This website will serve to showcase your love for werewolves!

By submitting pieces of art or any other works each submitter and visitor agrees to the terms stated in the “Terms of Submissions” (or posting policy) we reserve the right to change or update our terms and conditions with or without notice:

Briefly: Keep all of your posting guidelines to a “PG-13” discretion. Keep pictures or visual art to a 190×100 size, keep the file size reasonable, or small enough to submit. Keep written works to no longer than a 300 word count. If you want direct credit for your piece you must say so; sign your art or provide us with your name, nickname, handle, alias, werewolf name, or any name you want provided with the work. You must clearly state you want credit for your piece and provide us with the information.
Be sure all works are original! Do not violate copyright laws!

Terms of Submissions:

Werecon.org may or may not accept your submission, or may or may not include your submission on the Werecon.org website. Werecon.org reserves the right to accept, reject, or discontinue any use of any work submitted.

Some guidelines for submissions:

  • Do not use any works that are not yours. Each user will be held responsible and liable for any material submitted and or posted on the werecon.org website, if the work is not yours you will violate copyright laws. Each user agrees that they will not violate any copyright laws and will submit original works.
  • Submit werewolf related material.
  • Keep your works to a “PG-13” guideline, we reserve the right to not accept anything that will not be suitable for the general public to view.
  • Keep any pictures, or other visual pieces of art to a 190×100 size maximum. Please keep the file size within a reasonable size. We are not responsible or liable if we do not receive any works because of file size or for any other reason.
  • Written works should not be any longer than 300 words in the word count.
  • If you want credit for your work please let us know. Give us your name, nickname, handle, alias, werewolf name, or whatever name you want to have credited for the work. If you want credit please specifically give us the correct person (which must be the submitter) to credit for the work.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the size of any works we either need to minimize or maximize, but we will do our best to always show “complete” works submitted to us, meaning we will try not to show partial pieces of art without managing to reveal the rest.

You must be the author of any written works, pictures, videos, or any type of art or “non art” you submit here. Do not submit “works” that are not yours, submitting works that are not owned by the person submitting them violates copyright laws.

NO offensive, pornographic, erotic, or any other works that we deem unsuitable for a “PG-13” website will be accepted.
If you are submitting a type of work, please be sure you are considerate to all visitors of your piece of work as to not to offend anyone.

We are not liable for any lost works that you submit to us. If you submit a piece of work to Werecon.org consider it to be a part of the werecon website and not returns will be given. So save your work, because once you submit it we will not be liable if it gets lost.

By submitting any works to werecon.org in any form or fashion, by any means of communication, whether by email or using the submission form Werecon.org shall have the unrestricted right to use the material on it’s website. Any submission (piece of work) a submitter ( any person, werewolf, human being, or life form) makes to werecon.org can and will be used in any manner that werecon.org deems necessary for it’s website and the submitter agrees that werecon.org will have this unrestricted right. However each artist or “submitter” we be given full credit for his or her work at their discretion. Credit will be given by means of name, nickname, handle, or alias if requested
Werecon.org provides no warranty to either the submitter or the visitor of the website. In no manner does werecon.org offer any type of warranty of use, of inaccuracies, errors, reliability of the website or works on the website.
Werecon.org shall not be held liable under any circumstance for any direct, indirect, consequential, or other factors that may arise from a submitter submitting their work or for any visitor visiting the website. Werecon.org will not be liable for any other outside consequences and each user agrees that under no circumstance will werecon.org be held liable to any visitor or submitter for any amount.