Werewolf Pack of the Middle Atlantic


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  1. Diane

    Assuming I am not working, I will attend.

  2. Reneey

    Are you going to be in Philadelphia, PA?

  3. Megan

    I’m new to this. I’m young and have never been in a pack. I wish to join one. I live in MD. Can anyone help?

  4. Diamante

    Where exactly is it located?

  5. It’s located online apparently and where’s the so-called link to actually join the website. I click on the ‘join the community’ banner and nothing comes up but a blank gray page.

  6. Teen Wolf Fan

    I’m new at this but is any one going to be in New York City,NY?

  7. monsterhunter

    I will hunt all you werewolves down and the fvza will return

  8. monsterhunter

    i hunt all werewolves, vampires, and zombies

  9. monsterhunter

    I am the first to return of the fvza

  10. woodwosewolf

    Monster hunter watch your back! Because we are already watching YOU!!!

  11. craclenspile

    i am from werwolf clan of the midwest my username of the south is mrswerewolf i challenge you

  12. Halfmoon(new name for darkshifter)

    I think that nobody will come back her sssoooo Im taking over of this clan. I am now pack leader of this clan! And for now on this pack belongs to the south.

  13. nick

    i have never been in a pack but i would like to join one i live in maryland i need help from a powerful pack or a pack of 9 or more help me!!!!!!!!!

  14. william

    ive never been in a pack and i live in wilmington delaware so i was hoping to find one near me. is there a possible location?

  15. This region sucks ball come join south pack

  16. Wolfinken D

    Well greeting from me to all were’s and non were’s from Pennsylvania,PA. I just recently joined this site to see if anyone where im at can maybe let me join there pack if possible to learn somethings. I’m just a wandering person looking to meet new people or were’s.

  17. akua-keith of the shadows

    are there any packs on long island ny? i need a pack who can be my family and allies

  18. Vixxeta

    hi, i need a strong pack to help me learn to p-shift, one in maryland will work, please, if anyone is willing to lend a paw.

  19. Wolf Moon

    If I can get a ride… I might be able to make it.

  20. Wolf Moon

    Any packs around Coudersport, PA. Looking for a place to belong, hard to be different in this town alone.

  21. Nikki

    i know this is silly and im sure you all hear this alot….anyone willing to possibly fullfill a life long dream (and i do mean WHOLE life)

  22. William

    Hey guys I’m looking for any werewolves that can physically shift or actual werewolf blood I live in atl georgia I dont want no fakes so if your 100% sure email me at wdthomas.washington@gmail.com

  23. Brittany

    I hope you all find what your looking for. Never give up. Continue the search and one special day i promise you will find it.<3 Make sure its right. Make sure its what you want. And if it is… Go for it.<3

  24. moonlight624

    Looking for older, experienced Weres. I’m hoping to find some of my former Packmembers. I would like to re-establish communication with those who feel the same .

  25. Ariel

    I’m a Wiccan that has always had the ability to work better with animals , especially wolves, over humans. I would like someone who knows how to physical change teach me or give me pointers. I’ve tried so many things but i get as far as the mental and that is it. I would love the physical change so I can actually become part of my family. Yes the wolves are my family they are awesome.

  26. Matt Wilson

    After years upon years of torment and anguish to our kind, the belittlement of our species has always been the first prerogative of man. Now it is fought with digital words, instead of your swords and bullets. It was mine own choice to become an Alpha, and it was with great anguish and at the loss of most of my friends as I distanced myself from them… Only to have my one and only great achievement of a successful ritual ripped from my hands by ignorant children playing foolish fucking games. I will come forth and render the throats of all you who play in the guise of the wolf. Because the wolves of Oregon do not play games, children.

  27. Brittany

    Hey im from oregon but I movd to south carolina last june :.(

  28. Megan

    Hello fellow wolves! I am a newly resurrected wolf. I am a leader but since I am new I need advice and pack members. If you’re an Alpha and can share your wisdom I welcome it and if you’re a true wolf or even Wiccan who is searching to join a pack then email me at Meganpres93@hotmail.com.

  29. Megan

    *Also, I live in Maryland. The closer you are, the better!

  30. ladywolf

    I need advice or help! I’m no werewolf but I have become aware of something inside of me. I recently bared my teeth and actually snarled at a woman who tried to touch my son. I’ve always dreamt of wolves as guides and recently have been awakening to howls…am I projecting or is there more to what’s happening to me!? I need advice from someone who claims to be an alpha…I suspect I’m m-shifting. WTH!!??

  31. jeff

    nikki what do u mean fullfill your life long dream

  32. Drowned

    Anyone on? I know I’m not from here, but I’d like to chat.

  33. Born Wild

    Ookami have you joined a pack yet

  34. ookami tenma

    nah im searching

  35. dayday_senpai

    can someone infect me i wanna be a werewolf

  36. Truth47

    It’s not a desease.

  37. Werewolf

    Hey I know a lot about being a were, and I would like to help newbies with whats happening I am in MD and I would like to start a pack to help others learn about whats going on.

  38. I new joint your pack and I would like to get to know you better please reply :-) – yours truly Lego ninjago/masters of spinjituz

  39. I’m looking to compose a list of packs. If you would like your pack to be a part of this list, please go to http://werecon.org/werewolves/pg/profile/dsnake1
    and send me a message including your pack’s name, location, size, and views on recruitment.

  40. ricky washington


  41. Scruffy

    those of you in MD what part if it are you in? i may be able to help with your pack issue and i can help with any questions you have. email me at luna.c.azure@gmail.com

  42. Scruffy

    o and “halfmoon” get out of here, i read your comments on the south pack and we don’t need someone who is going to accuse others of being fakes.

  43. Paw

    how do u join this pack? im entirely lost on this

  44. Beastofbrayroad

    I’m lost too how do you join

  45. lycan86

    i am not new to the animal side by any means but would like an awakening of the real wolf inside me i know hes in there ive felt him i am an omega by choice but am looking to trust in a pack i need a family outside my own come brothers and sisters behold your new warrior

  46. Kristina

    I am moving to New York and am looking for a pack who will change me and allow me to join. I can bring much to the pack. Please email me at ziggy3385@gmail.com.

  47. Korra

    Does anyone know how to become a werewolf cause I have wanted this forever!? Email me at texastoastiscool2121@hotmail.com

  48. Tony

    Hey, I’m an omega by choice but I’m starting to get tired of the loneliness and I think the only thing that can fix it is a pack. Any Alphas willing to take a chance on an omega and let me into their pack? I live in DC.


  49. Omega21

    Can someone help me? Im new at this and i have a feeling I’m a werewolf but idk for 100% sure. Anyway of knowing. I haven’t shape shifted that i can remember but I get stronger and faster when I’m mad and sometimes on a full moon

  50. James Howlett

    hi im not a werewolf … i love wolves and i just want to learn more about these amazing creatures …. and maybe possibly become one


    Hi I’m a lone were any one wanna chill or talk I live in bowmanstown PA boring town nothin to do I wanna talk email me



  53. baily

    i wanna join the pack sooooo bad. i would do anything to become a werewolf. my friends are makeing fun of me saying werewolfs arent real so i want to prove that they are real. i just wanna prove something here. i wanna join sooooo bad.

  54. BerthaLovesWolfs

    hey.i complety love werewolves and vampires.i wouldnt mind become one.but i really want to show my friends that they are real.becuse they keep saying there not.and i just want to be right on this subject.becuse i really love vamps and were.email me at **edited**

  55. BerthaLovesWolfs

    if your fake.GET A FREAKING LIFE!

    and just heads up.this is a mood swing.so any rude comment from me.is from my mood swings.

  56. UnknowN

    i have a pack of my own. but we need members im really young and fasinated by werewolves, if anyone can help me be a real werewolf i’ll will let u join anymore info go on my email, or bbm **edited** please help thanks one day we will show everyone we are real werewolf^ revolution^

  57. Amber

    Hey I’m from Pennsylvania. Anyone that lives around there should give me a shout at **edited**

  58. I

    I really want to become a werewolf because 1 my life sucks and 2 I have all these wolf like features **edited**

  59. I

    For everyone that says that being human rocks it does not it is a terrible life.*my own experience.

  60. julia

    anyone in virgina? could use some hunters. and some help.

  61. Ginny

    Though I was the only one on this one. Any werewolves in DE want to talk? Let me know and I will be glad to talk on here cant really get away from family because they are up my backside and i am tired of living my life. I would love to have a new family to learn from and may others as well.

  62. Shadowdragon

    Anyone have a pack?

  63. Alphamoon

    Hey shadowdragon I have an open spot email me at wolfgangwerewolf_525@outlook.com

  64. Welton Barnes

    Hey… any Werewolves in the DMV area?

  65. Ginny

    Welton Barnes witch DMV in witch state?

  66. Howler

    I wish not to be werewolf, but a simple wolf. Is this Ok?

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