Werewolf pack of the South

Voting for the pack leader coming soon!


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  1. this is a really great idea.

  2. Norman May

    Ohh yeah.. great Idea and I am the 13th member to rsvp..
    *grins* my lucky number.

  3. Luna

    14 this is a great idea i cant wait

  4. Luna

    Wolves of the south! lets howl together under the full moon on september 4th!

  5. why sept. 14th? but anyway, im from wv…any1 else?

  6. Luna

    September 4th was a full moon, im from FL

  7. Shadow

    Are there any real weres or lycans here? I’d g ive anything to be able to p-shift! Even if i had to leave this life behind. Please e-mail me at shadow_1992@ymail.com! I!m in nw MS!

  8. brendan

    how can i join a pack?

  9. Lilly

    Im not a were but I wanna B1, im in VA

  10. Whitetip

    Beta Whitetip here for the call.

  11. Whitetip

    Any other pups around my area?

  12. bloodwolf

    any others from TN out there????

  13. bloodwolf

    what area you from whitetip?

  14. Moonwolf08

    is there any lycans in Florida? i really want to be a lycan! my e-mail is darkwolf826@yahoo.com.

  15. Mikael

    Any Lycans around Boone? I really want to be a lycan myself! Email me at animal_of_the_forest@hotmail.com

  16. shilo

    Is there anybody from North Carolina I need guidance and a pack. I am young and I have not mastered shapeshifting yet but I can learn.Please help me I am real.

  17. Shadow

    Please delete my last post:) i’ve been getting some odd emails. Thanks in advance. Are these any lycans in mississippi?

  18. Luna

    Im from Fl Moonwolf08

  19. Mikael

    @ bloodwolf

    What part of TN?

  20. Valucien

    I have wolf blood in my veins but not enough to shift. I also have hunter blood in my veins. I am from VA but am currently residing in KY. I am looking for a full wolf around these parts rogue or otherwise does not matter. I need to be turned completely. I have an ability known as the power of the wolf, i dont fully understand it, i was just born with it.

  21. bloodwolf

    Im from bedford county. where are you from Mikael?

  22. Moonwolf08

    Shadow can you please help me become a lycan?I really want to become one.email me at darkwolf826@yahoo.com.

  23. Moonwolf08

    i ment Luna.sorry Shadow!

  24. ShadowWerewolf

    i have had this strange problem where i have always act like a wolf growl i injoy howling and runing for nothing i thank i was mean to be a werewolf i have been trying to shift but can’t plez some other werewolf come and help me weather you have to bite me or not if anyone is willing to help me plez plez e-mail me and i ll give you my location

  25. alizure

    hello everybody. I am in AL close to the MS state line. nice to meet everyone.

  26. alizure

    I do know that the lycanthrope is a hard road to walk on. This is not chosen by most… most are born with it. And it can be a lonely existance. I have met few true lycanthropes.. simply because of their nature they are loners. Finding comfort in the few folks that understand what it truely means to be as such. It means alot of pain… having to constantly control the primal with the more human side of themselves. But it is nice to find a place.. where others are that understand the true meaning of what its like to be as they are. Its not fun.. its not anything like the media wants us to beleive. I Wouldnt wish this on ANYONE. because while it does have its up sides…. theres alot of bad things that go along with it. And you have to learn to adjust to each of those. And those who are with lycanthropes have to learn to adjust to. Its not easy. infact its damn hard. to live in 2 worlds.

  27. innerwolf8

    hello every , i have a lot to say but first ill address bloodwolf.ok bloodwolf im just like u except i can p-shift. dont give up sometimes there are humans with a percent of werewolf in them,But u can have 0.00000001 % of werewolf and still shift, but it will b difficult so practice every night[especially on a full moon] and u will b able 2 p shift. i live in crestview[florida] [which sucks by the way] and i go to srms school[mind u im 12][o by the way if u dont no what srms is, srry cant help u] if u no what school it is then email me at kai.wolf39@gmail.com, so we can make an appointment.also im willing to teach untrained werewolves how to p-shift or contol their hunger
    yours truly, innerwolf8

  28. innerwolf8

    hey again its me and i want to become a pack leader- now wait before u think ”wat is he crazy hes only 12, OFF with his head!!!. i want 2 tell u im a great leader -.-~ ”wat? really i no everyone says theyre a ‘great leader’ but im really am and i will treat my family of werewolves with fairness and passion just give me a chance and if i screw up u can go ”OFF with his head!!” so just think about it

  29. FallenWolf

    Hey guys, I’m in GA. Is there any wolves around me? Also I’m looking for other real werewolves to talk to. Need a pack to join.

  30. josh

    I am in GA too Fallen.

  31. darkwolf88

    hey innerwolf its me and i finaly joined like you said

  32. darkwolf88

    well innerwolf about your friend if he does lose controll he will probaly be killed by silver bullets or something (jk)

  33. darkwolf88

    check out my youtube account if you want to know how to become a werewolf

  34. darkwolf88

    i think you all should know that innerwolf lacks inttelect of the highest respect you should vote for me to be pack leader because i am much older and wiser than he is and will make a better pack leader.

  35. stratasvolteras

    i am voting for dark wolf!

  36. darkwolf88

    ty i guess

  37. stratasvolteras


  38. darkwolf88

    c you later stratas

  39. darkwolf88

    ok i just want to say i am not going to be pack leader so dont vote for me vote for innerwolf

  40. darkwolf88

    (die strtas)

  41. innerwolf8

    omgs this is so ironic, a HUMAN[ i no darkwolf in real life] dares challenge my intelligence and the power i have over his very life*scoff* pa-lease. and dont EVER joke about my freind like that, im still grieving over that incident. next time u dare try to upstage me u shall b cut down swiftly & effeciently

  42. darkwolf88

    yes i do dare your intelligence you pathetic little human i am a pure blood werwwolf and will not be deified by such one so pathetic as you
    so i challenge you!

  43. darkwolf88

    you act like your so tough but you are not kaream i will kill you for ever defieng me sowhen the moon is full we shall see who is pack leader matirial

  44. darkwolf88

    unless your afraid you pathetic unsignificant little fool

  45. innerwolf8

    how dare u, rayn. u r a 5th grader &you failed 3rd grade.but u can muster up enough courage to rebel against me. u r so lucky i dont come 2 your house right now,only because ill just crush u with a flick of my palm and the entire pack can feed on your HUMAN blood. on the house!

  46. innerwolf8

    ps. im surprised u can actully spell word,or did u use a dictionary? =p

  47. darkwolf88

    shut the fuck up and never use my name again!

  48. darkwolf88

    ps. no i did not use a dictionary you no im smarter and stronger than you i always was you will never beat me no matter how hard you try

  49. stratasvolteras

    dog fight lol

  50. stratasvolteras

    hey dark this one is for you =). innerwolf dark could so kick your ass so bad. even though i dont know him he probaly is just what he said stronger and smarter than you bitch. (female dog hahaha a pun)

  51. stratasvolteras

    shut up stratas or youll find yourself in my werwolf stomache!

  52. stratasvolteras

    wait why the hell did i say that about myself my werewolf self is possesing me

  53. darkwolf88

    i smell blood. and its human coming from innerwolf hes the real human im accualy suprised he can even spell courage with the iq he has. ps. you probaly had to use a dictonary to know the meening of the word courage.

  54. darkwolf88

    pss. innerwolf your friend cant controll his werewolf self because he does not have the will to controll it because he is just as pathetic as you of wait i forgot your more pathetic than him.

  55. jorgonderkistiff

    im from the werewolf clan of the midwest and i challenge you all to fight us unless your afraid btiches! ps.my werewolfclan of the midwest name is mrs.werewolf so go ahead and contact me if you accept cowards

  56. innerwolf8

    sigh. first that LIE about devon. dont argue you know its true.& now this.which by the way is PATHETIC,here we all are throwing insults & curses around like a bunch of pups. instead of trying to kill each other, try & help your pack brother & sister,BUT i will state some facts.
    1st: rayn[u used my name too]u will NEVER beat me. Period. you no it & no it.
    2nd: you are NOT a werewolf, you`re just trying to upstage me[as always] so just go home
    3rd: im older than you
    4th: werewolf guy from the midwest go home & deal with your own problems
    yours truly, innerwolf8

  57. innerwolf8

    ps. one more insult stratas, i no your lonely but that doesnt mean u have to kiss a guys ass & believe every word he says. so please shut the fuck up & get a life.^^ . also werewolf guy from the midwest your clan are the fucking cowards. dont every insult my family. what the hell you clan is so pathetic too send in one ww *scoff* & what the fuck is a name for a pack called mrs. werewolf™- or whatever that shit is called =P.now have a nice day ♪^^♪

  58. darkwolf88

    ha ha ha! you say that im pathetic and always trying to upstage you? as if its accualy the opposite im the werewolf innerwolf is not innerwolf is the pathetic one and you are the one always trying to upstage me. gee i wonder you as much of a ler as much as you are gay? ps.just leave this pack you human scum.

  59. darkwolf88

    excuse me a miss type i ment lier

  60. stratasvolteras

    oh yah that comment about me turning into a werewolf and it controlling me was to make fun of innerwolfs friend that darkwolf88 was talking about

  61. innerwolf8

    what the hell. some bastard is posing as me & his name is lycan something so im just letting u guys no. also we might have a war going on,so darkwolf as much as u annoy me, u could be helpful soo ill call u later & dont worry everyone else their pack is weak, only a couple werewolves & mostly humans that desire being a werewolf

  62. craclenspile

    ok innerewolf you have gained my trust and ive also checked out all the other clans apperently like you said some bastard is trying to pose as people from all clans trying to start a war but whoever they are they wont win.

  63. darkwolf88

    damn it my little bro was using his account name to do that

  64. darkwolf88

    ok what my lil bro said or whatever

  65. darkwolf88

    ps. in all the other clans people have been impersonating me as well as you innerwolf and also ive checked other clans someone is impersonating people from our clan and the midwest clan i think someones trying to set us up into a trap so whatever you do dont let your guard down

  66. darkwolf88

    pss.as much as i hate to admit it me and you have to work togeather innerwolf we are the strongets people in this pack so what do you say do you want to work togeather as a team?

  67. stratasvolteras

    i never thought ide see the day when u 2 would wanna work togeather

  68. innerwolf8

    sure darkwolf & thx 4 trusting me craclenspile. also when i went to other packs a werewolf hunter commented so watch your backs. if the midwest pack wants a war then lets give them one!

  69. darkwolf88

    alright the fun has begun

  70. darkwolf88

    ps. why is it when its 3:27 here and on the thing it says i put it up on 2:27?

  71. darkwolf88

    oh yah and innerwolf i dont think the midwest is majing a war for us i think someone from one of the clans im not sure wich one but some guy has used some usernames that are hard to even spell without looking at it so i think someone wants us to have a war but who?

  72. darkwolf88

    (no it cant be its no possible it… it cant be him he acts so inninocent but its just possible enough i meen the name the fake stupidity yah its gotta be him no doubt but i wonder if i should tell the others?)

  73. innerwolf8

    stop playing games & tell us

  74. darkwolf88

    i would but im still adding up the pieces but i only have one suspect of the mystery of whos trying to start this war and that person is stratasvolteras

  75. darkwolf88

    ive posted a webcam comment since its time for me to stop hiding

  76. darkwolf88

    ps. one problem where do web comments go?

  77. innerwolf8

    hide what? from who? its not a game darkwolf. u’ll never understand me!!the pain & sorrow i constantly go through.stop pretending! i had a vision in my dream that if this war starts,we’ll all die.not because of our opponents, but from hunters. werewolf hunters. the fvza is watching our every move

  78. darkwolf88

    ok one i know its not a game. 2 why would one person try to frame other people. 3 stop treating me like im worthless. and 4 you didnt get the point last time.

  79. darkwolf88

    ps. pain and sorrow? yah right dude youve lived a good life and i should know ive known you a long time. our oppenents? dont you meen the trick someone is trying to pull? dude if you want to know pain and sorrow try living in my shoes for a while my dad freaking put me out in a tent out back and broke my jaw the only reason i can even type this message is because my mom let me back in thats pain and sorrow. the pain and sorrow you have is just some fake shit to make you look better but it just makes you a pathetic lier.

  80. darkwolf88

    pss. forgive your friends dude and let it go.

  81. innerwolf8

    o u wanna go there! u no NOTHING about me.U! didnt have to deal with a step-father while in first grade who screamed that u were a fucking little bastard.U! didnt have to go through sheer fucking humiliation, when that same person went on a rampage because my mom found out he was cheating on her.i mean THROWING the couch and tables around while screaming like a maniac,WHILE devon was spending his first & last time sleeping over at my house. U! dont have a mom who slaps u.hard. & hits u with the belt [sometimes in the face]dont even get me started on the other stuff.all your stupid fucking dad did was probaly poped u on the face and told u to get out 4 a while.i fucking hate my life & the only reason i didnt commit suicide[which trust me of thoughtof it] is because i want to help others like me someday. so try that on 4 a size

  82. darkwolf88

    hmph as much as i hate to admit it your life is just the way u said it is (unless your eczadurating some of it wich i doubt knowing how much your life sucks) i almost commited suacide when i stabbed myself but then i dicided that just being emo was enough but still ur life reals SUCKS. so i guess i was wrong so SORRY. (why do i always get caught up i other peoples drama is it a fucking curse? oh well)

  83. darkwolf88

    i expected that you would post a comment by now but i guess your being killed by ur step dad or something

  84. innerwolf8

    i dont want your pity.i just wish u could c my life isnt exactly daisies & roses. but whatever i dont care i just try to move on.
    ps: beautiful full moon tonight
    pss: im also emo
    psss: im also a flower type of guy my farvorite flower is senbonsakura[pink cherry blossom]

  85. darkshifter

    I vote for innerwolf88 to be pack leader oh and darkwolf bussoff.

  86. darkshifter

    Innerwolf88 you should know who I am. I see you every day at school. If you do know who I am …good. I have some news the Midwest have not wrote anything for a couple of days. who ever is making us have war is doing a good job.

  87. darkshifter

    Hey darkwolf88 or should I call you Ryan I have heard your pathetic reply’s for to long human! Even tho I am a half werewolf its better than being a human!

  88. darkwolf88

    ok 1 who the hell are you? 2 shut up 3 ok didnt know that innerwolf and 4 seriously darkshifter shut up

  89. darkwolf88

    ps. oh yah the reason that you are voting for innerwolf is because you are him and just trying to put a whole lot of bull shit on here now why dont you run along and go back to pretending your a werewolf innerwolf oops sorry i meen darkshifter who realy is kaream

  90. darkwolf88

    in fact i wouldnt be suprised if you dark shifter are the one pulling this prank trying to get a war going well whatever ill just stop you anyway like the pathetic worm you are

  91. darkwolf88

    oh and who are you calling human u little bastard i am full wolf not some pretending little kid like you

  92. darkwolf88

    so if u want i fight you got one

  93. darkwolf88

    mistype a fight you got one

  94. darkshifter

    I am not karean I do now who he is and your the one starting this war

  95. innerwolf8

    im innerwolf8 & this is my freind. darkshifter gtg

  96. darkwolf88

    fine ill believe you but still get your friend to shut up

  97. darkwolf88

    ps. how the hell am i starting this war? all i know about the war is some stupid little kid is trying to pull some little prank much like you darkshifter your probaly just a human unlike me and kaream so why dont you buzz of and go play with some dolls or something.

  98. darkshifter

    you are te one starting this war.

  99. darkshifter

    whats up innerwolf88

  100. darkwolf88

    thats alot of talk for one so weak like you. im not starting this war. but there is onw thing that is going on beond you understanding wich is the second advent is upon us.

  101. darkshifter

    I now know that you are not starting this war darkwolf it is crackenspile who is. And shutup about how weak I am you retard

  102. darkwolf88

    the only reason i said you are weak is because you said i was starting the war and now that you stopped i might as well tell you that crakenspiel and stratusvolteras who you might not have seen his comments are the same person so just as i am working with innerwolf i might as well work with you as well but as soon as the war is over if there is one its back to being enemeys

  103. darkshifter

    Okay we will team up agianst this enemy but I am syill dont trust you.

  104. innerwolof8

    hey its me and darkwolf dont say stuff like that to my freinds .ps im going to get u later darkshifter (in class)

  105. innerwolf8

    srry mistype. everyone i have to make a cofession…. im the one starting the war

  106. innerwolf8

    lol jk, no im not the imposter i think its cranclenspile. but whatever anyway darkwolf88 dont b jealous that i have freinds u dont no about =p

  107. darkwolf88

    jelouse? im not jelouse he just pisses me off oh yah btw darkshifter i dont trust you either but its the olny choice here unless youde rather let everyone die

  108. darkwolf88

    oh yah btw cracnspiel is the same person as the person who immitated everyone else in variouse clans i think its still some foolish prank by some little kid. but think what you want i guess but i know who the real enemy is and where he lives so while you have your war ill put an end to this chilesh prank and be done with this. ps. leave no comment i dont want to hear it about it not being a prank because it is.

  109. stratasvolteras

    mehehheh! im the one starting the war because your all little stupid bastards! so as soon as you all kill eachother the survivors will be my slave hahaha!

  110. darkshifter

    stratus wy are you doing this?

  111. stratasvolteras

    because im trying to start the the second advent and well since my life sucks i thought might as well have some fun.

  112. darkwolf88

    see i told you. but did you listen? hell no you didnt. so lets just kill stratas and even though we still have to fight the war the second advent wont come if you even know what advent meens. oh yah and i also found out something else. there are decendents of this retard stratas that have some called geo stigma or something. hes using them to continue his work. we have to stop him befor its to late.

  113. darkwolf88

    hey darkshifter i know who you are so dont denie it you dave kareams friend arnt you? ofcourse i always supected you were but now im sure of it

  114. darkwolf88

    well seeing as you havnt answered i guess your just not going to admit it but i realy dont care if you dont because if you are that just meens its 3 not friends trying to stop some prank i guess. but it makes no diffrence to me weather you admit it or not. (yes i know i said it twice but just incase you forgot i wrote it down twice so you dont miss it have a nice day or should i say have a nice night)

  115. darkshifter

    Yes I am kariems friend but I also know that you are the one starting this war. You are stratus I am not a retard because stratus always seems to come up when everybody suspects you. NOW YOU FUCKING BITCH OF A HUMAN!

  116. darkwolf88

    ok 1 yah im a human so what. 2 shut up. 3im not starting this war stratas is some gay stalker whos following me. 4 im not starting this war and 5 seriously dude cussing overkill much? just shut up even if im not a werewolf doesnt im not stronger than you inh uman form.

  117. darkwolf88

    mistype human form

  118. darkwolf88

    oh yah and btw just so you know im not a werewolf im a vampire! heh heh heh. how can i say ill suck your blood dry without it sounding wrong oh yah ill suck your werwolf face out of all its blood and keep your tiny brain as a prize.

  119. innerwolf8

    lol my flute is a vampire,seriuosly…

  120. darkshifter


  121. darkwolf88

    i didnt misread your comment. and im still not statrting this war nor do i care if t statrs anyway i tried to help you but it looks like what kaream said was true. your turning into a wolf just one who wants to kill everyone and doesnt have self controll. wich is why i am much stronger than you anger does not over power me like you. so leave me alone and SHUT UP

  122. darkwolf88

    and innerwolf i have no problem with but you need to keep your friend on a leash befor he kills people including himself.

  123. innerwolf8

    KEEP A LEASH ON HIM!! vampires rthe ones who are parasitic cowards who feast on weary humans. i thought u were better than this. u should be ashamed

  124. darkwolf88

    accualy i dont feast on weary humans i kill whoever i want! and your a lier. you never thought i was better than anything all you thought i was was some stupid kid well your wrong you think your life sucks! well ide trade lifes with you if i could my dad is abussive i got kicked off the buss for breaking a kids neck and my mom wants to give me away so shut up I AM DONE WITH THIS!

  125. darkwolf88


  126. innerwolf8

    darkwolf will b back. and when he does come back ,i just wanted him to no that DARKSHIFTER IS NOT DAVID.and soo what i always looked down on u, i didnt tell u my life story for a pity party, just shut the hell up and live your life. dont complain when times get bad

  127. darkwolf88

    i will not be back kaream this is the last time i will be on i just want you to know that…..starting this war was fun hahaha!

  128. Darkshifter

    You know what darkwolf I dont care if your a vampire and I would not believe you even if somebody payed me to. And if your mom is trying to sell you well your mom is not a mom okay? If anything you are making a mistake about turning into a vampire. All they want is to yous your anger as a wepoon.

  129. darkwolf88

    well that would explain why alot of people piss me off easily. but who cares i dont need anyone anyway. they are using my anger as a weapon but they are also teaching me ways to make me stronger and thats all i care about and when im a full vampire im going to kill my clan. and im going after you next!

  130. darkshifter

    your anger is your downfall

  131. innerwolf8

    darkshifter is right, i was going to tell u the same thing but he beat me to it. go ahead and come after me i dont care.and u will never destroy this clan

  132. darkwolf88

    what choice do i have im already easily pissed off because of rage and there are no limits to what i can do and my special power i call my limit break can destroy anything easily plus they think im there best weapon my rage and anger can be easily controlled but when my clan is watching me i kill people big deal a few adults being killed is no pale skin off my undead bones and thats another thing im undead so i cant be killed un less someone stabs my heart.

  133. darkwolf88

    oh yah and when i said destroy my clan i ment my vampire clan you idiot.

  134. innerwolf8

    o my bad srry. * rolls eyes* seriously, u think that u can really beat a full clan a vamps,yeah right. and pa-lease u “rage” is your best “veapon”*scoff*. what ever u arent even stronger than me. i have a freind i want to introduce to my pack and HES a vamp

  135. innerwolf8

    not worthless like u,i no what game your trying to play. u think that if u turn into a vamp and come after my freind and i, ill hesitate to kill u(beacause we used to b freinds)well your right,at least at first u were but now i WILL NOT hesitate to kill u if the time comes

  136. darkshifter

    I tired of arguing. Just look at our past of comments. When did this start? When will it end? Why dont we work together as a team. Rayn you youst to be friends with Kariem.

  137. darkwolf88

    yah i used to be his friend and why should i team up with you? here let me explain this to you im what you wolves call a lone wolf ok.

  138. darkwolf88

    and kaream shut up about your stupid vamp friend because hes probaly just some pathetic over weight imp.

  139. werevamp

    heh, ill let that last comment slide, and innerwolf8 i am NOT your freind. i just wanted to investigate on your little freind, he seems strong enough…darkwolf88 do u want to work together and destroy innerwolf8!

  140. Halfmoon(new name for darkshifter)

    NOOOOOO! I thought you were supposed to help us not destroy us! I thought I could trust you, now you betrayed us! YOU WATE INTELL YOU GET TO SCHOOL! I WILL CRUSH YOU INTO DUST, YOU HEAR ME! INTO DUST!

  141. werevamp

    u stupid fool, this is exactly why i stayed home, so i could write this comment, darkwolf88 email me at werevamp@gmail.com so we can talk more “privatly”

  142. innerwolf8

    u son of a bitch! i thought i could trust u and now look what u do,i knew i should have trusted darkshifter

  143. darkwolf88

    man whos side should i take….

  144. darkwolf88

    well lets see i dont care about this war i dont care about kaream darkshifter or you werevamp im just going to let you guys kill eachother and go on with the afterlife.

  145. darkwolf88

    and also let me guess werevamp you were the vamp friend kaream was talking about.

  146. darkwolf88

    you guys fighting is almost fun to watch i wonder where this will go and who will win or loose i dont know i dont care. you might as well all 3 team up because im just gonna kill all of you anywayl.

  147. darkwolf88

    either ways is fine with me

  148. szayel[innerwolf8]

    darkvamp88[did u think that once your a vamp u could still call yourself a wolf? well to bad] r u going to b at your this entire week? i think i should pay a little ”visit” so we could ”talk”. [ and for all of u who r wondering i adopted my name from the Bleach anime character/villian ”szayel”. also i guess im pack leader because my only competition was darkvamp88 and he well,… is a vamp. dont wrry though ill b a great pack leader.
    ps: my friend and i thought abot some cool pack names one of them was ”werewolf pack of the crestent black moon”. if u have any suggestions please post them

  149. nothing(darkwolf88)

    heh heh heh kaream let me ask you a questin how doany of us know that your not lieng how do we know everyone on here isnt lieng about being a vamp or a werewolf? and also i dont think anyone cares about a pack leader because ever since me you darkshifter and werevamp joined nonone has posted even one comment accept strtasvolteras.

  150. nothing(darkwolf88)

    and we all know stratas is me

  151. Silverwolf

    I’m new and not a werewolf sadly. Would love to b1 or even to know one would be nice.

  152. nothing(darkwolf88)

    oh look a noobie listen kid youde better leave while u got the chance

  153. szayel[ innerwolf8]

    & darkvamp get the hell out of my pack

  154. nobody(darkwolf88)

    i dont have too i meen what does a copy without a heart like me realy care about some ww but then again who caresl.

  155. szayel[ innerwolf8]

    stop bull-shiting, and trying to pull this pity party. its not working & halfmoon i got th ww guide 2 life & its amazing! ill show it to u at skool

  156. szayel[ innerwolf8]


  157. szayel

    damn, why do u have to scare everyone off?

  158. werevamp

    finally,human prey sources have been low lately,so i needed to recharge….
    as 4 u nobody,heh i wont EVER die,so u can kiss that thought goodbye.
    dont get aggorant i was merely suggesting an offer,but obviously u dont want it,ull regret turning me down.lol i was even thinking of turning u into a vampire,since u arent(dont ask me how i no, i just do)
    o and innerwolf8 enjoy those nightmares =P

  159. innerwolf8

    ugh, u stupid bastard,o u think i havent realized the nightmares r from u? and they’re blocked. i wont even ask u how u new, u have decent survillance

  160. unknown

    the unknown is no longer the unknown……resistence is futial the unknown will hunt down all known creatures and destroy……

  161. szayel

    Let me guess,rayn?,fzva, or some retarded organization(or peson)

  162. szayel

    ps if the “unknown” is now “known” and u are hunting down all “known” creatures arent u hunting down yourself? =P
    wow you guys are stupid posers

  163. Wat the fuck is going on here?!

  164. Oh and aslo if any of yall help me with lycan transformation ull earn my pack leader vote just contact me at Jamalhunt95@yahoo.com

  165. I am the one startin the war i been reading u comment i didnt expect everyone turn on each other with this little joke sorry

  166. innerwolf ur gay and so as this pack go suck on some monkey balls

  167. szayel

    Darkwolf88 your sooo pathetic , and truewerewolf i cant help u srry and i wouldnt bribe u anyway….. Ww slayer . u never tricked anyone & u 2 are pathetic and weak people need strong leaders to head them

  168. Xajenn

    Why is everyone fighting? I’m human,but even I know that fighting is wrong! I always thought that a werewolf pack’s power came from one thing:Unity.The ability that us humans take so little for granted.When your united,don’t you feel the power of the very pack it’s self with you? Maybe I’m mad,maybe I’m not,but I’ll continue to try to P-shift even though I don’t have any werewolf blood in my veins. So please,will you all stop fighting? It breaks what little of my heart left to see any werewolf hurt or upset…..T.T

  169. ???

    hey innerwolf its me and why the hell is some guy using my account?

  170. ???

    and by me i meen rayn some poser dude used my old account so whats goin on?

  171. Ibliswolf

    Hey guys, any other kentucky werewolves here?

  172. meg

    i am from kentucky, live in kentucky, in the graves county region, i am looking for a pack. please respond if you live in kentucky or know of someone who does…
    live in the graves county region

  173. witchever one of u bites me first i’ll vote pack leader

  174. when is the pack leader race start?

  175. szayel

    i want everyone to no that i have a vampire freind,vampires are not all evil monsterous beast, they can be freindly and compassionate….

  176. szayel

    got a problem take it up with me then =[

  177. szayel

    well i was thinking and i realized my special abilities are(some of my friends no this =)) low level mind control(still practicing), sudden energy summoning, epathy, ablity to detect lies and emotions,steal others energy, good energy healer(and regular healer),ability to take part of others soul(i might be able to completely take anothers soul but its risky and id only do it on extreme circumstances), allowing the spirit of the wolf to take over making me very powerful but unstable and risky, and last but not least, when im extremely angry i can cast curses(no joke!)

  178. szayel

    i want to become leader of this pack, i have a gaol to prove that age doesnt render capablilty, please put yes or no on your opion of me becoming leader, if u put yes i wont let u down

  179. szayel

    rayn when u read this i wont u to no that u are now officially disinvited from the trip dont talk to me i dont want anything to do with you, bye foever

  180. Viva

    I beleive I have a inner wolf soul, and I want to be a werewolf. (This is NOT an invintation for freaky internet perverts to come find me!)

  181. szayel

    o, you joined my site…….. thanks ^^ look foward to meeting you

  182. i have a quick question this isnt a roleplay site just wondering?

  183. szayel

    not at all, its all true. we don’t talk about what rank you are in packs, vampire hunts, or hunter tracking. i take true info and apply it to my site. i have a question too, is this rayn?

  184. Waya Bodolf

    Hello! My name is Waya (that’s Cherokee for wolf). I became lycantrope through a transformation ritual(my best friend is a witch). I’m in NC. Looking for good pack mates to run with.

  185. SheWolf

    I am a pure werewolf, my fur color is yellow, i have been looking for a wolf pack for ever! and now i found one!

  186. Waya Bodolf

    Welcome SheWolf.

  187. looking for some heres to hang with in NC, possibly in or near wnston-salem?

  188. Waya Bodolf

    How close do you consider close? I’m just outside Charlotte.

  189. what kind of pack is this?

  190. Native Wolf

    Ha, I live in Tennessee(: GO WereWolves in TN.! (Though I haven’t met a Fellow Wolf around here)

  191. Native Wolf

    ^^^ I Live in East Tennessee…so Anyone Near me…and Know any specific Pack Names in Tennessee…Cause me and My friends named our Pack ‘White-Blood Pack’ If anyone wants to Join Comment to tell me & I’ll start a Website for it :/

  192. whitewolfs

    hello, first time and don’t know to much about this i find it on google and cause i love werewolves and i think i am one and well im trying to find a werewolf pack to join in georgia and please let me know if there are any out there, you can email me @ whitewolfs123@yahoo.com, thanks!

  193. Rylee

    I’m from Louisiana. Any other Canis Lupis out there from around here?

  194. am a apart of the pack cause im a strong young werewolf

  195. Mac tire

    I’m from SC and worship the moon and all her glory. Just trying to find a place to belong

  196. szayel

    jaiden if u read this email me at innerwolf8@gmail.com i lost your email contact, srry.

  197. Halfmoon

    Hello szayel, how are you doing?

  198. Dralcosh Valice

    Anyone in east TN or near it.

  199. silverwolf

    i’ve almost 12 and i am doing lots of research on werewolves. i know for sure that i’m one. i believe that werewolves are real. how do i control my changes and anger? what will i do november 20th [full moon]? i need people who know what i’ve been through to help me

  200. silverwolf

    wheres all the werewolf packs in tx, anyway?

  201. silverwolf

    i m still here. i growl at people sometimes and howl any chance i get . pathetic humans are stupid. they cant tell thier own kind from a werewolf (uuntil its too late) do you know how hard it is to go to scool without biting someones head off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. silverwolf

    szayel, i think you would be the best for my questions. i have these powers like u and a vampire friend. (totally w/ u :vampires are just as beastly as us) i have been through the 2nd through 6th thing you mentioned june 17

  203. silverwolf

    i may not know what pack tx is supposed 2 b in , but i dont care. i want to be in this pack we have attitude and wisdom off the wazoo! lol but we need to meet alltogether and make peace and i know its hard. if we work together we will strive everyone would fear us. all those stupid werewolf hunters wouldnt dare step foot on our territory.i m sick of humans turning us down. they dont know who they’re messing with i say we build our pack. make it stronger. LIVE EAT KILL KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. silverwolf


  205. silverwolf

    ok dude ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. szayel

    haha lol i like you, hmmmm havent been on here in a while through[s orry] if u want some questions to be answered go to my website,[www. werewolfswebsite.webs.com] itll be easier

  207. Biolust

    Hello I live in Alabama, i from the north I have no idea why i’m living in a shit whole like Alabama. Anyway anyone near The southern part of Alabama or northern Florida? I’m looking for someone who hasn’t lost there complete mind and thinks they can actually change into a “wolf” or some other mythological creature from Hollywood, your claws don’t grow, your eyes don’t turn completely black and you have no fangs or a tail. Someone believing in the Astral and aura affects of it believing that your soul is apart of something else, someone who’s third eye is open and senses are open to every little thing, maybe not a wolf but a beast, a beast you have opened up inside of you a flesh hungry beast that comes with munch more understanding then you ever had before, and the ability to see the world in a whole view, the big picture. i want to meet a thinker a deep thinker that thinks more logically than that of a 12 year old, One that understands the Soul and how things really work spritrually. Someone who has a real beast in them ready to hunt down anybody.

    Feel free to ask for my myspace if your interested

  208. saint christopher

    people are dying now cause of us, some among us are killers i’ve seen it on the news, some of us are giving us, werewolves a bad name. if it goes any farther, the humans will begin hunting us, the werewolves again. so we the werewolves must stop the rouge werewolves among us from killing again
    saint christopher

  209. saint christopher

    werewolves forever, YEAH!

  210. szayel

    ha, like that will ever happen. im sorry to rain on your parade, but rogue werewolfs are unstoppable,even other werewolfs cant stop them unfortunately

  211. alex

    can i join ur pack (from florida) with out becoming a werwolf? cause no afence i want a normal life.

  212. alex

    well some what normal

  213. alex

    how do i delete my post???? i dont want to join or be around any of u selfish insain creatures!!!!!!!!! ever again!!! GGRRRR! i hate u alllll!!!!!!!

  214. szayel

    hey… calm down. im pretty sure you can delete your earlier post(oh i wish) but whats got you so worked up? i didnt see any werewolfs insulting you….. so whats up? oh yeah sorry about that silverwolf i didnt realized you joined already, ahaha. anyway what do you want to talk about? my time is waaaaay looser today

  215. alex

    well my best friend just told me he was a werewolf then asked me out then was making out with this totaly nasty vampire chick!!! then i yelled at one of his friends then he pushed me off a cliff (a small one bout 10 feet high) i fell in to a swamp then the guy who asked me out saved me then kissed me so i slaped him but all most sprained my hand. and now none of them will leave me be!… OH, and a vampire is after me thats all!!!!!

  216. szayel

    oooo, sounds nice. sorry im jk, seriously be careful though. try to stick to the shadows. not all vamps and ww or like that by the way

  217. alex

    i guess ur right sry wen i get mad i wouldnt mess with me but in ur case being a werewolf i probly do no damage. but im not afrad of those vampires some say im stubborn i say y live in fear u will have no fun that way.=) besides who lessins to rules? hey r vamps realy good at hiding like i feel like some one has been watching me. weird huh?

  218. szayel

    halfmoon you werent ignoring me?

  219. Silverwolf

    Beutiful full moon on my b-day (1-22-99)not like i m aging but lets just say i had a big feast

  220. Silverwolf

    are there any good sites my vamp friend can join
    (When i meen good i meen ones that dont offend ww)

  221. szayel

    happy birthday! well i dont know many vampire site your friend can join… i could do some research. but truth is that website i was talking about, as much as they annoy the crap out of me, has the best info if he/she wants to learn about themselves. its called http://www.vampirewebsite.net or he/she can go to my site but its more of a werewolf site

  222. Silverwolf

    Thx and its she
    (In case u didnt kow, i m a shewolf)
    peace out while i go to another suckish day at school

  223. Silverwolf

    Another question-
    are there any super powerful ww we should be scared about when we step out of line

  224. szayel

    oh ok, sorry about that. amd about your other question…. i want to say no( there are REALLY powerful werewolfs out there) but i dont think anyone our age would know them

  225. Silverwolf

    willl we get in trouble if we tell mortals by theseww (sry i have so many questions)

  226. szayel

    its kewl, i doubt it

  227. Silverwolf

    god why did anyone invent school i dont see the piont all u do is get bored and when u get home, forget everything the only freetime any of us werewolves get is when we go hunting

  228. Silverwolf

    yo!! is my pack still here!!!

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  230. BabyKay

    Haii:3 Anyone near west palm i need to join a pack it’s for real lonely here \:

  231. silverwolf

    srry, its been a while since i have been on this and i don’t know why, but qmail deosn’t work on my computer. try my facebook. i m really Kate Baker. MY vamp friend is Cheyanna Huber. join our vamps and ww thing on there. and it turns out shes 93% vamp and 7% ww

  232. szayel

    ok…. yeah my moms in the hospital right now, car crash. She SAID that she would be fine but idk, shes still not back. and im SO FUCKING tired!! but i have to stay awake… ugh. well ill check out your werevamp thing

  233. szayel

    i would add you but there are ALOT of kate bakers, whhy dont you add me. my name is kaream reid, and i look SUPER young in the photo

  234. I run a pack out of FL, you can find me if your in my area at “Druidpack Florida” on facebook. just like the vamp’s have their thing, so do we, it’s time to step from the shadows and let our song be heard again. we are the guardians, nurturers, and swift vengeance to those how take this world for granted. My you know well the path you walk, for if you stray, my children eat well tonight. we are real, this is our life, for i am loup-gouroux, THE SKIN WALKER.

    Tiahmat, Alpha – Florida druid wolf pack

  235. motocrosswolf112

    Are there any packs near Tuscaloosa al?

  236. silverwolf

    god do u have any idea how hard finding people on facebook can be! szayel, wuold it help you out if i siad my profile pic was the same as the one on my profile at your website: the wolfgirl and i’m female live in texas {there were 13 young kareams i couldn’t find you}

  237. Szayel

    ok lol i will

  238. wild eyes

    Yeah im not used to the whole pack thing yet kind of a loner

  239. wild eyes

    Looking for a female for guidance

  240. silverwolf

    o my gosh, i HATE my stepdad. he slapped me 4 no reason i said you touch me agian and i m out of here. he slapped me harder!!! i told him that until he treats me with respect, i won’t show him any. then i told him i m gonna live with my real dad i reached for the phone but he took it away from me. I HATE HIM

  241. silverwolf

    DEOS ANYONE KNOW WHAT I M GOING THROUGH!! i have to keep myself from grabbing a knife or razor blade and being a cutter again or commitig suicide{which i have thought of many times before} its even worse 24 hrs a day 7 days a week only when i turn on my ipod and blare out my mom and stepdad’s screaming
    fav. song: FUKIN PERFECT BY:P!NK

  242. szayel

    yes… i do, i hate my ex- stepdad too. he never hit me( because i would have tried to kill himif he did) but the screaming and fighting was UNBEARABLE

  243. silverwolf

    i try to keep it under control i don’t want to kill him because i live in a small town. too many murders looks bad on us ww. i also don’t like my mom. she’s better than my dad, but only a little. the thing with her is that she gives me no freedom

  244. silverwolf

    other fav. songs:
    raise your glass-p!nk
    what the hell
    tears don’t fall
    waking the demon
    almost lover
    jar of hearts
    bury me alive
    bring me to life
    not afriad
    3 A.M.
    marry me
    dont let me go

  245. szayel

    yeah true…. u have some good fav songs,hey how come u havent been on my site lately?

  246. silverwolf

    idk, i geuss my online life just revolves around youtube, facebook, and this. sorry. i just got out of the shower and when i shaved my legs, i fuckin cut myself (accidently, i swear). god it burns! it bout 1 inch long and half an inch thick. i usually wear pants to scool because of this ww hair problem, but my mom threw away my poor aero jeans and now i have to wear shorts tomorrow (i also usually wear a long-sleeved jacket but my mom hid it, i’ll find it tomorrow hopefully)

  247. $ilverwolf

    good news, i found my jacket. random question: What’s your favorite color?
    mine: black and blue
    silverwolf is now $ilverwolf

  248. $ilverwolf

    why is it really 5:30 here and the post says 3:27
    guess its time zones or whatever

  249. Szayel

    purple and black. as always =D

  250. silverwolf

    purple is my third fav. but i seriusly love that color. my walls on my room are purple and my bed is blue w/ black sheets
    colors i can’t stand: pink and yellow
    sometimes orange

  251. $ilverwolf

    i also have a purple sparkle lava lamp
    do you have ADD or dyslexia
    i have ADD

  252. Szayel

    I CANNOT STAND YELLOW! i might be mercyful some days, but pink i can bare =D. And no i do not have ADD or Dyslexia

  253. $ilverwolf

    are we like the only ww now that talk on this. we need to orginiize a pack and pack leader(you). we need to do border patrols. we also need a pack name got any?

  254. brad

    i need anyone in north carolina to come and turn me i live in north carolina jacksonville 1204 suix drive im the kid that lives there dont tell anyone why your there stay out of sight from anyone but the kid that lives there and tell me ur gunna change me into werewolf and thank you im not very tall i will do anything to help you then please come soon i will blog when someone has done it please hurry so dont look for tall person i ride bike home from school at about three see you then

  255. brad

    hello anyone on please come turn me into werewolf if you need help ill help u and ive heard if your a werewolf and you get angry enough then u can shift back to wolf form hope that was usefull please come turn me 1204 suix drive jacksonvill north carolina. thanks i gtg

  256. brad

    please come soon i send blog that it done when it done bye.

  257. $ilverwolf

    i hate my vamp friend right now because all of her other friends do what she says but i dont take orders from a vamp so i don’t listen. she calls me stubborn but i call her a SPIOLED BRAT. if cheyanna is readind this: I DONT FUKIN CARE!!!YOU LAY A FINGER ON ME THEN I WILL KILL YOU!! I WONT HESITATE EITHER!!! sorry to all those nice vamps and ww that had to read that

  258. Jake

    Please contact me if you are a real werewolf. I will do anything to be one!

  259. $ilverwolf

    stupid hormones have kicked in. i feel depressed, sad , extremely angry for no apparent reason.at the same time. i feel tired yet fully awake. my stomach hurts and i m getting cramps LIFE SUCKS RIGHT NOW!!! feel a migrane coming on. took meds but it hasn’t kicked in. want to lock myself in a tiny room and scream cussed more than overkill today. annoyed with all the midgets and bitches that went to school today this last day of school fuckin suks want peace and quiet cant mom and stepdad screaming at eachother pool opens saturday but i cant go (started my FUCKIN STUPID DIPSHIT period.cussed at my dad 5 times this morning. feel tired and sad because i miss my BF, TRAVIS, mad because i want the world to shut up for a few seconds. gonna listen to music on youtube. stay fukin perfect!!!! listen to MONSTER by SKILLET when your mad. also BURY ME ALIVE by WE ARE THE FALLEN

  260. $ilverwolf

    i m sorry about that last comment. i didn’t feel like myself that day

  261. I still can’t find you on facebook…

  262. brad

    hello sayzel silverwolf i need someone to turn me to werewolf read my last few blogs please ill do anything

  263. brad

    sorry szayel ment to spell szayel

  264. Im sorry to say, bout im WAY to far to be able to come meet you and turn you. I don’t even know you well enough. But maybe in the distant future, when i don’t have stuff to take care of. Btw, where is your blog?

  265. Alaiya

    Is anyone else an Alpha? or are you all mostly Betas and Omegas?

  266. brad

    ive got to say somthing i hope you beleive me but i had a DREAM ABOUT WOLVES LAST NIGHT

  267. Szayel

    oh ok. Idk what to say about the dream though

  268. brad

    szayel i need some help their is this 8th grader at school and i dk what to do its gone on all year

  269. Victoria

    Hi. I’m very interested in lycans and the abilities that some people have to actually turn into wolves. I’m starting to go into deep study about them, and have recently tried the transformations. If somebody could tell me some detail into the transformations and some personal experiences with their wolf forms and whatnot, please email me at *edited
    I’m only looking to with real lycans.

  270. Szayel

    Whats the problem?

  271. Jadin N. Worstell(Halfmoon)

    Hie Szayel its me Jadin from 6th grade and to prove it I know you are in band and was in the chess club. I have alot of explaining to do so I hope I can get in touch with you. (P.S. I bet I can beat you in chess now).

  272. $ilverwolf

    srry guys that i haven’t been on here. had some problems go up (nearly killed my vamp friend literally) tired, hate life want to die. (everyones saying i bit a girl because she asked me too i did but i didn’t bite hard enough for her to turn)full moon comin up, hope you guys enjoy it (lets just say someone might go missing in my town)
    szayel- if my vamp friend bit me hard enough could i become half vamp

  273. $ilverwolf

    what grade will you be in next year,szayel

  274. Szayel

    No, vamps can only turn you into a vamp through blood exchanges. And I will be in 8th next year

  275. $ilverwolf

    cool i will be in 7th

  276. Daemon

    Are there any wolves in Brunswick, GA ??

  277. Silver

    How do you join this pack?

  278. Silver

    Oh who is from west Tennessee preferrebly Memphis.
    Plus i like Szyel l Szyaelike Ur site

  279. Silver

    Mis type I double typed

  280. Silver

    I liked darkwolf and was on his side during the “war” until I found out he was a vampire then I switched to Ur side szayel. Oh what happened to darkwolf88??

  281. $ilverwolf

    wazz up ppl got back from camp (fell out of a tree on the 2nd day, down a hill on the last day, and half a flight of steps on the 3rd day)i would’ve just taken a shower and forgot about it, but i just “had” to go to the nurse (said my stupid counselor) turns out i had scrapes and scrathes all over me and scraped off layers of skin below the knee (thx to that rocky hill) it didn’t hurt untill some one sprayed it with that spray that kills germs (the burn!) other than that and being chased by racoons with my best friend camp was great

  282. Silver

    Good to know you had a great time.

  283. lycan-Boy

    hello my brothers and sisters lets gather all of us from north carolina yahhh!!!

  284. hey amy brothers and sisters let us unite in north carolina yahh!! I need a pack I am trained I can kill illdo alot to show I’m worthy for being in a pack so call me *edited

  285. i want to join a pack in florida

  286. Brittany

    I live in sc and I want to join a pack. Im a rare breed cuz I have red hair lolz.

  287. Brittany

    Is there anyone online… Im really hyper and cant sleep *sigh*

  288. Brittany

    Oh and dont talk to me if your fake!!! I want to talk to real werewolves!!!

  289. Brittany

    Hey u online im bored… As usual

  290. Brittany

    Anyone online…

  291. Brittany

    Since im bored im going to tell the story bout my long summer… K it all starts last december when we visited sc and found a nice house. We bought it so june 13nth we started our trip to sc. I came from oregon. So last week when we got all settled then I flew to minnesota to visit relatives.

  292. Brittany

    So im in mn. No one here is as hyper as I am so im always bored. but ce la vie which means such is life. I love the pple here so im not meaning to say there bad just I get bored u know…

  293. Brittany

    so more bout me so u guys get to know me better. My fav colors r white, black, purple, n green. Fav music is rock n heavy metal. Fav bands r slipknot, seether, system of a down, pantera, mettalica, godsmack, disturbed, n nirvana. Also like song creep by radiohead.

  294. Brittany

    i have red hair, green eyes that look kind of red near the pupil, cant say much more. hmmm *thinking* oh ummm fav animal wolves of course. love softball. love rock climbing. love swimming. love ridn dune buggies in the mud lolz… ummm im not at all shy… I DISLIKE PINK, I DISLIKE LIERS, I DISLIKE STEALERS, I HATE CATS, I HATE VAMPIRE SHITS…< sorry, I DISLIKE CAKE, I DISLIKE CHEATERS, I HATE MONKEYS, REALLY DISLIKE DRESSES… hate is such a powerful word that i only use it if i really reeally dislike it.

  295. Brittany

    i have green eyes that look kind of red near the pupil, cant say much more. hmmm *thinking* oh ummm fav animal wolves of course. love softball. love rock climbing. love swimming. love ridn dune buggies in the mud lolz… ummm im not at all shy… I DISLIKE PINK, I DISLIKE LIERS, I DISLIKE STEALERS, I HATE CATS, I HATE VAMPIRE SHITS…< sorry, I DISLIKE CAKE, I DISLIKE CHEATERS, I HATE MONKEYS, REALLY DISLIKE DRESSES… hate is such a powerful word that i only use it if i really reeally dislike it.

  296. Brittany

    I DISLIKE PPLE WHO THINK THERE ALL THAT CUZ THEY USUALLY USE OTHER PPLE and im the type of person that gets pissed < sorry… when pple mess with friends or family. i will kick the persons a** or cuss them. i usually just cuss them… in the future i want a wolf tattoo… soon im getting blond highlights in hair… want to get ears gaged just a size bigger than a normal piercing, I DISLIKE WOMEN WHORES AND MAN WHORES, men who sleep with alot of women are not studs they ARE sluts. same with women but pple usually dnt think men r sluts 2

  297. Brittany

    I like to stick with one person. Im single at the moment. its weird wut im bout to say but im going to say it cuz were all a little weird…. i love guys with mohawks lolz. as long as the mohawk guys r nice i like them. this doesnt mean i dnt like guys without them cuz i know it doesnt matter what a guy looks like its the personality.

  298. Brittany

    fav shows r ghost shows, inyuasha, n bleach. i love my playstation 2 games like dragon quest 8. love living in the country. oh love rockband for the playstation 3. love watchn wrestling. mario games r fun on the wii. im my own person. wont find another person like me. have my own special weirdness lolz…

  299. Brittany

    alright enough bout me TELL ME BOUT YOU GUYS!!! : D

  300. Silver

    Well I’m looking for another werewolf to meet.

  301. Brittany

    R u a fake a true werewolf or a human

  302. Silver

    I was turned by a spell, but would like to get bit

  303. Silver

    Type werewolf spell on YouTube its Maryl and carol’s.

  304. Brittany

    I did an incantation and since then Ive felt diffrrent but no transformation

  305. Silver

    No offense but FAIL. Any who I’ve only m and a shifted. (mental and astral)

  306. Brittany

    Oh ok *sigh* so how should I go boit becoming 1

  307. Brittany

    Question r u male or female

  308. Silver

    I’m not the expert look through the earlier post for szayel she’s the expert look for her email address. Oh I’m a guy lol I almost typed gay.

  309. Brittany

    lolz so u live close to south carolina.

  310. Brittany

    u r 14+ right

  311. Brittany

    hey szayel if u read this silver said u would b the one to ask. how do i go bout becoming a werewolf

  312. Brittany

    Thanks silver. Hope she replys

  313. Silver

    Ur welcome I’m 17 and live near Memphis, Tennessee.

  314. Brittany

    Hey silver wut type of music do u like

  315. Silver

    Michael Jackson is cool and video game music

  316. Brittany

    Lolz ok I like heavy metal and rock

  317. Silver

    How old r u and where in south Carolina do u live in

  318. Brittany

    Im fourteen my bday is april first I live near westminister

  319. Silver

    i didn’t like my 14th year

  320. Brittany

    I cnt wait to be your age lolz

  321. Szayel


  322. Szayel

    And you don’t want to know what happened to Darkwolf. I won’t be seeing HIM anytime soon.Or maybe I will, who knows. But I doubt it.

  323. Silver

    Hola where have u been? And when’s the pack leader voting you have my vote

  324. Brittany

    Im votn 4 u 2!!

  325. Silver

    This site needs a back to top link

  326. Brittany

    Yeah they do

  327. Silver

    July 15 is the next full moon, and it’s too bad that we live in different states we could have been good friends/ bfgf’s

  328. Brittany

    Yeah I kno

  329. Brittany

    We still could b friends online

  330. I am a born werewolf/lycan brittany txt me 517-514-8818 we should talk

  331. Brittany

    ? Why?

  332. Brittany

    I wont txt u buy if u give me ur email I will email u

  333. requanraynor@yahoo.com and because id likee to talk to somebody

  334. Brittany

    I love lycanboy!!!

  335. i ♥ WareWolfszz if i wwere ever to meet one i wo uld probbably FAINT!!

  336. wats this war everybodys talking about?

  337. I’m a real born wrewolf and love you too

  338. I’m a werewolf born and raised

  339. Brittany

    I love u more! :D

  340. I am a werewolf born and raised

  341. Brittany

    …….i kno

  342. who likes warewolfs

  343. Brittany

    I DO!!!!!! Love u lycanboy

  344. need a pack in north arolina callme if you want a pack 517-214-8818

  345. Silver

    What about me Brittany, and come bite me lycan boy

  346. Brittany

    Wut? Im lycanboys girl sorry.we can b freinds though. Luv u lycanboy!!!

  347. Silver

    Why were both were’s Werewolves

  348. Brittany

    Thats not wut I care bout. I luv lycanboy!!!

  349. Silver

    Well what do you like about him

  350. Brittany

    I love him for every reason and no reasons at all

  351. Brittany

    I luv him becuz he is loving, interesting and I juz love em

  352. Silver

    I am too

  353. Brittany

    Uuugh!!! silver stop! I will repeat this… I love lycanboy!!!

  354. hey silver call me I’m not mad about this I need to talk to about a pack517-214-8818

  355. Brittany

    … :/

  356. Silver

    Brittany I like you me gusta

  357. Brittany

    Im not going to. I juz had 2 part from lycanboy and im not bout 2 do that! * crying for lycanboy *

  358. Brittany

    * crying*

  359. Brittany

    Pleasure of love lasts a moment, pain of love lasts a lifetime… * tears of broken heart *

  360. Brittany

    I dont know why they call it heartbreak, it seems all of me is broken… : (

  361. Brittany

    Lonely is a soul without a mate

  362. Silver

    Never mind don’t email me

  363. Brittany

    Did u really love me lycanboy?

  364. Silver


  365. then dont give out your e-mail duhhh

  366. Silver

    Sorry it was my mistake what are views on Brittany.

  367. Brittany

    Me and lycanboy r not split up. I decided im not going 2 let pple stop me from talking 2 my luv

  368. so mind your buienss silver

  369. so mind your business silver

  370. Emily

    lycan boy and brittany really and let me guess lycan boyz a warewolf and brittany is a human && you 2 are in LOVE!!LOL BS :D

  371. Emily

    O wAIt I GuessEd i guEssED WrOnG umm you brittany and lycan boyz are both warewolfz & you two are in love???By the Commmentz you TWo POsted i WOUld Ssay Yes!?umm BS aAGIN I BeLIve LyCAn BOy But im nOT cONvinsed that YoU ArE BrItTaNy SrrY I nEED PrOOf >_<

  372. Brittany

    Im not a werewolf. Im a mortal and im in luv with lycanboy who is a werewolf. Wuts wrong with that.

  373. yahh im a werewolf i can shift from human to wolf well im a lycan but w/e i did it last night

  374. I NEED A PACK TO RUN WITH IM SOO PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWHOOOO!!!!!!!!

  375. Brittany

    I luv u babe!!!

  376. i want to be in a pack i am fast and strong.

  377. if you live ner melbourne ky meat me at the park on july 17 at 7pm

  378. i wil b on 1 of da concrete tables

  379. my real name is waylon

  380. ive wanted to join a pack but there are no packs in melbourne

  381. Brittany

    Hi waylon im brittany

  382. do u liv ner melbourne ky if u do hed 2 the park at 7pm ill b werin a gray shirt an olive drab pants

  383. Brittany

    Ummm how do i kno u wouldnt kill me

  384. i dont no how 2 morph

  385. be like da willow not da oak da oak wil brak under stress da willow wil just bend

  386. Brittany

    Okay. Well right now im in minnesota visiting family. I live in sc

  387. do u no hoo da lycan guy is

  388. Brittany

    U mean lycanboy?

  389. Brittany

    If u want 2 talk faster can i email u

  390. Brittany

    Oh and silver i tried 2 email u 2 ask questions

  391. yes and im doin dis on my psp

  392. Brittany

    Oh well me and lycanboy have a thing but were not bf/gf or at least he never has mentioned anything like that. Ive been asking myself if he really cares bout me lately… Anyway wut do u need 2 kno

  393. doz he liv ner melbourne ky

  394. Brittany

    He lives in nc can i ask u a favor. Call 517-214-8818 that is lycanboys number ask him if he realy cares bout me also find out wut he thinks bout me. Will u do that 4 me. U dnt have 2. How old r u?

  395. 12 but i look lik a 23 yer old man

  396. Brittany

    Oh k…

  397. sry its becoz im 5ft7 becoz ov mi dad

  398. Brittany

    Why r u sry? U r wut u r.

  399. ur rite by da way do u kno any wolves that liv ner melbourne

  400. Brittany

    No im sry

  401. its okay i just need 2join a pack also dou hav a skype account

  402. wat tim iz it in minesota

  403. Brittany

    Twelve thirty five

  404. if u liv ner melbourne ky hed 2 da prk at 7pm on july 18-31 if u can

  405. sooo basically I’m the powerfulist werewolf /lycan /mage here woow

  406. Brittany

    Lycanboy… I tried calling u and gmailing u. Has somthn happened? Did i do somthn?

  407. nothin happend i red a mesage he posted

  408. Brittany

    I think he is beggining 2 get full of himself. I dont mean that 2 b saying he is a bad person. I mean it 2 say that wut he said truelly sounded like he wuz being full of himself.

  409. Brittany

    If u ever need a good laugh watch the zookeeper! Its hilarious :-D

  410. horrible bosses better

  411. i got f-ball practis 2mro at 630pm

  412. Brittany

    Ok ill watch that:-D

  413. i messed up its at 830am

  414. aaaaawwwwwwoooooooolllllll

  415. Brittany

    If there is anyone willing 2 turn me plz reply 2 this message plz!!! This is wut i want!

  416. i can help u find a werewolf

  417. Brittany

    I would want 2 preferably b bit by a lycan

  418. if u got a ipod touch or iphone downlod da werewolf locatr app

  419. William

    Hey guys I’m looking for any werewolves that can physically shift or actual werewolf blood I live in atl georgia I dont want no fakes so if your 100% sure email me at wdthomas.washington@gmail.com

  420. i liv n kentucky sry

  421. William

    know any werewolves in atlanta georgia

  422. whitewolfs

    Im looking for werewolves in georgia, like near smyrna and marietta areas. If you are out there email me back then.

  423. Brittany

    I hope u find what your all looking 4. Dnt give up. Always continue the search and one special day i promise you will find it. <3

  424. Brittany

    Make sure its right. Make sure its what u want. And if it is… Go for it<3

  425. if u liv ner melbourne ky go 2 da prk a 7pm 2mrrow

  426. Silver

    I’m back lycan boy what’s up u have my vote for alpha what’s up Brittany? Sorry buk I live in Memphis.

  427. kalaomega

    hello everyone….

  428. kalaomega

    i went about everything wrong i guess. my earlier messages are gone now lol sorry if i alarmed anyone good nite safe hunting

  429. Silver

    Brittany what’s the difference between a lycan and a werewolf?

  430. Brittany

    A lycan cn control their shifting n a werewolf cnt. Also lycans are higher than werewolves. Also i tried emailing u a lng while ago :|. Oh and me n lycanboy r dne. Forever dne!

  431. Brittany

    Ive found a wonderful guy from michigan his name is John. Me n him make the best couple ever. We both promised we would never leave each other<3 He does parkour/freerunning! :D He is the most amazing, kind, loving guy ever! !! <3<3<3 :D

  432. i can freerun but i broke my foot and that set back on my skills

  433. Brittany

    Ouch im srry o_O

  434. its ok i broke it last year

  435. Silver

    Is john a werewolf, lycan, or human? I guess I’m just a werewolf. Lycan boy where do u live? I live in Memphis.

  436. Brittany

    John is a lycan <3<3<3

  437. Silver

    Can I be next in line if john doesn’t work out?

  438. Brittany

    Lolz how old r u again?

  439. Silver

    Decisiete 17

  440. Brittany

    Well im 14

  441. Brittany

    Me n John r serious in our relationship n i dnt think were ever gunna split up

  442. Silver

    You said the same thing when u were with lycan boy, Brittany.

  443. Brittany

    Ya i did say the same thing, but i was wrong with lycan-boy. I dnt think thnk im wrong with John.

  444. Brittany

    Ya i wuz wrong bout both. I am so done with relationships for awhile. Anyway im in kentucky!!! :D

  445. meet me in melbourne at 7pm

  446. Brittany

    Sry i wuz juz passin through not staying. Im bck home in sc.

  447. Brittany

    I hope u werent waitin there for long

  448. im getin a ipod tuch n october

  449. Brittany

    Cool i hope u like n enjoy it

  450. do u lik system of a down

  451. Truth47

    any wolf/lycans near south carolina on the east coast?

  452. Truth47

    besides me.

  453. Brittany

    OMG system of a down is my favorite band man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D yeah!!!!! System of a down rocks!!!!!!!!! Some of my fav songs by them: ego brain, revenga, byob, attack, roulette, u-fig, holy mountians, cigaro, stealing society, sad statue, hypnotize, f**k the system, old school hollywood, needles, prison song, phyco, know, sugar, soldier side, shimmy, innervision, forest, A.D.D, areals, tentative, suite-pee, Question!, chopsuey, kick n’ rrock n roll, radeo/video, snowblind, n alot more songs lolz. I LUV system of a down!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  454. Brittany

    Oh n i forgot i like the song darts by system of a down 2!!!!:D <3<3<3

  455. Brittany

    hey truth47 i live in south carolina but im not a ww/lycan. Im human. But im not a bad human i will always keep ur guyzes secret ;D. R u willing 2 turn pple cuz i want 2 b a ww/lycan really bad. I kno this is what i wnt ive thought bout it for a lng time now n i kno its rite. I had 1 guy that wuz going 2 but he lives in michigan and we wouldnt ever leach other so yah it wuz a failure *sigh* i also had a guy from north carolina tht wuz going 2 but tht didnt wrk out either *double sigh*

  456. do u lik lonly day by system of a down here r som lryics. such a lonly day and its mine

  457. Brittany

    Yea i luv that song 2!!! :) wait r u saying ur lonely? If u r saying that dnt b sad juz get out there n the world n dnt b shy! ;)

  458. lonely day is a song by soad (system of a down)i was telin u da lyrics

  459. Brittany

    I kno n luv the song :D.

  460. Truth47

    sorry brittany I need to know more about you before I think about it. I mean it is a big difference than just being human.

  461. Truth47

    but I do trust you. And before you are changed there is much you need to know.

  462. Brittany

    Okay wut do u need to kno bout me? N wut do i need to learn?

  463. Truth47

    It is not something I can just tell you but I have to teach you in person. If your up to it I will meet you in the future but for now I can answer some questions or just chat.

  464. Truth47

    forgive me for giving away information and not being more open right now, my mind is somewhere else right now but my attitude will change and be more friendly tomarrow.

  465. Truth47

    sorry meant to say forgive me for not giving away info.
    I told you im somwhere else lol.

  466. Brittany

    Hey wutz up :D

  467. Brittany

    How old r u n how long is it going to be until we could ever meet?

  468. Truth47

    I forgot how old I really am and I can’t say for sure when we will meet but I know it will be less than two years.
    I mean there is a lot of things going on right now but as soon as I can I will meet up with you.

  469. Brittany

    Are ww/lycans metabolism faster than humans? R u a lycan or a werewolf? Can u remember if you r younger than 21? Why is it u cnt remember ur age? Sry for all the questions lol.

  470. Truth47

    Its okay to ask questions. And im currently in the process of talking with others to help with my memory. Yes our metabolism is higher. And I do not remember if I am lycan or werewolf; I only plan to let it out when I need to.

  471. Brittany

    When u become a ww/lycan do u have more anger management problems?

  472. Truth47

    some more than others

  473. Brittany

    When ur a ww/lycan and u have pets is it more likely u will kill em than not?

  474. Truth47

    not all ways.

  475. Brittany

    After u get bitten do u turn rite away or no?

  476. Truth47

    You can feel it change your body as the new blood courses through your veins. It takes only a few minutes.

  477. Brittany

    It only hurts the first time or does it hurt after the first time 2?

  478. n truble bn posiblyhunted by friend bcause pissed hm off his famly is italian and has conections with da mafia dat dates bac da 1930s

  479. Truth47

    well bukshtboi what happened and did you tell him about you.

  480. Brittany

    That cnt b good! =-O b careful ok! o_O B very very careful.

  481. noi said i was irish and i am

  482. Truth47

    so what happend?

  483. well irish and italian had mafias we were at war

  484. Truth47

    you shouldnt have to worry about hunters over that.

  485. im talkin about da italian mafia i might get a bullet in my hed

  486. Brittany

    Eeep!!! :-! I hope no one gets a bullet in da head!

  487. Truth47

    how did you piss your friend off?

  488. i trid 2 sau somdin and he wodint lisen 2 my anger got da beter of me

  489. Truth47

    And brittany, it might hurt the first time but you get use to it.

  490. Brittany

    Would i b able to control my shifting easily after the first time i got bit or would it take a while to learn how to control it?

  491. Truth47

    It all depends on how strong your will is.

  492. Brittany

    Cn u control ur shifting truth47?

  493. Truth47

    Yes, but only when I have something to fight for.

  494. Brittany

    So r u a lone wolf rite now or no?

  495. Brittany

    Am i gunna b the 1st person u turn?

  496. Truth47

    I don’t know if I turned any one else before. I can’t remember.

  497. Brittany

    Oh. So how r u getting help remembering things?

  498. Truth47

    sources offline.

  499. Brittany

    Oh. Thiz is random but watz ur fav color? Sry im bored n tryin to find things to tlk bout lolz.

  500. Truth47

    blue and black. but red was one of the colors of my past.

  501. Brittany

    Cool B-) I like white, black, purple and blue. Whatz ur fav food?

  502. Truth47

    I would have to say steak.

  503. Brittany

    Steak is good but i have to say my fav food is a blt sandwich *yummy* ;D. So wutz ur fav animal. I like wolves ofcourse :D

  504. Truth47

    I like all animals. I feel a connection with them and can tell what they are feeling and what they are thinking. so I treat them like family.

  505. Brittany

    :3 cool. So wutz ur fav time of day

  506. Truth47

    Depends on where I am. Here It’s 3:00 am until sun comes up.

  507. Brittany

    Where in the world r u rite now?!

  508. Truth47

    Currently in south carolina.

  509. Brittany

    Do u live here in sc or no?

  510. Truth47

    Yes, I live in myrtle beach.

  511. Brittany

    Cool. I live near westminister

  512. Truth47

    So what type of girl are you anyway?

  513. Brittany

    ? Wut do u mean? Do u mean like punk, girly, tomboy, goth, emo, scene?

  514. Truth47

    yes. so which one are you?

  515. Brittany

    Well i wear ripped jeans, a chain, my hair is natural red n i straighten it everyday. I have a white streak of color put in my hair i wnt to get a purple extension. I only have ear peircings but i wnt to get a nose stud in the future. I wear a good amount of make-up n perfume. Im nice to everyone n i do not judge pple. I dnt use the word hate unless i really really dislike something. Im liked by lots of pple. I luv fun. Im a lovable person :D <3 so i guess i would call myself a punk/rocker on the outside and a nice/ girly on the inside

  516. Truth47

    How old are you.

  517. Brittany

    Omg r u ok?!!! :’o

  518. Truth47

    How were you attacked?

  519. im alrite i fel and 2 people beat me up

  520. Brittany

    *angry at the 2 pple* u should of kicked their a**!!!! They sound like very mean/rude pple!

  521. Brittany

    What type of guy r u truth47?

  522. Truth47

    I don’t know. I mostly just try to blend.

  523. Brittany

    So u wear a lot of camo lol :)

  524. Truth47

    lol no I just where t-shirts and jeans.

  525. Brittany

    Thaz cool :) so wut kind of sports do u like?

  526. Truth47

    Football and Baseball.

  527. Brittany

    I luv softball and baseball!!! Im a softball player :)

  528. Brittany

    So do u like system of a down?

  529. Truth47

    Is that some sort of band.

  530. Brittany

    THEY ROCK!!!!!!!! Hehehehehe :D

  531. Brittany

    U should listen 2 some of their songs :)

  532. Truth47

    What kind of music do they sing.

  533. Brittany

    Hard rock/heavy metal <3<3<3

  534. Truth47

    Any songs you suggest.

  535. Brittany

    Ya tentative, stealing society, byob, attack, holy mountains and old school hollywood <3

  536. Brittany

    The moon is soo pretty 2nite *eyes sparkling*

  537. Brittany

    U should also listen to forest, shimmy, innervision and revenga :) oh and also u-fig and f*** the system hehehe i luv those songs.

  538. Truth47

    I can’t see the moon where im at. It just rained here.

  539. Brittany

    I wish u could c it cuz itz juz so pretty 2nite :) anyway… Do u like heavy metal n stuff?

  540. Truth47

    I don’t know I haven’t really listened to it.

  541. Brittany

    Tell me some things bout urself :) sry im bored again and would like to kno more bout the person who is going 2 turn me :D

  542. Truth47

    Theres not much to say. I don’t like crowds, i’m alittle anti social, no one knows who I am, and that I will need to travel across the world and meet others and some people from my past.

  543. Brittany

    So ur saying ur not gunna tlk much when we meet up lolz

  544. Truth47

    probly not, but once I change you what are you going to do?

  545. Brittany

    Well i thought we could become friends :)

  546. Brittany

    Well i thought we could become friends ;D

  547. Truth47

    But would you stay or would you travel.

  548. Brittany

    Wut do u mean?

  549. Truth47

    I mean are you willing to give up your normal life come with me/ go by your self to see the world for what it is and use the abilitys I give you.

  550. Brittany

    Im willing 2 give up my normal life n go with u <3

  551. Truth47

    Also remember to always trust your instincts.

  552. Brittany

    Wut do ya mean? Sry i cn be dumb at times lol…

  553. Truth47

    I’ll tell you later.

  554. Brittany

    Ok :) so do u drive?

  555. Truth47

    I can, but I like to run or walk if possible.

  556. Brittany

    So u have to b 15+ to b able 2 drive rite

  557. Brittany

    Wut color hair do u have?

  558. Truth47

    Yes and my hair is short and dark brown.

  559. Brittany

    Cool :). Wut color r ur eyes?

  560. Truth47

    Dark brown.

  561. Brittany

    Cool. How tall r u?

  562. Truth47

    I don’t know.

  563. Brittany

    Oh ok :)

  564. Brittany

    Sooo wut u wnt to tlk bout im home alone and bored

  565. Truth47

    What can you do? what can you do best?

  566. Brittany

    I cn sing, play piano, and play softball. I also get good grades lol. I cn drive a stickshift. I used to live in oregon on 1100 acres n i learned to drive there. We didnt own the place but we took care of it. Im good at lazer tag. Im 5foot six almost. And i have green hazel eyes.

  567. Truth47

    Sounds like fun.

  568. Brittany

    yea so wut bout u. Wut do u do n wut r u good at?

  569. Truth47

    Pretty much any thing athletic.

  570. Brittany

    So wut do u do 4 fun?

  571. Truth47

    I don’t know, this and that.

  572. Brittany

    How old do u think u look since ur able 2 c urself.

  573. Truth47

    Maybe 16-18.

  574. Brittany

    Have u ever played lazer tag?

  575. Truth47

    Yes I have.

  576. Brittany

    Isnt it awesome!!! =D its soooo fun!!!!

  577. im ahel of a tuba plaer,gamer, and singer and freerunner

  578. Truth47

    freerunner as in parkor?

  579. Brittany

    Freerunning and parkour r awesome! ;D I tried a parkour move once… I epically failed though lol.

  580. Brittany

    Do u do parkour truth47?

  581. Truth47

    Yes, and there is someone else reading our confersations.

  582. Truth47

    I don’t know who but I know someone is. could be someone new or someone that was on here before.

  583. Brittany

    How do u kno some1 is?

  584. Truth47

    It’s sort of a sixth since thing. I can sense other people and sometimes there thought and feelings. It really comes in handy playing Modern Warfare 2 lol.

  585. Brittany

    … Thaz cool n kind of scary at the same time o_O u havnt ever been in my thoughts have u? O.O

  586. Truth47

    Maybe lol. and Yes I can here you.

  587. Brittany

    0.0 thaz kind of embarrasing *turns red* o-o

  588. Brittany

    Wut am i thinking bout now?

  589. Truth47

    It doesn’t work that way. but I will give it a shot but you have to focus on that one thing until I respond okay.

  590. Truth47

    I don’t know if its right but I got flower medow and fish for some reason. I don’t know I told you it doesn’t work this way.

  591. Truth47

    I meant to say a fish instead of fish.

  592. Brittany

    Lolz i wuz thnkin bout my little chihuahua kelsee who is lying beside me asleep and i also thought bout us meeting for the first time and me becoming a ww. Sry i kno u said only think about 1 thing… My bad

  593. Truth47

    I told you. plus its mor of an instinct thing.

  594. Brittany

    Whats over?

  595. Truth47

    I think hes talking about the mafia thing.

  596. Brittany

    Oooh. :)

  597. Truth47

    So howed it end?

  598. Brittany

    Do u wrk truth47?

  599. Brittany

    Oh. So do u live alone? Like all alone?

  600. Brittany

    Also wuts ur real name if u cn tell me.

  601. Truth47

    I prefer not to tell names over this because of the hunters and others.

  602. i got da irish mafia on him

  603. Brittany

    Ok i cn understand that. Wut color ww/lycan r u?

  604. Brittany

    Good job bukshtboi :D

  605. Truth47

    I don’t know, and does it make a difference what color you are? Just wondering.

  606. Brittany

    No it doesnt matter at all. I wuz juz wondering.

  607. Truth47

    Then I guess black.

  608. Brittany

    Awesome :)

  609. Brittany

    So wut u wunna tlk bout im sooo bored.

  610. Truth47

    What do you know of ww/lycans?

  611. Brittany

    I kno a little bit but not alot.

  612. Truth47

    Tell me what do you usually dream about.

  613. Brittany

    Losing some1 i luv or me being in a war.

  614. Truth47

    what kind of war?

  615. Brittany

    Like war against zombies, hitler, and vampires.

  616. Truth47

    Did you ever have dreams where you were part of a team.

  617. Truth47

    What type of team was it?

  618. Brittany

    Like a team tht wuz hired to go spy on some secret nazi thing

  619. Brittany

    Wut do u usually dream bout?

  620. Truth47

    Just battles.

  621. Brittany

    . We have 2 pear trees and 2 apple trees in our front yard and i had to go pick up all the fallen pears and apples and there was alot *sweat* and omg it is so hot outside lol cnt wait to take a shower 2nite cuz i smell like rotten pears and apples. I also got attacked by fire ants! >:( may they all die 1 day lol

  622. Truth47

    But we need ants to clean up our messes.

  623. Brittany

    Do u have any pets?

  624. Truth47

    No, I guess you could call me camera shy lol.

  625. Truth47

    Ha sorry I thought you said pics. I have two dogs and two cats.

  626. Brittany

    Im so nervous because im starting highschool 2morrow and i dnt kno any1. 0.O

  627. Truth47

    You don’t have to worry, youll be okay.

  628. Brittany

    Thnx :) i hope pple like me. My friend from oregon says i make friends easy. Hopfully she wuznt juz saying tht to make me feel less nervous. :-|

  629. Brittany

    Anyway, wut kind of dogs do u have?

  630. Truth47

    sorry but giving away that info people can trace it back to me.

  631. Truth47

    How was school?

  632. Brittany

    School wuz ok i really didnt tlk much cuz i wuz scared id say somthn stupid. I made 1 friend her names veronica :). My classes r nice. The bus ride on the way home gave me a headache though lolz.

  633. my da waz good imer sum lycans

  634. Brittany

    Cool :) i cnt wait tell truth47 turns me *sigh* i wish i were 1 now

  635. Truth47

    It’s not as fantastic as it sounds you know.

  636. Truth47

    Theres a reason some people call it a curse.

  637. Brittany

    Im gunna do ROTC instead of P.E. This year :D

  638. Brittany

    I dnt think its a curse for u guys. I think its a gift and your lucky. Im sorry if u think its a curse but i dnt think so and i still wnt 2 become a ww/lycan. I do not care how painful it will b and i dnt care tht i will not b living a normal life. I wnt this sooo bad Truth47. I had a dream once b 4 bout becoming 1. I kno this is what i wnt. If i regret it afterwards its my own fault but i do not think i will regret it at all.

  639. Anyone looking for an alpha im prince of the lycans and i need recruits for the war?

  640. near north carolina would be good

  641. Brittany

    Why hello Re’Quan. U havnt been tlking for awhile. And wut war?

  642. Truth47

    There shouldn’t be a war. We all resolved and made agreements. I was there when we agreed. And I swear if you do anything to change that I will hunt you down.

  643. Brittany

    … Do u mind explaining a little to me cuz im so confuzed.

  644. Truth47

    I don’t mean to be an enemy, but it took alot to end the war. And how are you the prince because I know the family.

  645. Brittany

    … Im so confuzed. Wut wuz the old war about?

  646. Truth47

    And if you need any help I’m there.

  647. Brittany

    *sigh*I guess im juz invisable words on this site :-/

  648. Truth47

    The war is something you shouldn’t know about yet.

  649. Brittany

    Ok. So how lng did u say it wuz going to b until u will turn me?

  650. Truth47

    When your ready.

  651. Brittany

    Im ready! :)

  652. Truth47

    I will be the judge of that.

  653. i hav a strang felin dat im bein wached

  654. Truth47

    From where.

  655. Brittany

    Awww :’ so wut do i have to do to make u think im ready?

  656. Truth47

    Well, how do you think your ready?

  657. Brittany

    I think im ready becuz i kno its gunna b painful and im willing to take tht pain to become one.

  658. Truth47

    Why do you want to become one?

  659. Brittany

    I want to become 1 cuz i want to b more than just human.

  660. Brittany

    Also i would have better hearing, better eyesight, and i would be alot stonger.

  661. Truth47

    Are you in shape, I mean will you be able to keep up?

  662. Brittany

    I walked i kno at least 5 miles almost every day this summer n i work out everyday so ya ;)

  663. Truth47

    Skinny, medium, or big?

  664. Brittany

    I would say a little less than medium.

  665. Truth47

    Can you use a weapon?

  666. Brittany

    Umm.. Well i cn use a kitchen knife to chop food but thts about it lol.

  667. Truth47

    What weapon do you feel best with?

  668. Brittany

    Uh… A small pocket knife lol.

  669. Truth47

    Can you run along distance?

  670. Brittany

    I can run a little while not like a long long time

  671. Truth47

    Can you fight?

  672. Brittany

    Oh ya ;)

  673. Truth47

    Have you ever faught before?

  674. Truth47

    Never mind your human and havent faught the creatures I have. But the feel from fighting them is the best feel I know.

  675. Brittany

    I have fought b4 but it wuznt like a huge fight

  676. Truth47

    what race are you?

  677. Brittany

    Im mostly Irish. But i also have scottish and German

  678. dude i wouldnt do that shes not ready for the power you will bestow upon her

  679. Brittany

    How do u kno tht Re’Quan! >:( its his decision not yours!!! So mind ur own business alright!

  680. Truth47

    I was going to try to teach her before I turn her.

  681. Truth47

    And don’t get mad, hes right, I mean this isn’t a small thing.

  682. Brittany

    Sorry i kinda got angry :/

  683. yah so chill mortal, i was just saying to help you out cause if you get the power you might do something stupid like kill people who make fun of you or something stupid

  684. Brittany

    Sorry :/

  685. im aztec mayan scotish irish spanish russian

  686. Truth47

    aztec and myan?

  687. Truth47

    cool combination.

  688. Noah

    ….Unless you’re actual therianthropes, I wouldn’t promise a girl that you can “Turn” her….it isn’t vampirism where you can give her some blood and re-animate her from death.

    You’re either born with therianthropic blood or your blood is tainted by a curse…I’m sure most of the people here(if actually valid) stem from the curse…in which you’ll need to actually CURSE her.

    If you do happen to get cursed, don’t worry :) Silver wont hurt you, you can still wear jewelry. just don’t eat any Aconite or mistletoe. As for shifting….I don’t seem to possess the ability to successfully shift.

  689. nope i ws born all the way through my family

  690. Truth47

    First off just because you read something doesn’t mean its real and I’ve seen my share so I know how to turn and I will only change her if she can take it, and thats after I test her and teach her.

  691. Brittany

    … Ok. So wut do u need to teach me truth47?

  692. Truth47

    About us and what we are.

  693. she needs to learn how to control it and not let the second half of her come out in public….. its not good when your about to turn infront f people who arent wolves

  694. Brittany

    Ok so tell me bout u guys

  695. Truth47

    I would rather tell in person do to saftey reasons.

  696. Brittany

    *sigh* ok

  697. wow brittany your soo unaprective

  698. Brittany

    Im very thankful to truth47 requan so stop trying to make me seem like a bad person. >.<

  699. im not trying your just taking this as oh im getting new power and i can do whatever i want it dosent work like that he is giving you this undefin power that can seem like a horrible thing and you need to wait a while thats all im saying. And dont try and get an attitude with me

  700. Brittany

    Sorry requan.

  701. Truth47

    Requan how many others do you know?

  702. Truth47

    yes, I mean one of us.

  703. umm well alott my old pack my freinds my famiily

  704. Truth47

    What pack are you part of now?

  705. Truth47

    Then would you come with me and (if she can keep up) brittany and 1 other person I met.

  706. Truth47

    The 1 other person is just someone who needs help he probly won’t need to come.

  707. um no i cant see im not in a pack because im in a royal counsul im the main leader because im a prince ang my two brothers are kings but im still in charge but yah i ccant join and she wont be able to keep up

  708. Truth47

    Do you think there is anyone you know who could help me with my past.

  709. Truth47

    I remember most but there is a gap from then and now.

  710. Truth47

    you help me, Ill help you.

  711. Brittany

    He is right i probly wont b able 2 keep up… :/

  712. Truth47

    Brittany it would help if you start training.

  713. and yah dude i am psychic dude i can help you and i do telekinesis

  714. Brittany

    Well im in ROTC which should help rite :) tomorrow we get to wear r uniforms!!! :D

  715. Truth47

    So we have a deal?

  716. Truth47

    What branch is your rotc?

  717. Brittany

    What do u mean what branch? All i kno is im a cadet in rotc lol. Anyways i got my nose peirced!!! :D

  718. Truth47

    army, navy, marines, or air force.

  719. Truth47

    I want to be the people who goes behind enemy lines and rescuse military personel.

  720. Truth47

    Sort of like the comertial.

  721. Brittany

    Im in deep s***. I ran away laz nite to my bf place n on the way there i cut myself up real bad. I also injurd my knee, back and rib cage. *sigh* im not going to DAR or juvy but if it happens again i will. Also im not allowed to go to driving school when im fifteen i have to b 16. And i have lot of other punishment but i will say lazt nite wuz so much fun. Jumping fences, avioding every car, carring my knife, being with my bf and his cuz, hanging out n adreniline pumping it wuZ all so fun n dangerous. Although i do feel bad i hurt my parents by doing it. The pain wuz worth the fun though and i cn only blaim myself rite. Anyway im safe n fine now so ya. I also got to try rasberry vodca laz nite. Have to say it wuz def strong but not bad. I wnt have anymore though tell im 18 cuz i dnt wnt to become alchoholic. Anyway i also dnt want to b a werewolf/lycan anymore. I wnt to stay the same n live a happy life 4ever with my man. I would risk anything for him <3 i would also not take the opportunity to bcome a ww/lycan to b with him<3 ty truth47 for saying u would have turnd me though.

  722. i have a permit and a car and that sucks

  723. wow you are a scrub and truth47 shes not worth the time to train we need to meet and train with out her shes not woth it

  724. Truth47

    Im glad you chose not to do it. You deserve a normal life and should not be involved in this world.

  725. Truth47

    I heard a wolfs howl while I was in my house and I think it was one of our kind.

  726. Truth47

    I think there might be an alpha near me.

  727. Truth47

    They have found my sent.

  728. Brittany

    What is a scrub??? >:/

  729. Zeke

    Alright, so I just read every single post on here…yeah talk about a lot of reading….anyways I’ve read somewhere that you can find out if you are were/lycan/etc. and its actually very simple. I’ve had multiple occasions where while I was sleeping, I have become a wolf. It feels so real but when I wake up I’m lieing in bed all sweaty. In the dream I would hunt and run around the forest just being a wolf. The whole time I hear drums in the background noise in my dreams. According to the reading I’ve done, this is a sign that I have were/lycan blood in me. If so, how can I actually p shift instead of just shift in my dreams? Feel free to email me at zeke3818@hotmail.com

  730. ohh dude p shifting is soo easyyyy :) all you do. wel for mme i have multiple ppl in me aghrna mingan is my were\lycan self he comes out at random times and if you want to shift get really really mad concentrate and release all you power

  731. Zeke

    So what you are saying Re’Quan is that I should get really really mad, concentrate on my wolf appearance (known from dreams and actually have it tattooed on me now), and release all my power into shifting and it will happen?

  732. Brittany

    Hello!!! >:/ wut is a fucking scrub!!!!!!!!!!!!

  733. Zeke

    A scrub is like calling someone a newbie or noob…it also has other definintions and in the way he called you a scrub I would suggest….possibly calling you a nobody.

  734. Brittany

    Do u really mean wut u say requan? :’/ we used to tlk on the phone all the time and we were real good friends and we emailed each other all the time. Then u slowly juzt stoppd tlking n i dnt kno wut i did. If i did somthn tell me. If i didnt why r u being so mean. Ive been trying to get along with u n everything but seriously saying im not worth changing im a nobody and im a weakling it fucking pisses me off! >:’/ seriously u said along time ago u would turn me n tht i wuz awesome n everything n now im stupid! WUT The Mother Fuck!!!!! I cn b a very easy person to get alng with but im sick of u! Saying omg im so fucking awesome bcuz im aprince of lycans n i cn do magic! U r sooo fucking full of urself man! *gir* u make so mad i have to punch the wall every time u fucking comment on urself being awesome or clling me somthn or saying im not wrth it!!! U thnk ur so awesome but ive met many ww/lycans on this website who deserve to b the prince of lycans! U do not deserve to b and should not b one! Idc wut u thnk bout urself and neithr does any1 else! Anyway thnk u zeke for telln me wut tht meant ;)

  735. Truth47

    I wouldn’t sajest shifting for fun though. Think ahead and make sure no one gets hurt.

  736. Truth47

    I still don’t understand how you think your prince.

  737. Zeke

    No problem Brittany and Truth47, I’m not sure if I’m even able to p shift or not…I was just trying to get some insight knowledge to see if its in my blood or not since I can m shift…

  738. Truth47

    Re’Quan, what state are you in?

  739. Brittany

    He lives in Raleigh NC

  740. Truth47

    I’m having trouble. I might not be on for a while. I’ll try to get on when I can.

  741. ok…. brittany im not full of my self i just got really sick of you asking me to do stuff for you all THEE time its annoyyinggg i am prince because im powerful and im deserving i dont neet some fucking mortal telling me how to act im a great king to my people they love me i told them about you they automaticly knew who you were they dont like you im sorry but they dont and yes zeke you should and

  742. Truth47

    How do your people know her.

  743. Truth47

    This is the last message for a while. I will be off because I might have to fight the others who found me. Take care and be nice.

  744. Zeke

    I’ll have to give it a try this weekend when I got the place to myself that way no one is around me to get hurt. Also I’m in NC as well Re’Quan, how old are you?

  745. jeff

    does any alpha live around tennessee if anybody does my number is 901-359-5060 call me or text me if ur around tennessee

  746. Brittany

    Hey every1 ive been gone for a long time andi missed tlkin on this site

  747. Devan

    wait wait wait. ok, so, some of you are REAL werewolves and lycans? like, no joke, no lying? 1. who would you know? you remember being in that form and 2. it would be so awsome to be a werewolf or lycan! like, total awsomeness.

  748. Devan

    i mean how

  749. Devan

    wow….. didnt know so many werewolves and/or lycans might live near me…… i mean if everyones serious, no offence ment but i dont trust everything on the enternet

  750. yes there “real” werewolves and Lycans on this site. And no it would not be fun being one of us

  751. Devan

    interesting anyway thats nice to know, i guess. thanks……….. i feel akward. kinda talking to myself: wonder what itd be like to know a lycan

  752. well its really not as great as you think

  753. Truth47

    Hes right.

  754. Brittany

    Hey every1 wuts up? Hey truth47 r u still willing to turn me if u think I can handle it and if u think im ready. Im tired of this mortal life. Ive done lots of thinking since Ive been gone.

  755. noo truth dont do it, she already said she didnt want this life remember?

  756. Truth47

    I cant decide that now.

  757. jeff

    hey is there any real lycan or werewolfs on this site

  758. Truth47

    means i am acupid at the moment. and yes there is jeff.

  759. ahh i see and allerating on what truth said yes, there some of use are but not all soe people just want to be us.

  760. jeff

    truth47 do u know any lycans or werewolfs near tennessee

  761. jeff

    hey native wolf i live in tennessee but not a werewolf i want to be one so can i join ur pack and can u bite me to make me a werewolf

  762. i dont think people just do that

  763. Brittany

    Ok. So how r u truth47?

  764. Truth47

    Different, at the moment.

  765. jeff

    where do u live truth47?

  766. Truth47

    I think south carolina.

  767. Truth47

    Yes, south carolina, myrtle beach.

  768. yeah the carolinas rule, ehh

  769. jeff

    hey truth47 can u turn me into a werewolf

  770. Truth47

    It depends.

  771. Truth47

    If I change both you and brittany you both have to know what your getting into and how to control it.

  772. Truth im not getting into this but you know what our life is like…..i dont want people chooseing to be this way just because they think they know about us.

  773. Truth47

    Thats why I want them to learn before I think about changing them. I do not recamend this life. But I wouldnt give it up.

  774. Truth47

    Its a dark life, but if they are strong enough I will turn them.

  775. Brittany

    ok so tell me what im getting into… It isnt horrible right? And if we are strong enough we can control it right?

  776. its not horrible… but its not great, the stronger you get the more youll want to get into fights. Its not the same for everyone though, its more of a if your agressive or not

  777. Brittany

    Ok so if im not aggressive I am ok or no?

  778. not nessesarily(bleh can spell) but youll have to be shown to be told correctly

  779. Truth47

    Its hard to explain without being in person.

  780. draven

    Hello I live in Columbus Georgia and would o andything to become a were or lycan if anyone is near me and willing to help me plz txt me at 3165594561

  781. Ashino

    Any werewolves in georgia ? if you are email me lovedreamskill@gmail.com

  782. Ashino

    could u change me truth?

  783. Truth47

    Its depends on if you can handle it. Its not as great as you think.

  784. Truth47

    Its depends if you could control it. Its not as great as you think.

  785. Truth47

    sry my computer lagged.

  786. Brittany

    Truth do you need to meet me in person to really know?

  787. Truth47

    Yes I do.

  788. truth, i love the way everyone reads your comments and just expects you to turn them. Its quite humorius reading the stuff people will ask you. Its like me and you are the only werewolves still on this site huh?

  789. Truth47

    Yeah, seems like it.

  790. Brittany

    So when & where?

  791. Emily Featherstone

    It seems like u guys are the only active people on here and I need help please. I just posted a comment on the main stream but I really need help. I don’t know what is going on and noone in my tribe knows. I am native American and I am part of he wolf clan and I know his sounds really stupid bu I didn’t know how to go to any of my elders about this I just moved and I have no way of contact with them. Something bad is happening to me. My head feels like it’s burning I have so much goin through my mind and I don’t know how to make it stop. When I go to bed I’m in my house and I wake up miles away. I have dreams that cant be true but they seem so real. I’m developing a ring around my eyes and my braces are falling lose in my mouth because my teeth are now straight and they shouldn’t be yet. Please help I’m worried

  792. Truth47

    How long have you been like us?

  793. tell us whats wrong well try to help

  794. Truth47

    To me it sounds like the beginning stages?

  795. yea hes starting the i wake up and i thougy it was a dream but you dont really remember it

  796. Ashino

    I can handle it and atlanta georgia

  797. Brittany

    So… When & where?

  798. Ashino

    but i actually can .. its hard to put in words cuz ur not me

  799. Ashino

    besides im askin truth not u

  800. Ashino

    no offense

  801. offence taken sir, your right im not you but i what you want to be so you cant really tell me what you are and arent.

  802. Nanook

    Hey you guys, I live in Virginia, and I really need someone to turn me. I am 19 and not one of those stupid immature humans. Its a long story but if you have the ability to turn me please email me at airtrackstar540@aim.com. I will explain more there. Thanks.

  803. Emily Featherstone

    I have been like this for a couple weeks and to be honest not much scares me but this does I was in so much pain. The dreams have become more and more real and my hard just hurts worse and worse I just need help does any bady have and email here I’m really in pain

  804. Emily Featherstone

    This was my post a couple days ago

    Emily Featherstone says:
    October 31, 2011 at 3:54 pm
    I’m new to this and I don’t really know how this goes. As stupid as this sounds I have actually been having dreams of like a forest and things like that for a while. When I’m in the dreams I’m running fast and I feel my breath. I don’t know how to explain it but its not like when I run every other day. And I know this is really really stupid sounding but about a week ago I woke up in the woods about a mile from my house. I really need some guidance my eyes are changing . They have always changed ever scenic I was born I have 5 color they normally change but now they are developing a gold ring around my pupil. I’m in pain alot I have constant head aches and I’m getting nose problems. It feels like I’m burning half the time. Please I need help that’s all I want

  805. Truth47

    Its normal, theres not much you can do but its worth it in the end.

  806. Emily Featherstone

    So what should I do when will it stop my email is EmilyF126@aol.com. I could use some answers if u have any

  807. jeff

    how emily featherstone said i got a gold ring around my pupil to and im not a werewolf is that good thing truth

  808. Truth47

    The gold ring doesnt mean your a werewolf.

  809. Emily Featherstone

    Truth o need to contact one of u some things have happened and I need to explain but I don’t want to do it over the thread. Could u send me an email and I will explain to u I believe I know why all that has been going on.

  810. this is weird more and more people keep comeing out of nowhere say this and that over and over

  811. jeff

    truth do u know any werewolfs near tennessee or in tennessee

  812. Brittany

    Dont you live in Franklin bcuz thaz where im at right now

  813. why does everyone ask truth about everything? I really dont think he wants to answer questions all day.

  814. Emily Featherstone

    Prince re”quan would u and I be able to get into contact with each other I shifted the other day and I would like to talk to either u or truth u 2 seem like the only other real and honest people on here

  815. jeff

    brittany were u talking to me when u sent that text at4:03

  816. Brittany

    I was talking to any of you

  817. jeff

    no i dont live in franklin i live in munford tennessee

  818. Emily Featherstone

    I move around alot but I
    Haven’t lived there yet I just moved to ny it’s very wooded where I am right now

  819. Bug

    any lycans in Louisiana?

  820. Truth47

    Theres nothing good to fight, hunt, or kill any more.

  821. Lunar Silverwolf

    Hello, Wolf therian in Tennessee here! Looking for other therians in the area :) I’m not new to therianthropy, simply looking for others.

  822. yea i have to eat regular food

  823. Brittany

    hey truth

  824. jeff

    hey lunar silverwolf i live in tennessee in not a werewolf yet but i want to be one can you turn me

  825. Brittany

    come on tell me what i need to learn i want to get turned. heyy it rhymes

  826. xAlliWulf

    Hey, okay I’m kind of new to this, but just wanted to say hi to everyone. I’m jersey wolf living in nc….so yeah, bye >_<

  827. jeff

    hey truth47 can u turn me i know im ready i have always wanteed to be a ww/lycan i know i am goin to go threw alot of pain i have never felt before but i think its worth it

  828. Emily Featherstone

    I haven’t been in here in a long time. I took some time off to try and figure things out and I did. To those who wish to be a were please think this through a lot because this isn’t something I would wish upon anyone it isn’t luxurious or
    Cool like the twilight movies it is painful and difficult. Please think and prepare yourself u may do things u never think of it takes a lot of control

  829. Truth47

    Your not ready, its not what you think.

  830. Jersey

    Hey im a lycan

  831. bukshotboi

    im back listened 2 sky ful of liters

  832. Truth47

    On here or email?

  833. here but emal me thru facebook just type in waylon

  834. Truth47

    sorry I was talking to ReQuan.

  835. jeff

    truth were u talkin to me when u said u are not ready

  836. Truth47

    Yes, I was.

  837. Trace of Crimson

    dose any one live in alabama and are they looking to join a clan? any other state is good too

  838. Trace of Crimson

    are you a werewolf or vampire?

  839. jeff

    truth how can u tell that im not ready



  842. jeff

    hey jacob cook where do u live

  843. Trace of Crimson

    me and him live in alabama

  844. jeff

    trace of crimson are u jacob cook

  845. Jacob Cook

    No Jeff. That is Dakota my friend.

  846. jeff

    dakota i am human all i have wanted is to be a werewolf or a lycan could you make me one i know it will hurt really really bad but i think it is worth it i think it is a blessing not a curse

  847. angel

    if there are any werewolf in florida contact me please i want to turn

  848. Trace of Crimson

    sorry it took me so long to reply jeff why do you wont to be one

  849. Truth47

    Im back, I had to deal with a werewolf here last full moon.

  850. jeff

    hey truth47 how do u know that im not ready

  851. Truth47

    Because you dont know what your getting into and what is really out there.

  852. Angelica

    Hello everyone, if there are any true wolves listening or reading I would be really happy if you contact me. I’m just exteamly curious about werewolves:)

  853. Trace of Crimson

    yes there are and im real

  854. Angelica

    Is there anybody from Florida?

  855. angel

    im from florida

  856. Brittany

    hehehehe omg lol u guys can go see what I look like if you go on to vampire rave. Im called Amber1997.

  857. why is there noo wolves in north caarolina!!!!??!?!?!?!?!

  858. Trace of Crimson


  859. Angelica

    Angel, what part of florida

  860. angel

    central close to avon park

  861. Brittany

    merry christmas!!! XD

  862. xAlliWulf

    @ ReQuan the King
    Lmao I’m from NC xDD kind of.

  863. angel

    merry chrismas

  864. Angelica

    Angel, i live In Groveland.

  865. angel

    do you have cell?

  866. Alpha queen

    I’m so tired of feeling out of place I’m an alpha and want to be with my pack I have wolves blood in me I know I do and my body tells me im meant to be high ranked I need help with connecting to my inner wolf I’ve been surpressing if you can help please email me

  867. Alpha queen

    I’m from Louisville, ky btw

  868. Trace of Crimson

    sorry im no good to you im in bama

  869. caitye rawls

    Yay bans thanks for the response your a whopping four hrs away lol

  870. caitye rawls

    Just so everyone on here knows I am serious about this and I will travel and do whatever it takes.
    I want this.

  871. Truth47

    Why is every thing email now?

  872. Trace of Crimson

    i have no clue

  873. jeff

    truth so what is really out there since i dont know

  874. Trace of Crimson

    Angelica and everyone els im sorry but im haveing truble with my email right now but you till i got it fixed you can still email me on it but it will take me a wile to respond but if you dont want to go thro all that truble text me at 1 (256) 459-2692

  875. Trace of Crimson

    happy newyear! everyone

  876. Angelica

    R there any tru wolves in florida??

  877. @xAlliWulf well lets talk then if you wanna?

  878. Brittany

    … *analyzing* interesting lol

  879. Trace of Crimson

    okay what is every one talking about

  880. i have no idea im late also

  881. Angelica

    Ok y’all lost me :p

  882. Brittany

    lol ^.^ *runs in a circle for no reason*

  883. Trace of Crimson

    lol X) okay

  884. wolverine

    is lookin for info

  885. Angelica

    I need to find a tru wolf that lives in Florida af mabee can travel to florida

  886. Brittany

    ooo DNA *plays with DNA like it was an acordion lol*

  887. Trace of Crimson

    If you need info just text me my phone number is a fue posts up

  888. Angelica

    Is there any tru wolf who is willing to change me????

  889. Arctalia

    im live around boone north carolina and i want to be bitten and turned, ive never been that great with other humans and ppl have noticed that i connect more with wolves then humans, so please can anyone help me?!

  890. bukshotboi

    sup im bac lisenin 2 SCORPIONS NO 1 LIKE U on my mp3 in woods

  891. Angelica

    I love that song :p

  892. Trace of Crimson

    yeah thats a good one

  893. Arctalia

    can anyone help me, i want to be bitten and turned, im 19 getting ready to be 20, can anyone help me?!!!! i want to be a werewolf i always have.

  894. Pan

    What state are you in Arctalia? im not sure about bitting you but id like to maybe know why you wanna be a lycan so bad.

  895. Truth47

    To many people want it for the wrong reason.

  896. Brittany

    lol *^.^*

  897. Arctalia

    i live in western part of north carolina around boone. ive always loved lycans, and to tell the truth i dont get along with other humans very well, i work at a local wolf sanctuary and when im around them i feel like i belong. humans see me as a easy target bc im small and female, wolves dont. the owner of the sanctum is a high priestess and she told me with wolves is where i belong not with humans. thats why i want it so bad if u can understand that.

  898. Truth47

    I understand.

  899. bukshotboi

    sup im bac lisinin 2 scorpions stil lovin you and it finally snowed but i posibly broke my foot again

  900. Pan

    Arctalia, i understand how you feel. i am an animal spirit trapped in a human body, so you can imagine it would be tough for me too. give in to your instincts, you may feel better and you may learn that youve got alittle wolf in you already.

  901. Brittany


  902. Arctalia

    ok thanks pan ill give in to my instincts and you may be right. ~smiles~

  903. Trace of Crimson

    hey every one whats up

  904. bukshotboi

    i went 2 da dr (doctr) and it trns out itz a sprain. suwweett!!

  905. DLRN

    Huntsville, AL area.

  906. Trace of Crimson

    sorry nope jasper al

  907. Brittany

    bloop *teehee* ^.^ Hannibal

  908. Trace of Crimson

    lol X)

  909. Trace of Crimson

    your wellcome are you talking to me

  910. wolverine

    all the wolves from NC let me here ya!

  911. Cat rawls

    yes and to whoever it was I assume someone from here.

  912. Truth47

    What happened?

  913. Brittany

    8) always think positive. -.- at least thats what guidence told me…

  914. Trace of Crimson

    yeah lol X)

  915. Brittany

    :'(.. I hate being seperated from my bf for a short period of time. I have his jacket on, a voodoo doll he gave me and a stuffed chihuahua he gave me.

  916. J.S

    Ok… Ursans normally dont run in a pack, they normally try to stay solitary, but I’m interested to see how other “weres” live. Huntsville, AL

  917. Truth47

    It all depends on the the circumstances.

  918. Brittany

    I cut my hAir just above my shoulders :D

  919. Trace of Crimson

    brittany. nice and JS. i lead a clan if you want to know any thang you can text me 1 (256) 459-2692 ps sorry if it takes me a wile to reply im busy during the day

  920. Truth47

    Something not right. I feel it growing each day.

  921. Arctalia

    Well took Pans advice and he was right, the wolf in me came out during the most untimely moment. and apparantly im more wolf that was thought, sum of my physical features changed but not all. Wanting to be part of a pack, can anyone help me, i live in boone NC. my cell is 828 284 9185, love to hear from other wolves :)

  922. Brittany

    :) do u take calls?

  923. Truth47

    What’s with the immortal night game?

  924. Arctalia

    Yea i do Brittany. I usually have most nights and weekends. im in college and working, so if you call and i dont answer just leave me a msg and ill call you back. :)

  925. Brittany

    wvu trace of crimson?

  926. Pan

    glad to hear that you’re taking my advice. :)

  927. Trace of Crimson

    truth. what do you mean and brittany sorry dont have talk on it :/

  928. Truth47

    Every time I get on here I see immortal night game add.

  929. Arctalia

    yea your advice worked and thanks again Pan :)

  930. Brittany

    *crushed* :'( my bf and I werevgoing to do somthin a couplecweeks ago and we didnt. My parents found a letter about it and now im in trouble :’

  931. Trace of Crimson

    yeah lol i know.

  932. Truth47

    Im tired of waiting.

  933. Brittany

    :( *sigh

  934. Arctalia

    Ive been there Brittany, it wasnt pretty. Found out that my Bff is the one who put the note there and i was the one who got jumped on for it. It sucked :(

  935. Brittany

    ya my bf parents dont want us together now :'( Idk what to do there is like nothing i can do u kno..

  936. Arctalia

    been there too, i was going to date this boy a cpl weeks ago but as soon as his family and friends found out they threw a royal fit. so no we arnt even friends anymore and he was my best friend too..it sucks royally!

  937. Brittany

    *gasp* ! >X[ some boys will take there mommys side over anybody! they r lame.. i sorry that happend to u

  938. im from jacksonville fL an i would like to be a werewolf if anyone is willing to change me??? E-mail me ambermustang2@yahoo.com

  939. Arctalia

    thats ok brittany. if he cant be a adult and make his own decisions then i dont need him. well i found out im a mental shifter but im still wanting to be changed. i know there are wolves near western north carolina. just need to find them. :D

  940. Brittany

    thats the way to be! :D Find a mature guy that can handle us girls lol ^.^ I dont kno bout u but i can be a handful

  941. Trace of Crimson

    okay well i havent missed much

  942. bukshotboi

    im finaly getin a harcut

  943. Truth47

    Were we blocked from leaving comments on chat/comments?

  944. Trace of Crimson

    idk im no sure all i know is that a post that my buddy did got removed too

  945. Brittany

    *walks around in circles with hands behind back*

  946. Trace of Crimson

    o_O did you do something

  947. Brittany

    0.0 …. no not at all teehehehe l:D

  948. Trace of Crimson

    lol yeah

  949. Trace of Crimson

    so what have you been up to

  950. Brittany

    just having fun in RAIDERS X) hehe

  951. Trace of Crimson

    yeah sweet lol x)

  952. Brittany

    the guys nicknamed me Gizelle :D X) they think they can get with me but we’ll just see about that

  953. Brittany

    the guys nicknamed me Gizelle :D X) they think they can get with me but we’ll just see about that

  954. Brittany

    0.o why did it go thru 2 times?? :’ thats not cool

  955. Trace of Crimson

    idk lol but okay Gizelle

  956. Brittany, honey u’r being played,these guys aren’t going 2 change u.They got u running around like a bitch in heat,& I mean a dog, not a wolf. Ur 2 weak,at ur age i already knew how 2 kill, could run most of the day r night, hours not miles, jogged 5 minute mile, lift 150- 200 lbs., suffered broken bones- no pain killers. I’m not trying 2 be mean r hateful 2 u, this is what it takes if u want 2 survive.A weak link can bring down a pack,because they will try 2 protect that weak link. If u can do what i did by the time ur 16 then they will take u more serious. U need some street smarts 2, so they can’t play u, good luck.

  957. Trace of Crimson

    well im not doing anythang with her lol

  958. Sugar,did u offer 2 change her? No, u was just talking 2 her. Hey, I can’t save every body from falling flat on their face. Just warned her,its up 2 her 2 take my advice r not.LOL ;-p

  959. Trace of Crimson

    so how is every one?

  960. Trace of Crimson


  961. Brittany

    I feel weak now.. -.- i must get stronger >XD

  962. Trace of Crimson

    to moon or truth heres the thang i know alot of the basic stuff like iv pshifted befor but i would love to know more about abilities and stuff

  963. Trace of Crimson

    like a werewolf told my friend that everyone has there own abilities

  964. Trace of Crimson

    like i can do a lot of energy based stuff

  965. Hey, TOC & T47, go 2 r other site, Breeder here,u want me 2 shift? I’d probably look like some demonic griffin,& blow my hill 2 kingdom come in the process! LMAO

  966. Got 2 go,check on Y’all,later, gotta take care of a sister that just lost her husband,because I wasn’t there 2 protect them. Brittany, is this the life u really want? To those out there, there is a upside & downside 2 everything,so think twice about what u wish. Nice meeting Y’all, & i wish u all well, Bye

  967. Trace of Crimson

    yeah tell her im sorry for her loss and yeah every thang has an up or down

  968. Brittany

    thats sad… tell her we are all sorry ..

  969. Hey Y’all,I’ll do that, thanks, Brittany, I know its hard, 2 do what I had 2 do, but girl if nothing else U’ll be able to strut ur stuff, knowing ur the best u can be. I need 2 find my people. They were in Ark. 40 yrs. ago. They stand around 6′-6’6″, real broad shoulders,has hazel-yellow eyes,d.brown curly hair,my grandpa went by MAC,my dad, El, the runt, Scot-Irish- Native American. They’ve been dead since early 80s. My Dad was suppose 2 bring me back when I was older. Well I’m older,& he’s dead. Have daughters & grand children. Like them 2 meet my family.Also like 2 find out what I am,other then breeder.

  970. Trace of Crimson

    sorry idk any one in ark.

  971. hello my clan has a website now so we will be adding a lot of new stuff

  972. Brittany

    Im a single lady again and im havin fun but its startin to already get lonely again *sigh*

  973. Truth47

    I prefer to be a lone. Lol.

  974. Hey Y’all! Brittany! Come on think of ur training, ur 14, get hormones under control! Boys later,did I just say that. lol U don’t know how lucky u r, I couldn’t date till I was 16. Then most were losers. Thought running through the woods a waste of time. What about ur wants & dreams, r u willing 2 throw them away. The boys aren’t going anywhere,they’ll still be there when ur older. Hey, MEN think a tone body is sooo hot! Here’s some info 4 u, play basketball full body contact,don’t forget 2 put on some coconut butter. Guys forget what their doing,& u win the game. lol Watch out guys,when i’m threw with her, u so wont know what hit u! LMAO

  975. OH, Brittany, practice walking in 5inch stilettos. When u older, red with black highlights. Were with pencil skirts, for some reason MEN, like suits on women. lol Good luck! Have fun!

  976. when did pack of the south become dateline of the south ?:S

  977. HEY, us females got 2 stick 2 gather, so we land good , adorable, & honorable guys like Y’all. lol