Werewolf Pack of the West

Voting on pack leader coming closer to werecon.


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  1. Where is this event happening? I’d be interested in attending , but need to know the travel specifics.


  2. I’m in British Columbia, Canada. Should I join this pack, or will there be more packs created for other countries?

  3. “Where is this event happening? I’d be interested in attending , but need to know the travel specifics.”

    This year’s Werecon will be held online so that everyone from around the world can attend.

  4. “I’m in British Columbia, Canada. Should I join this pack, or will there be more packs created for other countries?”

    We are currently creating packs for other countries. Stay tuned…

  5. Deadlock

    I’m going. Live in Ketchikan. Name’s Deadlock.

  6. Where is this happening. Would love to contribute. I write paranormal werewolf novels. Werewolf Sanctuary is now available on Amazon and will be followed by more in Wolf Maiden Chronicles series. Total werewolf universe.

  7. chaos5567

    anyone in washington state? lookigfor a good female

  8. Cas

    I guess being in Australia, joining this pack is the best option….anyways count me in!!!!

  9. Squezzlez

    I guess i’ll join this pack since I’m in nz

  10. If theres anyone on this side that lives in alaska.. plz research the lokoti tribe, idk if their part of this pack or what but they have stories that are pretty epic.

  11. Syn

    I wonder how many people are studing the were history, like the origen is from anicent Greece then Bitish isles that is were the Meor.

  12. NikkaLynn

    I am new and would like to attend but I am not exactly sure what the meeting is about or where to begin with and is this actually for real?

  13. MORROK

    i am will do it too all i need is the info on were,and when…im always ready…lets do this

  14. mikkelc

    are werewolf real?

  15. mikkelc

    testing testing.

  16. craclenspile

    am from the werewolf pack of the south and i challenge you all ps. my username for clan of south is darkwolf88

  17. Poetry Black

    Chaos5567…i live in spokane washington..and im female.

  18. join south are pack is bigger and better

  19. szayel

    hmm you would think whoever is posing as me would know i changed my name…

  20. Sky

    um, i need, help. i want to become a werewolf, but i dont know how. in case it might help, i live in redding, california.

  21. szayel

    how sad, not many weres in the west

  22. Bella

    Anyone in the Southern California area?

  23. I’m interested in meeting with other Weres.
    I live in Logan city Utah
    I currently serve as a beta seeking help and advice from any willing to give it. Thanks

  24. I would like to be in the pack. I live in victorville, California and became a werewolf 3 weeks ago and I don’t want to be pack leader because I think it is too stressful.

  25. Brittany

    I hope you all find what your looking for. Never give up. Continue the search and one special day i promise you will find it.<3 Make sure its right. Make sure its what you want. And if it is… Go for it.<3

  26. llyon

    australian wolves contact me please. e-mail me llyon20@yahoo.com, or text/call me 0422104789 at night only. that is all the information i will give out. oh, and im the alpha of Cresent moon pack in NSW.

    fidelis ad mortem!

  27. llyon

    wow.. thats very fake like…. sorry guys/and gals

  28. alphawerewolf

    can i join?

  29. l.

    I find a lot of these comments disheartening, but also amusing… Do some actual research. Learn. Don’t pursue this path because it’s being popularized and romantisized by the modern media. This isn’t something to be decided lightly.

  30. 2337yrold

    ive ben around long enough to know packs should not be much biger then 20 someone needs to start another chapter biger groups atract trouble and we r not redy for that yet

  31. l.

    And some of us have been around long enough to recognize uneducated, unlearned coveters. Until you learn something, don’t try to instigate unfounded discord.

  32. Itzcuintli

    Hey, I live near LA, California. I really want to meet up in person with werewolves. I need some help. Please, you can text/call me at 8186914397 or email me at jafetescobar@rocketmail.com.

  33. Scruffy

    Looking for “real” members of the community to communicate with. i have been watching this site for a while now, and I’ve been discouraged by the massive presence of wannabes and fakes. But, i am nevertheless hoping to encounter someone genuine here.

  34. Scruffy

    Well, it seems no one is very active on here. Still waiting to hear from someone who isn’t an uneducated teen werewolf from Texas, or a desperate wannabe. Are there any among you that are genuine like me? It would be appreciated to know…

  35. anybody from Alaska on?

  36. Well,if you are call me 7411913or19077411913

  37. well that’s me scruffy

  38. Scruffy

    That’s good to know Tevin. Glad to know you’re here.

  39. where do you live? scruffy?

  40. Scruffy

    Unfortunately, i’m in California. But, a friend of mine lives up in North Pole.

  41. any body you know live in Alaska?

  42. Scruffy

    One of my best friends. But, she’s not one of us…

  43. Scruffy

    She knows… And she calls me her little angel wolf.

  44. Scruffy

    Well, if you had actually been paying attention to the last few posts i have made, you’d already know the answer to that, Tevin… Which tells me you’re not real. Just looking for a hookup, or someone to turn you…

  45. i just wanted to know god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. oh and by the way you don`t know me at all i don`t date!!!!!!!!

  47. Scruffy

    And you’re so mature about how well you defend yourself… How old are you? What, maybe 16?

  48. no you will never guess hah

  49. Scruffy

    Wow… All kinds of grown-up, aren’t you, little wannabe?

  50. shut the hell up! little oh im so mature

  51. Scruffy

    Child, you’re the one refusing to move on… i’m actually here for a reason.

  52. yea right / so mocking people is your reason wow lame

  53. Scruffy

    As you continue to illustrate my point…

  54. what point oh i wonder!

  55. Scruffy

    That you’re an immature and inarticulate little wannabe, who is too foolish to realize that I was prepared to pretend you might actually be worth talking to. But, you’re not… So, instead, i’ll just ignore you. Like you obviously ignore common sense.

  56. ya ya ignore me all you want!

  57. i don`t ignore common sense! may the wolf spirits not be with you!

  58. Free roamer

    I am a Lycan who is wise and knowledgeable, also one who roams freely where I seek. Being around humans is trying for I grow ever more alone searching for those who are waiting to be found. I am real and true and not evil, I fight for all that I love and believe in and will always stand for what is right. I come from Utah and am in search of others who are of otherkin so that i may be able to further roam free without feeling the lonely feeling of loneliness.

    so if any are near me, i ask give a shout if you are in search of those who are in search of you.

  59. Free roamer

    freeroamerofthewild@gmail.com is my email, hit me up.

  60. Drowned

    I’d like a bite.

    God, I can’t stand society. Everyday I get a worse headache whenever I am around technology.

    I had this reacurring vision that on halloween I’m going to go trick or treating and get bitten by this large brown wolf. Lets hope if it comes true, I don’t get mauled. o.o

    I’m from CO by the way.
    EMAIL: haven.wolf@yahoo.com

  61. Kenji1801

    i’m in Indonesia (most of you all probably didn’t even knew Indonesia exists)

  62. Kash

    Hey all. I’m in the Boise, Idaho area.
    Not many of us around here.
    At least not many educated, or social.
    Anyone ever get on here?

  63. Free Roamer

    Hello Kash I am from the Utah area, If you want to chat hit me up at freeroamerofthewild@gmail.com

  64. kash i use to live in idaho falls idaho


    ps. you such

  66. Drowned

    You know, Scruffy is just trying to provoke you. If you’ve ever studied werewolves, or even wolves for that matter, they like to test each other by provoking. And, Scruffy, I don’t care if you’re a were or not, you don’t just come online and talk crap dirt about anybody.

  67. Drowned

    Oh, and I may be starting a blog on Werewolf Life, a guide on the whole meaning of being a werewolf so, if anyone would like to help, that’s a real werewolf, text me at:


  68. MsMunster

    Not a were yet, but have always felt there is an inner wolf yearning to get out. Since I was a wee one I have preferred the company of animals over humans. I live in San Diego and was hoping to meet/chat with others in hopes of seeing if the wolf awakens. I need a pack…

  69. Scruffy

    Wondering again if there’s anyone real here?

  70. I believe i can help you but the only thing is im a half breed who cant change

  71. Scruffy

    Then i’m glad i don’t have a problem making the change. i’m just looking for others nearby. And no, i’m not trying to join a pack. Just looking for others.

  72. Free Romer

    What state are you in Scruffy

  73. Scruffy

    California. For now…

  74. Free Roamer

    Cool cool, im two states away from you at the moment to the east

  75. Scruffy

    Beautiful Utah, i believe… Nice views there. Beautiful landscape.

  76. Free Roamer

    Yes it is beautiful, very, especially when you know where to go to be free.

  77. any werewolfs in boise IDAHO com on not kids adults am i all alone here

  78. Wolflet

    Any wolves in Winnemucca NV I’m lonely i want a pack

  79. Free Roamer

    Have you searched the areas of Boise Bill? I have some family that live up there and I think its a beautiful place, surely there has got to be some that are waiting to be found.

    Wolflet is there any packs near you that you may have possibly overlooked?.. Have you search the wilderness of where your feelings and directions have led you? There is always a possibilty that there is a place your overlooking.

    Currently Im in Utah but soon I will be moving to Montana, I am still in search of those who are waiting to be found for I hope they are in search of me and that one day we shall reunite and roam free as we once did. Within my life Im going to find those who are waiting to be found one way or another for they are my pack and I am their Alpha, truly.

  80. i have been in boise for 4 years now and have not came by one wolf except a 4 leged wolf wolf i understand the need for us to hide but come on this is just well lonly i gusse if any around let me know huh

  81. Free Roamer

    Yea if I ever come up that way Ill hit you up, perhaps we could roam for a day or somethin

  82. Elena

    Loyal, educated, and some what submissive. Looking for a pack to join in south california. If your real and honest then email me: cro. 8891@ yahoo.com
    p.s: no younger than 20 yrs

  83. elena

    bella im in the southern cali side? contact me cro. 8891 @yahoo.com

  84. wow not a poplere site or what im a 40 year old wolf in idaho where is the adults out here not kids whanting to change

  85. hi Bill, my names Dakota, i co lead the clan trace of crimson in Alabama how are you

  86. hi im doing good just lonly here in IDAHO i thought at least one or more would be here but i have not came up on any but me oh there r kids but there not real its just i dont know to be the only one here is crazy huh

  87. nic

    Hey I’m 12 and in Utah west jordan I hate being a fucking human kill me or turn me turn me now call 8016011683 ask for Nic and say your my friend from school

  88. omg i dont understand the kids on here that want to be a were im 40 and have had my whole world torn apart by it and iv been one for since i was 30 it cost me everthing there is no superpowers or any trhing like that the pain of the chang is worse than death and u will kill hope u all like raw meat lose your family friends gettying found out there some out there that will hunt u if u guys find some one to change u good luck i dont know the one that didme was trying to kill me luckly i had friends with guns it took car of her reall fast and left me in a world that is really f up at times i would not wish it on any one but thes is what i am now and i try to live with it

  89. wolfman66

    Anyone in the Washington area? Looking to become a were but not sure how and where is best

  90. yeah bill i here you lol iv been a werewolf for a good 4 years now lol im sixteen

  91. wolfman66

    Sixteen? After four years of being a were…. I’m 22 and just wanting to be…

  92. wolfman66

    Seriously, I’m 22 and looking to be changed. I live in Everett Washington and am looking for packs nearby. Hit me up if you are or know of anyone near me @ 9043042112

  93. yeah i don’t know any packs or clans up there i think you would have better luck finding vampires there

  94. Hey u’all. It’s so nice 2 meet u’all. I see some familiar names here, that’s nice. Bill, I understand were ur coming from, I live in Mo., distant family lives in Ark.. No others around me, just my kids, I’d have 2 travel about 300 miles r so. Free Roamer,that’s very kind of u 2 try & help him out. ttyl

  95. hi all i have found here in the state is kids who have noidea what it means to beawereweolf come on kids it is not all fun and games with cool powers no powers at all the moon is only full 3 or 4 nite a month and u have people trying to kill u plus u trying to kill where is the fun in that oh and sex not happinen
    bullits can kill u u wont live for ever u will age just slow learn the truth for once jezz

  96. Cindy

    hello bill. How are you?

  97. I’m looking to compose a list of packs. If you would like your pack to be a part of this list, please go to http://werecon.org/werewolves/pg/profile/dsnake1
    and send me a message including your pack’s name, location, size, and views on recruitment.

  98. Grim Vanderhound

    Hi my names grim, I’ve been interested and have fantassized of being a werewolf since the age of 11 I’m 16 now and I’ve been living Idaho . I’m moving back to Oregon near Portland I’m looking for a pack to join. So if anyone in Oregon who is of a pack please contact me my emails Vander.hound@yahoo.com ive studied the Behavior of wolves and other animals at the age of 13 (i was homeschooled till highschool) and if there is a pack in Oregon waiting for me I need to talk to the pack leader.. Please contact me. :3

  99. Grim Vanderhound

    Idk if any of you may consider me kin but I may be caninemy dog bit me leaving a scar next to my left eye. Dogs never seem to get aggressive with me there more of attracted to me, I have a very keen and powerful sense of smell. And my hair and my nails grow at an extreme rate, my eyes origin color is a hazelnut brown, but every something few days they change into a very noticeable gray like my dogs. The soles of my feet are. Very tough, and my vision is very odd, on the days of my eyes transferral of color I’ll wake up in the morning with a.. Misty vision I guess. I’m afraid that I may be a hybrid cross between a dogs blood and my own. I have a friend that has the same conflicts but is very untamed. His sense for blood and deceipt are powerful but he also has other abilitys of which I’m not allowed to speak of hes moving to Massachusetts in two weeks… And I’m serious I might be one of your kin do not doubt me for my age or my rep. Judge me for what I have told you. I need a clan or pack leader or of some rank to tell me what i’am and if i’am not of blood kin make me one I only wish to be natural like we all were meant to be in the beginning.

  100. Joe Escobar

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if there is anybody in southern california. I live near LA, in the san Fernando valley. My email is jafetescobar@rocketmail.com and you can call or text me at 8184418443. Thanks!

  101. Cindy

    Well hello ladies and gentlemen. How are we doing today? I hope everything is good. Theres not a lot of ww in this pack i see. Such a dissapointment but oh well.. we will survive. Have a great day everyone!

  102. HI still in IDAHO and still have had 0 lock im afraid im the only one here it does have som advantig no oneto out hunt lol but its so lonly god and no mate that really suck hi CINDYhow old and where do u live

  103. nic

    Hi I’m in Utah um I go to hawaii,California,Idaho and I live in Utah I am not a were wolf but will like to be turned so call or text 385-259-8118

  104. Cindy

    Im old enough and im in cali

  105. Marrie

    Hi. I’m glad I found this page. Any info on packs, groups,or just wolves looking to hang out and make a friend. I can’t say I’m looking to join anything yet, I would like to get to know people first. contact me at satyr_forrst@aol.com

  106. rossi

    Hi im 14 and want to change i need help with this matter please email me at jvoltron8@gmail.com with info pack memners only please

  107. Azariah

    hello, i am 15 and in search to for a pack i have been a lone wolf for a few years and hopefully i will find my mate when i turn 16. i am a female. please email me as i want to make friends with some werewolves around my area ilive in california. this is my email asariahstarlight@yahoo.com .

  108. Cindy

    Hey how are you guys? Its been a while. Im currently looking to teach new pups in socal so if interested hit me up on here. Thanks

  109. nic

    Hey any were in Utah west Jordan ,south Jordan ,learns or coppertonif so call or text me at 385 259 8118

  110. Asariah

    im an Alpha to the starlight pack and in search for some new pack members along with a new beta please contact me at 951-205-1985… or email me at asariahstarlight@yahoo.com

  111. Asariah

    I am Alpha of the Starlight wolf pack located in california, and i am in search for some new members along with a new beta. contact me at asariahstarlight@yahoo.com or on my cell at 19512051985.

  112. Cindy

    So one minute, your a lone wolf Asariah and the next your an alpha and you have a pack? hmmm thats strange…

  113. hi yall just whats up still in IDAHO no luck on any wolfs here oh well the full moon well be coming soon so i can have my hunt it been kinda hard with all the huntin of normal wolfs i have been shot at still fun hope u all have fun and stay safe and happy huntin

  114. WereWannabe

    hey if anyone can turn me i am in utah…

  115. WereWannabe

    do u guys believe in wizards? i mean i think i know someone and i can’t get any info that isn’t CRAP

  116. Werewolflover

    hi guyz umm i really want to become a werewolf cuzz i really hate my life so if ur a werwolf can u turn me into 1 cuzz if u do turn me into 1 i am really responsible nd i follow the leaders rules.. so please turn me into 1 i live in california..

  117. Cindy

    well its been a long while.. but i think its time we came back
    How are you pups doing without your elders?

  118. Scruffy

    My query, as well… What are these pups up to?

  119. so this were every one is chating at how are yall doing?

  120. bill

    hi yall im still in IDAHO still no luck im beging to think im the only one left besides kids wanting it like they know what there getting into lolits allmost time for the full moon going to be hunting soon hope u all have a good time i will

  121. wolfman66

    After much consideration I have come to a conclusion that this is ridiculous…. I can’t seem to find anyone near me and I just give up trying to change…

  122. nic

    Any wolf if west Jordan if so turn me say if you are close and turn me and I will do any thing and I men it

  123. Stephanie01

    Hello everyone my name is Stephanie I live in Los Angeles California. I’m a little young but for a long time I’ve really been very interested in werewolves and I just love the idea of being one. I have spoken to many who have pretended to be werewolves and now I just want to find someone honest, who can be willing to turn me into one and help me learn my new lifestyle. Please I have wanted this for me years and I will be forever grateful. Just please help me.**edited**. Again someone honest. No wannabes.

  124. Free Roamer

    Nic… your hella young dude, as much as life can be troubling, you need to wait for a few more years

  125. Luna

    I don’t understand why you all want to change. I have been a were for 6 years and am now an alpha! There’s so much pressure, and it isn’t all that fun. I’m also looking for some help from any REAL wolves that are older that me, i need advice. :)

  126. nic

    Help I’m mortal but have hunter friends who will not stop in till a pack of wolves for Nevada are dead they kill and have 2 people hasting please turn me so I can help you

  127. Shelley pevehoues

    uhmmmm can you be a werewolf if you can growl and snarl in the daytime? and you have werid dreams of runnig with other wolves. caues thats me and im kinda scared

  128. Shelley pevehoues

    its me again, i want to know why i have these dreams where im a wolf runnig with a pack , then when i wake up im sweating and my neck and back hurt. can an alpha help me please

  129. matt

    I would like to speack to a real werewolf just to know what its like to be one. I’m really interested

  130. Scruffy

    Hello, Cindy… Long time.

  131. Cindy

    very long time scruffy.. you know how to contact me without these prying eyes. do it. I miss you all

  132. Ghost

    I guess I’ll join cause I have no one else except for my friend

  133. Ghost

    Also is there anyone out there in Longmont Colorado me and my friend have been looking for some advice

  134. xkidx

    lookin for a trainer a turner and a pack in alaska email me at


  135. theirishhound88

    I am looking to truly join a pack in WA area if there is any around you may contact me at **edited** Please contact me if any around I am very serious about joining a pack I need to be around others like me.

  136. wolfsyvenom

    Hi I live in north east WA state and want to Join a pack.
    I was born a werewolf and just turned my first time on the 28 of November.
    **edited** I was born a were because my dad was turned before they made me then he ran of to brazil and hear I am .

  137. Ajia (The Follower)

    I am 14 and i want to be turned so i can join a pack, and find my mate. i live in Colorado. I know of others who are were wolves but wont turn me and i need help.

  138. Cindy

    anyone from cali?

  139. Shadowheartc

    I’m looking to ad new members to my pack, would u be interested? I live in Reno and am alpha female of Stone Heart Wolf Pack I am 20 years old and am accepting any wolves

  140. chance

    Will a werewolf come to albany oregon and come to my house at 2210 salem ave street

  141. chance

    Oh i forgot also bite me

  142. Shadowheartc

    We need to schedule a howl

  143. eitherflame

    if there is someone in the colorado springs area I would love to talk and get to know them better.

  144. Wolfie

    Hello, Beta of the MCCP here. Our pack is located in Tricities Washington. Anyone near there then please respond, thank you.

  145. wolfman66

    Ok seriously, who all are of age?

  146. wolfman66

    Ok, i live in the washington area and am looming to join a pacn if any available, im active duty military so i dony know if that causes issues. I live in the puget sound area so hit me up if anyone is around…

  147. Free roamer

    Well how old are you wolfman66? I myself am 22

    Im not in that area but Im sure there are some around there, your active duty? right on, Ive been thinking about enlisting into the usmc

  148. Cindy

    hello free roamer. Care to chat?

  149. Free Roamer

    hey cindy, sure wuts up

  150. Cindy

    im looking for appropriate leaders for my growing group. No one ive been around seems qualified. Hope to talk to you soon.

  151. Free Roamer

    If my other comment appears then my bad for posting double- the one before says “its awaiting moderation” whatever that means

  152. Bailey

    Thank you Free Runner i shall email you as soon as possible

  153. Bailey

    Sorry my phone corrected that to runner. I dont know why.

  154. Cindy

    For those that live in california, please dont hesitate to contact me. For all others around the states, please contact me so we can establish some connections throughout our future kin. Thank you

  155. Free roamer

    @ Bailey no worries its cool I just emailed you back

    @ Cindy I also sent you an email as well

  156. Blackfoot Native American

    I’m a spirit werewolf can I join this group

  157. Blackfoot Native American

    Hello so what was your question

  158. Blackfoot Native American

    Hey nic

  159. Blackfoot Native American

    At the bottom

  160. Blackfoot Native American


  161. Blackfoot Native American

    I’m part Blackfoot

  162. Free Roamer

    It gets soo dead hear at times

  163. Darkdeath21

    People say werewolves have witches or wiccans in their pack so I was wondering if there is a pack looking for a magic user. I am a wiccan I haven’t been taught much cause my High Preistess is always busy I’m looking for a pack thats open.

  164. Moonslight

    Being a part of a pack means u have to be strong willed and strong so train constantly. A pack is a family to talk to and enjoy as well as an honor to be in so I have set out to find the pack that I can call home haven’t found it yet but I hope I do soon

  165. brody harrison

    anyone in the maple valley area- 32 mins from seattle

  166. adrieanna

    hello all available male werewolves i am a female werewolf looking for a conpanion hit me up if you wont

  167. I am new, this is only my second day, I am part of the werewolf pack of the west also, how do you vote on pack leader? I would be intrested as well as other gatherings.

  168. voting is coming soon, cool!

  169. hello were friends I came here hoping to make a few friends if you mind I would like travel specifics like the rest of yall. anyone online? I would be happy to chat, also if you want to diff. pages we could chat!

  170. I want to ask, how do you vote?

  171. Dude I’m a werewolf I was just born one and trust me it is so much fun and you,

  172. I am the same person I am just on a phone

  173. Arthur

    Looking for a pack near cali, would like to be around more like me

  174. Witchy

    Can a werewolf email me please witchy.girl.1988@gmail.com

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