you VERY much Wolfie!! I feel much better now that i know that the pain easi up alot, and what does it feel like? Somewhat like a broken leg or something?? Thank you for all the help i’ll go thorough all the past comments incase a missed soemthing and it was kinda rude Scruffy about how your were talking about me, but i forgive you.

  434. Courtney

    How did Elena die? :( im very sorry to hear about that, she looked very nice :)

  435. Scruffy

    Very well… Courtney, i apologize to you as well.
    Cindy, i am very sorry for the loss of your friend. i will be contacting you presently.

  436. Cindy

    Thank you everyone for your kind words.

  437. Cindy

    I cant post how she died because apparently all the posts dont really delete.

  438. Scruffy

    And quite frankly, you shouldn’t be asked for that sort of information as a matter of respect. i should like to believe that most here would agree to Elena’s final rights of privacy.

  439. Cindy

    Yeah i agree. I wouldnt do that to a very dear friend of mine. Thank you scruffy

  440. Courtney

    Anna here i just wanna say thank you everyone for your kindness and understanding and scruffy, i forgive you too everyone makes mistakes and says things they regret so i forgive you and sorry if i sounded mean earlier:)

  441. Courtney

    oh and sorry about Elena she seemed so nice:)

  442. Courtney

    thank you Scruffy your not a mean person :) you are nice and im sure i looked like i was complaining about the pain, thank you for your help!!

  443. Courtney

    im sorry for asking how she died :( i will leave her to lie in peace now….

  444. Cindy, I’m sorry 2 hear that about Elena. My heart felt sympathy, 2 u & her family, we’ll remember them in our prayers.

  445. Courtney

    I have another question, me and Anna we’re both christians does that interfear with anything?

  446. Ok, I want no more arguing on here. lol Scruffy, I am very proud of u, for apologizing a couple of months ago u wouldn’t have. If any of u r like me, a lot of the crabbiness has 2 do with the spring equinox coming up. Scruffy has 2 keep a lot of trainees under control, during this time. Wolfie, read back over the comments from where I came in & tell me, what I am? I give u a hint, I didn’t give Scruffy. I use 2 be able 2 sound like any animal, I’ve ever heard, & I’m not able 2 go 2 a zoo. If ur soul is as old as u say, u’ll know what I am. Scruffy knows what I am. I have not been raised around my kind, so yes I’ve got questions. Scruffy would shoot me , if I walk into his training camp, because he would lose all control on the cubs. Hey, maybe not a bad idea! Scruffy u up 2 the challenge, see if the cubs can control themselves around me? lol Ya’ll take care. XOXO

  447. Courtney, you need to understand. It never quits being agonizing. Think about birth, times three, mingled in with having you flesh burned to bits, and every bone in you entire body broken every time. It doesn’t really get less painful, you just become more accustomed to it. If you want to believe it is in any way safe, you are a, to be quite simple, damn fool.

  448. Courtney

    i do not believe that all people are lycans that can choose to transform or not as Courtney said we are christens and that does not mean that we are strange religious people it means that we give God our hearts and start following him so anyway the reason i do not believe that is because the bible says that we were crated in his image and i am sure God is not a wolf so i believe that you have to be chosen again i am not trying to be mean but i can not deny my faith

  449. I am also a Christian, and first off goes that he created man in his image, not our kind. We are in no relation to humans what-so-ever. None.

  450. Courtney

    That is so great to hear Wolfie!!

  451. If u girls want 2 talk biblical reference, in Isiah, it talks of Lilith with demons & other creatures with her. Also it mentions the lion men of Mo-ab. There r also books of the original bible that has mentions here & there spread through out it. The King James is a incomplete version, plus it lost a lot of its meaning due 2 the translation from different languages. It’s better than nothing. In case u didn’t know Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Wolfie, what happen 2 u figuring out what I am? U can do it, can’t u? U have a whole clan 2 help u. I’m not being mean, I just want 2 know, if u can. It wont bother me ,if u cant r can. lol

  452. Hey! Where is my bud’s Scruffy,TOC, RC, T 47, U’ all going 2 disperse, & leave me hanging in the wind. LOL , xoxo

  453. Courtney

    Can or cant what?

  454. Cindy

    Hey everyone. I hope you guys have a great day. For anyone who lives in california, id like to say that i might be making a online pack. If most people live anywhere close to me, id definetely make a real physical pack. If interested, post your email.

  455. Trace of Crimson

    okay well im sorry if anyone if anyone has tryed to talk to me lately iv been busy with some stuff but moon legs 400 and 250 for my arms and wolfie marie i tryed to get you on the phone not to long ago no one replyed, iv had more people try and talk to me this week more then ever whats up with that lol and how is everyone doing?

  456. Truth47

    I’ve had no need to talk.

  457. Courtney

    Oh u probably mean “Changing” well we havent really made up our minds yet, theres a good chance… But still it’s a BIG desion for us 2 make! Lol but I’d like your opinion?

  458. Courtney

    And what are all the benefits? Do u think it’s worth the pain 4 it all?

  459. Cindy

    Courtney, if you are a real ww then you should know all the answers to your questions. Plus you will know if you are thanks to your family and your first transformation around puberty. If you dont carry the ww blood, then youll never change. There is no way that you can p shift without ww blood inside you. Its genetic or hereditary. Dont get mad or winny when someone gives you thier personal opinion. Just take it in and move on.

  460. Cindy

    For all the teenagers, posers, liars, and fakes.. please dont take it personally but your NOT a ww or anything close to that. You dont want to be one, or cant ask for it..if you cant even handle the reality of your human lives. P.s to those that are REAL please stop giving them answers to questions they dont even need to know. Later!

  461. courtney

    thanks Cindy its true we have not shifted and we do not know all this stuff but i still believe that we are both lycans its hard to explain why exactly but we are not just wannabes

  462. Hey Y’all. OMG! How u think I’m doing, spring equinox. lol I’m so glad I didn’t go on here with my white name, cindy, but with my N.A. name, Moon. lol Cindy, I started my research about 12, because of what was in the bible, & stuff in my life. Think, have we mentioned anything that u can’t get out of any book. Scruffy, also shut me down in his own way,if subject wasn’t allowed out in open.NOW,some of it will. Scruffy call Puma off, he’s making it worse. Elemental trying 2 help,legion gone. Thanks 4 all of u guys help. Scruffy,I know I can trust u 2 do whats right by me. Thanks again.

  463. Courtney, nothing is worth loosing ur humanity! THINK!!! Do u want 2 go through all that pain, just 2 die, because ur body couldn’t adjust, r here’s the really bad part, what if u went crazy & start killing people. Oh yeah, really fun 2 be hunted down & ur head blown off.NOT! I’m not being mean hon, just straight honest with u. I’m look at ur life from the other side,& wish I could have ur life that’s normal. I didn’t ask 4 this life, & sometimes, I wish somebody like Scruffy would put a bullet in my head. Go out live ur life to be best u can, have fun. I wish u well. xoxo

  464. Courtney

    moon i wont pretend to understand what your life is like but until i know the truth i wont give up i just can not simply go back to my old life and pretend nothing ever happened well i don’t know what to say now…

  465. Courtney

    no we’re arent backing down, that is your choice this is ours.

  466. Cindy

    Listen to those that are wiser than you courtney. Its ok tho, either your gonna waist your time trying to become a were or your gonna achieve it and cant stand it for the rest of your life/ even hunted down and killed. Thats what you want…Goodluck to you and your friend!

  467. Courtney

    We make our own desesions, ok? i understand your worrie, but its nothing you have to worrie about. all our lives we knew we we”re diffrent, and now we know why….do not question our jugdment

  468. Courtney

    this is OUR chose, you wont chose it for us. all our lives we knew we were diffrent then other people, and now we know why. do NOT question our judgment….

  469. Courtney

    no…. that cant be all there is to being a lacan

  470. Courtney

    but, we still havent COMPLETLY desided yet.

  471. Truth47

    You talk a lot.

  472. Courtney

    its an occupation:)

  473. Courtney

    yeah, lol :) and i have ALOT of questions to ask lol

  474. Courtney, I can tell u wish u were, but honey u aren’t old enough. I’m truly sorry, but by ur action alone, proves to us u r not ready, plus u r dissing the very people that u want to turn u. If u talked my father that way, u would be picking ur butt up off the floor from across the room. So ur going out & let some piece of shit bite u , go home & let mommy take u 2 hospital, so u get the best of care for say 14-21 days. until u die. So be it, u go ahead & be stubborn, its ur life. I for one have no reason to talk to u again. God don’t watch over the foolish. U r young enough to be my granddaughter, I hope u treat urs with more respect than u do me.

  475. Scruffy,TOC, Wolfie, T47,Cindy. Good luck with this one. lol Hope Y’all, have a nice weekend, I’m going 2 the lake again. Talk 2 Y’all, come Monday.Be safe & take care. xoxo

  476. Courtney

    no moon you are wrong God loves EVERYONE i will not ignore what you say but we will not give up

  477. Courtney

    im not saying we’re going to turn right away andd we arent dissing you guys, im just getting mad because u guys are making us look like we’re little kids who ont know what we are doing, we just want information. so please stop acting like we’re the ones being rude

  478. Courtney

    also no one here knows us so don’t pretend to know who we are

  479. Trace of Crimson

    truth your right she dose lol and what is everyone up to

  480. Redtail Canis

    Hey you guys, it’s been a while. I’ve been mostly occupied with travelling. Got a house on a mountain surrounded by woodland and a lake, it’s very nice. I like it here.
    My birthday is also coming up on the following monday after this one. So, good beginning of spring for me!
    How’ve you all been doing?

  481. that sounds nice and happy early birthday lol and nm lol my bday was on the 4th lol other than that shooting and talking to my clan members and in the woods lol

  482. Courtney

    Hi guys! How about that we just forgive everyone and move on, ok? :) So I have another question that’s pretty important, are some packs very proctective of there dens and territory?

  483. Courtney

    Also, is there any like um…ledgions about Lycans such as a”chosen one”?.

  484. Cindy

    Hey everyone, how are you toc, scruffy, moon storm?! How are you guys? Wow its pretty silent here huh? lol. Have a great day guys! See ya :)

  485. Redtail Canis

    Courtney, from what I know, it would depend on the family blood and how the pack works. Other then that, I would expect most packs to be protective of their territory.

  486. Hey y’all, rained out, didn’t go 2 lake. TOC & RC, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! TOC I’m sorry I forgot ur birthday. Catcha all later xoxo

  487. Courtney

    thanks redtail:) speaking of family blood is to possible to be chosen to be come a were many sources say so thanks:)

  488. courtney yes they are are or atlest i am and iv been doing good iv had a okay week i geuss lol and moon thank you!!:) and its okay

  489. and for thos how dont get on here often or are just passing by you can email me at or talk to me on here

  490. Courtney

    ok, thanks moon. see ya later!!

  491. Courtney

    oopps! rong person, but still thanks anyway lol :)

  492. Courtney

    yeah thanks:)

  493. Courtney

    lol!!:) i forgot the w in the wrong:)

  494. HEY Y”ALL! Scruffy u don’t have a puma over here, do ya? Its been sleeping in the brush pile. I think it ate 1 of the owls. Does anybody know how 2 build a ark? lol So, hows my family been doing? T47, glad 2 see ur still checking in, thought u’ld be in Europe by now, what happen? Scruffy, how’s training going with the cubs, how’s ur partner doing, u get ur problem solved outta state? RC, what’s ur new place like? TOC,how many girls r after ur tail this week? I don’t know how u do it, take care of business & fight off the females! lol I know ur not a player. Just to sweet. lol Cindy how ur weekend go, get anything done? HEY, I got a question 2 make u guys face turn red, how old do I have 2 be 2 stop breeding? lmao Drs. don’t know. Have a nice day. xoxo

  495. lol im doing good and i talk to a fue lol and im doing good :)

  496. Truth47

    I’m still waiting for things to fall into place.

  497. Truth47

    Toc, you need alot more info on your website.

  498. yes i know as i put there we are working on the stuff for the site

  499. Seraph

    Any body in Atlanta Georgia i need to b turned b4 i leave its an emergency i need this to protect my family my fone number is this

  500. Courtney

    seraph is this so impotent? did something happen to them? or do you just want to become one for other reasons?

  501. Courtney

    seraph is this so impotent? did something happen to them? or do you want to become one for other reasons?

  502. Courtney

    hey toc so your saying you were chosen? :)

  503. Courtney

    Anna!! oh my gosh, whats up with all the messaging!! lol so yeah, TOC you were choosen?? do you think we might have been too? i very sure that we dont have Lycan in our blood lines, and we’re getting reall close to meeting what we think one of the packs by Annas house, also we think that there could either be, 2 packs or just one a vampire clan or something, can they be allies with each other?

  504. Truth47

    What kind of emergency?

  505. Courtney

    is your family in danger or something? i wish i could help you :(

  506. Hey y’all! Miss ya all. Scruffy I know ur taking care of business. Keep up the good work, don”t over do urself, keeping those cubs n line. I know i’ll see u back here, one day. lol T47 hope ur staying out of trouble & keep ur head down. Toc, j needs 2 talk 2 u, she’s convince wolves don’t like full figure U keeping up ur studies, u know what collage ur going 2 yet, what r u going 2 study, in collage? RC, Wolfie, Cindy, be careful & take care. Don’t need anything happen 2 Y’all. U mean more 2 me then u know. xoxo

  507. PLEASE Courtney, stay out of it, the guys will handle it. I know ur concerned. honey u don’t need 2 know everything? lol U got ur own training 2 do, so worry about that. Honey, packs r orderly, read up on real wolf packs, that will help u some. Reseach, what would u be if u was a wolf? Omega. Good luck, got 4 yrs of training, before u”ld be concidered.

  508. Courtney

    sorry i was just worried and both of us have done TONS of research on wolves so i see the importance in that so thanks :) and although we may be omegas now if we really are lycans and when we are older we have decided to start our own pack we are both born alphas and we have agreed to share the the same ranking as pack leader we both have different strengths and weaknesses together we have it all and i know this almost never happens in other packs so you don’t need to tell me that and both of us do as much training and research we can so we are experienced at lest as much as we can be without meeting a lycan in person believe me when i say that we are not lazy kittypets! i will take a quiz just for the fun of it i will tell you my results later sorry for the long reply

  509. Courtney

    i was an alpha i did get one result that said i was a beta but many more results that said alpha and no omegas

  510. Courtney

    yes thatnks for all the help lol!! and we do need training sense we never have met a REAL Lycan before (As far as we know) so once we do im sure thats when we start are training. i’ll do a test too, to see. and i’ve done them before and it has always said Alpha or Beta but no Omegas. ttyl

  511. okay well what is one chosen that dose not know, i was bit as far as i know, and moon, sure email me lol and how is every one:)

  512. Courtney, there u go again. Lmao. GO BACK, read what I could do at 16,read what TOC can do now,& he’s bigger than me. When J was 9years old, she took down her 15 year old sister, with 2 punches. D at 5’7″ 130lbs,tiny, that same year took down 2 football players, u should have their faces, priceless. They r not allowed 2 fight, unless they r threaten. Last year it took all 3 women, with their dad’s help,2 take me down, they cheated, they were tickling me. lmao I was born this way, sorry I can’t help u girls. Now what were u saying? Based on REAL life ur a what? I’m not trying 2 be mean, but ur getting between me & my pack, & I need them, so PLEASE step aside. Thank u, have a nice day

  513. TOC, can we use ur site? If TOC, says we can use his site, we’ll him as a go between. Scruffy, I really need u now, sorry.

  514. Courtney

    i have nothing more to say moon

  515. Scruffy

    What could you possibly need me for, Moon?

  516. Moon, well all i have on there right now is that chat thang and the coversation is betwin you and me its privet lol we are working on a live chat much better than this :) but contact us now has some info that sould help;)

  517. Courtney

    Well, Moon…i have something to say to you, this site is to help US! and your refusing to help us , i know you helped us alot already but you know, i wish there would be more people in the world who were actually nice about it, and thats what i think….you dont have to go aroundjust being mean and would actully LIKE to help us.

  518. Courtney

    and i’ve been going over and over the old comments but i still cant find what your talking about

  519. Truth47

    It would help if you don’t write so many comments Courtney, and if you train hard and focus- you will find your answers.

  520. yes please les comments lol so what have you been up to truth<

  521. Courtney

    well, HALF of these arent mine, my friend Anna uses my name when she posts comments

  522. 07402

    well to make it easier this is my new account (Anna)

  523. Courtney & Anna, believe it r not, I’m not usually not a mean r crabby person, so I’m very sorry if i hurt ur feelings, one of u is putting out very negative vibes,since u have gotten on here, so please tune it down. thank u

  524. Scruffy, how have i been acting on here, past month? Anger issue? U have no idea, who’s been acting like a brat? Sitting in bed watching tv, my man starts 2 get up, finds himself flat on back,me at his throat growling,had 2 wait a minute before i could let go, i’m fine with the babies, adults no, nobody can walk up behind me. Elem show up, I tried going after it, dumb, huh. Fingers, toes,jaw, & shoulder blades hurt most of time. Hot flashes all the time. Crazy dreams. I really want 2 hurt some body, but nobody worthy 2 fight? WTH is going on, with me? I don’t like it, 1 bit. Really didn’t want younguns, 2 know about this. Can u help? thats why i asked about TOC’s site. dont need any one, that can’t help sticking nose in. thanks, dont want 2 be a pain. took 2 hrs of pacing 2 write this. lol

  525. hey moon what about yahoo chat?

  526. Send emial how, make it simply, please. THANKS, sorry 2 b pain, I want 2 b me again, not liking this, headache can’t focus.

  527. 07402

    i am sorry too can we start over?

  528. Courtney

    I understand moon, you can get hot-tempered (Sounds ALOT like me actully lol!)

  529. Courtney

    is it possiable to be a Mermaid AND Lycan? me and Anna have been having a mix of symtoms that are exactly like those of becoming a Mermaid. but, at the same time we’re having symotoms of becoming a Lycan. weird huh? but we’ve been having more Mermaid type symotoms then Lycan recently.

  530. NO girls, if u go back, I’m not like this, I’m a peacemaker, don’t like arguing r fighting. If u notice the other adults females have gone, u not backing down, I’m taking as challenge. Its like u coming up & hitting me, how do u think i’m going 2 react? What effects me, effects my family. Rite now I wish I had someone like scruffy here. He could give me a fight 2 remember. So if u ever come across a were, remember 2 keep head & eyes lowered some,& don’t yap so much. ;-) TTyl

  531. Truth47

    I had to stop almost three fights today, what’s with the hostility today?

  532. 07402

    Courtneys not trying to be mean moon we just want to move on sorry if we upset you

  533. Courtney

    I didnt mean, that your ALWAYS hot-tempered. i understand, im like that sometimes too thats all i was saying. and i wouldnt suggest picking a fight with me, and theres no point in saying that im not scared of you, and i will never be………

  534. Whatever it is is effecting me. Of course, I had 2 go & pee off Scruffy, & the females, so no help there. if u find out what’s let me know please. Can’t go any where like this, can’t go outside until dark, light makes my eyes hurt. ttyl

  535. I’m J, I’ve read over the conversation. I would never talk 2 my elders, the way u do. U come here asking 4 help! No, u r just stirring up trouble.Talk is cheap when, u don’t have face the people ur insulting. My MOTHER got beaten on almost every day of her life, until she was good enough 2 take down my Grandpa. He turned her into a weapon. She goes out & helps people she don’t even know. My MOTHER has gone without, because she gave what she had 2 somebody that needed money 4 feeding their kids r gas. U say god loves u, I can see u standing behind Jesus, putting the whip 2 his back. I hope my mom never come back 2 this site again. My mom tried 2 be nice,but she going through a bad time & u keep getting up in her face. U r not good enough 2 talk to my mom. Anna, get away from her, before she causes u 2 get hurt r worse. TO the rest of u, I wish u would have been able 2 help her.

  536. Courtney

    you know, what we’ve TRIED to make up for what we’ve said and you know what! those arent OUR probs ok? she may be going thorough a TOUGH time but so are WE! now, can we ALL forgive eachother and MOVE ON. and you NEVER insult me with something to do with God, or for any resson got it kid? your actin like we’re nobodies, and JUST MOVE ON YOUNG”N you guys are acting like kids not us. you can say whatever you wish too, but you mad the wrong person mad! GOD LOVES YOU AND I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT!!

  537. girls not moon lol if you want to move on stop talking about it, thats the best way to do it

  538. Courtney

    Yes, I argree and I’m sorry I think WE both we”re fighting over nothing
    I’m sorry, so now let’s move on. How are you?also what r u talking about “helping her” ?? We came here to get help ourselves I’m not trying to sound selfish but were goin thorough a diffacult time to, but nobody really seems to care much about us? What does she need “help” with exactly?

  539. Courtney

    And don’t act like were LITTLE kids,please, compared to everyother teen our age were mature ones.

  540. classified

    hello everyone! i am new to this site and in case you are wondering i am a real lycan in search of others of my kind

  541. okay well i cant tell you but anyways im doing good iv been talking to people and helping a fue here and there but how are you? and classifide what state are you in?

  542. Courtney

    I’ve been good. a bit stressed latly (Im sure you’ve noiced) lol. its nice your helping people out, me and Anna are getting really close to finding out whats going on in her woods. what time do Lycans go out hunting? or to just take a run? im guessing its after dark but im not really sure. ttyl

  543. classified

    well, im just kind of lonely right now, i dont know anyone who is a Lycan but me and a friend. we’re pretty new to this and have had m-shifts but haven’t done any p-shifts yet. could you give me some tips?

  544. yeah lol and yep i try to help a fue when i can and i more of a day hunter but i do both and class, i think if you go back to last year on here i think someone posted tips ;) but what state are you in? ps if i was you i would read the comments from 1 to 5,833 i did it you learn a little about the people you will be talking to just some advice

  545. Seems as though by next full moon I should be shifting… Not to excited, but training really begin after the first shift.

  546. Courtney

    ok thx TOC. yeah, i think that the Lycans by Anna, are day hunters and night hunters too. see ya later :)

  547. okay see ya so how is every one les?

  548. 07402

    im good courtneys at my house now! we are going to try to find the lycan pack again! we are so excited find them! :)

  549. I am doing fine I suppose. Kinda lonelyyy… And I have three friends of mine at my place.

  550. Truth47

    My guess is your nervous.

  551. 07402

    to say the least… wish us luck!

  552. Courtney

    and, me and Anna are going out at 2:00 AM tonight (or tomorrow! LOL)

  553. yeah wolfie why is that and anna okay lol so truth how are you?

  554. Truth47

    I’m good, I guess.

  555. Courtney

    yeah we’re going our pretty soon so yeah…we’ll be seeing you lata!! ttyl

  556. Redtail Canis

    I’m rarely on this site. Usually other places, and I seem to get much more attention than I’m worth.
    And thanks Moon, it’s very nice here. I think the only setback is the 24/7 rain. Many birds though, fun to chase!
    How’s everyone been doing the past few days?

  557. well thats good and red im been doing good iv had a fun week:) wbu?

  558. It’s all better now. I am enjoying the sweeeeeet nutella… (:

  559. lol yeah i love that stuff:)

  560. Like an orgasm to the mouth(: x3

  561. Redtail Canis

    My hair is bright red. It’s very different than having shaggy black hair c:
    Mirrors scare me now, lol.

  562. haha X) and awesome lol:)

  563. Courtney

    OOOHHHH!!!!! I LOVE NUTELLA!!!!!!!! its totally awesome….:) lol

  564. yeah you can eat it on just aboue every bread lol

  565. seraph

    Yes cortney it is important do u live in Kansas or no anyone in Kansas

  566. Courtney

    no i live in Michigan :(

  567. Courtney

    no i live in Michigan. yeah, nobody i’ve talked to lives here :(

  568. Courtney

    UGH! this happens ALL THE TIME!! sorry i typoed!! lol :)

  569. yeah well what have you been up to

  570. Courtney

    not much, i feel..well…SICK! lol:) yeah i have the whole package, coughing, sneezing, sniffing, ichy eyes, upset stomach, yeah you’ve got the picture!

  571. yeah lol its just the seson all this pollen

  572. Courtney

    lol yeah i hope that goes fast! im so excited about my birthday!! its on April 3, i cant wait to see what i get!!!

  573. seraph

    Happy early bday courtney :) (and waaa u liv in Michiga in)

  574. Courtney

    thx seraph!!

  575. so are you gonna be able to get on here on your bday lol?

  576. I’m looking for wolves in the Jackson area. If you’re a werewolf of any kind, go to my webpage and message me. I want to meet you. I’m forming a pack and so far I have none that are in Mississippi.

    You can even email me at

  577. 07402

    hey everyone! ok i weird question is there some sort of wereape or something? you know like bigfoot

  578. no not that i have ever herd of were would you get an idea like that? O_o

  579. Courtney

    yeah I will be on, no question! lol, so what do u usually hunt?

  580. Courtney

    LOL!! 07402 uh I don’t think there is but, I don’t know everything! haha;) I mean, u never know!!

  581. 07402

    well there is just so many reports of bigfoot i just wondered how such thing could exist……………… good to know:)

  582. lol cool and deer mostly :)

  583. 07402

    cool what else?

  584. Courtney

    Thx!! I got $135 already in the mail!!! Ive never gotten that much money ever! lol

  585. I’m sorry about my daughter’s tmi moment. To the Adults here, the next time, I will stay off here till its over.

  586. Scruffy, I am sorry. I hope it wasn’t u I dumped extra into, if it was how bad was it? Sorry? Please, tell ur partner, I’m sorry. Never been that bad,guess stress dealing with the funeral & sis, made it worse? Hate 2 ask u now, need 2 know how long I need 2 meditate 2 send a signal from Mo. 2 Al.,& how much power, how much do I lower shields, here’s the fun part, may not have a location beacon on receiving side. Sorry 2 have 2 bother u about it, but ur the only one I know that might know. No online info 2 help me. researching this,sucked. thank u, 4 all ur help. ur student, Moon xoxo

  587. ? why do you need to send anythang to al, what is it?

  588. 07402

    hi everyone i really hate to bring this up but about our argument i deeply regret the things i said and i am very sorry

  589. court & anna, i’m sorry. U girls have 2 use ur brains, we r adults,we have responsibilities, just like ur parents. Here’s lesson 1. In a wolf pack, if strays come up 2 a pack, how does the pack react? how does the strays? What happens 2 the strays, if they get aggressive? with the alphas? How does the pack act then? Lesson 2. when u gave out where u lived, did u even think? Some of us can get 2 u, without even leaving r houses. Oh!!! SO U THOUGHT U KNEW IT ALL!! Gotcha, LMAO What part of WE r not human, did u not understand? This is a chat room 4 who? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COURTNEY

  590. it fine and moon what are you wanting to send to al

  591. Courtney

    U even DARE to to say ALL Of that and THEN say happy birthday?!?

  592. Courtney

    And yeah, we did think thoroughly before we told u where we live and even if u did look for us, there are hundreds of houses in Kalamazoo. And not to sound juvenile but u are really rude and immature. And we we were never talking to u in the first place, so just leave it…

  593. 07402

    the end…………. hopefully

  594. and are you talking to me? or moon

  595. Scruffy,RC, Wolfie,Cindy, since this site has been compromised. Please accept my invitation, to come and visit me at the pack of the south site.I will welcome you with open arms. I have missed u, my friends, very much, and would greatly appreciate if u would join me there. Your Friend, Moon Storm

  596. Anna, I’m sorry, lesson 2, is 2 warn u that with the information that was given out. Someone could find u, this is not a secure site, there r really screwed up people out there. Should one of them read this site,they could look u up with that little bit of info., sometime in the future, come 4 u. So please be careful. There r those out there,that r psychic they can pick up ur, I call it vibes, go 2 ur town,walk around the outside of the schools, till they pick up ur vibes. please be careful. I doubt, I’ll be back since all my friends r gone, so i wish u a nice life.

  597. Cindy

    Hey moon storm. I miss you! How can I contact you?

  598. 07402

    she meant moon and we will be VERY careful so thanks and thanks again for forgiving me everyone it really means a lot :)

  599. Courtney

    I was talkin to moon…YOU are very nice! ):

  600. Courtney

    And moon, I DO greatly apperiate that you do care about our safety, if that’s what it is….

  601. Courtney

    And I want you to know that, you may have a lot more experience than me but, but I am just as cunning and curious as you are, were you exitied when you first learned and curious and wanted to know more when you first started?? I’m sure everyone was. But why is it that you have to act like im stupid and am a 5 year old child? To you maby, but if you ever crossed my path saying that to my face then your in for a fight. I’m sure you may mean the with the best intentions but that’s not how it came out…. Now everyone who is involved with this pointless argument let’s drop it, nothing good has come out of this but a even longer fight so I do deeply regret ever having this with you Moon. I truely do….and I hope you may feel the same
    Hows everyone doing with ur hunting, ect?

  602. 07402

    hey everyone!! the full moon is tomorrow!! and courtney will most likely come over today so we are really excited as you can imagine :)

  603. 07402

    courtney will here in about 10 mins now just thought i would tell you

  604. Hey all, what’s going on? I’m currently providing a place to live for loners in Raleigh North Carolina, as a King and Alpha it’s my duty to see fit that we all have a place to be. If you have questions call me or text at 517-214-8818. Have a good night and turn.

  605. Anna, I need ur help. Will u help me? Its not going 2 b easy, what I need u 2 do. I need u 2 find a BLESSED item, a cross, r something that has been prayed over. See if u can hand it 2 Courtney,while she is thinking of me. What was her reaction? Please, let me know. thank u. ttyl This is important.

  606. King, I thank you for inviting us to joining you. But, alas I can not, for you see I live in Missouri. If, you need to really test any of your pack, on control, please feel free to bring them my way. The young ones, want to please me, the older ones, react badly toward me. I guess they don’t like me in their territory. I have been kept in isolation, there is no packs around me. Once again, I thank you, for your kindness. Sincerely, Moon Storm

  607. 07402

    should i tell her that i am going to do this?

  608. Anna, yes, b honest with her, it is better for u & her that way. Tell her to concentrate on her feelings toward me. A minute should do it. I want to know if anything happens, to her hand, mood, actions,face. If she wont do it, that’s ok, just let me know either way. Thanks again ttyl

  609. 07402

    ok we will see

  610. Courtney

    Uh, are you trying to kill me or something moon?!? What’s going to happen? We are Christians ( idk I thought I’d let you know)

  611. Courtney

    And what does this have to do with us transforming
    ? Or something else?

  612. If anyone needs help just ask, I’ll be very happy to ablidge.

  613. Courtney,I’m praying that nothing happens. Is ur problem with all of us, r just me? Every thing I say, really, really, pee u off? R u ok around normal people? I need u 2 really focus on ur feelings,tell me where the anger comes from, inside of u, r outside pressing in? Please, stay out of the woods, at night. Please,sleep with ur bibles at night. ttyl

  614. thanks for the invite king but im good and hello everyone sorry iv been busy taking care of one of my friends she broke her leg

  615. 07402

    thank you moon for the explanation

  616. Board and going to go to bed

  617. hey king how old are you? jw

  618. 07402

    hi everyone i just wanted to tell you that we are indeed m-shifters just to let you know…………..

  619. Truth47

    So you opened it up to every body, king of lycans/ as you liked to be called now. It’s understandable but you know there are some threats that come with that.

  620. Courtney

    It’s just well, idk I’ve always been very protective and short tempered. Im not mad at you any more I forgive you. And thx for the explanation. and every time I go over to Annas house we usually do sneak out at night around 1:30-6:00am and we feel so peaceful.. And why should we not??

  621. DarkJose44

    I think I’m a werewolf but I can’t be ciertain. I want to know and feel what power I posses inside. Can someone please help me unleash it and make me whole?

  622. DarkJose44

    I also know that there is some kind of power inside of me and just edging to come out. Please help me.

  623. And what threats are there?

  624. Courtney

    sorry guys, havent been able to get on lately. Moon, do you think im…like the kind of were that cant control it? is that why, or something else why are you wanting me to do this i might but not until you tell me why..

  625. Truth47

    If I really have to tell you whats out there and what different kinds of dangers there are, you wouldn’t be king of anything. But have you made the necessary percousians?

  626. yeah king there are a lot

  627. im just gonna call you lycan

  628. Wolfgale

    Looking for a pack in the beaumont tx area or even in port neches groves and nederland.

  629. I’m not use to being around humans, hunters or exposure i grew up in a castle with other wolves. But I know what to do and ye I have made nessessery percausions, I can and will protect anyone who will stay with me. And me being a king isn’t that big of a deal it’s a title not my life, I’m here to help my people not destroy them.

  630. courtney, do u know what a empath is? Do u know that any child I walk up 2, & open up my arms 2, walks into them willingly. I bring them peace & a sense of home. Why then do u fight with me? I have come across 10 cases of children not acting normal. They r between the age of 11-14, raised in good christian homes, so please sleep with a bible near by. ttyl

  631. okay well cool king but how many people are with you right now?

  632. 07402

    were not fighting with you moon we can spend the rest of our lives arguing about this but it would be pointless to do so i am sure that we both have a lot on our minds and we both have better things to do i have not herd of an empath and i will look it up but whatever it is i am sure that courtney is not one end of discussion

  633. 07402

    i looked it up and it is true that we pick up on body language and tone of voice well but not like that at all we know who we are

  634. Courtney

    Yes we are were. And I’m not fighting with u anymore ur just pushin it, and we are Lycans… It’s been confirmed

  635. Scruffy, demon wolfs, 1 up in great lakes area, 1 in upper utah area, 1 down around mexico outside texas, another around maine, please dispose of them. trying 2 get lock on another 2. sorry 2 have 2 put it on u. ty

  636. and moon one of the people in my clan wants to talk to you can you email me at

  637. Truth47

    Moon I’ve been feeling and tracing something near the bottom of the great lakes.

  638. Truth47

    It’s been there for a while.

  639. what is it do you have an idea ?

  640. Truth47

    I do but I’m not allowed to say, I want to know if what she picked was near mine.

  641. Ok guys, left message on other site. This is my last time time on. got a warning call. TY Scuffy. T47, this is my nickname for him, A. He’s a demon lord, he likes to cause choas.U don’t want to know how I know him, it’s a TMI thing. He goes after kids 11-13yrs old, mainly tries to convince them they’re something they’re not. If u see someone tall dark headed & good looking, but u get strange vibes off him, Stay away from him. I’ve been slammed by him, not fun. Use my name if u have to.Maybe he’ll come back home. His minion takes on wolf forms. He’s got 6-8 running around, none i’m able to pick up south of me. we’ll use TOC- D’s site, to talk more. D don’t give site out for now. crap hitting fan here, clearing out. bye

  642. 07402

    Wait you live by the great lakes?

  643. seraph

    @ MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl hey text me its important (its me Utopia39)(same number)

  644. Cindy

    hey ive been gone for a long while. moon storm, i have a feeling like someone is watching us, looking for us, and trying to get info from us to catch us.. i think. At least thats my feeling.. I just posted this so you know im around. ill talk to my clan and hopefully will be in contact with you soon. Later

  645. 07402

    what do you mean by that cindy? despite our repudiation around here i might be able to help

  646. Courtney

    Hi guys sorry I havent been able to get on lately, I’ve been sorting some stressful stuff out, and I can tell that we are VERY close to our shift I already had like A LOT of like numbness in my back arms and legs after m shifting so has Anna

    I will get on again tomorrow night!! See ya
    And happy howling!!!;)

  647. 07402

    Thanks for the warning moon storm We will miss you on here

  648. hannah

    what age do you have to be to properly transform

  649. Al wish

    i have to ask one thing i dont know if someone can proberly answer it but..
    Am i a hybrid between werewolf and vampire?
    some fact and history: Hoestly, i dont know what i am up to this point but ever since i was littel i havent feelt home anywhere but the forest, graveyard or anywhere i can be alone and feel the nature spirits around me.
    I have read some (ALOT!) things about werewolf and vampires and others mythological creatures.
    But all this started for real 4-5 years ago…
    I was 10-11 years old and i hade a dream, there was a man so clear but still so blurry… He gave me a glass with some dark consistent in it and after i drank it he walked away and i woke up feeling more thirsty than i have ever feelt but nothing worked, i could drink alot but still feel thirsty it has been like this for this past 4-5 years and i just figured out two years ago what it was i was so thirsty for… Blood,
    then i saw tyra banks show with real life vampires and i thought that i was one but some more reading made me unsure some things that was alike a vampire and somethings was more like a werewolf and i came across something that said that i maybe am i hybrid between a vampire and i werewolf i still dont know..
    *i cant sleep at night, but i can sleep easy in the mornings.
    * my smell sense is higher than regular humans
    *i can hear farter away than others
    *i love the nature and i feel home there
    *i love graveyards and the peace the give me.
    * my upper front teeth at the side are sharper and more pointy same at the down of my teeth.
    *i love climbing on roofs and trees and at everything.
    * i sometimes act like a cat(doing what i want when i want. Walking here and there without no one knowing where)
    *i have a need to drink blood to smell it… I want to cut myself to taste it again…
    *i love the moon.
    *i love andventures.
    * i usally talk with cats and birds… -.-” (it’s freaking my best friend out…)
    * my eyes color change between green, blue and gray.
    *my hair grow really fast.
    *i get angry REALLY easy and feel like destroying glas and bite people.
    *i have alot of dreams ever since i was 11 were i see stuff thats gonna happen, for ex. Once i dreamt that one of my classmates parent were going to come and when she asked why her mom wasent there he said she hade to go to work cuz someone hade hurt themself…
    Then only 3 days later it happend and i have never seen her dad i dont even hang out with her but still it was the same exact voice and face and body…
    This dreams are not really rare for me anymore but some dreams are so…
    I can list more but that would take to long…
    what do u all think? am i a vampire a werewolf or am i really a hybrid?
    by Al Wish For A Life in freedom!

  650. hi my names Dakota i’m one of the leaders of the clan TraceofCrimson thus my username i well ill answer one of tho’s questions well to start a hybrid cant exist its impossible,,, but if you want to figure out what you are i have a friend who could tell you what you are if you want to talk to him i could set something up

  651. 07402

    hi al wish!! i will try to help you as much as i can as well altho i have not p-shifted yet and well………. only my bff knows this but i think that it is important that i tell you i have star sight and based on your description i think you are a vision dreamer too and not to disagree with you toc but yes i think it could be possible to be two different things i fact all that you have is like me and courtney ( my bff ) i am anna by the way

  652. Al wish

    i would be happy just to figure out WHAT i am or who i am.
    i havent told any of my friends…
    i dont think they would take it seriously, all this is just not for regular humans to understand what i mean.
    only one person have i told it to and and i havent even met that person, but he is a really good friends so i was happy when he understod.
    but he said that i shoulden’t tell my friends cuz he thinks i am right about them not taking it seriously or freaking out.
    any help would make me happy ^w^
    i am Alexs or that is my nickname and i am a female from sweden.

  653. well it is nice to meet you Alexs

  654. Al wish

    yea, ^_^

  655. DarkJose44

    I think I’m a werewolf but I can’t be ciertain. I want to know and feel what power I posses inside. Can someone please help me unleash it and make me whole? I also know that there is some kind of power inside of me and just edging to come out. Please help me. Yes, I’m awere that this is what I wrote a couple of mounths ago.

  656. DarkJose44

    And if you haven’t realized my name is Jose.

  657. yep and jose so your wanting to find out if you a were?

  658. 07402

    nice to meet you alexs and i know the feeling

  659. Al wish

    yea ^w^
    the feeling is someting i wish i could get of my shoulders…
    but i dont know if they will support me?

  660. 07402

    what do you mean?

  661. Scruffy, if u still read this site, go ahead cuss all u want, for what I’m about to do, but somebody has to protect the kids here. lmao

  662. Hunter,come on out. I know ur here, u don’t have to use ur real name. Come out & play, u know u want to.

  663. 07402

    bring it scruffy i dare you

  664. i will be gone for a bit email me moon

  665. Anna, Scruffy’s a great guy,he’s not who I’m talking to. He’ll be mad at me for what I’m doing, but females protect the young. Hon,please, stay out of this, I know u want to help, but u don’t have the training, the toys r the protection I have for this. Do like TOC is doing , duck & head for cover.

  666. 07402

    i may not have the training but i know that i have to help. i wont run from whoever it is you are talking about i am not afraid of him i am no fool that is not why i,m not running. i know who i am meant to be and i know where my loyaltys lie and i do not think this is a game. i am not a normal person or werewolf for that matter but this is my calling

  667. okay well Anna i’m a alpha i lead a pretty big clan this isn’t my business so i get out of the way, Look the’s people are bigger than you weather you like it or not so if one is giving advice take it trust me,

  668. anna, ok u want to help? keep ur eye out,for weird stuff on the news, around ur area. watch to the north. can u do that, for me? something is blocking me up there,I want to know what. ty

  669. 07402

    ok i will thank you moon storm.

  670. and were is this if its around were mine and Jakes teachers are that would be it she is a master of energy controll and a hole bunch of other stuff

  671. Al wish

    well, to put it in two ways the feeling of feeling like a circel that isent complete.
    and i want to tell my friends but i am the strangest among ous…
    i dont know how my friends will react and therefor i havent told them anything.
    i am afraid of losing the friends i have.
    they say the like me for the way i am… but words can’t always be trusted.
    i am in school now so i cant write it all… bye!

  672. the beta

    hey is there any werewolves packs in ohio tht me and my friend can join we really wanna b werewolves plzzz!!!! we are will to b werewolves were not werewolves but can a pack of werewolves in ohio turn us into one we know alot about werewolves the alpha is the strongest and most powerful of them and its the leader of the pack and then there the beta tht got bitten by the alpha then theres the omega which is the last of them all i want to b a alpha or a beta and my friend wants to b a beta we r willing to join a pack in ohio is there any werewolf packs in ohio we promise to god tht we will not betray our pack or use this power for fame or popularity we swear we wont do tht and we wont tell anybody tht were werewolves so plz b honest with me is if u r awerewolf aand love ohio plz repley bac plzz we wanna a werewolf and in ur pack were willing to do this we want to do this plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  673. Jacob Cook TOC

    Hey everyone, I am Jacob.
    I was supposed to post here earlier, but I’ve been a bit lazy about it Haha :)
    I think I already introduced myself but I’ll do it again for everyone :)
    I am Jacob Cook from the Trace of Crimson or as some of you know it TOC
    I am a leader and a vampire. I have changed a few people :) (without actually touching them or being near them at all :P)
    I know the “rules” quite well if anyone was wondering that, I believe I actually set a few of them myself.
    my email is if anyone would like to talk to me
    or have questions and stuff :) I’ll be happy to help as much as I can.

    As for hunters. I saw earlier in the posts that someone was a hunter.
    The laws of a hunter is that if a werewolf or vampire if I am correct can’t be touched by a hunter unless that werewolf or vampire has done something wrong or something that has to be stopped.

    Another topic I’d kinda like to discuss is the topic of keeping it a big secret,
    Though that may seem like a basic rule, and I’ve been told it growing up but I’ve found that unless its a rule set by “higher” ups then you’re free to do it, regardless if said human/whoever you’re telling will believe or not.

  674. 07402

    i dont know about ohio but i live in michigan

  675. the beta

    o okay but 07402 r u a werewolf

  676. the beta

    like legit b honest with me

  677. the beta

    can me and my friend join a werewolf pack plz he wants to b the beta i wanna b a alpha or a beta were in ohio just to let u know were in ohio

  678. Thank you Jacob. I didn’t say I was a hunter. lol The hunters I’m after is not from your world, of weres & vamps, they’re from mine. So does the same rules apply? If you want to talk, just ask toc how to get a hold of me. It’s funny how only 2,picked up on what is happening to me. Scruffy & T47, my hat off to you guys. lmao

  679. 07402

    legit but i,m not part of a pack yet

  680. the beta

    me and my friend are willing to become werewolves and b in a pack

  681. hello everyone im back i see jake posted on here :D and me and jake have a branch of our clan in ohio

  682. 07402

    your pack is in ohio!? wow i did not see that coming thats cool tho were pretty close

  683. well i have people every were thats not the pack but it is a small group of people im over that live up there

  684. 07402

    oh thats still really cool tho

  685. hey live chat is up on my site now and i mean it check it out please TOC

  686. the beta

    Trace of crimson is ur pack a vampire pack

  687. 07402

    cool i,ll check it out

  688. Cindy

    Hey everyone! Ive been gone awhile for some personal reasons. Im currently looking to teach new pups in cali. So if interested give me some way to contact you. I dont except teens, only 18 yrs old and older. Hope you guys find what your looking for! Best of luck! :)

  689. THE BETA


  690. 07402

    sorry i cant help you there……

  691. beta im sorry but we cant make everyone happy there’s just to many’ you and your friend sould know not to challange’ but i cant help you

  692. and cindy have you talked to elena ?

  693. Cindy

    toc…My other side yes. but elena my bff that died, no… sometimes i wonder how shes doing..

  694. shes doing good i talked to her the other day

  695. selina

    kayy well i was wondering if a werewolf would turn me into one of ur kind if u really are a werewolf u can contact me at

  696. Thorn

    If anyone wants to be ‘turned’ as they say or just meet me contact me. I do not have a problem with vampires. My closest friend and boyfriend is a vampire. I was changed at a young age and so have grow up as a wolf.

  697. well its nice to meet you thorn

  698. the beta

    hey thorn how would u turn one of us into a werewolf

  699. 07402

    al wish you have to chose

  700. Joshua j deal

    By thy who prevail in the night are reluctant to show their true spirit of who thy are the world is a population of over 5 billion in the match about 1 million could be werewolves To closer examine lycanthropy is more of a animalistic transformation. To any real were wolves I would quite enjoy a small talk over what it is like and if it is possible for them to transform me into this animalistic beast…. Message me at jawa9kid

  701. Joshua j deal

    By thy who prevail in the night are reluctant to show their true spirit of who thy are the world is a population of over 5 billion in the match about 1 million could be werewolves To closer examine lycanthropy is more of a animalistic transformation. To any real were wolves I would quite enjoy a small talk over what it is like and if it is possible for them to transform me into this animalistic beast…. Message me at jawa9kid ….

  702. I am a Wolf from high Ridge, Missouri Anyone wants to talk or anything you can text me at 1-636-575-8451 givin i will more than likely get alot of people texting please include your name or mention the site only serious Questions or people will get a responce. ( Main reason for this is i need contacts from around where i live and people to keep me updated about things going on in other areas)

  703. okay howl email me or talk to me on the chat at my site

  704. Zone

    Hey guys, what’s up? I’m kinda new At being a werewolve and I’m 17, lol. I have a question though, since I’m new to this(because I just realized I was one :/), can werewolves transform/change into a wolf and if so can medication stop this transformation? Reply on here or email me at: I’d like to know, lol. Thanks.

  705. Wolfgirl

    Greetings! I’m wolfgirl. I am new to this site, and have quite a few questions for you…
    BTW; I AM a Werewolf
    First; are there different “Types” or “Speices” of our kind?
    Second; How is our fur coloration decided?

  706. Wolfgirl

    Also, I would like to confirm I have not yet “Shifted” as you call it…
    I have been having a quite hard time keep this secret…no one but me knows of this, and was wondering if after you answer my questions…you could(or I) delete my commentions?

  707. Cindy

    You cant delete anything on here. Look at all the posts ahead of yours. All the free numbers and e mails that will stay here. Some People dont use their brains sometimes. Tragic

  708. yeah lol but in responds to the two people befor you you guys sould know this stuff all ready like who changed you or was you born one like me i just wanted to ask

  709. Zone

    TOC I can be somewhat stupid sometimes. Please forgive me. But lol, I was changed into one soo… Yeah.

  710. jetsky


  711. jetsky


  712. 07402

    well said i completely agree.

  713. i understand were your coming from and it was well said but i think that alpha packs and groups are a good thang to keep around, but that’s just how i see it,

  714. 07402

    gravy i was reading the past comments and wow we did talk a LOT

  715. yeah that’s why some people got mad remember lol

  716. 07402

    lol yeah :)

  717. Al wish

    i have to chose…?
    what should i chose…
    what can i chose…
    i dont know what life is anymore, i dont know…
    i am so cofused, but i guess i will be alright when i have found the reality.

  718. 07402

    where are you alexs?

  719. Al wish

    what happened… I guess I am not sure what life is, the reason I don’t know anymore… I don’t know the reason. I’t just is that life is confusing.
    life will never stop even if 100 people die, even if I die life goes on.
    but do life really go on i think life never happened, life is still it’s ous who think it never stops?
    And where I am? The answer can be simple, or it can be hard…
    A simple answer is that, I am in a room, under a roof, that is on a house this house is in sweden, sweden is a part of earth. but what is earth if the universe never end?
    The hard answer is more where I feel I am… And I don’t feel like I am on earth anymore like my life… like I can’t controll what is happening with my mind, like my actions is a suprise for myself.
    I am really sorry for being so strange now when no one of u’all know me… but I just hade to explain to someone…

  720. 07402

    i know what you mean dont worry i,m sure that everything will be made clear soon

  721. wolfbite

    Hey I’m new and I was wondering if any one wanted to join my pack just email me at

  722. Scruffy

    Seems i’ve missed quite a bit while i was on my training hiatus…

  723. Rafe

    Anyone turn people out here

  724. 07402

    lol it has been a while :)

  725. Cindy

    you have been missed scruffy.. welcome back! tho its kinda dull here now

  726. 07402

    i just lost house just lost power :( and i,m almost out of power on my laptop see ya soon (i hope) lol

  727. 07402

    YES!! its back on hello

  728. hey 07 glad to hear and cindy can you not text me for a litle bit ill explne to you later why, and scr, how you been ?

  729. Lonna Lee

    Hi everyone , I am new here. In search of a strong alpha male who can handle me. I have not found one yet. When they get weak I run away and move on. Need a real Alpha , one I can respect before I will get on my knees to submit. E-mail me if your Alpha enough!

  730. 07402

    no one has been here for awhile…..

  731. Marie

    Im bored is this a real pack?

  732. 07402

    we are not all in the same pack, some of us have no pack but yes its real.

  733. ...

    Hey any one here legit because if you nd your willing to turn humans than email me at

  734. Cindy

    well hello everyone. Its pretty dead here huh?

  735. justin

    ok here’s my sutiation i have wanted to become a werewolf alot of time now and i have done alot of research on them but there is alot of reasons that i have wanted to become one. if somone could please help me i have tried everything i can no do rutuails because i am not good at magic. i am not going to sell my soul because i know theres another way i just need someones help either there a human or there a werewolf but i need someones help because i have tried everything and i will try anything else except selling my soul. if there is someone willing to change me then i will accept as long as there not lying about being one. Please somone…. i have thought about it…. i just need help acomplishing this goal and i am serious somone please help…

  736. Cindy

    Justin. How may i be of assistance?

  737. hello everyone how are you

  738. 07402

    pretty good :)

  739. there are multiple spells to become a vampire if anyone wants one this is one that I know: blood red pale skin moonlight draw me in quench my thirst coursing veins let my body feel no pain you have to say it outside under the full moon at night between 12am and 2am. you have to say it 10x or it won’t work!!!

  740. 07402

    a vampire spell? give me a brake…..

  741. 07402

    Chain mail that’s what it is.

  742. Amelia

    Hello, I am an elder witch looking for a werewolf as a mate. I have werewolf in my blood line. I have proof of this as well. If you would like to get to know more about me just feel free to ask about me. Leave a reply. Thank you all for your time.

  743. hello nice to meet you how has everyone been lately

  744. Anderson

    hi. i would like to be turned into a werewolf. Ive tried a number of spells but they didn’t work so i need a real werewolf to turn me so i can join their pack. I’m 19 yrs old. pls email me at

  745. 07402

    it is quiet here

  746. Kayla woodard

    I want to be a werewolf i always wanted to be one somebody please help me

  747. Kayla woodard

    Are there any wolfs in charlotte??

  748. Aaron Graff

    I also wanted to be a Lycan. I like werewolves and I would risk my life to protect and support them

  749. Spin

    I was wondering if anyone on here could help me. I have been making observations of bipolar/schizophrenia and a few things had become apparent to me. I have noticed that people with bipolar seem to have a familiarity with the night, as if they long for it, full moons are a huge distraction and will actually draw people with bipolar out into the darkness, and they seem obsessed with the possibility of a hidden world, one where werewolves, vampires, and other such creatures exist. People with schizophrenia seem to experience a lot of those symptoms as well but some have delusions, or non delusions, of acting out an actual change. Of course, a lot of people that continue on without treating their bipolar, like me, can develop schizophrenia.

    Are these signs of other-worldliness? Or am I, in fact, just suffering from a mental illness? I have always felt that I am meant for more than this, for lack of a better word, mundane world. I have always felt that I was seeing the world differently than it was supposed to be seen. The moon has always been an area of interest, but not as a religious icon. Just a lot of other things that do not always make sense. I am looking for someone who can help me understand and if my theory is correct, I would like to ask more questions. So that I do not offend anyone, I understand that a lot of children and teenagers hang around on this site, but of all the other sites I have been to, this is the only one that was still getting replies. With that being said, I would very much like to speak to someone who is roughly at college age or older, and if you are not that age, if you know someone who is willing to talk to me I would appreciate it.

    Also because I do not know about different social structures, I am a woman, if that makes any difference and my name is Spin :)

    Any responses should be sent to Thanks again!

  750. Cortni Ballinger

    Hey, I’m new to the whole werewolf thing, and I had a question, ok so one night I was trying to m-shift and I fell asleep, when I woke up the next morning my spine and ankle felt like they were dislocated, and also it felt like I broke 4 of my ribs, does this mean anything, or did I just fall outta bed and hurt myself?

  751. 07402

    Spin TOC or Cindy could probably help you out.

  752. Cortni Ballinger

    Ok, thanks

  753. Cindy

    hi young pups! whats going on? Lol hope everything is well

  754. Cortni Ballinger

    Cindy could u help me?

  755. Cindy

    sure whats up? You ok?

  756. Cortni Ballinger

    well im trying to m-shift but am having the toughest time doing so, do you happen to have any advice?

  757. Al wish

    something have changed…
    is i cuz i am getting older i feel more secure… no thats not it i just feel more, i cant explain it.
    maybe i am breaking down my soul slowly, i feel like i am suffocating a soul scream!
    Do any of u know what i mean??
    i dont know whats going on…
    I feel diffrent…
    Somehow, I am diffrent from before.
    i feel cofused but at the same time as my soul is completly sure of whats happening. I feel like i am breaking in to pices but at the same time, like i am bulding a new puzzel of the pices…
    like i dont know myself anymore… No, it more like i never knew myself to begin with. plz People i need someone to explain or help me figure out… what i am thinking, or just something!!
    i feel like i am blindfolded or something.

  758. 07402

    What would you like to know exactly Al wish?

  759. Cindy

    hmm well i cant really tell you on here

  760. Al wish

    Anything that can clear my path, so i dont have to stop on the way.
    So i dont stop and give up maybe, it feel’s like the earth have changed at some point. But i can’t figure out what.

  761. 07402

    An e mail perhaps?

  762. Cortni Ballinger

    cindy, are you talking to me or al wish?

  763. Cindy

    um you but i can talk to both

  764. Cortni Ballinger

    well i meant when u said that u cant say that information in ur previous message lol

  765. Al wish

    i feel like i am running away from the truth…
    maybe i should just forget all problems and just live on?
    maybe Life would be easier then?

  766. Aaron Graff

    I would badly like to be a werewolf. I got my hopes up. I am not going to hurt or hunt down werewolves. I like werewolfs i am trying to become one. But could I see a transformation to confirm to myself that I am not getting messed with and that I can be a werewolf

  767. Aaron Graff

    Hey I’m hoping to become a werewolf. I live in california If I could see a transformation. To confirm you guys exist without drawing attention to you guys . (I don’t want to put werewolfs in danger) which proves that I am NOT a hunter. I want to become a werewolf. If there is any solution. Please call me at 626-590-9457 i would like to work out a plan to be bitten by a werewolf. My house is too risky

  768. Cortni Ballinger

    hey aaron, ive not physically shifted, at least not fully, but u do know there is another way to shift without getting bitten by a werewolf

  769. Werewolf lover

    Hi I’m new I would
    Like to become a werewolf thank you!

  770. Werewolf lover

    Anyone on?

  771. Azariah

    hello my name is azariah and yes i am half vampire half wolf. i am in search of a pack, if there are any Alpha’s that would be willing to contact me i am 15 years old. please contact me at … …. i will be waiting for your emails…thank you.

  772. Azariah

    i am a female in california.

  773. Azariah

    here is my cell phone number as well… 19512051985 text

  774. Werewolf lover

    Is there any werewolfs near Denver,colorado or centennial? If so I would like to be a werewolf if you do live near there I will tell You my address contact me at thank you! I am a female. Thank you!

  775. 07402

    to Werewolf lover, not that i am aware of.

  776. Cortni Ballinger

    does anyone know if there’s a pack in kentucky?

  777. Anderson

    @cortni balinger how is it possible to shift without getting bitten by a werewolf. pls email me

  778. 07402

    Cortni Ballinger i live near there but i dont know if there is.

  779. Cortni Ballinger

    anderson if you have any werewolves in your family you can inherit the gene, abdicate i’ve heard of other ways but i don’t know if they work

  780. Cindy

    You cant get bitten kids. Its all heredity. Stop putting personal info on the web site. Cant you see that you cant delete it? Sheesh… THINK ABOUT IT! :/

  781. Concetta

    Is a lycan online?

  782. Cortni Ballinger

    well cindy thank you for confirming my suspicions, now do you know a website to trace back my family?

  783. MKat

    Hey. Are there any werewolfs in Pittsburgh that can come bite me.?

  784. MKat

    If you know how to become a were wolf email me how please.

  785. Cortni Ballinger

    Mkat, being bitten by a werewolf wont change you, you can only be a werewolf by inheriting the gene

  786. Anderson

    Cortni Ballinger what are the other ways you mentioned?

  787. hello everyone its been a wile sens i commented how are y’all

  788. Al wish

    it’s in the middle of the night my parents and sisters are sleeping.
    i can’t sleep i dont feel tired.
    but how earlie i go to bed dosen’t matter i always sleep when it’s morning often to the afternoon around dinner i wake up.
    Today is…
    My Birthday…
    In about 4 hours i have been alive for 16years.
    I wonder if my 16 birthday is going to be diffrent somehow?
    i feel like sorrow is near… what is happening?

  789. Ylva

    Hello. I’m a spiritual or dream shift wolf and not a werewolf. I was wondering, are there any wolves or packs in georgia out there. You can visit here and look for Ylva and I will be on there.

  790. happy birthday al its funny becuz one of students bday is to day to

  791. and hes turning 16 too but enjoy yourbday

  792. Justin

    Is there any alphas or..maybe a werewolf period, that I could talk to? I’ve got a few questions that I’d like to ask..

  793. 07402

    PLEASE READ: Everyone i need to know if there are any mutants (Werewolves, vampires etc) in or near michigan. Please tell me, something has happened and i need to know A.S.A.P.

  794. mike

    i want the bite plz help

  795. I really super want to be a werewolf really super bad. Can somebody tell me how? SOMEBODY?!?!?!?!?!?!

  796. Im a Real Werewolf and im 14 and if anybody who wants to know what to become a werewolf is you become one if your bitten by a werewolf in your State at home or park

  797. Wolfie Marie

    Merry meet Lycans, humans, vampires, and others! Best wishes to a good morning and here off an on to assist any and all in their activities and answer all questions.

  798. Wolfie Marie

    And to add in, I am quite possibly one of the most experienced youngbloods in a long line in my generation.

  799. Justin

    Well Marie, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Got any other quicker ways to talk? I’ve found this site to be annoyingly difficult to converse on.

  800. Jacob Cook

    Hey guys :) whats up?

  801. Justin

    Eh, not a lot. Very tired. And you Jacob guy?

  802. Mythic

    Hey all… I’m not going to claim I am a werewolf, but I do mental shift at the very least and have others tell me that they have seen some slight physical changes. Regardless, I do not assume I am a werewolf, however, I would like to chat with another who may reside in Rhode Island. There are somethings going on here, and I would like to know if any other werewolves in RI are having trouble shifting? I am actually writing this in hopes that this will help a friend of mine. If you would like to contact me, I tend to log into the website:, and my username you can find me under is mythicwolf. Just leave me a message there and I will get back to you. Thanks!

  803. Wolfie Marie

    I have no issues with privacy, because… I don’t fret about much. Shyann Marie Ross (Wolfie) Find me on facebook with that full title, it won’t be a challenge. WolfieMarie is my Chatango profile. And in adition, My name is Wolfie. No cell phone, deepest apologies. Also, I intend on making several websites as well. For multiple needs and species.

  804. Wolfie Marie

    Good morning Werecon!

  805. 07402

    Good morning!

  806. Wolfie Marie

    And how are you dear?

  807. 07402

    Pretty good, you?

  808. Soul Searcher

    Hi all, how are you doing? I’d like to share my story in the hope of forgetting my mate.

    A few years back I was in a coffee shop in London and I had the most surreal experience… I accidentally bumped into a stranger that turned my world upside down. We stood staring at each other for what seemed hours, he kissed me then walked out of my life.

    I’m a witch and know he was a wolf. The problem is I can’t move on with my life until I can forget him. I’d like to ask if there is some kind of ritual I can do to break this link do I can move on? Thanks for any info

  809. Wolfie Marie

    Perhaps you found yourself in an imprint. These aren’t saved for only wolves. The imprint, mid you, will fade in time. I realize years have past, but as long as you keep contact with him(simple thought be this contact), it will remain strong. Ask him to let you go. Even if you connot see or feel him. Understand this though. Sometimes people come into your life to change you, and then return later on. Your friend will return so long as the connection remains. Either let the imprint die, or take advantage of it.

  810. Wolfie Marie

    Alright, questions?

  811. scar

    how many of you are actually real?

  812. Soul Searcher

    Thank you so much for your response Wolfie Marie! Imprint. With one word comes so many questions… What makes me so mad is that he ran, and he is choosing to stay away. It’s something I’ll never understand I guess. I have made a conscious effort not to think of him but he comes in my dreams… It’s ironic that I’m a healer but can’t heal myself!

  813. Wolfie Marie

    I understand that. I was a healer for such a long time. There are a lot of things going on in my life in which I cannot save myself from. Let time run the course. You’ll come out stronger, or you’ll break.

  814. Mysterious Enigma

    Hmm any werewolfs in the illinois area? or any real ones at that?

  815. Searchingforit

    Are there any werewolves in or around the midwestern state of Iowa?

  816. Soul Searcher you sould practice healing on your self some times and yes scar i am real

  817. Cindy

    Imprint? Hahaha Twilight logic! Your fake…

  818. Hi my name is kendis and I try a lot spells but didn’t work so.Can someone bite me.

  819. I live in Starville MISSISSIPPI

  820. Wolfie Marie

    Imprints are very real. A packmate taught me that. Regardless, Imprints are simply a slightly different type of love. More magic than only the soul. I suspect there are several more types of love. Lust, love of the body. Love, Love of the soul. Imprint, A love-like bond between inhuman creatures. I believe that animals get more imprinted on one another than love, and i do firmly believe that animals, cats, dogs, snakes, all have souls. Therefore, i believe these types of bonds are very possible. And quite frankly, Twilight is an unfamiliar subject. A couple of human packmates tricked me into going to the movies- Long story. Ended up watching the part one of breaking dawn I think? But I haven’t read the books. I was more into the Warrior Cat series in my reading phase. I have made it my mission to read twilight, but I just don’t get into love stories like that. House of Night was pretty kickass though, and if you haven’t read it, I would absolutely suggest it^.^ Also, and lastly, I have several websites now up, even if not fully completed, and I may be posting a few soon. One is over energy control in general, one is a website for training in general(mostly though my experiences), and I have a few more I keep a bit more private. I’ll have one up on the elements soon too, probably along with some videos.

  821. I are you a boy werewolf

  822. Wolfie Marie

    If you are speaking to me, I am a she-wolf.

  823. If you are a boy and you are 12 and you a boy call me at 6623129064

  824. Do you now a boy werewolf?

  825. Wolfie Marie

    Several. Mostly from my pack a couple miles from my place.

  826. I really don’t wanna be a human no more and can u call me

  827. Is someday body online

  828. The reason is why I wanna be a werewolf because I wanna show the real me and wrote wat I wanna to be.I try to do different spell but it didn’t work out.I had different dream about vampire and werewolf

  829. well heres another one of thos people that comment over and over and over agen cindy i tryed calling you whats wrong with your phone? and wolfie how are you

  830. Wat!? look I am not the girl u talk about and leave those dirty comments at home Mmmmmnm!

  831. Wolfie

    I am very well Trace of Crimson! And you?

  832. Wolfie

    I think I am just going to make a simple who I am website, so everyone gets and idea of me in the flash^^

  833. Really simple site, one page, but you get to see me.

  834. I think I am a werewolf. And can anybody tell me. How to now if you are a werewolf

  835. Wolfie

    Kendis, I promise. If you are of wolf blood, You will know eventually.

  836. Are you a boy and 12

  837. Cindy

    toc.. yeah changed my number so yeah.. lol im gonna be gone for a while. Plus, i see how this place has been gone down the tubes without all the elders. Later

  838. HvG Gunner

    hey guys i just found out ima werewolf help

  839. Taylor

    Hello everyone

  840. Are you a werewolf?

  841. O do you now any werewolf

  842. WereWannabe

    hey i’ve studied on how to become a werewolf, ive heard if you drink water from a wolf’s pawprint it changes you but, if there are any werewolves in utah i would love to be changed

  843. WereWannabe

    ive also heard that there are strict rules on who can be changed and when and there are actual laws in place i would like to know if those are true

  844. Taylor

    I do not know any werewolves from where I am. Where I am I am alone and I have no pack…

  845. WereWannabe

    i heard from this 1 dude that therer different types of werewolves 2, like ones that r huge and walk on 2 feet, and others that r basically huge wolves, is that true?

  846. cindy yeah i know and wolfie thats good and grate

  847. Hello and o I am going do a spell

  848. bailey

    Im dying to figure out how to become a werewolf or vampire i dont want to just be regular i want more please contact me on kik or my email my kik username is bailey_white97 please no jokes or art remarks i just want to become one :/

  849. dtt2012

    i am becoming a werewolf, as a full comes close i can feel as if i am changing each night

  850. Al wish

    hey, is something wrong with life or is it something wrong with me?
    I am bored.
    Bored i’m telling y’all!
    Life is the same, i try to change the fact that i’m stuck!
    I can’t get out of here!
    I’m only 16 and i am starting in a new school soon but i am already tired of it.
    It’s not that i’m tired of school, I’m tired of life itself.
    I do not mean that i want to kill myself to make that clear -.-”
    I just can’t stand it!
    I can’t stand how nothing changes!
    I hate this boring life, i want to meet other people who can play around at night, dance silly around a fire in the woods or howl at the moon just cuz we can!
    but i don’t know anyone like that here in this F#@& sweden!
    I can’t honestly last 2 more years stuck here…
    besides no one knows me, they think they do.
    I let them think they do, but when everything comes around… They still don’t know who i am.
    Someone… Just… Help me? Plz…

  851. WereWannabe

    dtt2012 how did u become a werewolf?

  852. okay well to be changed there are two ways my clan dose it both work and the first one is getting bit and the second i’m not posting on here becuz we are the only ones who do it and if your so bored go and do something like a sport get active do something lol

  853. WereWannabe

    i need someone in utah that can turn me

  854. Taylor

    It just made me laugh on how you were like “If your bored go do something” xD

  855. 07402

    Al wish, can you e mail me?

    I might be able to help a little.

  856. Wild Wolf15

    Ummmm…… Questions. I just found out that I’m a werewolf and my father never told till now. I’m 14 and need someone to talk to or a pack somewhere in New Hampshire. I live in Merrimack county so that would be better if ur by me. Ummmmm, and also is there any werewolf or Lycan online community’s? Thanks

  857. UnknownAwesomness

    i don’t know if im a werewolf, ever since my brother died i have no memories of nights with full moons, i always fall asleep before midnight but i don’t feel rested at all, usually i can remember a dream but full moon nights, my muscles are all sore and everything. Can some one help?

  858. Taylor

    Wild Wolf15 I am from NH

  859. WildWolf15

    Taylor, Where?! I had no idea if anyone would even answer! We have to find a way to talk!

  860. and wiled wolf15 you can email me if you want to at

  861. courtney

    my i just say Ive seen it all and i wish for no one to become one or to see a life as a so called vampire or werewolf because vampires have no soul and Ive meet some that are catholic and are very smart and werewolf have NO CONTROL at all and go threw lot of pain they break every bone in there body and is not a pretty site to see for i have seen it and to all of those who are cursed by these i feel my bad for you and those who wish to become one is not bright and needs to see that there is always consensus to everything in life there is always a balance and if you break the balance you will be hurt.

  862. courtney

    if anyone would like to know more for i have warned the homeostasis you can email me at thank you.

  863. ELLE

    Excuse me, but will there be anyone going to the 24th annual vampire ball in New Orleans this year. I heard there is going to be real vampires there, not only that but the royal vampire prince is said to be taking a bride.
    Good Luck

  864. people the’s days are crazy they want crazy thangs its just how it is and haha i have a vampire in fl right now he would love to go to that if he could lol

  865. Mackenzie Smith

    This may be of interest to werewolf fans!

  866. Concetta

    Hi is someone on to help me? well my sis may be a werewolf she is showing several sines of being one if someone thinks they can help speak up.

  867. Concetta

    I may not answer quickly

  868. Omega21

    So i need some help. Im not 100% sure that I’m a werewolf. Im not a little wanna be kid who does it just from the movies. I need help but i understand if this is annoying because people don’t really like people like myself.

  869. Concetta

    looking to chat

  870. Omega21

    Concetta, will you help me please?

  871. Concetta

    Yes wut is it?

  872. Omega21

    Can you email me Concetta?

  873. Concetta

    sorry cant Email for a wile but i will be happy to talk now.

  874. Concetta

    i am
    looking to chat

  875. Heyy r there any werewolf. In Mississippi ,starville

  876. Midnight

    Wow I finally found a website that has other werewolfs like me

  877. sirhc

    I. Want to learn all I can about werewoles if you are one please tell me how you became one what it is like please. Email me at note I will right it all down in a jernle for reaser

  878. sirhc

    I support. All werewolf and vampire

  879. Will

    I want to be become a true werewolf who physically shifts. Please email me if you can truly help me. I live in Alaska so I hope there is someone up here to help.

  880. sirhc

    Hi is any one out ther

  881. mythic

    Hi all once again,
    I posted a couple of weeks ago about trying to find out if any other wolves are having trouble shifting in or around the RI area. Also, I am trying to find out what is going on, since covens and packs seem to be suddenly dropping off the radar. Is there something astral going on, a widespread attack? I would like to know if anyone has any info on this. I’m reachable through chatango, my username is mythicwolf and I do check back here periodically and read the posts. So, if you have any info, please let me know what is going on. Thanks and have a good day/evening.

  882. sirhc

    i know that a few are helping the revlushen go to i am a humanminer suporter

  883. mythic

    i tried to access that site and got no where, says it doesnt exist. Is the ending supposed to have two period?

  884. sirhc

    No if you look there the otere coments you will see a noter link. Ps it worked for me

  885. mythic

    idk what else to do then. I copied the website link as you have it listed above and it gives me this site called Webs, and it says, “sorry this page was not found” and then the rest of the page is just advertisements to create your own webpage. I do not see any other links.

  886. sirhc

    Are you a werewolf? If you are can you tell me what is like. How you became one. And is it hard to be in sosiody

  887. mythic

    Ahh.. I am not so sure I should be answering those questions. I am still trying to figure out what I am, so I rather not claim to be anything until I know for sure. Right now my ultimate goal is to figure out what is going on and to let my other friends know what we are dealing with in our area if there is something going on, on a worldwide or local scale. I’m sorry I cannot answer those questions, maybe someone else on the site will be willing to.

  888. sirhc

    I am shorry idont know what for u to do it worked for me

  889. sirhc

    If you whant me to I can read and right dowen what the site sead and email you it if you whant

  890. sirhc