Werewolf pack of the Northeast

Voting for the werewolf pack leader coming soon. Come back!


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  1. shadowwolf2219222192

    hi all!! im european (english)so i have too use this one right??

  2. shadowwolf2219222192

    hi im from the uk …..echo….echo….echo.. am i the only 1 from europe lol….lol….lol

  3. Sherth

    Hi im form UK!! :D
    I am looking for true werewolves, ive heard hints from my family that i might be deccended from wolves (on my swedish side).
    i my friend says their a werewolf but he dosent hang around enyware in town, i think he left.

  4. Sherth

    i was named after my ancestor if enyone wonders about the name. It translates to “sharp” or “silent”

  5. It’s a bit lonely in the NE pack isn’t it
    seems we’re all europeans in werecon
    let’s see where this thing is heading ^^

  6. finaleclipsepack.co.cc
    A new wolf pack, check it out
    we need more members ^.^’

  7. darth Burner

    any more europeans out there?

  8. Sevan Lamb

    anyone in NH?

  9. tjthetkdchamp

    im from england too!! good old uk =]
    im a lyc, have been for ages. tbh, im kinda glad!! bit of a furfag too XD not that id be a fur chaser… just that im glad its me rather than someone else ^^

  10. Tikira

    Another European joining, from the Netherlands this time… I must say I’m very new at this and only just starting on my journey, so I’m very curious about what I will find in the Werewolf community.

    I’m also wondering what will happen at this Werewolf Convention. Does everybody get online at the same time? Or is there a physical meeting (which would be hard, I suppose, with everybody living scattered around the planet).

    Have a nice night, wether you spend it running, howling, or sleeping :)

  11. Skye

    yes im english as well

    hey join my pack here: http://www.finaleclipsepack.co.cc

  12. Matthias

    I wanna become a werewolve. what do i have to do? i live in delaware im 14.

  13. Genji

    im a weretiger :)

  14. Jessica

    I’m from new hampshire!!

  15. No pack is better than south join us or well wipe yall out

  16. dante

    Hi im from massachusttes n america,i want to join a pack so bad,maby have one of my own,im a good leader

  17. No ur not a good leader you might get people in trouble

  18. HunterWolf531

    I’m from upstate New York so yeah lol.
    I got friends that basically say I’m the leader of my group of friends mostly cause they all listen it’s fun stuff lol

  19. well u have to have followers on here as well

  20. MaijaWolf

    I’m from upstate NY. I would like to join the pack

  21. Wolfattwilight

    im from alexandria NH <3

  22. Nick (Werewolf name: Firefang)

    Age:15 (gonna be 16 on august 18)
    Wolf-Form:A mostly grey he-wolf with patches of black and white fur
    Current Location:New York (not going to give out specific location)

    If anyone has any questions about werewolves, you can ask me. I am a real werewolf and will tell you anything you wish to know about being (and maybe even becoming) a werewolf.

  23. Nick (Werewolf name: Firefang)

    Also, I joined this pack to meet new people and to possibly make friends.

  24. Riley

    First of all, why are so many kids trying to become a werewolf… lame. You are not a werewolf nor vampire, you are confused and lost. I’ve met legitimate Sanguine vampires and even psychic vampires, but personally I doubt those are legitimate vamps. And werewolves, c’mon. Really? Do you honestly think real vamps and lycans are sitting on the internet waiting for members to join? Have anyone you truly experienced the paranormal? I am not trying to sound harsh but I highly doubt a 15 year old or younger would know the ways of the world or the laws of a wolf pack. Ugh T_T

  25. Szayel

    lol, i know the “ways of the world”, you either live or you die. And, please, tell me how could YOU know this stuff that you blabber on about. Oh because you aren’t 15, bullshit. just because you are older doesn’t mean you’re “wiser”, you just have more freedom to be stupid.

  26. AlphaM

    All of you are no werewolves. If you were, you wouldn’t be dumb enough to create any form of forum or page or tell to each other publicly on open sites were you are located. Considering how real werewolves are dangerous to each others and themselves, you wouldn’t even consider making friends with one werewolves.

  27. Sylpha

    I’m from Balkan, I’m 27, I have a wolverine soul and I joined this place in a way I’d “like” a page with an interesting title on Facebook. So I doubt I’ll ever be active… Unless people here are more creative than just roleplaying.

    I can never take sites like this seriously. For some reason, people are desperately trying to present themselves as something supernatural. What, being what you are – human – isn’t good enough? Nobody realizes that humans can be many things if they try hard enough; their power of interaction with the world around them is matchless. But laziness is the cancer of our society, both mental and physical.

    I love Nature. I love communicating with trees and animals. My friends are my personal pack. My body was weakened by illnesses in the past, but that didn’t kill my spirit – on the contrary. I prefer a day in the forest over shopping. I despise weaklings, but it’s not rare that I take pity on them and offer help. On the other hand, I’d ask for help only if I’m completely cornered. My role in my pack is to give directions and motivate. I choose my mates very carefully.

    So, that’s about it on my part…

  28. Steph

    quick question does anyone know about family lines in the wolf community. I always thought that it was a myth about my Great-great grandfather being a werewolf but recently after my grandma died some weird things have been going on. just things that should not be happening to both me and my son. I need some help maybe I am going balls out nuts, I don’t know. I just need someone that has some information besides what they read out of a book. I have read a lot of books but nothing is aiding me and before you get all huffy and start the BS talking I just have questions…

  29. TheJadeWolf

    Hello.I’m looking for werewolves in Enterprise,Alabama.I feel lonely and needs a friend.

  30. TheJadeWolf

    I’m also a young werewolf too.

  31. Brittany

    I hope you all find what your looking for. Never give up. Continue the search and one special day i promise you will find it.<3 Make sure its right. Make sure its what you want. And if it is… Go for it.<3

  32. name: Jess
    pack: seccond alpha
    is their ppl like me out there faraway

  33. FireStar

    im from new hampshire..been here all my 22 years..

  34. Breanna

    im from maine!!!!!!!! im a werewolf and wanted to find others like me!!! anyon else a werewolf?? plzzz speak up PLZZZZ :(

  35. tigerlily


  36. FireStar

    who is a werewolf hunter????

  37. Jace Saint

    Fire star are you anywhere near stratham new hamspire?

  38. Born Wild

    Don’t care about hunters my pack and I are well trained to take down any hunter but I’m looking to help other wolves out there… I’m in Virginia but if you search howlanon and my name then my everyday chat room link is there always. Stay wolfy.

  39. wolverine

    if your from virginia can you help me out

  40. FireStar

    im from nashua new hampshire

  41. nate the wolf

    can any of yall change me

  42. nate the wolf

    and be in ur pack

  43. Trace of Crimson

    why do you want to be changed

  44. FireStar

    i want to be changed cause my whole life sucks and is very boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and nothing will change in my life

  45. Looking for other therians in the New England region.

    p.s. You can’t be changed. “Werewolf” is a very old term and frankly doesn’t exist. Therians are the closest things to werewolves – which has nothing to go with transformation or extra body hair and sharp fangs.

    When I was a young one, I used to believe Physical shifts were possible too, but honestly, it’s all spiritual, astral, and mental.

    If you don’t know what werewolves truly are and the consequences that come with it – I suggest you get off of the internet and spend your time enjoying childhood.

  46. maxislupus

    im joinin dis pack

  47. Dsnake1

    I have a friend in the Maryland or DC area. Are there any packs recruiting?

  48. I’m looking to compose a list of packs. If you would like your pack to be a part of this list, please go to http://werecon.org/werewolves/pg/profile/dsnake1
    and send me a message including your pack’s name, location, size, and views on recruitment.

  49. Paw

    Dsnake1 if ur looking 4 a pack in that area then u should probably look in the middle atlantic area

  50. FireStar

    Gette im not young..im 23 so yeah im no kid..

  51. wolfbite

    Hey I just this area and I live in cali. But my tribe is in Connecticut so I decide that ill build my own wolf pack here so if u want to be in a wolf pack just email me

  52. wolfofmaine

    Dear Breanna.
    Hey, my name is Katie. I don’t know if you know me but I’m also from Maine. I never thought I would find another person from Maine who is a werewolf or at least has an interest in them. I’m not sure if you’re reading this….or if anyone is reading this really. But anyways Breanna, I’m in Washington county. If you even know where that is. Lol.
    best of luck to all of you. Have a good day/night thingy.

  53. wolfofmaine

    Well, actually I’m a wolf therian not a werewolf, but what ever.

  54. Ryan

    If werewolves exist… then I dare one of you to find me. LMAO!

  55. Jennifer

    Hi! I’m Jennifer, call me Jenny :) I’m a light brown/yellowish brown coloure furred wolf :) it’s nice to meet all of you and I hope we can all be friends ^.^


  56. wolfofmaine

    Hey Jenny. Where do you live?? Just wondering…

  57. Blessedoutcast

    Looking for two wolves, who are well trined in alcheimst, shamin, and wiccan ways? Are loyal, easy to get along with, and hardworking. I am Blessed, and my bother is Demon. We are bolth looking to join a pack. There is a long story involved, so e-mail me at blessedoutcast@yahoo.com

  58. Martijn

    I live in The Netherlands, in Rijwijk Zuid-Holland.
    If there are any packs there, i would love to join.
    Im not a werewolf (yet) but i would love to become one. (in case it matters, im 13 jears old)
    I will give ANYTHING to become a werewolf (even my soul)!

  59. Kayla woodard

    Jenny can you turn me into a werewolf

  60. Meatala

    Hey ho

    Here’s another Europe – *lol* – form Germany.
    I hope, I’m right here?

  61. Fox Therian Francesca

    Any werewolves/ wolf therians that are from north Yorkshire? :) I am!!

  62. jessi (wolf name: Bloodfang Moon)

    anyone from new england???

  63. jessi (wolf name: Bloodfang Moon)

    anyone here from east mass that wants to start a pack or has one? im 14

  64. Taylor

    Anyone from southern NH?

  65. wolfofmaine

    obviously i’m from Maine. comment if youre from around here and you wanna talk. thanks.

  66. Lorel

    Hi XD anyone from CT? I’m a wolf therian and looking for a pack in the general CT area

  67. James Howlett

    hey guys wassup

  68. wolfofmaine

    the sky. -_-

  69. Tatiyana

    Any pack in Connecticut?

  70. blood666

    Hey anyone from long island. im looking for some friends that are weres like me and maby even start a pack… by the way im 14.

  71. rebecca

    Anyone from India?

  72. sam.G

    any pack from belgium, please ?

  73. sam.G

    oh forgot… just stupid human, no real werewolf

  74. Daemon

    Im a human being turned in one week

  75. itscomplicated

    hey! I’m from Iceland and really want to join a pack. I’m not really interested in packs, I’m more of a lone wolf, but I thought it would be fun to meet other supes/fans of supes

  76. maggie

    All of you are such freaks. “I wanna become a vampire, I wanna be a werewolf”
    “My wolf form is black”
    What the hell is wrong with you? “I wanna join a pack”
    Like, someone has been reading too much damn twilight. There is no such thing as werewolves and vampires. But what there is such thing is mental illnesses which all of you clearly have.

  77. Kaniz

    Heya all :)
    if anyone’s here Vampire and from India well specially from Mumbai then just send me e-mail easiest way for contact me lol
    Thank You!!! :)

  78. ...

    Any one thats ligit in New Hampshire

  79. Echo

    I want to Join a pack. I’m loyal and helpful and very protective over my loved ones I’m a beta so I’m willing to do anything for my Alpha

  80. Hi my name is Ragnar I live in USA north america I am a werewolf and am very interested in joining the pack

  81. Wolfgang

    Hey Ragnar I’m Wolfgang and im a alpha lookingfor pack members heres my email.

  82. adrieanna

    hey eco im a alpha and is looking for more packmates to welcome in to my pack plz email me at 11020@putnamcountyr1.net

  83. adrieanna

    sorry just relized wrong email 110929@putnamcountyr1.net

  84. Eileen Baughman

    i am am wynter Barkowitz may i join the wolf pack

  85. Riyadh

    Hey I’m open if anyone needs a pack


  86. adrieanna

    eileen you may

  87. Riyadh I want to be In your pack but I am not a werewolf yet can u turn me

  88. Isaiah

    Any one want to join my pack who lives in arkansas I’m a alpha

  89. Vayda

    Hello, I am Confused and worried I will not pile my worries on you though just what is it like to change… Do you feel me?

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