Werewolf Pack of the Midwest

Voting on pack leader coming closer to werecon dates.


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  1. Very awesome. Hopefully there will be many more followers by November.

  2. My first pack so plz make me feel welcome. I love moonlight, it’s pretty. (i know very random but it’s true.) I want to make friends but im very shy so plz introduce yourselves.

  3. Is anyone on here a real werewolf? I know dumb question (kinda) but i want to know. I have met someone who was a wiccan on a website like this so please tell me. ^.^ i loooooove cookies!

  4. Saegin Blight

    I’m not an actual shifter (I don’t think), but I am a therianthrope. Therefore, I would like to think that I am, in a way. I’m currently trying to find a local werewolf to do the job. :)

    I can still join, right? I’ve given up on human packs.

  5. Fang lycan

    Im a REAL LIFE werewolf,not a faker like so many online liars,my,i need people to talk 2 me who r true werewolves,i need some people who understand me

  6. DarkWing

    Hello everyone. Fang Lycan, we know eachother. Saegin Blight, I am not a shifter eiher. Livana, not a dumb question. If anyone on here (besides Fang Lycan) is a true wolf, please contact me.

  7. Shelby

    im a true wolf

  8. Hi, I’m amy.

    I am 11 years old.

    I am a full blooded wolf i was born a wolf and my father is a wolf.

    I live in wisconsin.

    I have shifted before.


  9. Kam#22

    I am human and I would like to become a werewolf, for those true werewolves: how does it feel?
    and are there any werewolves in MN who are willing to turn me and/or help me reilize if I am one. How do you know?
    Just asking!

  10. Is there a true werewolf near the indiana michigan state line willing to change me im a therianthrope but i want to be a werewolf contact me a morbid69@comcast.net please contact me i have so many questions that no one else can answer

  11. Kam#22

    So is anyone ot there near or in Hennipen County. I would really like to be turned this summer. Here’s my E-mail, so REAL werewolves please contact me at kamilah@uegrotech.com

    No roleplayers!!

  12. CC

    Are there any were’s out here in MN?

    Thanx’s a whole lot!

    P.S- Hey amy, do you live close to the MN border, I really need a were friend. Oh, i’m 12.

  13. jakar

    i am a real were

  14. werepyre kingknight

    i wondered im in endicott nebraska, im a wolfling,not a werewolf but close, i want to be bitten by a werewolf,contactme at zebrempel@hotmail.com

  15. Blackwolfhell

    Well, not a true werewolf, but some werewolves let me draw them. It’s fun actually. I prefer not to be turned until maybe I’m out of high school. Technically, I’m associated with the grey claw pack in the wisconsin valley

  16. Goldie

    I’m a non-Lyc, that lives in Illinois,and about an hours drive out from Wisconsin. I was wondering if there are any wolves that run in Algonquin, cuz as of recent weeks, i’ve been hearing someone run a jump on my lower roof from a dead run. i know it’s no one i know cuz they can’t move that fast.

  17. Suicidie

    I am a human(sorry if u werewolves are getting annoyed with us showing up). I have been searching for a werewolf near me(Grand Haven,MI). I really want to become a werewolf…i always have.. i have always believed in were’s…so..if there is anyone willing to take the time to turn me..it would be much apreciated..please contact me at myerslamber@hotmail.com -Thank you so mcuh

  18. ronald Duncan

    i am ronald duncan im 18 i wish to becom a werewol anyone who lives in or around oakgrove missouri and is willing to turn me please i really wish for this i have since i was a kid

  19. gauge

    hi i think im a werewolf but im not sure because i can never remember.
    as far as i no i have never shifted but i have woken up bloody and in torn clothing but with no cuts on myself what so ever. i always have woken up close to my house but out of sight. if there are any for sure were’s out there then please drop me a line at soulcyphiner@yahoo.com if your willing to help me then please email me and we will talk

  20. Anson

    hi how do you join a pack?

  21. Lycan What?


  22. misery

    hey, anyone legit and live in missouri. Hit me up, lets have a snow day. itl be like where the fuckin wild things are… steffens_85@hotmail.com

  23. wolfman

    hello i am looking for a pack near montcalm county MI i feel that i am a werewolf because on the nights of a full moon i dont feel tired but am energetic. i also get angry and when i get angry i feel stronger. i am a avid bow hunter and being outside makes me feel like i belong out there so if anyone is interested email me at hunt_4rmred56@hotmail.com

  24. Ardent Wolf

    hello my name is Ardent Wolf, recently a friend and I discovered that we were mental shifters and I was wondering if there is anyway for us to become physical shifters? I read on a website about a process of mentaly shifting and then through practice phlysicaly shifting, I was wondering if there was any truth behind that as well. As for humans i read it was impossible to shift and u had to be born a lycan can anyone help me out? my email is frozendragon201015@yahoo.com i would apreciate any help anyone can offer on my questions, thank you
    -Ardent Wolf

  25. How do i know when and where meetings will take place????

  26. With so many interested people, I think I’ve found a good hub to share. I do not in any way intend to draw focus away from this site when I introduce my own, but it’s just must simpler to ask people to read what I have to say there than posting it on every other related website. I have a small community starting on extrien.webs.com and hope to soon have a survey up to help people if they are still unsure about themselves. I will be contacting everyone who has asked to speak to a real “werewolf.” I call myself a Lycan, I do not transform, but I am definitely the person who those questioning are looking for.

  27. lonelywolf

    i’m in ohio and wouldnt mind meeting real werewolves in rl
    i’m also on yim as bhall_88

  28. is there any one in spruce pine north carolina that could actully turn me into a were wolf or give me ways to be a were wolf

  29. Billy

    hi i just want to say that i want to become a real warewolf that can change my physical outlook like a wolf..please contact me billycasio@ymail.com

    I beg you…..make me a beast!!! a warewolf so that i can protect my loveones..

  30. jokerzchaostheory

    i’m calling to all blooded and daring you to come find me.Humanity is boring….find me and make me part of the pack. You never met a m*therf*cker like me. Heres a nice starting point……jokerzchaostheory@comcast.net

  31. silverclaw

    Hi! I’m dying to become a werewolf! Can someone bite me? I live in Illinois. Email me at wolfclaw4@gmail.com. Thanx

  32. lycanicgorosic

    im from the werewolf clan of the south and us werewoves would like to challenge you if you arnt afraid.

  33. lycanicgorosic

    ps. my werewolf clan of the south name is innerwolf8

  34. innerwolf8

    hey lycanic dude, u son of a bitch[lol female dog] stop posing as me & i do think your werewolf pack is weak. also for those of u that havve questions check me out at the southern pack. i can mental-shift,sense-shift,wild-shift,etc. gauge u especaily contact me because i think i can help u.

  35. Seana

    I’m a werewolf, yes, but it’s quite difficult to explain. Feel free to ask me questions if you so desire.

    Take care!


  36. felupey

    hey I’m a therianthrope. I’m trying to find a werewolf that is close to Wabash county I.N to change me/if u can help i would be very thankful

  37. this pack sucks im going bac to hte south clan

  38. eh are you ever comimg back to south we need a pack leader

  39. Celenia

    gave this e-mail addy cause my yahoo one is messed up but i am a human women 30 years old.I love lycans have loved them for a few years now.Thing is i have never seen a real werewolves so if one of u can show urselves to me it would help with my semi unbelief.If ya,ll are the real deal i want to be turned into a lycan.I believe in family.loyality.protecting loved ones and friends.One thing when bitten please try to bite so fast that pain doesnt register til afte the bite is given and that person be female just a small favor i ask of anyone who is sent to change me.

  40. Lamont Laffayette

    alright destroy this sight b4 i hack and destroy it myself 2 weeks. ya’ll are all bull sh*t. if u think ur real come to san angelo tx and challenge the lamont family to a fight we’ll gladly kill all of you fuckin posers. you faggots sicken me and my father. all ya’ll are is mutts half breeds and posers. if u want to prove it head into town ill smell you mutts a mile away. Lycan’s dont take to kindly to ya’ll “Innerwolf8” ur the biggest most obvious fucking poser if ive ever seen 1. ur lil south pack/clan bull sh*t should be terminated 4 ur safety. now theres alovely harvest moon and my family is waiting. goodbye mutts.

  41. Jazz

    I am looking for a pack in the Chicago-land area. Anything around there?

  42. im a real werewolf also theres more than just werewolves just so you know this comment was an answer to livanas comment

  43. Anson

    when is there ever going to be a meeting in Ohio near boardman because i want to go to one as i am the only werewolf i have met.

  44. Anson

    i was reading through the posts and humans like Lamont Laffayette are the reason we were’s have to hide people like him endanger the whole were population who does he think he is, sorry i guess im just a little worked up because my school is just letting us out for summer and the next fool moon.

  45. Anson

    hello lonelywolf i am also a lonely wolf if you would like i can meet you on one of my sites even though i live in ohio you know boardman one of my sites is http://www.nativereligion.webs.com join my site when you do i will answer any questions you dave about our kind!

  46. Anson

    sorry for taking all the board up but this is for the humans please quit asking us to bite you guys it is very insulting do you think i go around all day with a little notepad checking off people i am going to change next? if you think for one second i am going to gorge on any ones human flesh just to turn you you are wrong the only person i would even consider turning would be my best friend so just quit an go ask other werewolves to bite you.

  47. anson i no that it sickens you but us humans whant this so do not be a basterd and shun us who want this it. also people us all these fucked up ways that dont work so they ask u

  48. Damian Timide

    any fellow wolves in Indiana i would like to start or join a pack

  49. Anson

    Mark4477 why do you and your humans want to be werewolves? Do you think it is easy to try and resist so many things and being so very alone in the world with little to no one to spend your life with because they might leave you just because your different you think i have a happy life? I want to be loved but i cant… There is this deep hole in me that will almost for certain will never be filled, and you humans think this is the easy way… *SNIFFLE SNIFFLE*

  50. look anson sorry but us who whant to become werewolfs are lonly and theirs plentey of chick werewolfs who would be with u p.s lamont laffayette is a bitch

  51. Anson

    I guess some werewolves and humans can agree on some things like Lamont Laffayette being a jerk off. Hey Mark4477 could you make me understand in more depth of why you um… things uh you humans want to be like us i mean my manly were fur can be attractive. Besides that though!

  52. Anson

    oh yea my new site sorry for looking like some sort of advertiser but i am starting an online pack at http://www.wildmoonrun.webs.com/.

  53. hey anson just 2 let u know i will support your web site. no hard fealing and i’ll get back 2 u later

  54. Anson

    thank you, for supporting my site. I still want to know what is so special about us though. I guess you are kinda cool mark4477… oh well.

  55. Anson

    Alpha is a genius! check out his site it is a must! or go to my site and click on the link to his ;)

  56. szayel

    no i shall never return to the south!!! no,jk u no me better than that of course ill return ^-^

  57. Anson

    Hello brothers, how have all my werewolf kin been doing lately?

  58. EYEamaWerewolf

    im looking for a pack in columbia missouri

  59. Anson

    I love being a were wolf yet… I also hate it. The moon is our master then our alpha is second in command. Our wives provide us with pups that we then can continue the lyrocan tradition going!

  60. no one is ur master but always keep in mind ”that the lord is my sheeperd and he is my comfert as i walk thru the shadow of da valley of death”

  61. Anson

    mark4477 what is this “lord” of yours and what does he do? is he a ruler and is he nice to werewolves?

  62. Bowflex

    yo Jazz. i live in Naperville, where in illinoie do you live?

  63. well i hav know idea who is the lord 4 all i no the lord could be a gient man made out of choclate also i no he will save people dering the end of da world. and he probley is nice cuz i read a werewolf folklure about a band of werewolfs who went down 2 hell killed a shit load of demons came back and god gave them a high place in heven

  64. WiccaSea

    i am witch talk with spirt beast this very nice web page

  65. matt

    also any info about the grey claw packoraway to contact the alpha would be nice sendinfo t my email please.. 1fast2liter@yahoo.com

  66. matt

    not a single real were has contacted me.. so i guess everybody on here are just posers….

  67. Marlon

    Hi I was wondering are there any werewolves in Minnesota who would be willing to teach me how to shift or turn me if shifting for me isn’t possible marlon.fresco@gmail.com

  68. going 2 start 2 meditating 2marow 2 become werewolf wish me luck



  70. Era

    I am a wolf shifter, aka werewolf, and I just fully shifted for the first time last night. I would love to know if there are any packs close to southwestern iowa that would care to take me in.

  71. kyle

    hey anson i seen what you said what so special about weres actully you are special you weres it is a blessing what you guys havei mean every thing has its down sides but look thear are two sides of you and only one of mine so thats why i want t be one and your not lonly you always hae your pack

  72. lone-wolf

    i am a human looking to associate with a wolf pack near forest lake MN i”ve been trying to find a pack around here for a while now. i am willing to do anything i can for the pack i have wolf mentality. one little note i am 13 but i can be very mature when needed but i am also playful so im not going to be always serious. if you are a pack member near here please don’t ignore this because of my age.

  73. kyle

    hey lone wolf maybe we can help each other i live in piercton indieana and i think i may be see if any packs will take you ok so let me know if thats ok and im human and 13 and im looking for the same thing but im also looking to be turned

  74. kyle

    lone wolf i found sombody but its not for sure

  75. lone-wolf

    ok e-mail me what its about maybe it will work out

  76. Emily

    I’m sure I’m half werewolf, because my Hearing,and smell are extremly hightened to the point i can hear a converstaion outside, and smell someone from accrossed the room. want to be a full were if possible, If any one is near (Muncie, IN) look me up. Any questions, ask away.

  77. kyle

    lone wolf sorry i did not email you my email has crashed so i can only talk on hear but if your co leader try to find commen grownd and ask the leader if can assigne ranks to the members based on thear talants

  78. kyle

    and i need help with meditating any one got advice

  79. Ky

    find some kind of white noise that u can pace your breathing to once u find your breathing pattern count to seven while breathing in hold for a count of seven then release to a count of seven then repeat.

  80. Mariah

    1 and 1/2 hours….Mitchell County

  81. k3

    is anyone willing to make me a werewolf im 11

  82. Fallen

    It is the digital age and many of the old bloods are using the internet to find others out there

  83. Aven001

    Ello… if there is any true werewolves reading this, I have a question. I, myself am not a wolf but I do Astral Project from time to time and that’s why I’m here. Anyways, last night I meet a group of ppl that tried to tell me I was a wolf, but to join their clan, after a ceremony I had to have their clans tongue tattoo? I was wondering if anyone knew what that was about or if they were just pulling my leg? IDK


  84. Wolfpaw999

    hey my name is Wolfpaw999 and ive been looking into joining a pack. if you guys would like to accept me i would be very glad.

  85. wolfpaw999

    does anyone know how to delete your werewcon.org account? im gonna make a new one

  86. ferret129

    hi im a metal shifter werewolf and wonder is there any packs in iowa (town cedar rapids)

  87. ferret129

    and im 9

  88. Lizzy

    can someone help me find a pack near columbus indiana? and help me become a werewolf? I’ll do anything you ask me to do just to become a werewolf.

  89. Interested

    is this legit? can you actually shift, or what happens? I knwo you might be sick of this question, but this is something that fasinates me. All my life, ive wanted to believe, but as you get older, the lack of any scientific proof or even a logical way a human could ever shift becomes hard to argue with. I dont want to pry, or insult anyone, but, this is incredable. good luck with the pack, im not a were, but i wish i could form my own pack, even with us normal humans, im rather an outcast, with only two real close freinds, but their often as busy as me, so i see them is few and often far between, but i guess thats all i need. Might be due to me still believing a human can shift and other stupid beliefs.

  90. True Born Midnight

    Hello luna, are you a true born or a changed. If you are a mortal, i shall answer questions but i an seeking for people that will help in the war. The leeches are gathering my brotheren. The time is near. I give the call. Who shall ANSWER.

  91. Anonymous

    Hey i am one too but its more like a disease

  92. jordan

    sorry just testing anyway i gone be werewolf and is finding a pack help me out

  93. lycan man974

    changed tag from jordan to this tag

  94. Katelyn

    Hi I am 13 years old and i am not a werewolf
    I am a week human and I need a male werewolf
    To be with me I live a sad life pleas someone
    Be with me I am very pretty

  95. Katelyn

    If you wont to contact me give me your phone number

  96. Soulbringer

    I am curious at this point. I live in Sullivan, IN. Several times I thought I had seen lycanthropes, but was never sure. Can any of you prove that you are what you claim? I find this very interesting.

  97. lycan man974

    bite mmmmeeeeeeeeeee pppllllllzzzzzzzz

  98. szayel

    hey i tried emailing u, what happened?

  99. imawerewolf

    look if anyone is out there im a werewolf but cant controll it can anyone thats a were wolf the neibor girl and her brother have gone missing and i woke up next to the bodies PLEASE HELP

  100. imawerewolf

    i didnt meen to hirt them please help

  101. imawerewolf

    if anyone can help please do

  102. imawerewolf

    im ganna check this website everyday

  103. imawerewolf

    the wolven part is controlling itself please help

  104. Arsenul

    Any Werewolf’s that are shifters in Michigan then please message Arsenul RLSH on facebook.

  105. Hanna

    Hey. My name is Hanna. I am from ohio. I think that i might be a werewolf. Like now i can hear a voice like my wolf is trying to tell me something. Never shifted.

  106. Anson

    Hanna it is very possible. And I have been doing some reasearch into lycanthropy due to facts,lycans don’t start to shift until they are in their mid to late teens. Reply if you like I have physically changed. And I am17 years old… Wow I feel so old…

  107. Imawerewolf just let the wolf part of you take more control throughout the day. This should make it calmer during night.

  108. Interested I am on an answering spree! Well to be considered a lycan and/or a werewolf you have to have the physical ability to shift in to a wolf. The question has pondered the Homo sapian society for decades. The one simple and truthful answer I can give you on this topic is devolution. Devolution is the prosess by which you de-volve to the lower form before you became a human. Now some think we have evolved from apes I find this extremealy hard to believe especially since they are saying that pigs are more closealy related to us. The government is corrupt. They could say that some new science expiriment concludes that the earth is square and most of the world would believe them with all their heart. That is besides the point. Devolution it the reason that there are werewolves. Now not all can have this wonderful gift as DNA strands change due to mutations. I also believe that through were saliva you can become a werewolf problem is we don’t bite people unless they happen to piss us of, well that is the way I am anyway. Trust me you don’t want to piss a were off… The only thing you would change in to is six feet under! Well I hope you found this helpful and all others are welcome to ask or comment. (just don’t say any thing about my spelling hehe).

  109. imawerewolf

    thank you anson thank you so much if you can give me more tips to please

  110. imawerewolf

    i am a little scared of myself right now so thanks

  111. RunsByMoonlight

    Well, I live in Ohio. Are there any nearby packs?

  112. Katelyn

    Hey true born midnight it’s katelyn were do you live
    And just to let you know I have to have your phone number
    To contact you because I’m not allowed to talk with someone
    I don’t know so I am doing all this on my iPod touch and it does
    Not work good so pleas give me your number !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ps I felt so much beter when you Said that we could talk I know your a
    Good friend.

  113. Katelyn

    True born midnight I live in fort Wayne Indiana
    In southwest Allen cownty my street is creek
    Bed place my house is the blue one at the end
    Of the street pleas come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Anson

    Imawerewolf be brave the wolf in you needs to come out. If you cage the beast eventualy he will start to get angry and slightly pissed off. Being a lycan is a gift don’t abuse it. If you have any questions reply back. I probaly have been through it at one time or another…

  115. imawerewolf

    ok thanks for the tip again i was a little scared because i was blacking out when in other form for a bit and well the next door neibors kids have went missing like i said befor and well didnt turn out well but im going to try to controll it better if you could more tips would be nice to

  116. Anson

    Ask any questions please at least you respond! And I love to answer questions.

  117. Anson

    Katelyn be careful what you wish for… You don’t know what it is like being a werewolf… It is hard and not easy to even hold a relation with one. I think I speak for most when I say that we do not like to transform infrount of humans it tends toake us feel like freeks. If you have any thing to say respond back.

  118. Anson

    Toake in the above is susspose to be to make.

  119. Katelyn

    But your not freeks you are spechel

  120. szayel

    no offense anyone… but WTF OMG what is up with all the spelling mistakes, its driving me crazy!

  121. Anson

    Szayel spelling is not my strong suit sorry…
    Katelyn if it’s what you want is go for it by all means but check up on our spicies first or ask me I know first hand… Just be careful…

  122. Katelyn

    Ok thanks for the help

  123. imawerewolf

    i met a scum bag vamp and he attacked me i wanna know why

  124. Anson

    I learned there had been a bloody war between the two. i thought that was stupid. i remember thinking that two such powerful creatures could rule the world if they worked together. that idea stuck with me. maybe the two races had woked together, and did rule. the two could easily take down anything that stood in their way, and protected humans from the less passonate creatures (such as demons). i guess the appearence of humans represented a purity, and innocence that they sought in themselves.
    but what could turn such a powerful relationship into a bloody hatred that lasted mellinia? Fatal Bloodspill, murder. no one on either side would have dared jepordize such a great relationship, and start that war. so i chose the obvious solution. neither side did. it was the humans.
    the two would never let such innocent creatures destroy themelves, that ment no advanced tech development(like the bike, or electricity). humans couldn’t take it, so a group of them got together, and staged murders on both sides, and framed the other side. this sparked the war, and they watched as both races pushed each other to the brink of extiction.
    i have reson to beleive that toward the end, both races realized what had happened, and that they had been tricked. they had two choices; either join forces again, and rebuild their empire, or flee and hide. i beleive the vampires were too proud to realized their salvation, so both races fled all over the world. those who survived bred with caring, and sympathetic humans. that is why the traits like black/brown/red hair, and black/brown eyes exist.

    then, the icing on the cake. if this is true, then why isn’t there a record of this somwhere? maybe there is, maybe there isn’t, but i beleive the humans could still feel guilty for what they had done. they didn’t want to admit what they had done though, so they destroyed the evidence of our existence, except what they needed to write us off as monsters. they remembered us through the demonic wive’s tales told to the childeren, who beleived their parents because their parents were supposed to be honest with them. naturaly these tales gave birth to the Slayers. humans who think they have a prayer of a chance against a Night Stalker.”
     those are my veiws on it. i mean, it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it. and whose to say that if this is true, that there aren’t more creatures than Vampires, and Lycan; and that the old alliance can’t be rebuilt now?

    My good friend silver blade told me this.
    The reason that you got attacked was because it was the end result of humans.

  125. Also click on my name above to get a link to my social form for werewolves!!! I am usually on at 4:00

  126. imawerewolf

    i knew humans had something against us but holy crap

  127. imawerewolf

    just asking are there like rule for us like no turning people and no dateing the humans im just wunderin i want to know the basic rules

  128. There are some rules yes, but the origional code is locked incide the Vatican.

  129. imawerewolf

    do you know any of the rules?

  130. Any one thathas any questions about anything email me and I promice you on my dogs life that I will get back to you!!!

  131. Katelyn

    Anson a vampire came over to my
    House and almost killed me

  132. Tracy

    Anson this is katelyn’s mom speaking she just
    Died a week a go a vampire came over and killed
    Her I thought you should know you were a big help
    To katelyn and our family but now katelyn’s little
    Sister is unsafe with out katrlyn she is always scared
    Pleas help!!!!!!!!

  133. True Born Midnight

    I’m off the grid for a few weeks and katelyn died. By the hands of a vampire. No, this will not stand with me. Anson, contact me. While you know little about the truth behind the vampire wolf war’s. Your knowlage is great. Please help me. Help your kind. Help the Wolfkin.

  134. Tracy

    Wate true born midnight we just found out
    That katelyn was kidnapped by the vanpier
    We don’t know if she is dead but we are trying
    To track them down but the scary thing is there
    Is blod all over her room.

  135. True Born Midnight

    Well i was thinking of taking her up on the offer of possiblely dating. Either way mam tell her little sister not to worry. I have eyes and ears everywhere. And if you can. Let the name midnight or collins be heard by one of the leech’s. They’ll know who i am.

  136. Tracy

    If she is alive you are really lucky she is vary spechell

  137. Katelyn

    Hey true born midnight it’s me katelyn I’m back
    The vampire that kidnaped me is dead are you ok
    When I read your coment you looked woread

  138. Well that was a odd thing that happened… First of all how did the vamp get your address? And seccond of all what kind of gruge does the vamp have with you girls??? Well, I don’t completely know if I can help on this issue maybe if you elaborate more… And the vamp most likely got into your house useing a bump key and/or lock picks… Maybe I just don’t understand your question… Have any more I will be on more oftin, I was just haveing some depression issues with my girl being gone and everything… But I am back baby… Sorry that was weird..

  139. True Born Midnight

    First i am glad that you are okay katelyn. Second, i sent you my number in an email. Text me

  140. I believe the “rabies” was the original thing that created vampires.

  141. Katelyn

    Anson it’s me katelyn I lied about the hole thing
    I’m so sorry I did this but now I’m in even
    Bigger trubel true born midnight might not
    Ever like me again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Katelyn

    Anson r we still friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Katelyn well dua, haha once a friend always a friend!!!

  144. Katelyn

    I have Ben e mailing you have you Ben getting them

  145. Katelyn

    Oh and hey true born midnight and I are finily
    Going out

  146. I have multiple to minimize IP tracking.

  147. Haha ok but I have to wait till Saturday because I need to get the darn thing turned back on…

  148. Katelyn

    True borne midnight why haven’t you texed
    Me ??

  149. Katelyn

    Anson will you go out with me true born
    Midnight just broke up with me

  150. Katelyn

    But me and true born midnight r still really good friends

  151. Katelyn

    Wate I don’t know for sher if he really did

  152. imawerewolf

    prob big prob do werewolfs have the same blood as human or no a dang vamp almost killed me and im a hospital

    and katlyn umn how old are you anson might be a little old for you
    just askin im worried about nurse takeing blood i feel releved cus she is a babe but my wolf is ticked off

  153. imawerewolf

    im in a HOSPITAL

  154. Katelyn

    If he is to old for me do you know any others
    That r close to my age

  155. Katelyn

    Hi I’m not a werewolf but I do live in fort wayine

  156. Katelyn

    So Anson will u go out with me

  157. Katelyn

    Hey Anson were r u I haven’t herd of u
    In like forever

  158. Katelyn

    Hey someone pleas help my friend has werewolf
    That keeps stalking her she is only 9 years old

  159. Katelyn

    Anson I miss u so much this other werewolf is being
    Mean to my friend and I miss u so much pleas text me

  160. Katelyn

    Never mind

  161. Katelyn

    Hey everyone I just oneted to say I’m sorry
    For all the lies I have told Anson if u r out there
    Pleas come back on this websit I don’t want
    U to leav it becous of me I will leave it buy everyone

  162. Max

    Does anyone know a pack I can joine

  163. Were222456789

    Yha u can come and joine my Pack but I live
    In ohio

  164. Killer

    Does anyone need a nother werewolf in there

  165. Killer

    Hey katelyn u r such a fuckin bich

  166. StarNight Wolf

    Any werewolves in wisconsin? :)

  167. Foster

    Alright someone please message me or contact me in some way I’m not entirely sure what i am ive heard a few things i gotta talk to someone and find some stuff out.


  168. Kate

    Hi people gess what my dad finilly cough a werewolf
    He hats my dad but I think the wolf is crushing on me

  169. Koda

    Anson no disrespect or anything but I’m a human. Do you think our lives are any better? You have no idea what we go through everyday do you? There’s no point on living as a human I know how you might be. Aggravated with us, but dang bro chill we all want to be lycan and sorry if it insults you guys but we don’t mean to insult at all we never even had that in mind. Again no disrespect. My email is *edited

  170. lone-wolf

    havent been on for about a year, im gonna stay a lone wolf, just a heads up, i started dateing a vamp chick, ya, pissed her off and now im screwed, my dad was a vamp, so i understand her situation, but now im in a hospital with a pencil in my leg, i think that the hate from both sides should stop, its ridiculous that i am almost murdered by my girlfriend, just because i am a wolf. well… turned wolf, my dad was a turned vamp, but i was turned wolf acouple years ago. but still screwed up…




    i am making a group of people to hunt you people down


    dude u dont even know me

  174. Szayel

    you should check your email, i sent a reply.

  175. Szayel

    also it doesnt matter if i “know” you, as long as you are a threat to me, my freinds, and my family i would find out every little bit of info about you and,anihliate you. sorry to say, but its you who doesnt know ME


    hey tard i replied

  177. silent][patient.

    Ive studied enough. trained enough.
    Im ready.
    Meet me.
    Test me.
    change me.
    Full Physical Transformation desired.

    19 years.
    6’2″ tall.
    Eyes of amber.
    Helena, Montana.

  178. silent][patient.

    Oh an anson..I know who you are. I know what you still hide, what you want. I know far more than I should. I strongly suggest you email me an your friends email me. I’m here finally.


    hey did you know you like penis

  180. Jake

    Hey guy do u think katelyn is pretty stuped
    Tring to get a werewolf to date her i think i
    Might trak her down and kill her just kiding
    Oh hey katelyn have fun geting a boy friend not

  181. madelyn

    i love being a werewolf it is awesome and my pack is awesome and my mate is awesome and i can not beileve that i am the alfa female and my mate is the alfa male

  182. Joey Miller

    i need help. i’m sick of being human. i’ll be 18 in a month. i want to escape from this life. someone turn me. please.

  183. The Broken

    For all you wolves out there do not give away your location, I sugest you be a little more secretive.There are much more dangerous Hunters than I. I’m not going to hunt you, unless you kill too many people. I will only do what is needed to be done, and I most of you lead good lives pleas dont mess it up…
    – The Broken

  184. The Broken

    -ps I do not enjoy kill ing wolves, I will actualy help you if you need it. Odds are you don’t trust me and I am fine with that. Like I sayed last time pleas don’t mess it up for yourselfs.

  185. derek

    i thought about killing vampires and werewolves awhile back when my friend was being stalked by a “vampire” as she claimed….. me and my best friend made a crazy idea to kill vamps+werewolves(mostly vamps) then to help us we researched them both and came to a conclusion ……..HUMANS SUCK AT FIGHTING BOTH!!! but it is easier to kill vampires and we thought being werewolves would make us much stronger so i got bitten and it does hurt like hell but im enjoying the freedom!!! and yes i like french toast!!!

  186. derek

    anson you seem to know the most here but are you still here? and yes i like french toast!!!

  187. derek

    hey anyone need a pack member in mercer county ohio im really fast and sneaky with great reflexes i have friends believing my ancestors were ninja masters. and yes i do like french toast!!!

  188. The Broken

    I dont realy like killing but I must do what need to be done. It’s not fun, I mean your not heartless Monsters hell-bent on killing every thing that moves. Your people with lives, emotion, family… It’s not exactly thriling…

  189. The Broken

    and I have considered by many people to be soul-less. I at least don’t randomly try to kill wolves.

  190. derek

    thank you for not killing werewolves with hearts the broken i can tell you have a heart as well. and yes i like french toast!!!

  191. derek

    my friend and i agreed to only kill hell bent vampires and werewolves(if they kill humans for fun or something like that)and yes i like french toast!!!

  192. Angel

    looking to join a pack and become a were wolf im a witch and i know at spirit i am a wolf

  193. The Broken

    Unfortunetly for me she considers me part of her “pack”, even thou we are the only two. So she drags me everywere literaly drags me… …at least shes very cheary.

  194. The Broken

    And thank-you Derek your one of the few people who have ever said that I have a heart.

  195. derek

    well you said you dont run around killing us because we are different you only kill to protect. and who is this she you speak of?? and yes i like french toast!!!

  196. The Broken

    “She” is my closest friend and hapens to be a werewolf.

  197. derek

    ok thank you for clearing that up. and yes i like french toast stop asking!!!

  198. The Broken

    Someone or something has reacently tried to run me over…
    …and were parshaly sucsesfull

    hElP mE

  199. Courtney

    if there is a true weres tht lives in ohio who are willing to trun me please contact me at http://www.jones553222@aol.com

  200. derek

    sorry to hear that the broken hope your going to be ok if not you will be avenged and they will know what pain is!!!!!

  201. derek

    i swear on my life i will hunt down whoever or whatever ran u over the broken i hope your o.k.

  202. Brandon

    If there is a wolf in NJ willing to turn a 14 year old please contact me at shadowfein@yahoo.com

  203. Shade

    What a pity, I would expect you to be more exited about one less hunter. The car didn’t kill him but he did “die of natural causes” ha ha. Well good luck derek, happy hunting.

  204. derek

    he was not a hunter he protected others from psyco weres and vamps and i know you did it shade and i can promise you i will tear you apart limb by limb then make you watch your guts being pulled out of your body p.s. i am everywhere but you never see me!!!! p.p.s. dont you ever say i would be happy if a good friend of mine died asshole!!!!! and that gives you a longer torture!!!!

  205. Shade

    Haha good I enjoy a challenge
    Maby you will come to understand that they play nice to get to you and then they kill you

  206. derek

    sorry shade really mad that day i know very little about huntes who knows you might have saved my life if you did thank you. no hard feelings?

  207. Shade

    And I’m shur he’s was your ” friend” I Know he was he was planing something I don’t know what but he’s NOT your friend

  208. Shade

    Hunters are not to be trusted
    I have only met one hunter that could be trusted
    His name is AJ Sanchez
    I do not know if he is alive or not

  209. Hey derek im coming to ohio next week im goin to be in the khalihari area

  210. k thanks for the tip shade

  211. k hope to see you around and thank you for the tip shade.

  212. wtf it posted first one?

  213. And derek can you plz bitt me and turn me into a werewolf plz i really wnt to become a werewolf my email is wlfsms03@gmail.com

  214. oh um probably not im not good at controlling the wolf part yet sorry wish i could help :( maybe some other time.anyway the full moon is coming up my first as a werewolf :)

  215. Oh but do you know anyone who can control ther wolf and tht wil turn me into a werewolfes tht will turn me i lnto a werewolf

  216. by the way i prayed to god (or whatever you might call him) to let me be a werewolf i promised i would protect the innocent and fight evil for it and next day bam cut mark down my whole chest no blood then i got some wierd disease or allergy (i have no allergies) my doctor says for 9 weeks exactly now i werewolf maybe it work for you?? sorry but either way its not instant

  217. If i pray to god idk if it might workI pray and i dnt wnt to do all the methods the m shift all the way to p shift it take 3 months so i jst wnt to be bitt or scrachd by a werewolf

  218. Hey derek when you prayed to god wat time was it morning or noon and did you pray in a church or no or at home and after you prayed did you go to sleep right after?

  219. derek

    right before i went to bed and but i dont think time matters god is always listening

  220. i did get a lot of random cuts and bruises during the disease/allergy shit but i didnt do anything to get them

  221. But how would such a great creature get into my house and was there any broken thngs in your house when it came

  222. i am lost in a place of my mind i may never find again everything seems weird why do we need thirteen kinds of milk why do we have junk food if it not good 3725 types of vehicles?? lol it all so stupid i dont know who i am anymore how could i like all this

  223. Are you serius your lost in your mind and what age do you have to be to be able to become a werewolf

  224. And derek if it dnt work wat else should i do to become a werewolf

  225. Have you ever killd a vampire also im going to pray to god to become a werewolf

  226. Does anyone here have braces and is a werewolf because i have braces and i dnt wnt thm to pop off when i transform and my mom would be pissd if i broke thm

  227. brooke

    Listen I have been wanting to become a werewolf for months and i just cant figure out how to become one i can be a good member for a pack just tell me how to become a werewolf please!

  228. Slave

    Are wolves going to enslave the human race, I mean you are the superior beings.

  229. Shade

    I feel that I should tell you I am technically human but with no heart and almost no emotion I do not fall into that section

  230. Hey brooke wat you have to do is get bitten/or scrached by a werewolf or the stupid way which is magic spells hope my advice helpd

  231. brooke

    well i know that i just cant find a werewolf to do it i live in central illinois not much happens here

  232. Me not becoming a werewolf sucks its all because i have brace and ill have to wait 1 or 2 years to become a werewolf

  233. no i 13 and have braces very confused what happens to them though good luck wolfroked

  234. I know but i only hVe top braces no bottom and should i jst become a werewolf shifter and derek do u have a facebook

  235. never killed a vamp i think but i think ive been in a fight one night i walked downstairs and looked for moon then blacked out find blood on me next morning not a lot but it was there and it was on my hand. wierd huh?

  236. Ya but do shifting into a werewolf work and if it does work should i do it?

  237. brooke

    Question any werewolves near bloomington, il just wondering want to get bitten.

  238. Wait brooke do you wnt to bite someone or get bitten

  239. brooke

    get bitten

  240. Here is a deal if my werewolf shifting succed thn ill bite u because i live and mi and i go to il all the time but if i bite you youll have to do something for me?

  241. brooke

    like what?

  242. Idk how bout i jst turn you into a werewolf

  243. brooke

    are u a shifter wolf or what?

  244. Ya a werewolf shifter

  245. brooke

    cool so when do u come up here exactly?

  246. 2 years lol jk ummm probly on august 10 well if my shift theropy works i start it tommorow and it takes 2 weeks to master mental shift thn it takes 5 days to physaclly shift thn 5 more days to learn how to obtain the great wolf

  247. brooke

    ok so it takes about a month and do u turn at a full moon or every night or what?

  248. Whenever and you know its not the wolf from twilight its a different type also how are you im 14

  249. I just got done mental shifting it worked it was so great thn i tried p shift but it was a fail but i still need m shift practacing

  250. Is anyone here a shifter if so does it actually work

  251. sounds good wolfroked and sorry no facebook the wolf part is hard to control good luck

  252. maybe i will try a mental shift once teach myself to control my p shift

  253. Derek have u ever transformed

  254. Hey derek or anybody ever seen the werewolf transformation video if u have can u tell wat happens

  255. brooke

    well wolfroked i am 15 and i am fine and idk the rules i was just asking and is derek a p shifter or what i am just confused

  256. No derek was scratched by a werewolf thn he had a disease/allergies for 9 weeks so ur fine huh

  257. I am retrying my m shift again this morning it didnt work

  258. derek

    i am a p shifter and again i say cant control wolf i also tried m shift and it worked but almost went into p shift i stopped it though didnt want to lose control never saw the video but it wont play

  259. I have a gooe trainer hes a alpha and been p shifted and m shifted for 5 years ive seen his video of his transformation it look cool and brooke do you have a facebook

  260. brooke

    yeah i have a facebook were is this video the only transformations i have seen were stupid movie ones

  261. Wats ur facebook name brooke and the transformation videos r at the top of the page next to terms

  262. brooke

    my facebook is Brooke Bartelmay

  263. brooke

    well the video isnt working but oh well

  264. Brooke add me my facebook name is (john sams)

  265. umm hi wat do u wnt brittany

  266. HMP

    aww, you guys are all so little, most of you are like 12! It’s so cute, but at the same time i have to say get a life. I belong to a pack and I can tell you that you’re not going to find one over the internet. get out there, meet some people, make your own pack. It’s worth it.

  267. Brittany

    … Well i juz wanted to make some friends online and not all of us r so little hmp!

  268. Hey brooke i tried adding u as a friend on facebook but it said the name i typed was invalid i typed in brooke bartelmay

  269. Rorick

    You know vamps can go on to the website to and find you so try to be a little more careful yo-k

  270. Brittany

    So rorick. Your saying ur a vamp or juz saying b careful. Tell truth plz.

  271. Thnks for the heads up rorick

  272. Brittany

    Does anyone live near mn

  273. derek

    i hate vamps i HATE THEM!!!

  274. hUmans always mess stuff up thts y our werewolf war against vampires started the stupid humans lied on one another

  275. Brittany

    Ummm… Hello im human.

  276. srry im jst saying and brittany how old r u

  277. derek

    no it isnt the main population it is people of power aka president/king who hide it from you normal humans they know and they hide it to keep you in the dark and confused allowing them to control you and hide their intentions but in the end it will destroy all of you and maybe even all of us. so its not all of the humans thats my theory

  278. derek

    also i am not racist against black people or any other kind of people if your a freakin rainbow thats awesome i think most presidents knew about us though

  279. Brittany

    Im 14, im a true redhead, im 5ft6, my birthday is april 1st. I live in sc but visiting relatives in mn. I used 2 live in oregon. Wolves r my fav animal. Black n white r my fav colors. Im not racist. I dislike being human. I luv energy drinks. Wut bout u guys. Oh and LUV heavy metal!!!:-D

  280. derek

    dont give out to much info. anyone can come here and see it just be careful o.k. brittany

  281. brooke

    idk how to gt to yours john sams isnt very specific sine there are a lot of john sams

  282. Brittany

    Ok. Ill b careful

  283. Rorick

    No I am not a vamp and derek vamps arent bad my master is a vamp

  284. Brittany

    Actually my friend who is a lycan has a friend who is a vamp and he isnt that bad

  285. Rorick

    What’s so bad about vamp’s anyways? My master is allways nice to me.

  286. derek

    sorry i ment to say i hate vamps that kill us because of the war and all i am fine with nice ones that dont kill us.

  287. Brittany

    How old r u guys?

  288. Rorick

    I honestly don’t remember
    I’m guessing 14-16 I don’t know.

  289. Brittany

    Huh? U cnt re…. Im confuzed why cnt u remember. Do u have an email

  290. Rorick

    Well I can’t really remember becaus I’ve lived with master my whole life and age is not very important to vampires.

  291. Joshua

    Any of you in Michigan? Arsenul is my facebook if so.

  292. Brittany

    … Ask ur master how old u r.

  293. derek

    well i like not living forever it sounds good but at age 256 your going to get bored of living forever

  294. Koga

    Hey I know I’m not a werewolf or a lycan. Iv come here to find real werewolves and lycans willing to help me become one. My who life I have felt out of place and once I heard of werewolves and lycans that empty place in my life was filled. I know the path to becoming one can be a painful and dangerous one but I’m willing to bear all of it. Please if you can help me contact me at -purewolfpride@hotmail.com-. I’m sick of this human life and want to be part of something great.

  295. Rorick

    Well I have but he doesnt know I was an orphan when he took me in.

  296. Brittany

    Oh… Do u have an email?

  297. derek

    i have found good info a method to p shift or m shift it is not perfect so dont complain results may vary k to start beginners should eat and have a lot of energy(im serious A LOT of energy) and be sitting k step1 meditate you need 2 clear mind NO DISTRACTIONS PERIOD. step 2 become aware of your body existing step 3 now you get feeling of weight and tingling if you pass this you can m or p shift but it not easy step4 now you hallucinate with smells and sound if you believe in the halucinations you m shift

  298. derek

    part 2: if you dont belive in them you p shift but the hallucinations are very convincing oh and you have to truely believe in werewolves any doubt at all ruins it. good luck humans :)

  299. brooke

    damit just someone close or near illinois please bite me i have wanted to be a werewolf since forever and i know about packs and all that i am not being selfish i just want to be something more than human ok so please contaat me at brookebartelmay@yahoo.com

  300. Brittany

    Can i email u?

  301. derek

    that method is very effective for m shifting but it is possable to p shift its just harder if you have good concentration its easier if not then try to slow down your breathing keep breathing but just enough to keep from fainting this pretty much forces your mind to concentrate(less air=less thoughts)(less thoughts=less distractions)

  302. Any1 want 2 go out with me i am a complete p shifter lycan and i am 14 if yes write yes if no write no also this is wolfroked

  303. brooke

    so wolfroked u are a shifter wolf now can u turn me when u come down here and idk if i would go out with u we would proably have to meet first and what does your facebook picture look like there are a lot of john sams

  304. Actually shifter lycan it was so painfull the other night and my facebook pic im wereing a white shirt and its a brown door behind me and the wall is yellow

  305. Brittany

    …. R u desperate?

  306. Idk sureeee:) hey can brooke and brittany if u have a phone txt me my numbr 248 929 2865 i am going to p shift in 1 hour

  307. Brittany

    Can i call instead?

  308. derek

    how did you do it wolfroked bite?

  309. Hey brittany call me agaiin

  310. Brittany

    Hey i juz tried callin u

  311. Hey brittany im srry i couldnt ansr my phone its on silent and im with my mom can u txt me

  312. Brittany

    No but juz tell me when i can call alright :-*

  313. Ok wait so are we going out or no or maybe or let u thnk about it or yes

  314. Brittany

    I would like 2 tlk a few more times b4 anythng kk

  315. Oh ok brittany but i cant tlk tonite becuse were im at its 10:51 pm so can it be tommorow or can i email u

  316. Brittany

    Email ;D yay now im excited lolz

  317. Brooke i will bite u if u want

  318. who is a werewolf because i want some one bite me

  319. derek

    i am a p shifter and i am happy to say the full moon is coming wolfroked will you answer my question did u get bitten??

  320. derek

    oh goin to florida soon its gonna be awesome but might not be able to get on here i use a psp for this :) hope to run on a beach in wolf form :D im going to hunt hunters maybe find others like me

  321. Micheal

    i would really like to turn and fast i know there are werewolfs out there and want to join plz contact me and fast!!!

    go werewolves for life!!!

  322. Nikki

    any PA locals? interested in learning from someone.

  323. Nikki

    looking into a mixture of herbs to see if that will do what i want, if not anyone willing to help? Its hard feeling alone when you are surrounded by beings you are suppose to feel like you belong with.

  324. morgan

    ok so i’m really new at these online chat things but just to clarify who is an actual werewolf? i’m kinda confused with all the m shift etc talk. btw can u really be turned from being bitten? also are you all in america?

  325. Brittany

    I hope you all find what your looking for. Never give up. Continue the search and one special day i promise you will find it.<3 Make sure its right. Make sure its what you want. And if it is… Go for it.<3

  326. derek

    humans calm down we cant go around biting everyone if there are to many of us someone is goin to spill the beans and shift on tv which about 99/100 humans are addicted to i am trying to restrict my time but it not easy it like drugs then the scared humans will want us gone scientists want to study us and it usually ends in war with us probably winning due to sheer awesomeness unless silver really works i never have any silver to test

  327. come for my i live in 1509 cherry st fremont ohio i want joln i will do whatever u want to do

  328. derek

    omg u gave out exact location now anyone can find u so i suggest until u werewolf carry a weapon or have one also i am currently testing a simple fast method to p shift with a friend thats right P SHIFT if it works on him i shall post it if not well i wont it will take 1 week as he failed to do it correctly if u want to test plz ask i will explain the process (WARNING if this does not work do not complain just say it didnt work and thank you for testing)

  329. derek

    we have started testing now so one week from today if u dont know what day it be it is monday. i am really surprised nobody wanted to test i thought this is what u wanted????

  330. i want to be tester i will it test for u

  331. Total22

    I’m looking for a 100% werewolf to change me Im in lousiana and if u want to change me email me at Grailandhall@ymail.com

  332. Total22

    All the werewolfs that have the gifts don’t want them because y’all are alone well I have done all I wanted with “love” and I will trade with u in a sec to be free and not worry about did I do something wrong to piss her off again y’all can have it all the werewolfs want love all the humans have had it we would trade shoes with y’all quick just bc y’all eat ppl don’t think y’all have it hard y’all try living with a woman shits hard… A humans life is hard I mean we don’t run in the woods on a full moon howling and stuff but we gotta work pay for food house the hole family get yelled at by the boss take alot of cramp FOR BEING HUMAN!!! man if I was a werewolf I WOULD GO NUTS HAVING ALL THAT FUN THAT Y’ALL CALL HARD

  333. derek

    i went on vacation just got back just in time full moon tomarrow night i will check with my friend afterwerd if it doesnt work i think i should bite him same way i was much more annoying though about 9 weeks before u change and u r sick

  334. imawerewolf

    katlyn im 15 now and im back sorry for not talking for a while but i had to try to control my wolf side i miss my old girlfriend and my family im trien to find a wolf family or a family with another wolf in it and a girlfriend again but i need one of your guys help

  335. Ariel

    I’m a wiccan, I’ve always gotten along better with wolves. I’ve always been able to get along with wolves over humans. I always have a need to run, always a need to be outside especially in the woods. Is there more to it then me being wiccan or just my fun wiccan ways?

  336. Ariel

    @Total22: Okay first off everyone has to work, pay, bills, and all that fun stuff. But don’t cry about it. I’m wiccan people call me a witch, call me a satianist. Oh well, not everyone plays nice, so forget them. Let it brush off, don’t let them know they are getting to you otherwise they win. People suck yeas, but they only suck as long as we allow them to have the control over us. Plus if you do your research, no one gets to have fun all the time.

  337. Ariel

    @ derek: Just reading everything mind explaining the test to me, sounds interesting.

  338. imawerewolf

    can anyone help please im being hunted now please anyone and i need someone to awnser my quistion will god send us all to hell or no i go to the mormon church and it sounds like we wont go sadly so please someone help me

  339. Ariel

    @ imawerewolf There is so evedence that we are going to hell or heaven. There isn’t even proof that there are any of these. We all live, we all die. what happens after death is unknown. So don’t worry about it, worrying is going to make it far for scary, and more likely to happen. Just enjoy your life.

  340. imawerewolf

    i need wolf backup i found a group of hunters after me and i need these jerks off my back

  341. Zeke

    Alright, so I just read every single post on here…yeah talk about a lot of reading….anyways I’ve read somewhere that you can find out if you are were/lycan/etc. and its actually very simple. I’ve had multiple occasions where while I was sleeping, I have become a wolf. It feels so real but when I wake up I’m lieing in bed all sweaty. In the dream I would hunt and run around the forest just being a wolf. The whole time I hear drums in the background noise in my dreams. According to the reading I’ve done, this is a sign that I have were/lycan blood in me. If so, how can I actually p shift instead of just shift in my dreams? Feel free to email me at zeke3818@hotmail.com

  342. Ariel

    @zeke when you ever figure that out share that information. because I can’t and many other haven’t

  343. Zeke

    Will do…once I figure it out if I can or not

  344. Ariel

    @ Zeke Go online and do some research I’ve tried many and they haven’t worked. But every person is different

  345. fangs come out

    i am 11 an i am a true vampire but i friends with a lot of werewolfs and i have a clan of vampires some times i attack people but not very much and i do not sleep at night i am wondering if any one wants to become a vampire if you do i live in Sanborn Iowa reminder when i bit you it will hurt

  346. fangs come out

    i so gonna freak if i don’t get blood so i gonna go out and bit someone

  347. daniel

    hello im a true werewolf ive recently morphed and im wanting to find more out about my self i know this may seem stupid but when i morphed i could smell some one bleeding over 1 mile away its truly scary to me but i love what i am and im willing to devote my self to a pack unless im ment to be a alfa then im willing to be friends with any packs… please help me comment and talk i need the help

  348. daniel

    btw i am 15 and a very very strong male so for those of you wanting to have fun sparing and hunting together let me know im up for it btw is it bad that im scared of what i have become i just dont want to hurt my familly

  349. imawerewolf

    im 15 alpha male wolf i became alpha by accident i killed my best friend when we where runing from hunters and i steped on a trap and it shot my friend in the head he told me to tell every one and i did but they where wundering who should be the next alpha then they said well he was there why not him.
    i miss my friend and i dont know how to be the alpha

  350. Katelyn

    Imawerewolf r u ok ,hows it going,by the way i miss u

  351. Ariel

    @fangs come out tried email u it isn’t working

  352. Forgotten

    Jw, how can u tell if someones real or is just fakin it?

  353. wolfie black heart

    you guys may have seen me on tv the teen wolf and if you make funny of me then you are a bitch ps on’t piss me off i am a were wolf

  354. fangs come out

    ok i am back i want some were wolfs to add me on face book i am a vampire yes and i am nice to were wolfs i am 14 lolz add me my thing got changed it is now trammel_jacob@yahoo.com

  355. fangs come out

    i just need friends i do not have many

  356. wolfie black heart u cant let people get to down they do to be asshole u ar nice to wolfs u got suppot of u need help

  357. fangs come out i will be your friend

  358. tina fae

    i am looking for werewolves in their 20s that live in mo,and actualy want to be a pack. email me at greentigerfreak@hotmail.com

  359. hailey96

    i’ve wanted to know if their are any real werewolves that do exist, i have been pondering over the fact of them if they do or not for years. if they do i really would love to learn more about them from a “true werewolf” that experiences it. also i would like to become one, but i do not know if their is a specific way it would have to be done or if your just born with it. and if you are born with it what are some of the signs to beliving you might be one. if someone…. hopefully a real werewolf can give me answers i would love to hear them.
    thank you :)

  360. Anson

    Hello everyone. I am back. My wolfish cravings hit me once more, I mean yes I was prowling and gaining fur every “period”, but i just wasn’t into it anymore, but I am back, and I kind of want some raw meat… time to go rip into that new toy I got for my dog…

  361. PackQueen

    Interesting little website I have stumbled on here. I am travelling from Scotland to Lincoln next Wednesday. Perhaps I’ll catch up with some of you.

  362. Mottzilla

    Hey I am curious about if there any werewolves near me I am in NC and I would like to know more about your kind please no fakes


  363. Drowned

    Well, I don’t live in any of those states though I wish I could join.

    I live in CO. I’ve been researching the pack of wolves that are around my house and the alpha seems to be overly large.

    I’ve studied them for months now and everyday at night, the alpha comes closer to my house. If anyone is a REAL werewolf, not some faker, can you tell me if I should be worried or not?

    I can’t find a decent werewolf site. This is my last option.

  364. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    Hi? Is there any minnosota wolves here? Please say yes! I really need a friend… Not a roleplayer, Shifting bit by bit and kives by prineton. Please email me at Imightbeawolf@Yahoo.com I will email everyone back and let you know… please help

  365. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    Hi? Is there any minnosota wolves here? Please say yes! I really need a friend… Not a roleplayer, Shifting bit by bit and kives by prineton. Please email me at Imightbeawolf@Yahoo.com I will email everyone back and let you know… please help
    it would rock

  366. Cameron

    Im also a human i live in agusta ks i wanna become a werewolf im 15 :-)

  367. Cameron

    txt me if u can help…. ill do just about anything 2 be a werewolf

  368. Masked

    Cameron… Not a good idea to put ur phone # up. But will txt u
    where u live?

  369. Slowlydieing

    I am 15. I live in Delphi IN and i want to be a werewolf. If someone could pleaze change me or tell me how to change pleaze email or txt me. my number is 765-414-7090

  370. RissaBitten

    hi, so this probably sounds crazy. For as long as i can remember my family has had special ‘gifts’ according to some people…..I learned recently of two family members close to my age……They are vamp werewolf hybrids…..They say im one too. The one says her wolf is more dominant, the other says her vamp is more dominant. Im not sure what i am. Its a bit complicated because my current love interest is of demon heritage. I guess i would like to know if anyone has any opinion or feedback on this. Im not entirely certain if this is something any one has heard of. I know of the war between vampires and werewolfs…..But i also know of my ancestors who combined both bloodlines…… Anyone with any thoughts, please contact me.

  371. Dreadhead

    I Live In Columbus Oh, I M Shift All The All The Time.. It Was One Time Were I Almost P Shifted.. It Was under the moon light I Blacked Out All I Remeber WasMa Body Was Hyrting Really Bacj, I Got Distrubed By Ma Brother calling ma Name.. 2night Is A Full Moon Im Gonna Try Again2night I Have A Great Feeling It Gonna Work I Am 17, I Want A Werewolf 2 Cum &Show Me The Basics Lyke How have Manged 2 Say Unseen &More…

  372. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    Hey guys!!!! Just ‘came out’ to my sis and mom AND THEY WERE COOL WITH IT!!!! YAYAYAYAYYAY I also found a wolf in my town so Im really happy right now

  373. hailey

    hey i have always wanted to be a werewolf, and i was wondering if there was any possible way how to, if so i would love to hear it and get much info and help. thank you

  374. shadowhunter

    my bff is a real true werewolf.

  375. werewolf enthusiast

    Do any werewolves live near the NC/VA border? I’m in Virginia Beach, and it’s right near the border. Bite me please!

  376. werewolf enthusiast

    So? Eh? Eh? ¬.¬

  377. wolverine

    could i talk to a werewolf and just see what its all about text me or email me…

  378. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    wolverine… its hard to talk to you if you dont have an email lol

  379. werewolf enthusiast

    µh… hello? Also, I suspect 1 person to be a werewolf. Nobody can remember the last time the he had anything sugary, and he never tires out, no matter what, PLUS he’s an amazing athlete.

  380. Cate

    Am looking for any packs in the Lansing MI area. I am in my 20’s. Please no children contact me. I would feel that to be inappropriate blk_lupa@yahoo.com

  381. This Guy

    Hey folks,
    I’m looking for any other wolves who run in or near Milwaukee. Obviously not addressing Role Player. You may contact me on here or at not_fair_bear@yahoo.com

  382. KELLER

    I am from ohio been one for years

  383. Beast

    I’m in Nebraska and was born into it but for some reason I’m having trouble shaping so need help, got any ideas?

  384. hanna

    I don’t know if i am a werewolf or not. Can anyone know if i am.

  385. chris

    i think i maybe the only one with the true gift/curse i have a heightened sense of smell(its sick but i was able to tell a female was on her rag by the smell i could smell the blood) heightened hearing, able to see in the dark. being the grandson of a 7 or the 7th wicken problem doesn’t help i was bitten by my uncle wolf/ husky when i was 5 yrs old the heighten senses started taking effect at 13. i rarely get sick, ive survived accidents that show have killed me. when someone threatens my family or hurt me in some way i have uncontrollable aggression

  386. Concetta

    Are some of the real “werewolfs” living in (or clows to) the town Lake MI (NOT the real lake) becas Iwant to be a “werewolf”. so he/she can help me to be a “werewolf”

  387. Concetta

    PS you can contact me on youtube I am CettaCat

  388. hi my names Dakota im a Werewolf i lead half of the clan Trace of Crimson in alabama is there anythang i can do

  389. Concetta

    yes, Can you tell me how you became a werewolf?

  390. WolfQueen17

    I’m werewolf blood royalty and I am looking for werewolf mate

  391. WolfQueen17

    I think am real werewolf i sometimes i get dreams in turning into one and realized am werewolf blood royalty.

  392. Concetta

    is some one on? well when I am a “werewolf” I am going to look for a pack. I am female and am 10 years old.

  393. okay well getting someone to change you is not going to be easy and im sorry my clan dosent change any one till they can drive i got bit, but wolfqueen, how old are you and,

  394. Concetta

    OK. Trace of crimson. I respect you

  395. Concetta

    has some one know of a good way to become a “werewolf”?

  396. now days the only way someone would change you is by getting bit

  397. Courtney

    Hello, me and my friend are looking for a pack in Kalamazoo, MI. Any packs out there??!!??!

  398. unseen_dark_wolf

    hi all i am alpha of my wolf pack in north akron i have 4 pups we are looking to expand

  399. daivin stolker (imawerewolf)

    sorry changed named but scared i kinda got in a fight with someone and they have a pack i dont so hehe bad luck eh

  400. imawerewolf

    those who talk shit on katlyns behalf can kiss my alpha ass ok she cares she could become like most humans and hunt our harry asses now shut the hell up by the way anson nice to hear from you and katlyn and katlyn if you dont mind can i call you katy

  401. Courtney

    hello world!

  402. hello im a clan leader in alabama my names Dakota its nice to meet every one

  403. Shiloh

    Hello..umm..does anyone know how one can become a werewolf?I would really love to know!Please someone reply soon!! Please!

  404. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    Hey guys! anyone in minnesota? I am looking for a pack and am hoping they are close

  405. fairyPath00


  406. hey masked long time no see how are you mutt x) and fairy idk i would love to meet all of you some day and i lead a pack but idk who is on this page and you get bit by a werewolf

  407. Kiba

    My name is kiba I been looking to make my clan bigger so if anyone needs help email me at bug6662@gmail.com

  408. Ambrosia Lightfoot

    Im looking for any therians or wolves in the metro area of MN. Please e-mail me at ahoybokchoy@gmail.com if you’re close.

  409. I’m looking to compose a list of packs. If you would like your pack to be a part of this list, please go to http://werecon.org/werewolves/pg/profile/dsnake1
    and send me a message including your pack’s name, location, size, and views on recruitment.

  410. wolf girl

    oh hey i dont mind if you call me katy

  411. Scruffy

    Hey guys, I’m the alpha of a Very small shifter pack and i have no idea what I’m doing. I’m trying my best but being new at this myself I can only hope I’m doing this right. I started shifting last year and started the pack only weeks after that. We only have 3 members, maybe 4 but i believe 1 i a normal so i wont count him. Is there anyone in the Maryland area that could help me?

  412. fairyPath00

    Hey it is me again anyone know a werewol in a small town called martin City in Missouri?

  413. the beta

    hey guys i am in ohio and i was wondering if there is any werewolfs packs tht i can join there was this girl razalynn silerpaw and shes in ohio and shes an alpha but i cant get no contact with her so can u guys plz help me i am obessed about being a werewolf so can any of u guys help me i really wanna become a werewolf ik a lot about werewolfs the alpha is the leader of the pack most powerful of them all then who ever the alpha bites is the beta then who ever the beta bites is the omega i really wanna join one of ur guys pack reply back to this commit we can form a pack i am grove city ohio willing to b a werewolf i wanna be a alpha or a beta between those two we can form a pack plz reply bac

  414. fairyPath00

    Hey the beta i am having the same the same problem you are i would help you but i live in martin city missouri. i am st looking for a werewolf her in martin city still have yet to find, though there is one guy who says he is a werewolf but i dont believe him at the moment. pls right me back !

  415. the beta

    yea so am i plz werewolfs i wanna b like u wanna be one of u plzz if i had to choose betweebn a vampire and a werewolf i would choose a werewolf. werewolfs are stronger and faster then the vampires a werewolf was made to kill a vampire so plz werewolfs can i plz b in ur pack is there any werewolfs in ohio ik there is plz i wanna b in ur pack. heres a true story i promise to god a very special friend of mine her name was bree clark she was bullied and then her boyfriend broke up with her then she pulled a knife on her she killed herself she was a very good friend of minne i promise this reaally happened plz werewolves can u help me and fairypathoo keep looking them and also thx for saying ull help me i am obessed about werewolves and becoming one plz reply back plzzzzz and werewolves plz reply bac i am willing to b in ur pac so comeeeee onnnnnnnnn plzzzzz!!!!!

  416. fairyPath00

    thkz for replying! I would choose werewolfs bcs they are not deadcreature that suck ppls blood. The Beta i will help you as much as i can! I now just have to look up ways to tell if someone is a werewolf then i will be set. Hey the beta i know this is an odd question are you on any sites like club penguin or fantage? u dont have to reply but plz do! thkz soooo much i am so glad tht i am not crazy! Stay in touch plz ill give you some info later. L8rG8r!

  417. the beta

    thx fairypathoo i can make an account for those websites ik they are real but thx for helping me fairypathoo i will reply to u later do u have a facebbok or something but plz reply back i reall want this power plz fairypathoo and other werewolves can u plz help me!!!!!!!!!!1

  418. fairyPath00

    No my mom won’t let me have a facebook. Oh by the way DON’T PLAY KICKBALL AND BE THE PITCHER! On Fantage I am of course fairyPath00 and clubpenguins the same! When you make an account logout of it once you get the introduction to fantage or CP the log back in and go to arctic server on CP and on Fantage go to Diamond Dove server. after you do that go to the light house on both. Thankyou i really aprciate it!

  419. the beta

    ur welcome but i wanna become a werewolf but finding one is the hardest part u know wat i mean is there any werwolfs on this page tht live in ohio plz turn me into one i wanna b in ur pack teach how to controll the shift ui know but plz im looking for a pack can someone help me.

  420. fairyPath00

    hey i google that right now and meet me on fantage like i said plz

  421. fairyPath00

    Oh my god i think i just found you help! The Beta go to http://www.eteamz.com/ohiowolfpack. or look up werewolf packs in ohio!

  422. the beta

    wat is it i looked it up i dont understand it

  423. the beta

    these are softball wat the heck

  424. fairyPath00

    hey just click the website name on my comment it is in blue and if you click it it will take you to the site.

  425. the beta

    i did its a softball website

  426. the beta


  427. fairyPath00

    Ok This odd i am not sure but i think a guy in my class is a were but i am not sure and it is the last day and i sorta like him WHAT DO I DO!

  428. the beta

    what makes u think he is a werewolf

  429. fairyPath00

    well the last day of school is done. He wasn’t even at school. i thought he was a were becuase a sign that some one is a werewolf is a flash of anger that comes from nowhere and well this only is like a sorta sideafect but early this year out of nowhere he get up and pushes a kid into a book case and it fell over. If you want to know why i like him it is becouse he is realy nice but it really suprised me because he is a nice person and then he gets mad for no reson : ( So i found out that a side afect is a flash of anger from nowhere does this imfo help? : P

  430. the beta

    o ok but i really wantto become a werewolf me and friend want to b in a pack were in ohio plzzz help

  431. nomadlycan

    Hey pple me and my gf want 2 b a lycan plze send me a facebook friend request @ Sherman Harps

  432. fairyPath00

    Dear Peeps,
    Hi! I live in Kansas City, Missouri in a little town called Martin City. I just got out of fifth grade and I am going to attend Martin City Middle School. If you are attending my school and are going to be in sixth grade please next school year please leav your name or number if possible. I am sorry that I didn’t leave my name i cannot give my name but i will tell youit when i text you. Thankyou!:)

  433. fairyPath00

    Ohh dont even try to leave a numder and name if u arent a werewolf!

  434. Hey guys! i just made a website for everyone to go on!It is http://warewolvesrock.com!Please visit it, the beta you need to check out my site! Plzzzzzzz visit!

  435. Livvia

    hey guys i live in setuaket ny. and i was wondering if i could be a werewolf. im a blood witch and a psychic but there is something about me thats different. i know im either a vampyre or werewolf i just dont know which one yet.(im 13 btw)
    1. the wolf is my power animal.
    2. for some reason lately ive been feeling really protective of my gf. ive always been kinda protective of her but for some reason its been alot more intence latley.
    3.i can see really well at night.
    4. i dont know if its the change of seasons causing some type of insomnia or something but ive been feeling really energised at night and i have a longing to sit outside and feel the energy of the moon.
    5. my eyes are blue but lately theyve been turning a mossy green color
    6. my teeth are really sharp
    7. i have really good hearing dispite the fact that i blast music extreamly loud
    8. i notice everything
    9. i can run outside and even jump off the roof of my house without making noise
    10. i have really good pain tollorence
    11. wounds heal extreamly fast to the point of if i get cut you within 2 or 3 minuts you can see the cut closing up.
    12. im very strong for my age
    13. when i was younger i used to be very short tempered but now that im older i can control my anger
    14. i feel the need to hunt
    15. ive always wanted to become wolf because i dont fit in with other people and honestly im sick of being alone
    16. when i want to become unoteced people dont notice me
    sry its so long :(

  436. Liz

    Hi, so werewolves being turned by a bite is something Hollywood came up with, You’re either born one, or a ritual, or a ‘curse’ that slowly transformed into a curse transferred by bite or scratch by the silver screen. There is also the ritual of drinking… what is it… rain water? Out of a wolves paw? Something like that.

    I’m something. Don’t know what the fuck to describe it has. You interested in talking? talakaltes@gmail.com

  437. Liz

    PS I’m in MN cities area.

  438. Julia

    I am willing to talk if you are.
    I have questions too.


    Julia ^ ^

  439. LycanDescendant

    I am a born lycan, its been throughout my families native american and actually part of my german heritage, leading to almost present, my great grandma , founder of the illinois animal humane society, i have some wolf like abilities, i live near peoria, and id like to meet others, my email is tylerharper1@comcast.net


  440. LycanDescendant

    kinda ironic, i spent my whole life as a pacifist, yet occassionaly id get so emotional, and i always LOVED wodded areas

  441. LycanDescendant

    ill be on tomorow……….

  442. LycanDescendant

    oh and liz, that actual itual is drinking rainwater out if a wolfs paw print

  443. kenzy

    Hello I’m not a werewolf but I have loved them since I was little. I am looking for a real werewolf to change me. I live in carleton Michigan. My backyard is a forest and I have 5 acres. Please respond by July 3rd. The next full moon. Thanks in advanced.

  444. LycanDescendant

    i went too woods…someone followed me, watch what u say my brothers, though for some i fear it may be too late,
    Remain in the shadows, and be careful

  445. nic

    Hey is any werewolf in Utahcall or text 385-259-8118

  446. hello everyone and fairy i know its been a wile sens i have commented on here lol beta i talk to rylyrn me her and her pack talk sometimes but anyways how is everyone els doing?

  447. Pretty good. I am still on the look out. So if you are a werewolf plz contact me on my website plz.: )

  448. Manni

    Hello there everyone, I know some are you are fakers or think you guys are real werewolves. My cousin nd I are in the hunt to find werewolves out there, no we aren’t werewolves, but we need a REAL werewolf to come were I live (Lathrop, CA) by the next full moon to turn us into werewolves, I’ve seen one before nd I know there are some out there.
    You guys have heard about “La Bête du Gevaudan” right?! These creatures exist!’

  449. Joshua Walker

    Can one of you werewolves turn me into a werewolf. I live near the Peoria , IL area in Pekin. I’m 14 years old and I’m willing to become a werewolf no matter what the cost is. I live on 704 grand view avenue across from my high schools football stadium. My Email is josh_walker0706@msn.com . Please help me . My family is at a really tough time and Im really afraid of fakers or killers or hackers so please be real. Don’t lie. I’m just a boy. THANKS.

  450. Chris Mac Walters

    my parents won’t let me out of my sites its driving me bonkers! I need to be bitten by werewolf ASAP. I hate my parents and my parents hate me. so, I want to become a werewolf and kill my parents. then I would be very happy. Then after that I want to kill this jerk that’s been hanging around on my bus all the time. and that’s probably it.

  451. Chris Mac Walters

    another thing I live at 4073 Bayside Drive Hanover Park IL 60133

  452. Chris Mac Walters

    also my email is irshmanismad@gmail.com

  453. Chris Mac Walters

    I want a werewolf to bite me on the full moon that would be on July 3 2012 Im waiting in my backyard Please God Damn bite me!!!

  454. Chris Mac Walters

    Im 21 years old too

  455. Joshua Walker

    I’ve never seen a werewolf in my entire 14 year old life so I need to be bitten fast. Please I’m begging you all I need to be a werewolf

  456. Joshua Walker

    My house has a white monte Carlo parked in the driveway and my house has no garage. Meet me in front of my house at 9:00 pm. Thanks.

  457. Chris Mac Walters

    sorry I ment werewolves.

  458. Josh Lee

    Hi! I’m not a werewolf, but I would love to be one its just I’ve never heard of a werewolf that lives in Wyoming where I live. I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming

  459. Josh Lee

    Also I’m 13 years old.

  460. Moonlight

    Hi out there I am moving to Marne, Michigan and would like to join a pack. my last pack split up do to all of us graduating and moving to different locations. if you have any information for me I would greatly appreciate. on any info please email me at jblair@austincc.edu thank you.

  461. Moonlight

    my human name is Jessica , my wolf name is Moonlight

  462. Chris Mac Walters

    Hey Anson can you please be my friend.

  463. Chris Mac Walters

    My parents force me to do mostly “EVERYTHING”around the house. They “force” me to take my meds. They “force” me to clean my room. They “force” me to mow the lawn. They “force” me to take out the garbage. They “force” me to go to school. Plus, the school I go to is a special ed. Its full of retarded basterds . I’m smarter than all of them. And this is the reason why “ANSON” I want you to bite me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  464. darius

    All I want is for someone to teach me. And for a pack to find me I need help in this I’m tired of being alone in this and its driving me crazy. Leave an email at wolfcond1@gmail.com

  465. darius

    Ok tht email don’t work anymore. Try angelrain552@yahoo.com

  466. darius

    I am in Nebraska. haven’t changed yet. I have immense strength and agility but I’m losing my mind. Something is wrong but I don’t know what. I am constantly Spazing out in rage fits. I’m feeling myself lose control.
    I need help.

  467. Midnight

    Hey I am human and really want to become a werewolf. I have never known of any wolves were I live in Overland Park, Kansas. So if there are any where I am can you please contact me at haileyhoohoo@gmail.com . My name is hailey by the way. and please contact me if you can. I have wanted to become a werewolf for like 2 years now.\

  468. Midnight

    Oh and please answer before july 18

  469. Milagro Santos

    I’m not a werewolf but, you people should stop wasting your times I know that you want to be a powerful creature whats the point you are only going to regret this choice and I know I want to be werewolf but I’m not ready to be one until I’m ready

  470. Midnight

    I know all about how there is power and how you have to be ready. I am ready and I hav been for awhile. Thats why I shearched for a pack. just someone pleeese

  471. Martijn

    I live in The Netherlands, and i would love to become a werewolf.
    U can contact me here: martijn.vandergiessen@ziggo.nl
    Please, come and bite me, please? :(

  472. Josh Lee

    SOmeone put a curse on me so now im a werewolf so now i guess i need a pack. :)

  473. Angelus

    I live in Michigan, I’ve read so many comments. Some from pups, some from lones, some from wolves, some from humans. I have been a therian my while life. When I was 14 I found out I was therian. Then another confirmed it. I am looking for a pack, and my white wolf who alludes my dreams. I run with certain wolves, I know their smells. But my pack isn’t of human form, because I can not change physically but I do spiritually. I have been working on it for years but gave up hope to run with a pack. Once I found this website it brought hope back. Thank you whom ever made the website *bows head*

  474. paul matranga

    is there any werewolves near Kenly north Carolina willing to help me transform into a real werewolf im not joking either i need to become one i have been trying everything i can

  475. paul matranga

    if so contact me at jmatrang55@gmail.com

  476. Moonlight

    Hello my name is Isaac my real name is moonlight im 13 im a gold lycan when i was 5 vampires attacked my fathers pack are warriors faught hard but the vampires wiped us out me my mom and my sister are all thats left if your wondering why im a gold lycan its because i was was born an a full moon makeing me stronger and faster but i cant controll it i lose myself in rage and anger im trying to rebuild my fathers pack but this time im alpha im looking for 13 year olds preferably close to live oak school thats where i train if your interested post your message here and well try to get together females are welcome to theres room for 5 members for my pack and 3 females so post on this site why you want to join and why i should pick you p.s my pack will grow so if you make my pack you might later on .

  477. Moonlight

    If any one near live oak school wants to become a lycan whitch i forgot to say is a type of werewolf only where bigger faster and stronger but you have to be 10 to 15 in order for it to work sorry guys it cant be at night or on a full moon or else it can take controll also vampires are around at night it might take a while to take afect and you might not be able to have controll ever but if it works be carefull i cant say whitch type of lycan youll become but i can tell you this much it wont be gold gold lycans are rare im a gold lycan only because im pure lycan not bitten not half but pure so post on this site.

  478. Nothing but the bite

    I really want to be a werewolf. I have dreamt of becoming one since i was 8. I would apprexiate it if a true werewolf would contact me to arrange a meeting for me to get the bite? Please contact me if ur a TRUE werewolf, and can really change me?

  479. Nothing but the bite

    And i forgot to mention, i live in valparaiso, indiana.

  480. Midnight

    Can someone please help me

  481. Midnight

    i really want to become a werewolf

  482. Moonlight

    There are other alternatives to being changed besides being bitten god someones been wathin to many werewolf movies >:(

  483. Nothing but the bite

    I dont want to do any curses? What other ways arethere to become a werewolf??

  484. scar

    ok so i have read alot of coments on this site alot of replys are can you turn me,how do i become a werewolf,or your all posers.for one there has been alot of people thinking were nuts im a witch or wiccan hat ever people like to call me and im sick of people thinking were posers if you thought we were posers why didyou even get on this site then its annoying when people say that but yay it would be cool to be a werewolf.i live in michigan in an abandoned hell and would really like someone who is not fake talk to me so any one whant to chat email me at bblhankins@yahoo.com also if any one is in a pack please email me.

  485. SierraKay

    How can I get a werewolf to bite me?? I don’t care if it has to be a curse, I’m just wishing to be something more than I am. Or if you have a spell or potion that I can actually accomplish, please email me, cloudyevenings@rocketmail.com

  486. Moonlight

    Hell again about to go on a hunt p.s im a girl my name isnt isaac its amber i just said my name is isaac because people dont think ther are many female lycan god it pisses me off anyways im about to go on a hunt with my mate hopefully any othe lycans would like to join us thanks by

  487. Moonlight

    If anyone wants to be changed just ask me by posting on this site any ways my mate is bugging me about sex and mating god why did i ask him i still have scars from last time. Any ways hav scares on my back and my breasts well its worth it maybe if you want to be changed if you a guy we can have som fun. If your good enough ok by got to go now hes flirting me god sometimes he a pervert oh now hes grabbing my boobs hes just out of hand god sorry i just typed everything that happened did i im so stupid any ways like i said before if you wanna be turned just ask me on this site and if your a cute guy maybe we can have some fun and you know maybe f. u.c.k

  488. loup-garou

    I am the alpha from the only known pack in Indiana. I am looking for more members to greater our strength against outsiders and humans. If any ACTUAL loup-garous would like to join, contact me on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/grace.ottinger.7

    No Posers.

  489. Nothing but the bite

    Can you turn me?

  490. Moonlight

    I am sorry (Moonlight aka amber) but i am the first Moonlight I am 26 have been a were since birth, if you dont mind changing your name I would really appreceat it! Moonlight is my real name and I dont like it when others use it, as a joke. so out of respect I would like you to change it in some ways. I like the fact that you are trying to find a pack but you are too young to have a mate with what you have put on here. I am sorry if this is hard for you to hear, and if you say I am wrong please prove to me that you are what you say you are. I HATE FAKERS!!!!!!!!! Thats all I have to say.

  491. Justin

    Um…I suppose I should say I’m new to this kind of thing…so if I say something that sounds dumb or offensive, it’s completely unintentional.

    I was told about 2 years ago that I was a lycan. But…I’m not entirely sure how to know I am. I was told if I could find an alpha who lived near me, they’d be able to tell. So…here I am. I don’t know if anyone here can help me, but I’m almost desperate for answers. And even if I’m not…I’d love to learn new things.

    Could anyone help me? Or shall I look someplace else?

  492. Nothing but the bite

    Dude ur not a lycan? You would know if u were a lycan.

  493. Justin

    I’ve been told that I need to find my wolf…and that an alpha would be able to help. I get the little shivers that they said I should get, but I’m just…not sure yet. I just know I’ve been told an alpha could help me.

  494. Moonlight

    it just depends where u at Justin, I know that in some areas there are alot of alphas that I dont think will mind if you need help. I would love to help you out there. I have some alpha blood in me so maybe I could help you out. I have been known to see people that might not know that they are a lycan due to family not telling them. but anyways I could try to help you out there. do you feel strange when there is a full moon out? do you go to anger easly? there are other signs but these might help.

  495. Justin

    I don’t know if it will let me post where I am on here…but there are times when I get mad really easy. And I do like the moon…I’m not a very outdoorsy kinda person (hence my questions about if I am what I was told or not), but the moon does…”fascinate” me I guess.

  496. Nothing but the bite

    MoonLight? Are you one? Can you change ppl?

  497. Moonlight

    yes nothing but the bite, I am one since birth. I have never changed anyone due to what I have been told that, you should only changee the person that is either your mate or someone that you belive is part of your family. due to the changee bing real smothering for the first month or so then they stay with that person only. thats why I have yet to do it. Well Justin not all wolves in their human skin likes being outside, its rare but its not unheard of. do you hear and smell things your not suppose to from long distances? are you a very fast runner? what state are u in? that way you wont get into trouble and i can see if there is anyone in that state that might be able to help out.

  498. Justin

    I’m at the southern tip of Ohio…um…I’m not sure about the hearing or smelling things..but I used to be a fast runner. That changed though as I got older…
    But I have a question. Um…what exactly IS a werewolf? I mean, I’ve heard there’s no difference between a werewolf and a lycan, but I’ve also heard they are different. Um…Moonlight. Is there any way I can like…talk to you outside of this site? Like a messenger or something? Hell, if I could talk to anyone about this stuff it’d be nice…but I’m just a bit curious on the werewolf stuff now…and I have quite a few questions. If someone wouldn’t mind answering them I mean.

  499. Moonlight

    well u could find my on facebook, under jessica will I am the only wolf pic on there, its of a white wolf. anyways there really isnt a difference between a werewolf or lycan. the only difference i thiink is that one is more on the wild side then the other

  500. Justin

    Uh…yeah. There are a ton of Jessicas. I can’t find you. But I’ll…keep looking I guess.

  501. Justin

    I searched until it wouldn’t give me any more Jessica’s. There’s no wolf picture there…I can’t find you.

  502. Justin

    Even under Jessica Will, there’s barely any just “Will” names, and none with a wolf…

  503. Bane

    are yot people for real? are you all that insane that you think your really werewolves?

  504. Nothing but the bite

    Hey moonlight? Can you email me? I got a few questions?

  505. Moonlight

    try location TAYLOR I wont give you a state usally it will come up with that other wise I dont know how to let you find me without telling u where I am. if u cant just let me know. And Bane make sure u dont put any info on here that might upset people, u reallllly dont want to see us angry!!!!
    just a friendly advise.

  506. Searchingforit

    I live in Iowa and am trying to find a werewolf to turn me. I have a high tolerance for pain and am very commited to becoming a werewolf. If anyone can help please contact me at Liongirl10@live.com I am willing to join a pack if they will turn me

  507. Searchingforit

    I forgot to mention that I am a 13 year old girl. Please if you are a werewolf who will change me, contact me ^^^

  508. Nothing but the bite

    Moonlight? Would you change me? Please?

  509. moonlight

    I am sorry but I don’t trun others, seen to many that weren’t ready and end up hurting themselves or others around them. I hope u find some that will do it. That is just me not everyone is the same. Sorry

  510. Nothing but the bite

    Im sorry but when people go all “i dont turn people cuz im afraid theyll hurt others” i dont think their werewolves. Like their fakes? Cause honestly, what does it matter to you if i were to hurt people? I mean im not going to. I know the responsibilities, i know the risks, i know what im taking on, i dont need people saying im mot ready. I am ready.

  511. Skystrider

    Just wanted to leave a comment saying I support you guys, as a Furry I can relate to people finding it “odd” to say the least, theres nothing wrong with defying the social norms, especially for something you like and enjoy. I also wanted so say that theres little doubt in my mind that if anyone in your communities wanted to connect with local furry groups you will find people who share similar interests. Don’t let anyone drag you down, your expressing yourself and no one should stop you from doing that. -Skystrider

  512. moonlight

    Nothing about the bite/ I have done it once and it turned into a monster who couldn’t control its self. I had to destroy it and I don’t want to do that again I’m sorry. I’m not saying u couldn’t handle it but look at it through our eyes. We r responsible for the ones we turn and normally it would be someone u love or someone that is ur mate. I do take a fence on saying I’m not the real deal … I protect those humans around me from the very thing that they sometimes want. I’m sorry if u don’t like what Im saying here. U can take it or leave it … ur choice

  513. Searchingforit

    I am usually respectful of a werewolfs decision but I am tired of recieving the same answer of “I am afraid I will create a monster and they will hurt many others” I really am looking for someone to turn me. I am also looking for a friend though as well.

  514. Searchingforit

    Also I am wondering when exactly is Werecon?

  515. Nothing but the bite

    Ok, moonlight your really startin to piss me off, because i luterally just told you that ik the risks, and that i wont hurt anyone! So stop the nonsense about “creating a monster” and just give me this undeniable ability?

  516. DarKrye

    i have a few questions about what i possibly am and if its normal or not and the dreams ive been having could someone please help me?

  517. DarKrye

    if anyone can help me you can contact me at http://www.facebook.com/preger1 and please only contact me if you truelly know what your talking about because i need to know what im going through and these urges and these changes im feeling throughout my body please contact me as soon as you can thank you

  518. Nothing but the bite

    Moonlight! Stop giving me this bullshit about making monsters! Give me the bite, or if i find someone else to give it to me, i will hunt you down and make you wish you ha given it to me?!

  519. Angelus

    @Anson, you make me curious. I was wondering if we could talk more. Btw nice tail.

  520. Searchingforit

    What are the alternatives besides being bitten to become a werewolf? Im very commited Ive joined several sites to try to find a werewolf to turn me and ive checked each one daily including this site.

  521. Please make me a werewolf

  522. Hello I wanna to be a werewolf and I have a question.Do werewolf get sick

  523. I try spells cant not wait for all u werewolf boys keep text me

  524. Moonlight

    @nothing but the bite, COME FIND ME I DARE U!!!! you will find something you have never battled before! DO NOT get a REAL WEREWOLF MAD!!!!!!

  525. Nothing but the bite

    If ur a real werewolf, give me the bite, non eof this bs about bein afraid of creating a monster??

  526. Your steppinginto a world you don’t understand.. it is a gift, and at times a curse. But, it is rather fun. Even as a human, you will have increased strength , and agility.

  527. Nothing but the bite

    Yeah i know all that?? I really want the bite??

  528. Searchingforit

    Me to

  529. Joshua Walker

    Are there any werewolves near Pekin,IL that can transform me tonight. Please no fakes I need the bite. Please. I live at the top of the hill across the street from the high school. Just please turn me tonight. And please hurry.

  530. im a werewolf because i found a way to be one without being bitten and im not going to tell u people who arent werewolves becuase none of u deserve to be lost forever its like u cant go to anyone becuase when they say something that hurts u or gets u upset u have to fight the beast and its urges to rip them apart and if u r looking to protect your lovedones your looking at the wrong thing to protect them with.

  531. Nothing but the bite

    Stop saying that crap and bullshit! Your not a werewolf! I bet everybody in here that says their a werewolf, is a fake???

  532. Nothing but the bite

    Anybody who says they wont give someone the bite, is a fraud!

  533. elizabeth

    im a true werewolf from indiana. not a hollywood werewolf where for some reason only half your body changes which i believe is physically impossible. and mary your obviously not a werewolf -.- you know nothing about how our minds work. sure we can lose our temper just like anyone else but we’re kind family based creatures. and not wanting to bless someone else with a bite doesnt automatically make you a human. biting someone else is a very intimate process that takes more than a simple nip on the neck or shoulder. learn your facts before you start parading around as one of our breed.

  534. Nothing but the bite

    Well then if your a real werewolf, meet me? You say your a real werewolf, that we should learn our facts right? Well then meet me and teach me what i should know or dont know?

  535. elizabeth

    ha! how exactly am i to meet you? i live in the country surrounded by fields and woods. do you plan on driving to indiana? be practical

  536. elizabeth

    @kendis, just read your earlier question. yes werewolves do get sick to a degree. we typically have a stronger immune system then humans but we arent invulnerable to viruses and bacteria. and the majority of rumours about silver caused illnesses are false. silver is definitely a hazard for us but in a way you might not understand. you see, we heal faster than humans, and not insanely fast like twilight would have you believe. a wound thats fatal for a human for a werewolf might be serious but not lethal, unless were injured with silver. silver stops our stronger healing processes from taking affect so we are more vulnerable at such times.

  537. Nothing but the bite

    I am in indiana smart one?????

  538. elizabeth

    roann indiana a couple miles south of the stockdale mill if u wanna meet me in person

  539. Nothing but the bite

    Never eard of it? Im from valparaiso? And i cant drive???

  540. Nothing but the bite

    Roann is 2 hours away??

  541. elizabeth

    sorry to say i cant drive either. im 18 but cars frighten me a bit…never got around to getting my permit. i have a facebook account but i dont really want a bunch of flames cluttering up my wall.

  542. Nothing but the bite

    Well then talk to a friend to being you??

  543. elizabeth


  544. Moonlight

    I am glade that you are on here Elizabeth. I like it when the REAL werewolves come out to help others out.

  545. elizabeth

    Well i found this page and i cant stand when others are misled by stereotypes and rumours. Its always fun to talk to others about our gift too.

  546. Moonlight

    ya u tellin me. misleading others is extreemly dangorus! sorry for spelling. I always like talking to others about us, to an extent. like this site is sucure but others are not so this is the only place I would do.

  547. Nothing but the bite

    Elizabeth? Is there any closer place we can meet??

  548. elizabeth

    do you live anywhere near fort wayne or wabash or peru?

  549. Nothing but the bite

    No, cant you read? I live in valparaiso indiana. I can not drive, and i dont know if i can have my parents drive me all the way to peru indiana, plus we have a bad history with there. Anytime we go there we have the bad luck of there being a tornado?

  550. Nothing but the bite

    Is there anyway you could probly meet me in merrillville indiana?

  551. Nothing but the bite

    See, another thing that leads me to beleive that theres possibly not real werewolfs on here, is that theres no videos.

  552. Moonlight

    We dont need to vidio our selves. if we did then there will be hunters after us. if u believe or not I dont care but I would rather not put my fellow werewolves in jeperdy just so that u can see with ur eyes what we are. have some respect for others on here. or get off.

  553. elizabeth

    Why so rude bite? It was a simple question. I havnt exactly bothered to check a map. And in all fairness i’ve already said i dont drive either.

  554. elizabeth

    Honestly i cant make sense of their video page… is there even an upload button?

  555. Nothing but the bite

    Ik, but what, you cant get a friend to being you? Or your parents or something?

  556. Nothing but the bite

    Elizabeth? Text me? 1-219-262-1334

  557. Tairne

    You truly have no knowledge of the agaony it takes. The constant fight to cotrol. The struggle to ke p what’s human in you alive. Because being an animal is so much simpler. You lack of friends or a shot at normalicy is gone. Stay with the play forms you have now and be greatful to never run into a real Were. Stay away from the movies. They bastardize everything. Enjoy your human frailty. Cherrish your family and friends. Because if you continue to hunt for them, one day it may hunt you in return and you won’t survive the outcome.

  558. Moonlight

    thank you Tairne, at least someone else is trying to stop these ideots! I wish I had someone there to tell me about it. but I didnt now I live with the constent fighting for my life. and trying to always control my wolf. its not pretty at all. the movies make it soo nice that everyone wants to be one and they dont know what it really is.

  559. Angelus

    People speak of it as we are dogs. If it wasn’t for a sang, I wouldn’t have courage or the strength to say I am one. We are not a breed, this is how the humans started. Separating races, languages, countries. I am not like the humans. We are not a breed, different races. We all are wolves, and I however have seen my inner wolf, controlling it is a true gift. I do not believe this is a curse but a gift that few have opened their mind or heart too. I have see my ancestor, I have ran with him. Its a gift few have done. We are not to be separated as the humans have done to themselves.

  560. elizabeth

    You may not want to be separated but frankly there are many lycans i wouldnt want to be associated with. The weres who speak of not being able to control their inner wolf have no self control. i never feel the urge to tear out a random pedestrians throat for, say, walking too close to me -.- being a werewolf doesnt mean that you cant control yourself. its weres like that that give us all a bad name. and bite, i cant text. my cells SIM isnt registered. i have a home phone if you really want to talk.

  561. elizabeth

    number is 7658332216 but try not to call really late. i dont mind discussing it if your minds really open to what you hear. and ask for Lizzy, not elizabeth. i usually dont go by my real name.

  562. Nothing but the bite

    I cant call, i can text?

  563. Angelus

    There are a lot of wolves that have a problem controlling themselves. I was made aware of what I was when I was 14, I would often wake up and be covered in mud and dirt. Two people told me what I was, and they helped me control it. I knew I was different when my emotions would get stronger and other things changed. For me it didn’t kick in until I found my beta. Or she found me. But she was the best beta a wolf could ask for. Then I began the connection. Sense her I have yet to find anyone around where I live. I have found one but it took nine years to find him. My beta helped me with a lot of things I was starting to go through. It can be done but as for attacking because someone is too close, now I’ve wanted to do that. Turning a wolves back on someone is often a sign of trust

  564. elizabeth

    I’ve never had a beta. i’ve been a dispersal my whole life. I’ve never even seen another wolf so you’ll have to pardon me if i don’t have much experience talking to others. and bite you dont have a home phone? i find that kind of hard to believe…I cant honestly say i’ve never changed without my knowing it like you do in your sleep. If i feel like im cooped up or needing a quick run i just go for it. I dont much have to worry out in the country.

  565. Nothing but the bite

    I do have a home phone, but i dont like tapking on the phone infront of my parents? Ill do my best to call u today? Try to get back to me before noon, so ik if i can call u or not? My mom will get home at like 3:30?

  566. elizabeth

    thats fine. anytime before 1am is fine with me. im usually awake till 9 or 10 am and sleep till around 3pm.

  567. elizabeth

    actually anytime before 3am. As long as the ring doesnt wake my baby nephew it’s fine.

  568. Angelus

    I control it now, it isn’t hard. And before this website I couldn’t find another wolf. Me finding the one mbesides my beta was a complete accident. I was looking for a pure white wolf but isn’t of chasing him, I found a different way. We meet sometimes, random times, random places. But he is a handsome wolf with the most beautiful eyes. I can never seem to find him. I control my wolf with mountain bike riding. Its amazing how free one can feel, how fast one can go. Sorry rambling, Elizabeth I probably know as many wolves as you do. I can’t speak for all but my beta was amazing, she knew my thoughts, and we could get lost for hours. She was incredible, full of power and speed. She was the fastest wolf I ever saw, it was a wow moment everytime I watched her run.

  569. Nothing but the bite

    No i mean my mom gets home at 3:30pm?

  570. elizabeth

    …i’ll try to be up by 10am for a couple days then. Try to call tomorrow. i really don’t want to be awake any earlier than i have to.

  571. Nothing but the bite

    You call me? 1-219-759-7123

  572. elizabeth

    sure, i’ll try now if thats fine

  573. elizabeth

    though it might help if i know your name

  574. Nothing but the bite

    My name is alex loveless, and im sorry i wasnt home last night.

  575. elizabeth

    I’s fine. I’ll try again in a little while.

  576. Luna

    Does anyone live near franklin county it is in colubus ohio. I would love to get bit! email me at spellcaster220@gmail.com

  577. Nothing but the bite

    Elizabeth if you wan me to email you then heres my email? Alex2.0@msn.com

  578. elizabeth

    i’ll try 2 call rite now

  579. Nothing but the bite

    Thats not a very good idea. You should email me.

  580. elizabeth

    *sigh* if we’re going to be discussing it online anyway lets just keep it on here. If you have any questions just post them.

  581. Nothing but the bite

    Just email me? Its easier foor communication because this site doesnt tell me when people post stuff?

  582. elizabeth

    ok, i emailed you. If anyone has skype downloaded i can be found there too. Skype name is Huntress_Wolf

  583. Nothing but the bite

    I newe got anything. You sure you emailed me?

  584. elizabeth

    I re-sent it. I don’t know why you didnt get the first one. I copied and pasted your e-mail address into the send bar.

  585. Drew

    I am not like you guys, i dont believe any of you, im looking on being something different, something stronger, faster, more evolved, and as i see it, all of you are liars who are living in a false reality, but i want to be proven wrong, i hope someone out there can make ME a lair, im in elkhart IN jsut chilling, waiting for one of you to make your stories real, i am a very sophisticated man, a strong man, but i want something different, but none of you can do that, can you??

  586. elizabeth

    How many times must we repeat ourselves? Wolves don’t pass the blessing on to strangers. It’s s sacred act thats shared with only the closest and most trusted. If you don’t believe us thats your descision. And as for being sophisticated, you barely show yourself to be a man, let alone a sophisticated one. You came here without a reason other than your own selfish desires and insulted us.

  587. Drew

    its not a selfish desire, but i want the real thing, i dont get when people say their werewolves but dont know it, i want to know what i am, and yea i am insulting you, because frankly i dont believe you, i want to be a werewolf with all my heat, something supernatrual, but i want to be proven in person, i acually want to be something supernatrual instead of those weird goth kids in school who carry around tails on their pants, Because THATS insulting, i dont believe you one bit, but then again im looking to be proven wrong…

  588. elizabeth

    Alot of wolves start out not knowing what they are. It’s hard to know when you have nothing to compare yourself with. We have sharper senses even in human form but you can’t know that without once having human senses to compare it with. Im sorry to say but most wolves aren’t going to disrupt their own lives to show someone what they are. If you want to witness a wolf in action then pray on your lucky star that one decides your worth it.

  589. John

    Hey guys. Never posted on here but I’ve been reading for a while. I’m simply searching for the truth about this “other world” we are seemingly blind to. Just unanswered questions. Any help?

  590. Angelus

    Hi John.. Humans weren’t meant to see the world.. its funny how many want to know… I would like to help you understand

  591. James Howlett

    i am the same as john though i have posted on here before can anyone offer any information about the unseen world


    Can someone open my eyes and tell me bc sometimes I feel it and then I don’t email me plz it would help a lot Brian_mazda3@hotmail.com

  593. elizabeth

    any questions you may have i’ll try to answer.


    How do u know if u are a were

  595. elizabeth

    Angelus i wouldn’t necessarally say humans aren’t meant to see our world. They just have a natural urge to control whats new. That might be the only real reason this world stays hidden from theres. If they could overcome that then im sure we’d be able to live in peace.

  596. elizabeth

    A variety of ways. Wolves have stronger senses as i said before. Even in human form. Try to see if your mind has the ability to memorize various scents, then test yourself by searching them out. Try to go hunting with no human weapons. If you’re a wolf your instincts should take over, though that doesn’t mean the hunt has to be successful. Keep track of how you react to the hunt and what specifically your body tells you to do.

  597. elizabeth

    And of course if you manage to change you have a sure sign…


    I remember scents when I scent the smell ik right away what the scent is

  599. elizabeth

    Then thats a good sign but i’d try to be more sure about it. Even humans can have a decent sense of smell. Try with things humans may not smell as well as wolves. Go out at night and smell the air, see if theirs anything you notice above everything else. Then in the day try to scent it again. Scents tend to fade overnight but typically wont dissapear alltogether.

  600. elizabeth

    I’d be glad to help you with any other questions if it’s in my power.


    I will try that tonight


    And when would a change happen I am 16?

  603. Angelus

    Elizabeth, its not just that humans have control issues. There is a lot of factors. But yes trying to control it is one of them. The world has been opened before and failed. Humans are scared of the things that go bump in the night. Often they are scared and that happens to involve us. And some movies don’t help, or books. But others give us good names and show us as good, caring, loyal, trusting nature. And it is humans like a lot of people here that are interested. And it is often that, that gets us in danger. Yes we are still in danger if we become cocky and arrogant. But we do not go and feast on humans, if we need to hunt we do.

  604. Nothing but the bite

    I have lung cancer, and i dont have the money to get treatment. I looked up diffferent ways to cure it, and i found that being a werewolf can heal that? So thats why i need te bite? Thats not selfish. I just dont want to die before i graduate??

  605. elizabeth

    @themexicanlonewolf: The change happens to everyone at different times. There’s no sure way of knowing. It just deoends on how ready your body is for it.
    @Angelus: I see what you’re saying. I’ve never had contact with other wolves so I don’t really know others view on the matter.
    @nothign butthebite: Im sorry to hear that, but im not alltogether sure being a wolf can heal cancer. True we do heal faster but that’s from things like injuries and viruses. Evil wolves in the wild die of cancer. I know this isn’t what you want to hear and i wish you the best of luck on the fight ahead of you.

  606. elizabeth

    *even wolves (not evil), i made a lot of typos in the last message…

  607. Nothing but the bite

    It can! Ik a werewolf in florida that had lung cancer and then he became a werewolf and tHen he got better???

  608. elizabeth

    Well i don’t know of any such thing happening so i’d rather not give you hope for something that might not work.

  609. Moonlight

    nothing but the bite. im sorry about what is happening with u right now… but I have to agree with elizabeth on this… we heal from most wounds, but illness still have an effect on us…. we still can get cancer and still die from it like normal humans can but it might take us a little longer to die but it still has an effect on us… all i can think of saying is that u could try to go throught the treatments and hope for the best…. i recently lost my uncle to brain cancer… and he was a werewolf… it was sad to watch him go through it for 6years before it killed him… i understand u are afraid,,,, but u r a fighter and u will have a good chance as long as u fight. i wish u the best of luck…

  610. Angelus

    As I’ve said before, I haven’t had much contact with other wolves. But I have spoken to other creatures and they have told me their views, I found two creatures to tell me the truth and they do not know each other. I refused to let them meet. So the truth was told by different sides and two sides came hand in hand. The story differs from creature to creature, side to side. But once the pieces fall into place its easier to understand.

  611. Nothing but the bite

    Just give me the bite and well see if it helps? Im
    Not hoPing for
    It to work, i just want to try it? It doesnt work, then ill go back to gathering money?

  612. elizabeth

    Bite begging won’t get wolves to change you. Not being able to let things go isn’t necessarily a trait you’d want in a wolf. Millions have to fight through this, you’ll have to be one of them. There isn’t always an easy way out.

  613. John

    Hey sorry I haven’t checked this in a while. So angelus I would love to learn some things :)

  614. Adlet D. Wolf

    So many volunteers!

    I would think that any disheveled werewolf without ethics could quickly build up quite an impressive pack! Granted it would mostly be comprised of angsting teenagers with no sense of self identity, but there are advantages to having such mindless automata at your disposal.

    My plan is more simplistic. I’m going to pounce on one and bite them! Hazzah! Didn’t see that one coming, did ya Mr. Wolfie!? Mmmm! Tastes like werewolf! :>~~~~

    So, I guess the next question is, how do you spot one that isn’t in a transformed state? You guys have, like, a secret hand shake or something? Or should I follow folk lore and check for fur under the tongue? …granted there is so much GMO in the food supply now a days, that alone might not really mean anything!

    What would you do, to spot your own kind? Bare in mind, I’m not averse to smelling some ones butt, so please be honest!

    Do begging strips work? …tastes like bacon!

  615. elizabeth

    Adlet if you’re going to troll please take it somewhere else. None of us want to hear it.

  616. Angelus

    John I rarely give out my email but I’m sure we can figure something out. I won’t show you much but I will open your eyes.

  617. Angelus

    John folk lore is rather interesting. I like the one about the beast of bray road

  618. John


  619. John

    What if I give you an email address? Haha

  620. Adlet D. Wolf

    Did anyone catch the August 26th edition of Coast to Coast AM? Seems some of you were caught lurking in the dark, red pawed!!

    @elizabeth – Wasn’t trying to be provocative, merely playful. Must everything here be so serious? No one else seems to be offended, so I assume it was received the way it was intended. Don’t be so defensive. If I were a werewolf, I wouldn’t be offended by dog jokes, but, there again I suppose that’s just me.

  621. Angelus

    @Adlet ”sniff sniff”…….

    @John would be helpful, I am still very curious. it is rather interesting to me.

    Adlet you like folk lore? I’ve researched a lot. About the dog man. About the Jersey devil, beast of bray road. Werewolves, vampires, gargoyles, other were creatures. It all is rather interesting.

  622. Angelus

    John, I’ve emailed you

  623. Trueblood

    Hi everyone some of my pack members told me about this site ps why would us lycans let you humans know where here you can be werewolf hunters for all we know anyways moonlight if your still usin this site my sis amber her lycanthrope name is moonlight shes a bit of an ass sorry she has probs my name is jasmine im a gold lycan my pack is in santa cruz if anyone has any questions or anything they wanna know my email is Jazzwolf6@gmail.com bye ^•^

  624. Adlet D. Wolf

    @Angelus – Is that sniffing an invitation!? Hehe! Yeah, sure I do. Typically when you get the same stories originating from different sources, then there is some basic truth behind it. Lycanthropy has all the hallmarks of being some sort of biological. Consider the transference vectors , water in paw print, a bite, a known frequented river, etc. Silver has been known since the middle ages to be a powerful antimicrobial… it just all fits so nicely.

    @Trueblood – Well for one, how do you know this website isn’t run by Hunters capturing your IP address and running down a trace route in order to locate exactly where you are!? I personally don’t see the harm in sharing because any Hunter worth his salt would already know all of this to begin with.

    So, I’ll put this out here again. How do werewolves identify each other? How do I spot one? Hopefully the answer is not just by the internet!

  625. Angelus

    @Adlet; you’d like if it was an invite, its funny how limited the internet seems to be on the subject. Rather interesting actually. So adlet what drew you to the subject?

  626. Nothing but the bite

    Anyboy who refuses to give someone the bite, nomatter what conditions, is not a werewolf!!!!

  627. Angelus

    @ nothing but a bite – I agree with the others, it doesn’t who you are. If you have that much trust out of a wolf then you have a great guardian but a wolf doesn’t just turn a human. I understand what you are going through, wolves go through the same thing like Elizabeth said, it effects us differently, like how long it stays. Wolves haveisickness and famine and homelessness. But to want to be turned to escape your lung cancer isn’t a right choice. Call me fake if you want, call others fake. But to feel the wind in my fur when I do go out makes me real. No I will not show myself to you nor will I bite you. You cannot run from your destiny no matter what you are. If that makes me fake to you then so be it but it will not change my mind.

  628. Angelus

    My phone is not the greatest so my spelling errors are expected, I do know proper English

  629. John

    I got no email.

  630. Adlet D. Wolf

    @Nothing – Anyone refusing to give the bite… is what I would call responsible. Can you imagine if you got just one person with this gift who just went around spreading it at whim? That would be total chaos! It would also endanger everyone else who already has it. Then you have people like Chris Mac Walters (see post way above) wanting to use this gift to commit parricide! That alone is just disturbing. I consider that a prime example! Bite me so I can kill my parents!? WTF!? Not even funny as a joke.

    @Angelus – Yes. Yes I would! Yeah, you’re right. Of course it doesn’t help with all the recent Hollywood dilution with Twilight, Teenwolf and Grimm, confusing and distorting what little factual information we have. Plus, what do we really know anyway. Right? Not like we can verify anything with all the wolfies hiding under their bed covers from Hunters! Are there really Hunters? Anyway, what drew me into this? Really good question. It’s actually been happening quite gradually, and recent, just the past 2 years in fact. I’m a serious animal lover to being with, have always been, and I donno. I think something like this would truly help me to connect with my inner animal that I do love. I already have the ability to see in near darkness. It really freaks people out! I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. I can track a scent as it layers itself though the air. It’s not always a good thing. I can’t be around some people long because their natural body odor is just too repugnant. The laundry section at Walmart? OMG! Olfactory overload! I don’t see how people can stand even being there, it’s just so strong. But, I’m getting off track here. I guess in short, I believe it’s something that would complete me. Something that would bridge that gap. Does that make any sense?

    Both of these replies segways quite nicely with a very important question. Would you really want this? Oh sure! Definitely great, but the novelty is eventually going to wear off and then what? This isn’t some video game you can put in the closet and forget about, this is your new life! I think that’s pretty significant.

    Personally, I wouldn’t accept a bite unless I fully understood the complete dynamics of Lycanthopy. I would need to see it first hand and then talk, one on one with them, after I knew for a fact they are one. For example, would having this require me to go out and kill animals at night? I understand the need to eat animals, that’s a simple fact of living, but when it’s done for sport, that’s a problem for me! Would it make me more aggressive? It would seriously bother me if I hurt someone who didn’t deserve it, but even if they did… it would give me pause.

    Now, using this gift for self defense? Oh yeah! Come at me bro! Not going to hurt you, but you are definitely getting slapped around some! Kiss that wall! Kiss it! Kisssss it! Mmmmm, tastes like dry wall and your face doesn’t it!?

  631. Angelus

    Ummm…. Uh… Huh.. Well seeing is how I have nothing to lose after losing my best friend. John I have emailed you, adlet give me your email address I wish to speak with you

  632. Angelus

    John I’ve sent you another email.

  633. Angelus

    I take that back, I found my best friend and beta. Those who have longed for a bond but afraid. Go with the bond, we had ours for 8 years. Two years ago she died and was reborn. Brought tears to my eyes.

  634. Angelus

    Adlet, I can answer some of your questions, and give you an invitation. Give me a way to get a hold of you. I will email you.

  635. Angelus

    Sorry moonlight, I had to reread your comment on your uncle, sorry if you read it thinking you said it not Elizabeth. Sorry about that again.

  636. Adlet D. Wolf

    I can be reached at “adlet dot wolf at rthdata dot com”.

  637. angelus is your name angels and lots of commenting lately

  638. Angelus

    No my wolf name is Angelus. I didn’t mean to comment so much… I know how it feels to not know what you are… Feeling different, not knowing. Not feeling safe, and wanting to change someone to save them. But I knew it wouldn’t be very responsible, or safe. I had someone tell me what I was and another not knowing the first agreed. Its funny… I felt safe in the woods, my first experience was incredible. A great and powerful wolf showed himself to me. He didn’t hurt me, yet I felt safe. But I know how it feels. And someone helped me. I am not the most knowledgeable one when it comes to the war, or why we try and hide ourselves. I am a therian and yes I do change and yes I do feel it in the morning. But I want to offer help to the pups, even if they do not know what they are. Why does my commenting interest you trace of crimson? No im not being mean about it I am curious.

  639. Diamond

    Hey guys. I want to become a werwolf more than ANYTHING. I have always had a strong connection with werewolves. I feel a certain pull and need to become a werwolf. if you can help please contact me

  640. wanttobewolf

    i really want to be a werewolf. if some one could please bite me.im desperate. if you live in the sycamore, dekalb area of sycamore, please message me!

  641. Felicia

    All those who say they want to be a wolf forget it u won’t like it. I’m half and hate it I get sick at the full moon and also when the new moon comes. I’m also looking for a pack in Fort Wayne so if anyone knows of one can u let me know! Please.

  642. Felicia

    I ment that I hate that I’m half and not full the effects are starting to effect me and I have no clue what to do, I love the sensations the smells the taste, and being able to touch things differently but when ur doing it by ur self im kind of freaking out.

  643. Mockingjay22

    Hey every1 first off does any real werewolf live in michigan? I know we have wolves up north in michigan…

    Well I have many methods on how to become a werewolf (lukos anthropos). I also did alot of werewolves research I tried every method none works.

    I heard the only way to become a werewolf if your not born 1 is too get bitten or scrathed by 1


    Ask me for my number if u can help me

  644. Mockingjay22

    Message me on facebook the name is juan briceno

    Message me asap

  645. Angelus

    I can imagine it isn’t pleasant to be a half and not a full.

  646. Mockingjay22

    Are you a werewolf angelus please tell the truth cause there lots of fakers and hackers out there.

    P.s. I’m not saying you are a hacker or are faking but if you are please tell me : D

  647. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    Hi, I just recently started noticing changes with my sight, hearing and while I’m sleeping. The other night I thought I was having a dream that I was a wolf and was running through the woods near my house. When I woke up I was all sweaty and covered in mud and dirt. I could really use someone to help me understand what is happening to me.

  648. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    if you can help me, please email me at aerie.night@yahoo.com

  649. Angelus

    Mockingjay22, before you get all excited I am a wolf and I’ve explained what I am on many occasions. No I will notnot change you, no I will not give it a second thought, no you can not change my mind, no there’s nothing you can say or do that will tell me otherwise.

  650. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    I am looking to start a pack in western Wisconsin. If you would like some more information you can email me at aerin.night@yahoo.com. By the way I am known as Rayven Wolfram Reule to other wolves. My human name is Ann.

  651. Mockingjay22

    Ok I was just really interested …….

    I’m doing m-shifting right know so that’s for at least answering my question angelus. I’m sorry if I was annoying you I just wanted help.. Please forgive me :(

    Does any1 live in michigan anyways???

  652. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    Mockingjay22 what part of Michigan do you live in?

  653. Mockingjay22

    I am from muskegon, michigan

  654. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @Mockingjay22: I’m from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Why do you want to become one of us anyways? It’s not as fun or exciting as you might think.

  655. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    Are there any packs near Eau Claire, Wisconsin? I just recently started shifting and I’m looking for a pack to belong to.

  656. Angelus

    Mockingjay22, sorry for snapping.. Not your fault, trying to build a pack and searching for my members… Your fine, I’m near Saint Clair… Not too far from flint.

  657. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    I am looking to start a pack in western Wisconsin. If you would like some more information you can email me at aerin.night@yahoo.com. By the way I am known as Rayven Wolfram Reule to other wolves. My human name is Ann.

  658. Mockingjay22

    @angelus your all good no hard feelings lol : D @rayven I could answer your question in a big paragraph but I don’t wanna bored you so here it is….. I have wanted to be a were for soooooo long and have tried every thing not even M-shifting is going good :o I would wanna be 1 because I have no one two count on and I think were would be trusting to me igbo could be one! One time I was so desperate I was hands give my soul to the devil to be one but I couldn’t do that! I guess I’m not born to be a werewolf :(

  659. Mockingjay22

    @angelus@ we only live like four hours away lol that’s kool :)

  660. Mockingjay22

    Actually two hours away lol

  661. If werewolf- night claw if vampire Night fang

    Hello vampire and werewolfs I am a stupid human wishing not to be but I would love to become a vampire or werewolf…with out getting rid of my soul of course…yes I know there is plenty of people who would love to be one well if you don’t believe in god sell your soul but I happen to and I would love to become anything werewolf and vampire releataded maby just half I think my email is provided contact me if u know any way I can be turned into one with out soul being taken away I have done some research on this stuff and all I find is they arent real well I know you guys are real I just hope one of u would be so kindly to send me some help email: GhastlyShadow@hotmail.com, I barely have Internet but I will try to check daily for emails

  662. Werewolf-night claw vampire-night fang

    Just letting you know this is a add on to ^^ that message I know being werewolf or vampire isn’t a cup of tea but I just hate being human always have…I want to be half wolf half vampire but I’ll take anything other than human I’m not asking u to turn me im asking for werewolf vampire friends who are willing to tell me about it…My brother was satanic at a point in his life so he is/was a werewolf and he told me he turn me into one but turned out he lied about me being one and I’m best friends with a vampire/succubus so I’m not scared if u are those things just want to be friends with u guys and hopefully find out a way to turn into one of u guys without doing what my bro did my best friend was born that was though lucky!

  663. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @mockingjay22: don’t give up yet. I think you will be a great were. If you ever want to talk you can email me @ aerin.night@yahoo.com

  664. Mockingjay22

    Ok thanks a lot that made my day :)

  665. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @mockingjay22: no problem. I’m not someone that despises someone for being human or being anything else. I am always looking for friends.

  666. Mockingjay22

    I wish I can have a were friend and hang out that would be awesome.

    I would forget about wanting to become one! I would feel so safe

    : D

  667. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    I will gladly be your friend Mockingjay22. if you have skype we can hang out that way. I go to Milwaukee, WI often and could could try to meet up then.

  668. Angelus

    Mockingjay, that’s interesting… well hmm….

  669. Mockingjay22

    Ok ho a cool :)

    I’ll make a skype because I’ve never made 1 but I have heard of it I’ll make it tomarow I have homework tonight lol….

    Bye o:

  670. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    alright. just email me your skype name when you make it. email is aerin.night@yahoo.com

  671. Mockingjay22

    I would like to hang out with you two angelus if possible


  672. Mockingjay22

    And how old are you guys just wondering rayban and angelus

  673. Mockingjay22

    Ok rayven anemia found out your only about two hours and a half away taking the ferry that’s awesome lol

  674. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    are you using autocorrect? i don’t live in Milwaukee but i have family there and i visit them a lot

  675. Mockingjay22

    Well milwaukee is two hours away on the ferry

  676. Rayven Wolfram Reule


  677. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    Are there any wolves around western Wisconsin?

  678. Mockingjay22

    If any1 on here has a zwinky account then we can talk there that also

    User: mockingjay22

  679. Angelus

    Rayven, would you mind if I Skype you?

    Mockingjay I am 24

  680. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    Go ahead Angelus. Just look up Rayven Wolfram Reule

  681. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    Angelus what is your skype info?

  682. Mockingjay22

    Wow I have not been on soon…

    I made a skype but you guys probably don’t wanna talk to a 14 almost 15 year old lol : D

  683. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    I’m 21 and I will still talk to you mockingjay

  684. Mockingjay22

    Thx : D

    I really do need people to talk to.
    I’m like a loner at school lol well thanks…

    I appreciate it

  685. Mockingjay22

    So fucking disappointed M-Shifting didn’t work not did P,shifting

    (waste of time)

    Lol there are no more methods now for me :(

    At least I tried right and now I have a werewolf friend

  686. roy

    i came on this site to say that i want to be turned but i’m in idaho if anyone could come here i would pay ya back for this here’s my
    description i’m about 5 feet tall has brown hair *with ginger undertones*
    my name is roy i’m 12 and i really want to be a werewolf *i’m a guy by the way* and i will repay ya anyway i can *except money i am very poor* and the towns name is challis *do not fake being a were or i will most likely break your arm* please come and turn me

  687. Savannah

    Im human. But i would very much like to become a werewolf.
    IN some ways i feel like im a werewolf but im not sure can any REAL werewolf’s me and HOPEFULLY answer my questions i have
    so many about them

  688. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @Roy & @savannah: why do want to be turned so badly ? If it is just because you think it would be fun and awesome, it isn’t. We are either born werewolves or you have to be bitten or scratched by one. Plus it is really hard to control the wolf part of yourself when you are angry, trust me on this, I know that from experience.

  689. Marbles

    Finally found this site , talking about wolves…
    Btw I sent u guys email, 4- 5 of u, I just wanna make friends n wanna know more….

  690. Angelus

    no…. it would be Jar. Angelus…. ive attempted to add you…. you will know you have found me either by the beautiful dog on my profile, or a love scene from a movie

  691. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    I couldnt find you

  692. Angelus

    Hmm, look up jarei Angelus

  693. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    Thank you Jarei

  694. Mockingjay22


    Should I give my soul to the devil to be a werewolf?

    Any1 just please answered fast I’m thinking!
    I’m very desperate.

  695. Bree

    I want to know if what my friend told me is true. I had been having dreams about a man I didn’t know. I told a friend about them described the man to him and he said he is a lycan elder named kyren. Now does anyone know if there has ever been a lycan named kyren? Or is my friend full of crap? You can email me at **edited**

  696. MrCook

    I’m not a were. I’m a Lupine. We are similar to were’s however we do not have the shifting ability. We are as fast, as strong and we can growl. Our senses are also heightened, smell and hearing mostly. We have been noted to be similar to the “lone wolf” style but I have been with a group of other Lupine’s. Now, through what I have been told , we Lupine’s have never really got on with traditional Were’s, not just wolves but panthers, Puma’s, Tigers, Dogs. All of them, but my question is, does anyone want to build a partner ship with a Lupine?

  697. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @mrcook: I would like to get to know more about Lupines.

  698. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @MrCook: I m interested in possibly building a partnership with a Lupine. E-mail me **edited**

  699. MrCook

    Well, Lupine’s were said to be decendants from Romulus, they were said to have been infused with the blood of Romulus (who was raised by wolves). This meant that those who drunk the blood became empowered by the blood of wolves which gave them the strength, speed and hightended senses. These wolf men followed Romulus to the ends and protected him with their lives, they roared and snarled as they fought and were very protective over their own, like wolves. These men then moved on with life at the end of Romulus’ life. These men had family’s which all lead to the Romanian Gypsies and other people like this. “Savages” or “Savage Men” where said to have been Lupine. These Romanian, Saxon, Viking’s and other animalistic clans have all had Lupine bloodlines that all link into modern day. I am Romanian Gypsie decendant which lead me to research more. Lupine’s, characteristically have a short temper, heightened senses, strength and speed. Note that most lupine children develope muscles quickly, like the six packs and biceps without doing any major work outs. Lupine’s have been aggressive towards were’s of all kinds as they had never developed the ability to shift. However I hold no such grudges. So I am looking for a new pack that incorperates were’s, Lupine’s and other Animalistic Supernaturals.

  700. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    Hi… Anyone in minnesota willing to meet me? I’m so freaking lonely and only want to see and hang out with one of my own. I’m a shapeshifter but am having trouble shifting. Message me **edited**

  701. MrCook

    I’m getting a strange feeling that this website is full of children and Peadophiles. These kids throwing themselves out into the open to become were’s, disregarding all safety to meet up with someone that they’ve never met or known to be turned. I’m not being funny but the chances that a were is going to turn a kid is slim, especially and emotional kid that can’t contain is feelings. So when that happens you kids turn to others, which I can put my blood on are peadophiles.

  702. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @mrcook: Why do you think that?

  703. MrCook

    Most of these people are speaking like children, asking to be bitten or turned. None of them have given any context or history of were’s or even given any knowledge on what is going to happen to them. This only leads me to the conclusion that it is in fact children who are to obsessed with becoming a supernatural to disregard common sense. When a child then learns that a man could perform the initial bite then they are willing to go and meet said man and i believ that they aren’t who they say they are. Children are diving head head first into something they only know to exist, not something they have proof in. I would not meet up and turn any one of these children for the fear that this secret would get out.

  704. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @mrcook: I have to agree with you on that. Being a were is not as fun and exciting as most of these children might think. Most of them are just desperate for attention and are looking for something to blame when things go wrong in their lives.

  705. Midnight Flare

    I’m new to being a werewolf. I just used a spell to turn myself into one and it worked. I would like to talk or meet with someone in MI. No fakers. I want to talk to real werewolves like myself. You can contact me at **edited**

  706. Teronie

    i might become a teronie/kanima which is used as a weapon of vengence and which seeks a master or i might b a werewolf i have to wait till im 18 a bite from a werewolf can kill me because i have cell in my dna so i mite have to wait till i am 18 to turn.
    p.s.Teronies are a lot stronger then werewolves

  707. Mockingjay22

    #Raven #Mr.cook
    Its way more than attention for me! Stuff way different that I just can’t seem to explain/prove to all you were’s. I’m not trying to sound mean but why aren’t you were’s wanting to switch people if they are willing? I understand you might think it is your responsibility but it is more of there’s!!!
    Like I said in an earlier comment ” I tried every thing that I know of, even did lots of research, read old library books”. I guess you can call me a freak but you probably do know that there are lots of people wanting to be some thing super natural.

    I’ve never told no body this but about a year and a half ago my mom went to go see a lady/witch/physic what ever you wanna call her. But I wanted to go and I finally convinced her to let me go. When she read my moms tarot cards she told me that she felt I was different that I had a spirit of not a human! I didn’t exactly know what she meant but maybe just maybe could I be a were?

    Please just believe everything I said, why would I lie about something like this?!.? Respond fast please… I need answers.

  708. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @mockingjay22: just because she said your spirit wasn’t human docent mean you could be a were. You could be something that nobody has ever seen before. Or she could have just been a fraud and was lying to you. You might not want to hear this but a lot of these so-called “psychics” are fake and are trying to scam you out of your money

  709. Luna

    @Anson, I am an alpha by default of my pack, but only because my father wasn’t being a great alpha, so he handed the title to me, his oldest daughter,**edited**. I am a full werewolf and have shifted once to defend a member of my pack. I am completely clueless and have an entire pack to lead yet, no one else is older than me. We have been threatened and I am in dire need of help. If you are a true full shifter please, i really need your help, i am doing the best i can. Any other Aplhas or 17+ wolves that can give me advice i will be more that glad to take it. Thank You

  710. Mockingjay22

    That is exactly what I thought but everything that she predicted was right. So therefore I kinda believe her. and yea I might not be a were( ah man) but if she is not lying what else is there in this world that we don’t know about?!?!.

    (please help me become 1, I respect of you don’t wanna bite me but if you don’t just please help me give me something to try please I’m begging) you were’s should no a myth or 2 that usually works. Once again I tried almost everything.!

  711. anonymous

    i need help. im a therian and a few years ago i went m shifting with my old pack. we didn’t believe in werewolves at the time. suddenly while running around in the woods i started gagging and my muscles convulsed. i hit the ground and it was the weirdest felling Ive ever felt. every muscle began to move in ways i didn’t know they could. i screamed stop because i was so scared and it stopped. my pack members rushed to help me. they said they could see all my veins and my bones moving. im really freaked out. i need advice and someone to tell me why this is happening. neither of my parents are werewolves and i was never bitten. PLEASE EMAIL ME!

  712. bree

    Hi i would really like to meet a real werewolf and get to know them an possibly become one. I am an adult .**edited**

  713. bree

    i live in nebraska

  714. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @mockinjay22: I am not going to turn you because the last time I tried turning a human, they ended up going insane and killing themselves. This landed me in the psych ward for nearly 5 years. I would rather not try it again

  715. jordan

    Im aware of the consequences. I long to be like you. For you are greater than i.

  716. Mockingjay22


    I understand that, and I respect you alot. What do I have to say to convince you?? can we text each other so we can get to know each other better.? Then will you consider it? Tell me if you want my # ok .
    We can be friends, you can get to know how I feel, how good I am. I will try to convince you! Just please give me a chance.
    I will prove I’m not like others. I will send you pictures of me (not to sound weird) to prove I’m a teen if you don’t believe me.


  717. Mr.Cook

    I’ve been away for awhile and I apologise, I’ve been to the south of France. An area known for wolves. It seems I’ve learnt some more stuff, but ill leave that for people like Rayven. Actually wolves. Most of you make up stuff hoping you’d convince people like me and Rayven that you are wolves, like the whole transformation progress, or irrational feelings. I can assure you if you had it happen you’d not be so open to the concept of sharing it. But out of interest, are there any English people roaming about? I feel like I should take on an apprentice, Puppy for the use of a better word?

  718. jordan

    Please rayven. Im not like other humans you are the culmination of everything i want to be

  719. Mockingjay22


    Look sir not to be mean but your acting like an
    asshole!!! Your making me feel bad. I’m sorry you don’t like humans, but ” rayven” does. She has been really nice to me other than the turning fact but yea she doesn’t deceive humans. Your either in a shity mood or you don’t like HUMANS!

  720. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @mockingjay22 & @jordan: first of all I never said I liked humans. I I only Saudi was willing to try being friends with one. Secondly, I am only nice to humans because I have to be with the job I currently have. Lastly, no matter what you say, I am never attempting to turn anybody ever again!
    @mr.cook: you know my email address so you can email me what you have learned.

  721. Rayven Wolfram Reule


  722. Mockingjay22

    Look #Rayven I’m really sorry for putting you on blast like that. Well hope this didn’t ruin little we had. If it did can we start over ”HUMAN” just wanted a friend??? Forget about everything I said, lets try to have a real friendship!

    Hi Rayven my name is juan I’m latino and wondering if you wanna be friends?

  723. Mockingjay22

    I won’t talk about you know what anymore :)

  724. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @mockingjay22: I try to have as little contact as possible with humans and sometimes even other weres. I have never been fully in control of my wolf and I don’t want to end up hurting or even killing someone

  725. Mockingjay22

    We can just text, email skpe?? It can be like a real friendship ya know I can trust you.

    -if that’s fine with you.
    Then maybe if you feel comfortable one day we can meet each other?

  726. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    Texting would be fine. Maybe when I learn to control my wolf better.

  727. Mockingjay22

    Well how do I give you my number, do you want me to just say it??

  728. Rayven Wolfram Reule


  729. jordan

    Starting to think that alot of you are afraid of the consequences of turning someone. To me it sounds rather weak. Come to think of it…none of you are willing, that must mean you are either very wise or very cowardly. Well, which is it?

  730. Kayti

    Hi I feel like my soul is part wolf and I don’t know If I’ve ever changed shape, but I find a lot of cuts and other things showing up when I wake sometimes. Could someone find out if I’m a real werewolf and if not how to turn me? e-mail me **edited**

  731. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @Jordan: it is never a good idea to call a were cowardly. it will come back and bite you (not literally). always try to have good karma.

  732. jordan

    I dont believe in carma. I believe in action. I believe in living in the moment. Like a reawolf would

  733. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @Jordan: us wolves don’t live in the moment. we live to survive and protect our packs, our friends and our families.

  734. Mockingjay22


    So if we do become close friends, since your trying you would protect me?? Don’t forget I said/promised that if I become friends with a were I would forget about becoming one. : D

  735. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    @mockingjay: of course I would protect you if we became close friends.

  736. Mockingjay22

    Awwwwwwwwwww thanks, I needed to here that today!

  737. Mockingjay22

    Are you txting me right now, just wanna make sure it’s not some one else off of here

  738. Mockingjay22


  739. jordan

    A real wolf would. Not a werewolf. They are two seperate things

  740. Mr.Cook

    You’re right, I don’t take kindly to humans, I’d prefer the company of vamps, shifters, deamons, half souls. Infact, all super naturals for a fact. That’s why me and a group of wolves and other supes have created a new group, and our group is growing. We are HEP – Human Extermibation Protocal. I can assure you that we will remove your primitive race from the face of the world and the supes shall have regin once more. If I have the fortune of rubbing across you kids in the future, (excluding Rayvern and real supes) I would happily show you how strong, fast and dangerous we are. I’d show how a wolf would tear the throat out of its prey.

  741. Liz

    would anyone be willing to turn a human into a werewolf if they hated being human?

  742. Mr. Cook

    Liz, I’d happily tear you into ribbons whilst you pray to become the savage animal that is soaking its mouth with your blood.

  743. Liz

    wouldn’t one bite work? i highly doubt ripping me to shreds will change me. & werewolves are only savage because human portray them that way.

  744. Mockingjay22


    He was being sarcastic, some wolfs are mean like that! I would know. You have a better chance selling your soul to the devil :) hope this helped.

  745. Liz

    i figured he was being sarcastic. but if i had a soul to sell i would to become something that’s not human.

  746. Mockingjay22

    You don’t have a soul???

  747. Liz

    not really. if i had a soul i wouldn’t be cruel to others just to watch them cry

  748. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    Hey guys! Not much has been up with me.. hbu? I’ve just been chilling. It’s kinda sad about lonely I am for other shifters right now… Once on my bus this little kid howled (apprently they were learning about wolves that day) and without thinking, I reacted and holwed back… It was clearly a human voice immating one of us but I couldnt help the urge to try and contact one of us. It sucks right now and so yeah. Still looking for a pack, I promise I wont be any trouble. Please message me at **edited** thats a really really old email I got when I wasn’t certain if I was imaging things or if I was really a shifter. There is no such doubt now mkay?

  749. Mockingjay22


    Where do you live??? Maybe we can start talking!?

  750. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    SURE! I live in minnesota. hbu? if you live close… Lets talk ok? Email me so we can chat more.

  751. Mockingjay22

    I live bye MICHIGAN ! ! ! : O

  752. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    Wow that’s far away >.<" but you said "by Michigan" so do you live in or close to Michigan lol?

  753. matt

    Hi my names Matt. Do any of you know where I could get in contact with a werewolf who lives in the California. Area. Any help at all would help

  754. Mockingjay22

    I live ok muskegon michigan, I don’t know why I said by it haha….

  755. Lynzey

    Hello, im a full blooded werewolf. My grandmother and father are both werewolves also. I live very close to Minnesota(: I have a pack already, you are free to join or i will join yours. I currently am alpha of my pack do to my strength and abilities. Im very outgoing and could take on any other wolf, fear isnt one of my traits.

  756. MaskedEmotionsWolfGirl

    Lol cool.
    @Lynzey can you please email me!? I’ve been looking for a pack in mn for so long. Do you accept shifters? And if ypu do do you already have a shifter? Please get back to **edited**

  757. Mockingjay22

    _________ __ __ EVERY ONE LISTEN UP ! ! ! ! ! ____________

    This person so called MR.COOK is a bad person & I’m gonna need all the help I can get . You can help if your a HUMAN to just spread the word to other were’s you might know. WOLFS you are a big part of this , you need to find this person and exterminate him !

    Now let me tell you why , COOK is planning to extinguish all human kind ! He has gathered some wolfs and vamps together already and are preparing then fo
    ”war” . He calls it the H.E.P. (human existence protocol) .. . Now you may think ”I DON’T CARE” , well you should because you probably have family that isn’t a were, we’ll they will be dead if you don’t help !

    This would be the first time in history were wolf and human team up for such a ginormous fight that could extinct a species ! Just imagine if we all do trap or even kill COOK , without a leader his group H.E.P. Would be nothing they would have to back down ! Be a big part in history , you could tell your kids you know what I helped save the world back in the past !


  758. Angelus

    Cook… It is clear you do not like humans.. Rayven is not human.. and what did Rayven do to you?

  759. Mockingjay22


    Raven didn’t do nothing to me , if your talking to me . . . She is actually helping me spread the word to other wolves she knows :)

    I hope you would like to help .?!

  760. Abreanna Rose

    Im reallly wanting to be somthing other than being a boring human, ive been studying werewolves for as long as i can remember, but ive also ALWAYS wanted to be one. any wolf in MN can help me that’d be great<3

  761. riley

    Moonlihgt i would like to talk to u about turning me.

  762. Trueblood

    Hey I’m back I’ve been hanging with my pack if anyone wants to join **edited**

  763. Trueblood

    Oh I can turn people too if they wan so try and contact me

  764. Trueblood

    Mockingjay22 how did you find out about this text or email me

  765. Wolfbaby

    Hey can anyone help me? I want to become a wolf. I hate being normal. I do studies on the wolves and im out every full moon hoping for one to change me. </3 but its never worked. **edited**

  766. broken_bond

    To all werewolfs and lycans alike….
    I’m pissed! i’m indeed a turned vampire and a few years ago after searching for so long, i found my soulmate. sadly he was a lycan but we was still in love. not long after we got together others of his kind found out and wernt happy so they tried to kill me and still are to this day. they have broken my bond to him and it still hurts not that its gotten out of control and im not feeding. because of this i’ve have decide to get my revenge and kill any mutt i come across! so be warned cause if you think its bad seeing a werewolf being rejected you havent seen anything yet! be warned!!

    p.s. if there are any vampires on here email me i’d love to speak to some of my kind it gets lonely on my own as my friend who turned me was distroyed :/ :-

    Leah =]

  767. broken_bond

    Another thing-

    Mrcook… i hope one day they all turn against you and better be prepered to fight my friend cause when it will come to their friends and family they will soon realise what they are doing are wrong. its either i’ll distroy you, these mutts will or your own little ‘gang’. so if i was you, i’d run whilst you have a head start. just letting you know.

  768. Abreanna Rose

    BTW i live in MN<3 So any wolves in mn look me up.

  769. Abreanna Rose

    @ trueblood. Contact me<3 pleaseeee text, email anythinggg ok? Thanks

  770. Abreanna Rose

    True Blood. Text me. on my yahooo account. OR email me. <3

  771. Angelus

    Ello… How fair you all this evening?

  772. Abreanna Rose

    Any Wolves In minnesota?? Email MEEE

  773. Abreanna Rose

    # Lynzey Text me or email me. I would Love to talk to yhu!

  774. broken_bond

    Erm…. hi guys i just wanted to apoligise for saying im going to distroy you all. Ive been speaking with riley and its made me realise ive been letting my emotions take over and i lost full control of myself. Hope we can make amends and accept this lonely creature. I have also been trying to locate mrcook and his little gang, no sight of him but i shell of course keep looking. Leah :)

  775. Mockingjay22

    Broken_bond ;

    thanks for helping :)
    & good job over coming your emotions…

  776. broken_bond

    Thankyou i feel so bad for saying it now :( and im actrully starting my own clan now which ive given riley 2nd in charge of which anyone anywhere can join if anyone is intrested,let me know. ive got hold of my mate so now theres three of us tracking him down, ill keep you update. Leah :)

  777. Rayven Wolfram Reule

    I apologize for not responding to everyone’s messages. I have actually been in hiding. One of my so-called “pack mates” sent hunters after me. If anyone has questions for me, just ask.

  778. broken_bond

    I would love to just say a merry christmas to my fellow vamps and beautiful wolves. Hope you guys have a wunderful new year cause i know i will if i have you guys by my side. :) leah x

  779. Black shadows

    Hi I was wondering if there are any wolves near northwest Arkansas?
    As far as I know I’m the only one.

  780. Felix explicit

    I am 14, my parents have always called me odd becuz ive always acted like a wolf, i used to own two named bill and sam, they would only listen to my commands, and i dream anout them 24/7, wat does this mean, if i am not one i would love to be turned

  781. The follower

    Hi…… For the past 3 years I’ve wanted to be a part of a pack, to find my mate, and to become a werewolf. I have always had a deep connection with wolves, intact I find were wolves very attractive. I want to be bit so bad. So please someone help me

  782. Angelus

    Evening all, hope all is well and everyone is having a good new year..

  783. Trueblood

    I need a new boy friend or mate same thing i guess unless my MATE WILL STOP CHEATING ON ME!!! For a human oh well Doesnt matter im ok im fine :'( ill get over it im the princess of the california pack i have packs all over the world its not the end do not think of the future or remember the past focuse the mind on the preseant moment the secret to be able to change at will not that i need to i was born lycan im pure yipee not really i cant do to many human things like go to school or date human boys not much of a difference but still not being shot at bye hunters or farmers and poachers the only cool part about being lycan is elamental fir ice air water earth darkness thunder but its rare i only have blue fir ice and water -_- it sux

  784. Katelyn

    Are all you guys real werewolfs or is this all
    Fake. If you guys are real then can you tell me
    What its like? I’m 15 years old and i’m reall interested
    In this type of stuff. Can someone please tell me,
    I would really like to know.

  785. Twilight

    hello, I have been interested in become a werewolf for ten years now, searching for them pratically all day and night, doing research on them, and i could never find a website like this… Please can a werewolf that can actually shape shift into one turn me? I saw a comment before that one lives in Wisconsin!!! SO DO I!!! :D Please! Can one of you turn me? **edited** thanks for reading and if you want reasoning, just email me questions to answer, then if you accept can you turn me? Oh and i really want to join a pack as well, i don’t can if i have to leave my family… All i want to become is a werewolf! I don’t can what they look like as long as it’s one where i can actually shape shift into one and not look like a human beast… Again thanks for reading, and please email me if you are one!!!

  786. Twilight

    or please text me 262 224 8485

  787. The hunt

    Trust me u dont want to become one u will most likely be hunted down by the hunters that dont care if u did something wrong or not.

  788. Wolf girl

    I feel so bad what you guys go through.
    People hunting you down now that is just
    Not right. No matter what you are you have
    The right to live. I wish there was something
    I can do to help but i probably can’t becouse
    I’m only human and i don’t know any werewolfs.

  789. The hunt

    Most hunters hunt for fun. Others keep laws so if weres hunt inecent people they have a law to go by.

  790. Mockingjay22


    Can you txt me so I get your number again please && thank you …. :D

  791. Broken_bond

    Hey jay you never replied back to me about mrcook…….
    And I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year.

  792. Broken_bond

    Hey jay you never replied back to me about mrcook…….
    And I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year. Leah x

  793. obviously like your web site however you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very troublesome to tell the reality nevertheless I’ll definitely come again again.

  794. austinshay

    ok guys ever since my 14th birthday ive been feeling a lil strange i can hear better alot better i can smell everythink and my site is alot better so yea lets go on that

  795. marcus

    where can i get tured at because i want to become a werewolf

  796. marcus

    where can i get tured at because i want to become a werewolf
    and text me on my email

  797. marcus

    i will pay a $75 to become a werewolf

  798. Twilight

    so anyone willing to turn me in Wisconsin?

  799. lucas epperson

    I am not a werewolf (sorry) but what the heck is fotm (and no i dont mean flavor of the month) and why the heck did my friend say he is in the war between the alphas and omegas… I personally would be more of feline morph

  800. lucas epperson

    also for those of you who want to be one it will never happen… unless you need to be one

  801. lunalenn

    Hello…..mmmm im new at this werewolf thing I shifted a few days after my birthday….I have no pack or a friend that would understand what im going….it would be nice to talk to some about this….I wasn’t rasied as most werewolf children were…I stared doing research on werewolves…and being a werewolf amazing gift and a cruse…but my love ones do not know about my shifting ….andvim really scared….to tell them or be around them…so far im good atv controling my wolf…but sometimes I feel my self sliping away…If you willing to let me join your pack…Im really nice, but shy….I get alone with everyone humans and vampires…and I haven’t met any other werewolves in my area….but im sure I’ll ajust to being around people like me….im you an average student…im hard working and trusting…..i would go out of my way to help anyone….but I have my limits…so far I can control my wolf and really great with kids….please if your just wiling to help or talk to me to help me get through this I would be greatfull…I was raised as human but ive always felt different**edited**

  802. tariq

    Going to south Africa for 2 years anyone know some weres in S.A?

  803. Trueblood

    **edited** I am the princess of lycans I live in a manor deep in the woods in Arizona away from civilization so I’m really curious to know about humans my parents are dead and I’m raising my sis life is tough I hope to make some human friends or a mate I am 15 so male lycans out there email me and we will chat

  804. lucas epperson

    bad news according to my friend iyra who is an oracle the world will be plagued by the hunger to kill everyone on this planet

  805. Lucas, try favored of the moon. Please don’t take this wrong. If you would look up what the farmers have been saying, you would know what has been going on with the crops. Do you not remember the dust bowl time in your history class? World hunger has been going on too.Wells are shut down now, because of the toxins in the water. They want hunters to have their game tested, because of sickness & toxins. We are our worst enemy, just watch the news or read the bible to see that. Please, does anybody have any good news?

  806. The hunt

    Well we dont have enough food supply to last us one day ask any farmer. The press isnt even aloud to report on it.

  807. every endocrine secretor-thyroid, adrenals, saturated fats can gain levels of
    LDL cholesterol in the blood stream. The residuum of 25% we get and trans fats are out. Lemons, for good example, are small-scale citrus fruit fruits that incorporate calories from foods with added carbohydrate to more or less 100 calories a day. Be careful not to devour too much mackerel, a preservative and spice; additionally, its red colour is secondhand to tint some Asian recipes.

  808. madison

    i am not a werewolf but i would like to become one. I know the risks and dangers of it all and i dont care. I also wouldnt care for being an outsider (no offence) because i pretty much already an outsider. I also live in ohio so if you know any werewolves that are willing to turn me leave a message.

  809. charlotte

    I’m not a member of this pack I’m just looking for my mate and have been searching forever I’m in the midnight moon pack (2nd biggest pack) and I’m the alphas daughter just asking the alpha beta or any mateless wolfs to say something because my dad is getting on my nerves xxx charlotte xxx soon to be alpha xx

  810. charlotte

    I’m not begging as I’m a soon to be alpha and I hold respect like your alpha does a mate less she wolf is not a safe wolf and untill I find my mate I can’t hold the pack and I know its hard but if they was alpha of this one of just a normal wolf they would step up to be an alpha

  811. Jacob Riley Rooks

    Come and find me for I am wolf with human form i live in Cloumbus IN, a town named azalia, and a home next to a graveyard, close to a park for Im in search for a pack to join. 12771 s 350 e elizabethtown 47232 united states I mark the bite.

  812. Hkiy0417

    I live in pekin Indiana and I want to become a werewolf if anyone can help me.

  813. Hkiy0417

    I do understand that if I want to become a werewolf that I will be in extreme pain, that could potentially leave me at a death like state. But I’m willing to do that. I feel as if my family don’t care about me and I’m not welcomed with open arms. The love that my family once shared is definitely gone by now. I may only be young but my mind state can say otherwise. I was somewhat forced to grow up mentally faster than normal children.

    I know this process will indeed take time and will bring me the worst pain I have ever felt but I’m willing to do that if it means I’m accepted into something for once.

    Because if I want to feel love, I have to be willing to feel pain, and live for those who I care about and who care about me.

  814. Kaycee

    There’s voices in my head. I feel like I’m being watched. I don’t feel safe. I have dreams of jumping off a cliff. I have dreams of being in a forest. I see, hear, and feel things that aren’t there. I’m only human and I don’t know what to do. The only things that stick out the most are three names.

  815. Kaycee

    Please help me

  816. Kaycee

    I’ve found help and I’ve gotten some stuff under control and I’ve been having conversations with these voices in my head. I’m doing good.

  817. Moon Wolf

    Hey looking for those who have questons on werewolves, or want to talk to a fellow one. I am a werewolf too, and want to talk to someone like me contact me at alphamoon656@gmail.com

  818. Ginny

    I am looking to join a pack in ohio I am willing to anything and everything you can teach me and more. Let me know on here.

  819. anna

    hello any body i am looking for a pack to welcome me in to there pack

  820. Kahlan

    Im not sure if im a werewolf or not, but in some of my dreams i was a werewolf. I also I have a lot of deja vu. it drives me nuts.

  821. MidnightRun

    Hello I’m a werewolf from Ohio and was looking to chat with others… Please send me a message

  822. Hey my name is jake I’m a were wolf and I really want to join a clan.

  823. Also you can reach me at Pinterest jake 21

  824. Ginny

    MidnightRun where are you located in ohio?

  825. Bella

    If anyone needs to message me for a pack or some information about werewolves just contact me at bella.cedillo@mullenpublicschools.org

  826. Ginny

    What state are you in bella?

  827. Bella

    I am in NE

  828. Ginny

    Oh ok makes me wonder how many werewolves are really out their If you know what I mean in a way.

  829. adrieanna

    hi im looking for a pack to join please help

  830. Ginny

    Your not the only one who is looking for a pack to join. Many of us are in a way to get away from what we have to get something better. Your not the only one.

  831. adrieanna

    ya well it kinda hard

  832. Ginny

    It will be hard because they could be anyone at any point in time. What would you do if you became one?

  833. adrieanna

    i would look for a pack to welcome me in

  834. Ginny

    Same here in a way looking for a better family that can teach me things as well. Hopefully thru come soon to take us into their pack.

  835. adrieanna

    can i ask how old you are

  836. Ginny

    Young between 13-30 you my friend?

  837. adrieanna

    i am the same

  838. Ginny

    As long as we can keep an opened mind about these creatures and more their is more of a world to explore.

  839. adrieanna

    ok ginny i am a alpha and i only have 3 pack members i just found a pack and they handed alpha lead over to me because i am older but if you wont to join you will have to give me your exsast name age and email adress tankyou
    you can email me at 110929@putnmacountyr1.net
    any other wolves can join but do the same thang granny is doing thank you

  840. Ginny

    Question for you. Are you an online pack or do you have meet ups or do you have a kik?

  841. adrieanna

    at the moment I am an online pack i will be a meet up pack soon

  842. Sharise Fiscus-Topp

    Hi there my name is Sharise I’ve been trying to become a werewolf I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and would like some help

  843. Sharise Fiscus-Topp

    Hello I’m looking to become a real werewolf and I need help
    I live in Fitchburg Wisconsin

  844. Sharise Fiscus-Topp

    I’m hoping someone here can give me advice on how to become a werewolf
    Spells and incantations aren’t working
    I intend to become an actual werewolf no larping cosplaying or roleplaying

  845. Trinity

    hi everyone, i live near the Kansas Missouri line and Im 14 yrs old. Im not a werewolf at all but i would like to meet a pack at least and maybe be turned into one, maybe. :)

  846. Trinity

    Kaycee i hear names of voices too Lucas,Lily,Jenna, Onyx, Ellie, and Coco

  847. Ayesha Matthews

    I am in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m looking for a pack to be apart of

  848. Ginny

    I would love to be part of a pack as well but their are none that I know of in ohio.

  849. Ginny

    Looking for a pack to join in mini witch one of you is on here. I know you are here let’s talk I got questions that need to be answers please thank you.

  850. Destiny Wavelover

    Hello, I would like to be turned. Yet I am still young, I still would like to be turned. Here is my E mail! So plz email me! DeannaBDragonet@gmail.com

  851. Scott

    Any packs or real werewolves in Missouri? Gracegrouben@yahoo.com is my email, my name isn’t actually Grace, just one of yahoo’s randomly selected names.

  852. adrieanna

    im looking for pack members

  853. adrieanna

    granny i have kik

  854. Ginny

    I haven’t used kik in a long time. So that works for me.

  855. adrieanna

    ok just give me your name and ill get to you

  856. Ginny

    Its silentwolf400 on kik

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